Building a High Growth, Customer Focused 3PL with Betsy Westhafer

The Logistics of Logistics

The post Building a High Growth, Customer Focused 3PL with Betsy Westhafer appeared first on The Logistics of Logistics.

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3PL Sales Friend Zone

The Logistics of Logistics

In the 3PL sales world, there is a spot very much like the friend zone – perhaps less emotionally painful, but certainly more financially painful. 3PL Sales Friend Zone. When I sold 3PL services, I experienced the 3PL sales friend zone firsthand.

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Looking for a 3PL in New Jersey?  Advantages of a Cranbury, NJ Warehouse Add Up

Amware Logistics and Fulfillment

If you’re looking for 3PL eCommerce support in the Northeast, you’re not alone. With concerns about the Coronavirus still going strong, online shopping has become a lifesaver for many consumers across the country, especially those who want to purchase non-essentials.

Hazmat warehousing: Is your 3PL audit-ready?

West Coast and California Logistics

When you partner with a third-party logistics (3PL) provider for chemical and hazmat warehousing, there’s a lot to consider during the vetting process.

3PL Sales Success in 2019 – Crushing Your Sales Goal

The Logistics of Logistics

3PL Sales Success in 2019 – Crushing Your Sales Goal” was a webinar conducted in late January 2019 by Joe Lynch and Ann Holm. 3PL Sales Success in 2019 – Crushing Your Sales Goal. The Ultra-Competitive 3PL Market. What is a 3PL Sales Platform? 3PL Sales Growth

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COVID-19 and 3PL Warehouses

Camelot 3PL Software

What effect has COVID-19 had on 3PL warehouse operations? The post COVID-19 and 3PL Warehouses appeared first on Camelot 3PL Software.

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If Steve Jobs Owned a 3PL

The Logistics of Logistics

But what if Steve Jobs had unleased his crazed intensity and business mastery on the 3PL industry? What would Steve’s 3PL look like? Below are 5 things that I think would characterize Steve Job’s 3PL: 1. Steve’s 3PL would have the very best customer experience.

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3PL Warehousing 101

Kanban Logistics

While you can build and staff your own warehouse and perform these services yourself, more and more companies see the value in handing warehousing operations off to a third-party logistics (3PL) provider. Types of 3PL Warehousing. The dedicated 3PL model. The shared 3PL model.

3PL 2020 Trends: The Year of Tech & Services to Move Shippers Forward


Recently, 3PL Central had the honor of sponsoring the annual state of third-party logistics (3PL) report. The top 3PL 2020 trends include a More. 3PL Trends 3PL 2020 Trends

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3PL Challenges and Trends: How Technology Can Drive Value

Talking Logistics

Customer expectations are becoming more demanding across all industries, but that is especially true in the third-party logistics (3PL) industry. Companies are relying on their 3PL partners more than ever to help them succeed in today’s marketplace, which means 3PLs have to keep pace with their customers’ expanding expectations. Read more 3PL Challenges and Trends: How Technology Can Drive Value.

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3PL adapts to winds of change

DC Velocity

Wyoming 3PL invests in cranes that can handle oversized components for wind farms. Material Handling

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Apply for the 2020 Top 3PL & Cold Storage Providers Award

Food Logistics

Food Logistics is accepting submissions for our annual Top 3PL & Cold Storage Providers. Awards

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Key Performance Expectations for 3PL Service Providers

SIPMM Professional Publications

The post Key Performance Expectations for 3PL Service Providers appeared first on SIPMM INSTITUTE. A third-party logistics provider offer various outsourcing services such as warehousing, transportation, procurement, value-added services and to certain execution scope.

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How Flatbed Shippers Can Benefit From a 3PL

PLS Logistics

Blog 3PL 3pl logistics flatbed flatbed shipping flatbed shipping dimensionsFlatbed shipments are essential for industrial businesses. Large and overweight freight requires advanced management due to its complex nature.

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How Important is Talent When Selecting a 3PL?

Talking Logistics

The post How Important is Talent When Selecting a 3PL? 3PL Above the Fold News logistics outsourcing talent third party logistics Transplace

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3PL vs 4PL: What’s the difference?


3PL: Third-Party Logistic Model In this model, the manufacturer hires a third party to carry out the shipment tasks. Such a 3PL service will usually have constant communication with the manufacturer as well as the supplier of the goods. A 3PL is the perfect way out of such a scenario.

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The Ultimate Guide to a 3PL Business


In this blog, they discuss everything you need to know about a 3PL business. What is 3PL? There are several definitions of 3PL. Third party logistics (3PL) refers to a business that provides one or several logistics related services. 3PL Services: What is Provided? .

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Global 3PL Management: Hedge your bets

Logistics Management

with a sizeable portion of that aimed at choosing multiple third-party logistics (3PL) partners New research confirms that the current risk-mitigating trend in the third-party arena will continue this year.

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3PL vs 4PL: What Is the Difference?

PLS Logistics

Two of the most commonly confused terms are 3PL and 4PL. Blog 3PL 3pl logistics 3pl vs 4pl 4pl 4pl logisticsIn the diverse and complex world of logistics, it is easy to get carried away with all the terms and definitions.

