Packaging robot

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Automated Packaging Systems' Autobag 500 bagging system is now integrated with ABB's YuMi robot. Material Handling

Wood-fiber packaging material

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BillerudKorsnäs White packaging material is designed to help companies achieve greater visual and tactile appeal while using less packaging material.

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Lithium-ion battery packaging

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Labelmaster and Procyon-Alpha Squared have teamed up to develop and manufacture protective packaging engineered specifically for shipping and storing lithium batteries and devices that contain them.

Diagnostic solution for packaging systems

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Schneider Packaging Equipment has introduced Intelligent Illumination, an end-of-line packaging system designed to change the way operators maintain their machines.


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Regarding my first post in the blog, I want to talk about Zara again, but in this case about packaging. When you buy a Zara product by internet you receive it in a package like this: Inside the box, the clothes are very well bent and with its plastics.

Wide Bag Packaging Systems

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Automated Packaging Systems has introduced two new Autobag bag packaging systems with advanced engineering technology for flexibility and efficiency in large bag applications


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– Feeding : Freezing and refrigeration of food, Gas for food packaging in modified atmosphere, Cryogenic grinding of spices, Cryo Cooking with nitrogen in haute cuisine. PACKAGING. Nitrogen is an inert gas that barely dissolves in water and is not combustible.


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The packages job is to protect the product it holds before it is use or it gets to the final consumer but this can vary depending on type of product is holding. Pharmaceutical packaging equipment may ensure the high quality the products and safety of the packaging.

Packaging takes center stage

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Photo contest puts spotlight on protective shipping cases. Material Handling

Sealed Air, Cubiscan team up to optimize packaging

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Sales and marketing agreement aims to expand market reach and provide customers with better omnichannel packaging and shipping solutions, companies say. Material Handling

Packaging Firm Targets Massive Cut in Plastics Usage

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UK based company Kite Packaging has launched its sustainable future plastics initiative to reduce plastic levels with the unveiling of its new mobile packaging test facility and the release of a white paper. We really are a packaging company who want you to use less packaging.

New OnTrac vehicle delivers pitchers, not packages

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Package delivery firm sponsors Diamondbacks' new bullpen cart. Transportation

Orbis acquires custom dunnage provider Response Packaging

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Move reinforces Orbis' presence in automotive parts packaging sector, Orbis says. Material Handling

The Importance of Proper Packaging to Reduce Parcel Shipping Claims


DIM weight is calculated by multiplying the length, width, and height of a package and then dividing that result by a special number known as a “dimensional weight divisor,” “DIM divisor,” or “DIM factor.” Go big or go home Almost everyone has received a package stuffed with paper , bubble wrap, air pillow, and even Styrofoam peanuts surrounding an item that could have safely been packed into a carton half the size. Freight Claims Small PackageAre You Packing for Success?

28,000 Package Roll Containers

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Deutsche Post DHL has ordered an additional 28,000 package roll containers from Wanzl. Between 2013 and 2017, Wanzl delivered around 50,000 trolleys produced through licensed reproduction to DHL package centres. Packaging & Green Logistics Pallets & Containers

Mondelez Joins P&G, Colgate-Palmolive to Make Packaging Recyclable

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Mondelez International committed to making all of its packaging recyclable by 2025. In an effort to reduce waste, many companies are reviewing their packaging plans. 10, food and beverage giant Mondelez International committed to making all of its packaging recyclable by 2025. . “We

Orbis Buys Response Packaging

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US-based packaging giant Orbis Corporation has acquired Response Packaging, headquartered in Piedmont, South Carolina. Founded in 2009, privately held Response Packaging designs, prototypes and manufactures reusable custom dunnage and fabricated steel rack solutions.

Parcel Dimensional Weight and Package Density: Breaking Down These Parcel Shipment Rules


Parcel dimensional weight refers to the calculation of a package’s volumized weight, otherwise known as its cubic weight. Part of the reason carriers started using it derives from shippers sending low-weight packages in bulky boxes and excess packaging. LTL Small Package

4 Air Freight Packaging Pointers from Securing Drums to Pallets


Further, we focus on over the road transportation management to include the modes: LTL, Full Truckload, and Small Package. The focus of this blog post is about air freight packaging pointers. 4 Air Freight Packaging Guidelines to Follow. Freight air freight packaging

There’s More To Personalized Packaging Than Names And Logos

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What do you see when you look at this image? Third Party Logistics B2C Fulfillment eCommerce Fulfillment

The Five Top Packaging Tips to Help Avoid Damage


It’s the sender’s responsibility to make sure the parcel is packaged correctly but accidental damage obtained through transport is possible. Read our top five packaging tips to help prevent damage below. . We start the packaging tips with focusing on the quality of boxes you use. Be careful if you choose to reuse old packaging. Before shipping your package, you should feel comfortable that your item is secure and box is sturdy.

VW reveals details of new packaging centre

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Further details have been revealed this week about Volkswagen Group’s plans for a packaging centre at Jade-Weser-Port in Wilhelmshaven, Germany, which is due to open in 2019. Traditionally, most of VW Group’s packaging facilities have dealt with a single brand.

Packaging containers for fresh seafood transportation

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The logistics process is complicated, that is why I decided to concentrate only on a packaging feature. Insulation reduces the transfer of heat through packaging container walls.

