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Supply Chain Leaders Academy Technology Trends blockchain blockchain in supply chain cloud cryptocurrency data silos nodesWhat is blockchain? What are its benefits to a business? Cryptocurrency – Is it here to stay or is it a bit of a fad? Stephen Rowlinson, Founder and CEO of Bbiller is here with us to answer these questions and many more. Watch the video of his interview below: Subscribe to our Youtube Channel. Best Regards, Rob O’Byrne. Email: robyrne@logisticsbureau.com.

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Supply Chain Mapping (Insights from Indago)

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In the post Hidden Suppliers Can Make or Break Your Operations (Harvard Business Review, May 2015), the authors write, “With the size and complexity of supply chains soaring, a daunting challenge is confronting companies: identifying the critical nodes hidden within the vast expanse of their supply networks.”

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Global Control Tower Connectivity Is Critical for Ports

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Ports are critical nodes in global supply chains. Making sure that port-related supply chains operate smoothly is imperative for companies and nations. ElMarie Hugo from BlueYonder is an expert on these supply chains.

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We're Close to a Crucial Breakthrough for Supply Chain Visibility

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We have fantastically accurate information available quickly about all sorts of things in the supply chain — but these nodes of data-gathering are like narrowly-focused spotlights on an otherwise dark stage

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When it clicked and I really understood?—?Why blockchain?


In the Contracts & Chargebacks solution on the MediLedger Network, each participant runs software called a “node.” A manufacturer and distributor’s node each have an exact copy of all pricing contracts between them and an exact copy of the blockchain.

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Strategies, Tips, and Pitfalls of Modern Transportation Procurement

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The effort to move closer to the customer – by virtually all businesses – means supply chain networks of old must be replaced with more links, more nodes, and smaller, more frequent shipments. The biggest constant in transportation today is changing. It is forcing companies to rethink how they plan, optimize, execute, and collaborate with trading partners.

ShipChain Mainnet Launch Information


Validators operating nodes will have to fund their wallets with active SHIP and migrate to the mainnet. As we move toward the official launch of the ShipChain mainnet, we wanted to discuss how that’s going to look from both an economic and technical perspective. Without further ado – . 175,000,000 SHIP are being assigned to the reward pool for validation. This means that the “Sale 2” referenced in the whitepaper is canceled.

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The Future of Supply Chain Has Arrived: A Look at the Sentient Supply Chain

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The “sentient supply chain” refers to a supply chain that’s nodes communicate 24/7. A new term to describe a supply chain that is all-seeing, real-time, productive, optimized, and cognitive has recently emerged. Supply Chain Omni-Channel Technology Supply Chain Disruptions automation Autonomous Driverless Future

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Latest Updated Report on Blockchain Technology in Transportation and Logistics Market 2019-2026

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BaaS is a service in which vendors set up the blockchain connected nodes on the enterprise’s behalf and manage the back-end. The growing demand for… The post Latest Updated Report on Blockchain Technology in Transportation and Logistics Market 2019-2026 appeared first on 24/7 Customs Broker News. Uncategorized customs broker customs clearance freight imports logistics shipping

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MSC and CMA CGM sign up to Maersk/IBM TradeLens blockchain project

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The move will see both companies take a seat on the TradeLens advisory board and each operate a blockchain node. MSC and CMA CGM are set to join Maersk Line in the TradeLens blockchain project it is developing with computer giant IBM. It marks a new chapter of collaboration between container shipping carriers, said André Simha, chief digital & information officer at MSC. Digital collaboration is a key to the evolution of the container.

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SHIP Staking and What it Means for ShipChain


Currently, several high-performance validator nodes are helping to secure the ShipChain network. To learn how to host a validation server or as a non-validating node, and to learn how those services are compensated, click here.

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CEntralized distribution network

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When the information is coming just from one point or node it is considering like a centralized distribution network, like, for example, TV. Every point or node just can communicate with the others thought the central one. After solving some of the possible exam questions that we have in an e-mail. One of them has caught my attention because I actually do not know what the real benefits of a centralized distribution network are.

