How Cargo Theft Stole Christmas

Logistics Viewpoints

Cargo theft continues to be a problem, especially around the holidays. And I don’t just mean the winter holidays; cargo theft typically spikes during any holiday season where businesses may be closed for an extra day or two. But what exactly is cargo theft?

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State of Logistics: Air Cargo

Logistics Management

Air cargo markets still in flux

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IAG Cargo opens applications for Heathrow apprenticeships

Logistics Business Magazine

IAG Cargo , the cargo division of International Airlines Group (IAG), has launched its 2023 apprenticeship scheme commencing in January which combines on the job operational training with recognised qualifications. CLICK HERE to apply to IAG Cargo’s apprenticeship scheme.

United Airlines restarts cargo-only flights

The Supply Chain Journal

United Airlines has restarted cargo-only flights just weeks after assigning all aircraft to normal passenger operations because the delta variant has dragged down travel volumes and growth expectations for the remainder of the year. “I

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Secure Your Supply Chain: How to Build Resiliency for the Future

Speaker: Bart Huthwaite, Principal, RSM, Operations and Supply Chain

In this webinar, Bart Huthwaite will explore best practices in building and improving supply chain resilience for a successful and productive future.

Air Cargo: Volatility lingers

Logistics Management

Even with a strong recovery in revenue, the IATA maintains that air cargo did not meet its full growth potential last year. In the meantime, tight capacity, labor shortages, infrastructure shortfalls—and now the Russian invasion of Ukraine—continue to cloud the forecast in this vital sector

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AirBaltic to build cargo hangar in Latvia

The Supply Chain Journal

Latvian flag carrier airBaltic has leased land from Riga Airport to build a new air cargo warehouse capable of handling 33,000 tons of cargo each year, the parties announced Thursday. The warehouse will be operated by airBaltic’s cargo-handling subsidiary.

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Eastern Airlines enters air cargo market with ‘freighter-light’ model

The Supply Chain Journal

The plan builds on the concept many passenger airlines adopted of temporarily repurposing aircraft for cargo-only operations when travel dried up during the pandemic and there was huge demand for airlift to move goods. “If Full interior cargo wall and ceiling linings.

FAA gives passenger airlines 6-month extension for cabin cargo

The Supply Chain Journal

commercial airlines to carry cargo in the main cabin when passengers are not present, citing an ongoing need to provide extra cargo lift capability while passenger traffic remains below pre-pandemic levels. FAA approves cargo to ride in passenger seats.

Companies in desperate hunt for aircraft to move cargo

The Supply Chain Journal

And import cargo keeps coming, on top of record volumes for air and ocean shipping, further straining an air logistics system stretched by a shortage of equipment and airport labor. High load factors are a direct indicator of the constrained space for air cargo.

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Air Canada sets record for cargo revenue in second quarter

The Supply Chain Journal

million loss in the second quarter, but the cargo division did better than expected with a record $274 million in revenue. Cargo sales for the period ending June 30 were 33% greater than in 2020 and double the amount in 2019, before the pandemic.

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Blowout cargo revenue helps United Airlines beat Q2 expectations

The Supply Chain Journal

United Airlines (NASDAQ: UAL ) impressed a year ago when cargo sales jumped 36% during the early stages of the COVID pandemic. That was merely a warmup for the 2021 second quarter when the passenger carrier more than doubled cargo revenue to $606 million from the 2019 benchmark period.

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Companies in desperate hunt for aircraft to move cargo

The Supply Chain Journal

And import cargo keeps coming, on top of record volumes for air and ocean shipping, further straining an air logistics system stretched by a shortage of equipment and airport labor. High load factors are a direct indicator of the constrained space for air cargo.

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United Airlines ditches cargo-only flights as passengers return

The Supply Chain Journal

United Airlines has mostly phased out use of jets for dedicated cargo service, returning them to full-time passenger operation as long-haul travel demand rapidly snaps back from the COVID plunge, Chief Commercial Officer Andrew Nocella said Wednesday. Who is king of cargo-only flights?