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How to Select a 3PL with Joe Lynch and Adam Robinson

The Logistics of Logistics

. Understand the 3PL Business Models – Asset based, Non-asset based, Asset light. Pros: If the 3PL is good at procurement, they can build a large network of partners / carriers. Look for a 3PL that beats the logistics industry average. Hire a 3PL that will go the extra mile.

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3PL wins Welspun contract

247 Customs Broker

Wigan-based e-commerce specialist 3PL has won a five year contract with Welspun to provide multi-channel fulfilment and logistics services, following a competitive tender. Welspun UK… The post 3PL wins Welspun contract appeared first on 24/7 Customs Broker News.

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Sex and the Single 3PL Salesman

The Logistics of Logistics

To meet his sales numbers, a young 3PL salesman calls 100 prospects per day and asks for the sale. A 3PL salesman could make 100 phone calls per day asking for the sale, but if he doesn’t have a relationship with the buyer, he will usually be met with rejection, but hopefully no violence.

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3PL offers holiday shipping checklist

DC Velocity

These six steps can help small and mid-size business owners better manage seasonal demand, Unishippers says. Transportation

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The Rise of the 3PL for Managed Transportation Services

Blue Grace Logistics

To understand the rise of the 3PL for managed transportation services, shippers need to understand how managed transportation services became a global power, why 3PLs in managed services work well together, and how 3PLs enable better management of transportation.

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3PL Metrics: Do Retail Suppliers Measure Success the Wrong Way?

Kane is Able

If you are a user of third-party logistics (3PL) services, you know that 3PLs tend to have a metric for just about everything – productivity, accuracy, timeliness, costs…. 3PL metrics are used as a barometer of performance and to inform continuous improvement programs.

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[PODCAST] 3PL Selection Criteria for a High-Volume LTL Shipper


On today’s The Freight Project Podcast episode I excitedly welcome my friend and Logistics rock star & expert, Joe Lynch from The Logistics of Logistics to talk about 3PL selection criteria. 3PL LTL Podcast TMS 3PL Selection Criteria

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Benefits of Partnering with a 3PL

Freight Center

That’s where partnering with a 3PL can help. From getting expert insight into the freight industry to booking lanes at the most affordable rates available, the benefits of partnering with a 3PL far outweigh going it alone! Freight Shipping 3PL Third-Party Logistics eCommerce Shipping

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Trends Driving Growth of 3PL in 2019


The 3PL market is growing, and according to PRNewswire , the 3PL market will increase significantly throughout 2019, contributing to a total valuation of approximately $1.5 The post Trends Driving Growth of 3PL in 2019 appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis.

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The Benefits of Using One 3PL for Integrated Logistics Services

West Coast and California Logistics

By leaning on one third-party logistics provider (3PL) for each leg of the distribution cycle, you may find greater efficiency and improved operational success than you would sourcing à la carte. Conventional wisdom tells you not to put all your eggs in one basket.

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BNSF Logistics acquires regional 3PL Unlimited Freight

DC Velocity

Move strengthens 3PL's service offering for flatbed movements across North America, BNSF Logistics says. Strategy

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Is Your 3PL in the News? What for?

Kane is Able

3PL Outsourcing KANE CompanyThird party logistics companies (3PLs) are often in the news these days – but for reasons quite different than they were 10 years ago. This thought occurred to me while I was skimming recent news items in some of the top logistics industry trade publications.

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The Perks of Hauling for a 3PL

Trinity Logistics

Working alongside a third-party logistics company (3PL) can offer many benefits to you as a motor carrier. Working with a 3PL gives you a benefit because you will be kept in the know of upcoming industry changes or trends. Your job as a motor carrier is already tough.

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5 Ways 3PL Sales Has Changed and What You Can Do About It with Ann Holm

The Logistics of Logistics

The two inform the audience of 5 ways 3PL (third-party logistics) sales have changed, along with plenty of advice on how to deal with these changes. 01:13 – An introduction of today’s topic: 5 Ways 3PL Sales Have Changed and What You Can Do About it with Ann Holm.

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3PL Value Creation North America Summit Reflections

Logistics Management

Last year at this time industry analysts were saying that the third-party logistics (3PL) providers were confronting considerable challenges created by uncertainty.

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What should you expect from your 3PL's WMS?

West Coast and California Logistics

It wasn’t that long ago that simply having a sophisticated warehouse management system (WMS) was a major selling point for third-party logistics (3PL) providers. But, while having a full-featured WMS may no longer be a differentiator for 3PLs, the way a 3PL uses the system certainly can be.

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3PL vs Freight Broker: What Is the Difference?

PLS Logistics

One example of terms that might be confused is ‘3PL (third-party logistics provider)’ and ‘freight broker.’ Many shippers consider these the same things, however, there is a significant difference between a 3PL and a freight broker. […].

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TMS Development: Who Should Develop My TMS? A 3PL or a Tech Company the 3PL Hires?


A 3PL or a Tech Company the 3PL Hires? The value of implementing a transportation management system (TMS) is undisputed. Companies across the globe are looking to leverage an advanced TMS function and capabilities to streamline logistics management.

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