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Amazon makes blockchain service platform generally available

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The fully-managed service “takes care of provisioning nodes, setting up the network, managing certificates and security, and scaling the network,” Rahul Pathak, the general manager of Amazon Managed Blockchain at AWS, said […]. Brief Dive Brief: Amazon has made its Amazon Managed Blockchain generally available after a pilot of the service, the company announced this week.

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Battling Costly Supply Chain Challenges with Advanced Analytics

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Specifically, they need an advanced analytics solution that can analyze and interpret data from every node and the transportation networks connecting them, using any insights to guide decision-making accordingly. Maintaining a flexible, efficient, and reliable retail supply chain has never been more difficult. Inventories are increasingly varied and complex -- a byproduct of retailers struggling to appease as many customers as possible.

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Blockchain for Dummies

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A blockchain is made up of a network of computers, otherwise known as “nodes.” A node, or computer, is connected to the network through authorizing and communicating transactions through a client (which completes these transactions). How does the blockchain work?

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As supply chains get tech savvy, is cybersecurity keeping pace?

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Given the interconnected nature of the supply chain, a hacker can knock out one or two nodes and a hack becomes hugely problematic, potentially jeopardizing an entire business. Supply chain technology is advancing quickly, but are cybersecurity systems keeping pace? The answer is a resounding no. With reports of data hacks constantly in the news, […]. The post As supply chains get tech savvy, is cybersecurity keeping pace? appeared first on 24/7 Customs Broker News.

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Intelligence…Sometimes Artificial


Tens of thousands of demand nodes, 2,000 supply nodes and industrial pricing are all synchronized to best effect every 15 minutes. When it comes to intelligence in decision making, it’s our differences in experiences and attitudes that make our businesses evolve in a diverse manner. There are often many ways to solve a problem. The path we take can be an expression of our human creativity.

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Q3 Tech Update: Alphas, Betas and Sidechains


This means we’ll rely on public validation nodes, which typically requires that network transaction fees (in SHIP) will be used to pay validators for performing work. Target # of nodes. It’s the end of Q3, a little over 3 months since our last tech update !

Control Tower: Simplifying Supply Chain Logistics

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Apart from that, it helps in decision making by providing comprehensive information on orders, shipments, and inventory across all nodes. The logistics industry spans across the globe and the process is quite complex, making it difficult to track the status of the shipments.

The Dispatch Report | March 2019, Issue No. 11


NODES. This means we’re running 3 in-house validators, and actively inviting outside participants to run non-validator (“read-only”) nodes, to sync with our blockchain and help test the stability of our network. Delegates will share in the validator rewards pool because voting for secure nodes and ensuring network stability is everybody’s responsibility!

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GeTS helps GEODIS to simplify Cross-Border Trade

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” GEODIS can tap on CALISTA ’s global connectivity to more than 60 Customs nodes to fulfill their compliance requirements. Global eTrade Services (GeTS), a global trade platform company, announced the onboarding of GEODIS Regional HQ — Asia Pacific (GEODIS), a global supply chain operator on CALISTA , a platform that enables the orchestration of logistics, compliance and financial activities seamlessly, securely and smartly.

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Announcing the Launch of ShipChain Mainnet


ShipChain uses a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism, and there are a number of high-performance validator nodes that help secure the network. Becoming a ShipChain Validator / Node Operator. To learn how to host a validation server or as a non-validating node, and to learn how those services are compensated, visit: [link]. And to all of our supporters, customers, employees, and node operators, thank you for helping us make this a reality!

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How Blockchain Can Increase Your Supply Chain Security


And because public blockchains are backed up by the whole Ethereum network, with the entire community required to verify every node, supply chain security is boosted. Supply chain security is something that all supply chain managers should be closely monitoring.

