Why Do Distribution Networks Change?

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Yes, all Distribution Networks change over time. Here are some of the reasons that the requirements of your Distribution Network might change over the years. More resources on Distribution Network here: Supply Chain Network Video Playlist.

Network Supply Chain Transformation at UScellular

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I overlooked the sophistication required to support widespread and ongoing projects in support of constantly advancing cellular communication networks. The UScellular network that supports these customers has been built locally, with a focus on serving underserved areas.


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Principles of Distribution Network Design

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Here is a simple case study on Distribution Networks that illustrates some key principles in Distribution Network Design. ?. Related articles on this topic have appeared throughout our website, check them out: Do You Know the Signs of Poor Distribution Network Design?

Distribution Network Cost- A Mini Case Study

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You can access a recorded webinar about Distribution Network Costs on this link: [link]. ?. The Long and Short of Designing a Distribution Network.

Buyer's Guide for Supply Chain Network Design Software

Network design as a discipline is complex and too many businesses are still relying on spreadsheets to design and optimize their supply chain. As a result, most organizations struggle to answer network design questions or test hypotheses in weeks, when results are demanded in hours. This Buyer’s Guide helps you find easy-to-use technology to become more proactive and less reactive when it comes to network design and optimization.

Trucker Tools with Kary Jablonski

The Logistics of Logistics

Kary is the CEO of Trucker Tools , the leading carrier relationship management platform that helps brokers grow their carrier network, book loads digitally, track freight, and build enduring relationships with carriers to drive reuse. Kary Jablonski and Joe Lynch discuss Trucker Tools.

Tools 298

ChargeNet Stations Begins EV Charging Network Expansion in California

NGT News

ChargeNet Stations has opened its first DC fast-charging station in an expanding network of electric vehicle (EV) chargers at quick-serve restaurants across California. The post ChargeNet Stations Begins EV Charging Network Expansion in California appeared first on NGT News.

The Power Of A Network

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Companies today rely on a global network of suppliers, contract manufacturers, logistics providers and other. Read more The Power Of A Network. The post The Power Of A Network appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez.

Amazon Puts the Best Possible Spin on an Overbuilt Network

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Last Tuesday, Amazon issued a press release that highlighted the company’s investments across its global operations network to provide fast delivery for customers. It is truly a massive and impressive network. Supply Chain Network DesignGoods-to-Man Robot at an Amazon Warehouse.

The Omni-Channel Fulfillment Network with Esther Kestenbaum Prozan

The Logistics of Logistics

The Omni-Channel Fulfillment Network with Esther Kestenbaum Prozan. Esther Kestenbaum Prozan and Joe Lynch discuss the omni-channel fulfillment network. Key Takeaways: The Omni-Channel Fulfillment Network. Joe and Esther discussed the omni-channel fulfillment network ….and

New Buyer's Guide for Supply Chain Network Design

Many companies are looking to redesign their supply chain network to lower costs, improve service levels and reduce risks in the new year. Check out our updated Buyer's Guide for Supply Chain Network Design Software with research insights and learnings!

Gimme A Strong Network

Blue Grace Logistics

Mary O’Connell and BlueGrace’s Vice President of Carrier Sales, Raddy Velkov, sit down to talk about a carrier centric relationship model and how to leverage tech to build your network.

What is a Network-Based Platform?


The latest trend revolutionizing the software and technology space are Network-Based Platforms. Network-based platforms have been around for several years in the consumer space, but now, […]. The post What is a Network-Based Platform? Blog Network Effect Network TMS Network-Based Platforms TMS transportation management systemEvery year there are new buzzwords about technology circulating the industry.

Supply Chain Collaboration Networks Outlook

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I recently wrapped up my Supply Chain Collaborative Networks (SCCN)market study which looks at the total size of the market, the forecasted growth through 2023, and the leading suppliers across a number of categories including industry, region, and customer size.

Network Manager Helps 3PLs Build Collaborative Distributed Fulfillment Networks

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Extensiv Network Manager combines software, services, tools and relationships that empower any 3PL to partner closely with other 3PLs to service brands across multiple geographically distributed warehouses.

Implementing Supply Chain Network Design

Companies want to maximize service levels, but they also want to cut costs. These goals are often at odds with one another. How do you find the optimum balance? This guide offers hands-on advice that will help you use network design to achieve successful results.

Investments in Supply Chain Operating Networks Continue

Talking Logistics

Four years ago tomorrow, I wrote about how investments in Supply Chain Operating Networks (SCON) were rising. The post Investments in Supply Chain Operating Networks Continue appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez.

Federal Highway Administration Proposes National EV Charging Network Standards

NGT News

In keeping with President Biden’s commitment to jumpstart the construction of a national network of 500,000 electric vehicle (EV) chargers by 2030, the U.S. The post Federal Highway Administration Proposes National EV Charging Network Standards appeared first on NGT News.

ChargePoint’s Charging Network Powers Gatik Customers’ Autonomous EV Trucks

NGT News

Electric vehicle charging network ChargePoint and Gatik are developing an electric ecosystem for autonomous vehicles designed to maximize sustainability, operational efficiency and economics for ChargePoint and Gatik’s customers across North America.

Supply Network – The Future of Supply Chains?

Morai Logistics

The world of supply chain is in a constant state of change—does its future lie in transforming to a supply network? . Instead, it’s time to see it for what it is: a network. As supply chains continue their growth, the next step in their evolution is becoming a supply network.