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Shanghai airport facility in COVID lockdown, cargo backlog expected

The Supply Chain Journal

Multiple logistics companies are reporting that authorities have suspended operations in a major warehouse at Shanghai Pudong International Airport because of a COVID outbreak, putting a halt to most freighter activity at China’s largest cargo airport.

Boutique French airline ventures into air cargo

The Supply Chain Journal

Many passenger airlines have expanded cargo services out of necessity since the start of the COVID pandemic. Now, a boutique French carrier is leveraging the crisis to start cargo operations from scratch. tons of cargo, WFS said in a news release. Branching out into cargo.

DelPack Logistics Orders 600 Electric Cargo Vans from Mullen Automotive

NGT News

an electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, has signed a binding agreement with DelPack Logistics LLC (DPL), an Amazon Delivery Service Partner, for DPL to purchase up to 600 Mullen Class 2 EV cargo vans over the next 18 months. Mullen Class 2 EV cargo vansMullen Automotive Inc.,

Maestro choreographs way around O’Hare cargo gridlock

The Supply Chain Journal

Maestro International Cargo, a local company that provides airside ground handling services for airlines, is shuttling import shipments off the ramp to a new warehouse three miles from Chicago O’Hare International Airport to alleviate huge backlogs at airport terminals.

How to Descend Steep Gradients with Cold Cargo – Truckers Guide

United World Transporation

It’s one thing to descend a mountain pass with heavy cargo. But it’s a completely different matter when descending steep gradients with cold cargo. Below, you’ll discover a handful of tried and true tips for safely descending steep grades with cold cargo.

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Cargo-in-cabin innovation remains popular for some airlines

The Supply Chain Journal

Passenger aircraft dedicated purely to cargo operations have played an important role during the pandemic in delivering critical humanitarian and commercial supplies, as well as generating revenue for cash-strapped airlines when travel plummeted. KLM Cargo. Photo: KLM Cargo).

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How cargo survey for refrigerated and frozen cargoes works

Shipping and Freight Resource

Cargo that must be loaded, maintained and or carried at a particular temperature for it to arrive its destination without deterioration is classified under refrigerated cargoes. Marine Cargo Survey Practices. The Role of Cargo Surveyor.

Growth in air cargo volume hits 4-year high

The Supply Chain Journal

Air cargo volumes increased 9.9% A large portion of the lift they need comes from passenger aircraft, with cargo riding in the lower deck. From the cargo perspective, belly capacity was down 38.9% Overall air cargo capacity improved slightly to negative 10.8%

Long-haul narrowbody, supersonic jets could threaten air cargo

The Supply Chain Journal

The sleek vehicles from Boom Supersonic have a long way to go before becoming a reality, but if they ever become viable, they could siphon off cargo capacity on a handful of key trade lanes. . A 737 MAX-9 has almost 20,000 pounds of cargo capacity.

FreightWaves Flashback: Bombproof air cargo containers

The Supply Chain Journal

In this week’s edition, from the August 1996 issue of American Shipper (virtual page 55) , FreightWaves Flashback looks back at FAA’s testing of bombproof air cargo containers after years of study following the Pan Am Lockerbie bombings of 1990. . air cargo container manufacturers.

Using Advanced Technology to Prevent Cargo Theft

Now, That's Logistics

Cargo theft is on the rise, and the thieves aren’t just interested in high-value goods anymore. According to USA Today , cargo thefts of paper goods, personal protective equipment (PPE), and food increased last year as the black market for such items flourished during COVID-19.

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New air cargo service connects China to Mexico City

The Supply Chain Journal

Aeroméxico Cargo launched a route Saturday between Wuhan, China, and Mexico City, becoming the first regular service from the Chinese mainland to Latin America, according to a release. Air Cargo News Trucking Aeromexico air cargo cargo-only flights China e-commerce Mexico City Wuhan China

Azerbaijan cargo airline debuts at Rickenbacker airport

The Supply Chain Journal

Azerbaijan-based Silkway West Airlines is the latest carrier to begin flying to Rickenbacker International Airport in Columbus, Ohio, a cargo-focused airport that recently marked the arrival of its 500th passenger aircraft with only cargo onboard.