Heading to the PC Forum in SoCal - March 11th To The 14th

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My mind will be aglow with whirling, transient nodes of thought.careening through a cosmic vapor of invention. Can you name the source of the quote? I'll check in with ya after the event

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Bringg - Untitled Article


As a timely example, this week Alibaba announced the launch of their own cryptocurrency mining platform called “P2P Nodes” as a way to make sure that their sheer scale doesn’t hold them back from innovating – trying and testing new technologies that could redefine the future of e-commerce.

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Intel, Cost Reduction Strategy

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For more than 45 years in the semiconductor business, Intel has always been at least one process node ahead. Node size reductions are generally a 1/3 of reduction from the linear dimension, resulting in approximately a 50% reduction in the area and therefore, a doubling of the units produced on the same cost. Intel Corporation, an American multinational corporation and technology company, is the world’s second largest and highest valued semiconductor chip makers.

The Inventory Accuracy “Confidence Gap”

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Our 2018 study tells us a greater percentage of Above Average Performers have “High Confidence” in inventory accuracy across all supply chain nodes compared to Average & Below Performers.

Omni-Channel Logistics: The Importance of Real-Time Inventory Visibility

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Performance Leaders Have Greater Real-Time Inventory Visibility Across Supply Chain Nodes. Across virtually every supply chain node, a greater percentage of Above Average Performers reported having real-time visibility of inventory compared to Average or Below Performers.

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What is Hema Xiansheng ?

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First, the Hema system will concatenate different orders on the same route based on the order aging node order, order address, and other information. Hou Yi, as the CEO of HEMA, has 20 years of physical retail experience and was the logistics director of JD.com. This is an online and offline integrated supermarket, offline experience, and online transactions. It mainly solves the problem of lack of high quality, safe and fresh food in the fresh food industry.

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Private Blockchains Could Hurt the Shipping and Logistics Industry


The Ethereum network helps you validate your transactions and shipments, and the entire community verifies every node. Validator nodes will be elected by the community to make sure everything is maintained appropriately. The past few years have been big for blockchain. . But many people still don’t understand what blockchain is or how it works. Some companies are even hopping on the “blockchain bandwagon” without considering whether it’s actually useful in their industry.

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Utilizing Omni-channel Fulfillment Distribution Networks to Build Customer Relationships

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Congro recommends utilizing a multi-node network that allows you to get as close to customers as possible and minimizes any “last-mile” gaps that keep customers from getting their goods on time. To achieve this goal, many are working with third-party logistics providers (3PLs) like Saddle Creek to develop multi-node networks that position products as close to the customer as possible for faster, more economical deliveries.

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Utilizing Omni-channel Fulfillment Distribution Networks to Build Customer Relationships – Supply Chain 24/7

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Congro recommends utilizing a multi-node network that allows you to get as close to customers as possible and minimizes any “last-mile” gaps that keep customers from getting their goods on time. To achieve this goal, many are working with third-party logistics providers (3PLs) like Saddle Creek to develop multi-node networks that position products as close to the customer as possible for faster, more economical deliveries.

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Excel Goes Blockchain (Microsoft and IBM Partnership)

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We’re taking people off the email copy list and making them nodes on the blockchain,” explained Lars Ulrich from IBM. Microsoft Excel is arguably the most widely used supply chain and logistics application , while blockchain is one of the most talked about emerging technologies in the industry, promising to transform the way companies share data and execute transactions with their trading partners. It was only a question of time before Excel and blockchain came together.

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Why Blockchain Within The Supply Chain Makes Perfect Sense


The distributed ledger component of blockchain provides an integrated digital platform for nodes in a supply chain system to share and query information as developments occur in real time. A simple example is that of a cold chain using blockchain within the supply chain to hold a transport node accountable for mishandling: Tracking provenance, traceability, and historical procurement for materials, assets, and products as they move downstream to retailer with blockchain finality.

Addressing the “White Spaces” in Supply Chain Planning

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When you think about the ever-increasing changes in customer demands, supplier demands, and regulations at every node in your supply chain, companies have planning systems that can solve the decision at each node, but having something that can look holistically across all those options and on a week-by-week or day-by-day basis optimize those options is not how planning systems are built today.”.