The Essential Supply Chain Network Design Tooling Checklist

Dedicated supply chain network design software is fuelled by intuitive scenario analysis capabilities and powerful mathematical optimization. Answer 10 relevant questions to see if advanced network design & scenario modeling technology can help you.

The Power of the Network: ERP vs. Spend Management

Logistics Viewpoints

A multi-enterprise supply chain networks (MSCN) is a key technology for improved collaboration across an extended supply chain. MSCN solutions provide supply chain visibility, network-based applications, and network analytics across an extended supply chain.

ERP 124

Taking a Big Picture View of Supply Chain Networks

Logistics Viewpoints

To actually realize the promise of end-to-end visibility and control over our incredibly complex supply chain networks, we need really big picture thinking — particularly when it comes to the supply chain data networks that serve as the foundation for true digital transformation.

Amazon expands Amazon Air network

DC Velocity

Online retailer expands partnership with Air Transport Services Group, adding 10 cargo planes to its air transportation network, company says. Transportation

Beyond Digital: The Physical Transformation of Supply Chain Distribution Networks

Talking Logistics

While digital transformation has been getting the lion’s share of attention from analysts and technology companies, you cannot overlook the importance of physical transformation — that is, the importance of recognizing that your supply chain and distribution networks, which were.

New Research: The State of Supply Chain Network Design in 2022

This report explores how the state of supply chain network design has changed – including how the tools, maturity models, and market demands are transforming the network design practice.

VinFast Customers Gain Access to Electrify America EV Charging Network

NGT News

VinFast and Electrify America, an open ultra-fast charging network in the U.S., has signed an agreement to provide owners of VinFast electric vehicles (EV) with two complimentary charging sessions, along with access to Electrify America’s coast-to-coast network in the VinFast mobile app.

Spartan, Allego Enhance Pan-European EV Charging Network

NGT News

a pan-European electric vehicle (EV) charging network. The post Spartan, Allego Enhance Pan-European EV Charging Network appeared first on NGT News. electric electric vehicle charging electric vehicles EV EV charging network Spartan Acquisition Corp. Spartan Acquisition Corp.

Alexander Dennis Receives Order for 50 Electric Double-Deck Buses for Bee Network

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subsidiary for the first phase of the franchised Bee Network bus system, which will launch in September 2023. These Alexander Dennis zero-emission buses will be the first to bear the branding of the new Bee Network – […].

The Value in Networking

Women in Trucking

Professional Development Ellen's Blog

The 2023 Supply Chain Crystal Ball: Challenges and Solutions

Speaker: Olivia Montgomery, Associate Principal Supply Chain Analyst

Curious to know how your peers are navigating ongoing disruption? In this webinar, you’ll gain actionable insights from Olivia Montgomery as she walks us through Capterra’s extensive research on how businesses - notably small and midsize businesses - are addressing supply chain challenges in 2023.

Network Design in supply Chain

20Cube Logistics

Supply chain Network Design can be explained as the strategic planning of the supply chain in order to measure the cost and the time required to bring the goods and services from manufacturers and suppliers to the market. Importance of network design in supply chain.

Supply Chain Network Summit

Food Logistics

The Supply Chain Network (SCN) Summit is a premier virtual event educating logistics professionals on critical issues impacting the supply chain industry.

National EV charging network moves forward as final states approved

Fleet Owner

The Biden administration's plan for a national charging network enters its next stage as the remaining 17 states' plans were approved. Some industry stakeholders are skeptical of the plan's immediate benefit to commercial vehicles.

Evie Networks to Install Tritium Fast Chargers Across Australia

NGT News

Tritium, a developer and manufacturer of DC fast chargers for electric vehicles (EV), has signed a deal with Evie Networks to install more than 300 of Tritium’s new RTM 50kW fast chargers across Australia. Electric australia DC fast charge electric electric vehicles EV Evie Networks Tritium

The Modern Supply Chain: Global Challenges and Best Practices

Speaker: Bart Huthwaite - Principal, RSM, Operations and Supply Chain

Fueled by innovation and modernization, Bart Huthwaite will unpack how developing and improving your resilience and adaptability will future-proof your global supply chain and set you up for long-term success.

The Best Factor that Shapes Your Distribution Network

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What influences your Distribution Network above all else? The last 23 years of designing and re-aligning Distribution Networks for our Consulting clients and after hundreds of Distribution Network assignments, I can say with 100% confidence, that there is ONE thing that influences your Network design and shape more than anything. Supply Chain Secrets: How Long Does It Take to a Design Distribution Network?

The Long and Short of Designing a Distribution Network

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I’ve noticed a trend in recent years in that when businesses want to check their distribution networks or design a distribution network , they immediately jump into loads and loads of detail. Four Ways to Streamline Your Network Design.

Ocean Network Express Joins NYSHEX Carrier Network

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Ocean Network Express ( ONE ) has joins a group of innovative carriers who use the New York Shipping Exchange ( NYSHEX ) to offer their customers the ability to enter digital and mutually enforceable contracts. Ocean Carriers NYSHEX Ocean Network Express ONE

American Logistics Aid Network gets activated for Hurricane Ian

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ALAN advises preparation for residents at risk, asks members of aid network to be ready to help, as Ian threatens Florida

Supply Chain Network Design: The Ultimate Use Cases eBook

Explore the most common use cases for network design and optimization software. This eBook shares how supply chain leaders leverage their supply chain design software to tackle a variety of challenges and questions.