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Why Packaging Matters with Phillip Akhzar

The Logistics of Logistics

Phillip Akhzar and Joe Lynch discuss why packaging matters. Phillip is the Founder and CEO of Arka , a tech enabled packaging platform that provides custom and unbranded eco-friendly packaging to SMBs at competitive prices. Arka’s API uses AI to auto-replenish packaging inventory for warehouses and 3PLs.

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What Are Package Storage and Package Receiving Services?

Logistics Matter

Did you know that package theft and missed deliveries are a rising problem in the US? Given the boom in online shopping during the pandemic, the troubles of package theft and missed deliveries have become significant. Sadly, about 210 million packages were […].

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Sustainability and Reusable Packaging with Mike Newman

The Logistics of Logistics

Mike Newman and Joe Lynch discuss sustainability and reusable packaging. About Mike Newman Mike Newman , the CEO of Returnity Innovations, is a recognized authority in the field of transformational logistics platforms, specializing in shifting from single-use to circularity through reusable packaging solutions for companies and organizations.

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Fulfillment Packaging Services: Unboxing a Hidden Opportunity

Amware Logistics and Fulfillment

There isn’t a big interest in box sizes, bubble wrap, and other packaging-related details. As someone who oversees order fulfillment services, your focus tends to be on accurate, on-time delivery and controlling parcel shipping costs, which can be up to 70% of total fulfillment costs. But that’s a mistake.

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16 Go-to-Market Plays for Your Entire Sales Funnel

That’s why we’ve gathered some of the best go-to-market plays from our own B2B sales and marketing pros and packaged them here for you. At ZoomInfo, we’ve found that a rock-solid go-to-market playbook is key. These 16 plays are aligned to different stages of the sales funnel.

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Package Theft Season is Here

Logistics Viewpoints

Package theft is on the rise as “porch pirates” continue to swipe packages from people’s doorsteps. The holiday season is the busiest time for package theft, as more and more items are delivered. For the 2023 holiday season alone, it is anticipated that between 850 million and 950 million packages will be delivered.

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Video: Custom Packaging Puts Smiles Inside the Box

Amware Logistics and Fulfillment

But we think it's more important to put a smile inside the box with custom packaging, done right. Amazon is famous for putting its trademark 'smile' on the outside of its boxes.

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What Resilience Means in 2021

Speaker: Scott Wooley, President of Thermal Packing Solutions at Atlantic Tape and Packaging

Join Scott Wooley, President of Thermal Solutions at Atlantic Tape and Packaging, and redefine what a resilient supply chain is. If your supply chain is still feeling the effects of the pandemic, you may feel that the insights and lessons are yet to be distinguished among the mess--that's what we're here for. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).