Marine Cargo Insurance Q&A

I.C.E. Transport

But most of them fail to protect the full value of their import or export cargo with marine cargo insurance, despite potential losses of hundreds of thousands of dollars per shipment.

Hong Kong relaxes COVID rules for cargo pilots

The Supply Chain Journal

The government of Hong Kong announced Friday it has loosened requirements for Hong Kong-based aircrews to quarantine after returning home from duty, removing a major operational burden for all-cargo airlines such as Cathay Pacific and FedEx Express (NYSE: FDX ). drop in cargo capacity.

LAX cargo handlers arrested for pilfering gold bars worth $224K

The Supply Chain Journal

Two employees of cargo handling company Alliance Ground International who worked at Los Angeles International Airport were arrested Tuesday morning on charges of stealing four gold bars that were part of a larger shipment going from Australia to New York.

KLM ????????????? Cargo-in-Cabin ??????????????????????????????????

Airfreight Logistics

Cargo-in-Cabin ??? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Air France Cargo ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Cargo-in-Cabin ?????????????????????????????????? Airlines Cargo-in-Cabin KLM Passenger-to-Cargo

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Stranger things: Air cargo becomes value play over ocean freight

The Supply Chain Journal

That’s what happens when container shipping rates exceed $20,000 per box and air cargo, normally used for high-value goods and perishable products for which speed to market is critical, doesn’t seem budget-scary anymore. Competitive advantage of air cargo: speed and price.

Cargo airline Amerijet dumps CEO Tim Strauss after 1 year

The Supply Chain Journal

All-cargo airline Amerijet International abruptly ousted CEO Tim Strauss on Monday after only one year on the job and announced that former CEO and current Executive Chairman Vic Karjian will replace him on an interim basis, effective Saturday, while it conducts a search for a new CEO.

Editor’s Choice: Air Freight Forwarders Must Increase Air Cargo Visibility

Logistics Viewpoints

Today’s article is from Blume Global and highlights why air freight forwarders must help industry increase air cargo visibility. A driving factor is the lack of air cargo visibility. Supply Chain Visibility air cargo visibility

Hong Kong named world’s busiest cargo airport

Logistics Business Magazine

Following an increase in the cargo dedication of Cathay Pacific throughout the pandemic and beyond, the award-winning airline’s hub, Hong Kong International Airport, has been recognised for its cargo proficiency. Designed for an annual air cargo throughput capacity of 2.6m

Transair cargo jet crash lands off coast of Hawaii

The Supply Chain Journal

A Boeing 737 cargo jet made an emergency nighttime landing in open water off the Hawaii coast early Friday and both pilots were rescued by the U.S. Air Cargo American Shipper News Top Stories air cargo Hawaii Plane crash Transair

Audit recommends enhancements for DHS air cargo security programs

The Supply Chain Journal

through air cargo. Under the Air Cargo Advanced Screening (ACAS) program, air carriers provide six data elements from the manifest to Customs prior to loading. RELATED NEWS: TSA to reveal security plan for air cargo industry.

Back to the future – TOWT to become ship owner-operator with growing cargo schooner fleet

Supply Chain and Logistics

ARe sailing cargo vessels the wave of the future? Sailing cargo vessels reduce emissions by 90%. The French company TOWT thinks so. That’s a draw for some European shippers. But they also offer the ability to visit ports that don’t … Continue reading → Logistics Shipping Sustainability ocean shipping sailing supply chains wind power

Cargo airlines cancel hundreds of China flights amid COVID outbreak

The Supply Chain Journal

The only time shipping costs have been that high was during the early days of the pandemic when the mass grounding of passenger flights took away a vast amount of cargo space. Cargo disruption at major Chinese airports due to COVID-19 regulations.

World Cargo Symposium Op-ed

Supply Chain Brain

The 15 th IATA World Cargo Symposium (WCS) taking place in London from 27 – 29 September 2022 will focus on building resilience to further strengthen air cargo’s post-pandemic prospects