Industry View: Why The Packaging Zone Matters

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The packaging zone is one of the vital components of a fulfilment solution for one-stop-shop supplier to integrate, says Edward Hutchison, managing director of BITO Storage Systems. The post Industry View: Why The Packaging Zone Matters appeared first on Logistics Business® Magazine.

Schedule tentatively set for voting on UPS-Teamster package contract

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Ballots slated to go out mid to third week of September; vote count expected in October. Transportation

13 Small Package Shipping or Parcel Shipping Best Practices


According to Jeff Berman of Logistics Management, 71 percent of shippers believe the greatest focus for small package shipping is cutting costs. Meanwhile, 37 percent are concerned with their ability to meet delivery timelines, and the ability to track and trace packages has become part of the equation for most customers and 85 percent of shippers. Yet, shippers can reduce costs in small package shipping by following these best practices. Consolidate Packages Where Possible.

3 Benefits of Using an Outsourced Small Package Auditing Company


Small package and parcel shipping charges can account for up to 5 percent of a shipper’s total expenses, reports Gary Oswald of PARCEL Media. However, more shippers are taking advantage of the benefits of outsourced small package auditing. Outsourced Small Package Auditing is Faster Than In-House Audits. Some shippers may feel they have the time and resources available to audit small packages. More packages equal more invoices and audits.

Why Parcel or Small Package Auditing Is Important for Shippers


However, some continue to refute audits, but take a look at what could be going on in your operation without small package auditing. Shippers May Be Overpaying, Which Affects Small Package Auditing. Shippers pay up to 5 percent more when small package auditing is not completed, explains Jared Fisher of PARCEL Media. As a result, the overall cost of shipping a small package may be significantly lower than originally determined. Small Package

Packager’s Online Sustainability Hub Highlights Plastic Positives

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Automated Packaging Systems has launched an online sustainability resource, which it says highlights its commitment to making its processes more environmentally friendly, including helping customers to become more environmentally aware. The resource features three key areas: • Information on the actions Automated Packaging Systems is taking to ensure its products have minimal impact on the environment. • Packaging & Green Logistics Packaging & Labelling

Plus One Robotics launches piece-picking robot for package sortation

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Startup lands $2.35 million investment led by Schematic Ventures, plans to hire 20 employees within a year. Material Handling

Do You Have a Large Small-Package/ Parcel Spend? Why a Small Package Outside Negotiator Will Help You Save Big Bucks.


Many businesses have a tendency to hastily go through small package contract negotiation processes. Unfortunately, many of these entities to end to have a large small package or parcel spend, but a small package outside negotiator can help save significant revenue. Why You Need a Small Package Outside Negotiator. A small package contact negotiator has more experience cumulative lee than anyone in your office staff.

ITC opens produce packaging probe

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ITC opens produce packaging probe. into whether imports of certain microperforated packaging containing. The post ITC opens produce packaging probe appeared first on Customs Broker News. A New Hampshire company alleges Growers Express and C.H.

6 Best Practices in Packaging and Labeling to Optimize Traceability

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New and emerging economies are creating opportunities for manufacturers across several key industries

Why Using Reusable Packaging Can Be the Most Effective Way to Save Time and Money in Your Global Supply Chain


Reusable packaging may be the one most effective way you can manage your costs better. It seems that no matter what industry you are in there is more and more buzz about the advantages of using reusable packaging and rightfully so. Using Reusable Packaging Is The Right Thing to Do.

How Choosing Eco-friendly Packaging for Your Products Can Help You Build a Better Brand – While Saving the World

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As you up value-added posting on your site blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts, better your products and deliver pristine service, you can also show that you care about the greater community by a little social consciousness–and this can include choosing eco-friendly packaging for your products , as suggested in articles like “ 5 Green Marketing Strategies to Earn Consumer Trust ” in GreenBiz online magazine.

The Benefits of Using A TMS to Ship Small Package Freight


For small package shipments, a TMS can prove to be an invaluable resource by providing the following significant benefits. Shipping hundreds of small packages pose challenges for shippers. Getting a small package from point A to point B could easily vary greatly in terms of time requirements. The package may be transferred multiple times between different modes of transit as well. Customer Service Is Essential to Small Package Shippers.

Is this the future of package delivery?

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On April 25th amazon announced their new partnership with Volvo and General Motors regarding package delivery. Why did amazon started this partnership and what is the concept behind this way of delivery and even more important can this new concept become a standard in package delivery, anyway amazon believes in it! The main goal for amazon in this case is to create way more convenience for package delivery because their core business model relies on that.

Free Shipping is Costing More (As Small Packages Flood Delivery Networks)

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percent last year, spending on package delivery services jumped 10 percent [to $86.3 Parcel volumes rose 6 percent last year as online retailers flooded delivery networks with small packages destined for individual consumers in their houses, apartments, offices, and dorm rooms.

Packager Launches Polyester Strapping Kit for Heavy Duty Use

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UK packaging supplier Kite Packaging has introduced a new tensioning polyester strapping kit, an ideal strapping agent for heavy duty use. The post Packager Launches Polyester Strapping Kit for Heavy Duty Use appeared first on Logistics Business® Magazine.

Robust Pallet Boxes Added to Kite Packaging’s Online Portfolio

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Packaging innovator Kite Packaging has expanded its transit and storage range for heavy goods by adding a re-usable plastic pallet box to the mix. For more information about the new range or employee-owned packaging supplier, Kite Packaging, visit