Label this green! Bar-code supplier turns waste into fuel

DC Velocity

Label vendor converts manufacturing waste into combustible pellets. Green Logistics

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App Identifies Warehouse Waste

Material Handling and Logistics

Newcastle Systems has introduced a new app called the MotionMeter, a real-time activity tracker designed to perform time studies within the warehouse and identify waste

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Targeting Workplace Efficiency & the 3 Steps to Reduce Waste


Patrick gives us some insight into workplace efficiency and how to reduce waste. . Lean manufacturing consolidates equipment, people and workspace resources to reduce waste, create an effective flow of actions and create unbeatable manufacturing solutions. Targeting Workplace Efficiency and Reducing Waste . Lean manufacturing surrounds two factors: workplace efficiency and wasteful processes. Consumers won’t pay for your company’s waste. Determining Waste .

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Manufacturing Blogging – great idea or waste of time?


So now we know what a blog is but why is manufacturing blogging a great idea and not a waste of time: To Help People. Twitter LinkedIn The post Manufacturing Blogging – great idea or waste of time?

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3 Tools to Minimize Waste: A Boon to Lean Manufacturing Strategies


Lean manufacturing is one of the leading waste minimization technologies inside a manufacturing industry. It is a systematic approach to identifying the waste or non-value added materials and removing them to give out the best quality material to the customer. A Powder coating booth comes with ample space for coating and testing of the materials ensuring the minimum amount of waste production during the process.

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Bridgestone unveils tires designed for waste trucks

Fleet Owner

The Bridgestone M870 and Firestone FS860 tires are designed exclusively for the waste industry and will enter the market later this year

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Industry View: Waste, Storage Space and the Hidden Extras

Logistics Business Magazine

David Coleman, Operations Director at HSM UK, discusses why environmental technology is an effective answer for organisations handling significant volumes of waste material. Not a waste but a resource. No time for waste. All businesses are chasing efficiency and convenience.

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Experts offer tips to help fleets cut waste and boost profits

Fleet Owner

Two industry experts shared tips on how fleet managers can eliminate waste and boost their bottom line during a recent Fleet Owner webinar

Tesco to reduce food waste – Logistics Manager

247 Customs Broker

The post Tesco to reduce food waste appeared first on Logistics Manager. The post Tesco to reduce food waste – Logistics Manager appeared first on 247 Customs Broker. [og_img].

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China extending ban on solid waste imports

247 Customs Broker

The post China extending ban on solid waste imports appeared first on 247 Customs Broker.

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Asian ports under pressure after China ban on plastic and paper waste

The LoadStar

Port operations in South-east Asia have come under increasing pressure from a build-up in scrap cargo, following China’s crackdown on imported waste. The post Asian ports under pressure after China ban on plastic and paper waste appeared first on The Loadstar.

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Safety technology a key piece of Freightliner's new EconicSD waste collection truck

Fleet Owner

Freightliner Trucks unveiled its new EconicSD waste collection truck for the North American market, a low-entry, cab-over-engine model that comes standard with numerous safety systems. LAS VEGAS.

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Void Fill and the Chinese Import Ban on Waste Packaging

Logistics Business Magazine

million tonnes of plastic waste and 3 million tonnes of cardboard waste to China and Hong Kong, but starting in January 2018 China has placed an import ban on waste packaging. But the answer may be right under many of our noses, or at least in the waste container outside.

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Growing A Green Supply Chain

Blue Grace Logistics

Campbells Soup, for example, managed to change their packaging process which cut waste and saved them a good bit of money in exchange. . “Going Green” has been an action catchphrase for just about every industry over the past decade.

Hiab Joins the Dots in Waste Management and Recycling at IFAT 2018

Logistics Business Magazine

On-road load handler Hiab, part of Cargotec, has over many years successfully served customers in the waste management and recycling industries with its equipment. “The world is changing with more regulations on how and when you can collect waste.

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Hyster to Focus on Waste Management and Recycling Portfolio at IFAT

Logistics Business Magazine

Hyster Europe is focusing on handling challenges in waste management and recycling operations at IFAT 2018 from 14-18 May in Munich, Germany. We are also committed to meeting the handling needs of diverse recycling operations, from paper and wood, through to metals and chemical waste.”.

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Webb Wheel puts the brakes on waste with efficient brake drum

Fleet Owner

The Alabama-based company says its patented Cool Running Technology (CRT) vents handle heat 10% better than comparable weight brake drums

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XPO to roll out smartphone app in Europe this spring

DC Velocity

Visibility app launched in North America earlier this year, helping reduce empty miles and lower fuel waste, firm says. Technology

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A suggestion for congestion

DC Velocity

Congestion wastes time, fuel, and productivity. There must be a better way to manage our infrastructure. Transportation

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UK plastics recycling under investigation for fraud and corruption

The LoadStar

Six UK plastic waste exporters have had their licences suspended or cancelled in the past three months, with the government setting up an investigation into “widespread” abuse. Complaints range from falsely claiming for waste that does not exist, waste not being recycled and left.

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This Week in Logistics News (August 4 – 10)

Logistics Viewpoints

Food waste and its impact on supply chains and the environment has been a hot topic lately. Tesco has scrapped “best by” dates on packaging to reduce waste, and Circular Systems is pioneering new tech to convert food crop waste – like banana peels and hemp stalks – into wearable fibers. Two more companies are stepping up their part to reduce food waste.

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How Product as a Service Enables the Circular Economy

Logistics Matter

According to Wikipedia: A circular economy is a regenerative system in which resource input and waste, emission, and energy leakage are minimized by slowing, closing, and narrowing material and energy loops.

Intro to APU Weight Exemption

The Logistics of Logistics

Auxiliary power units (APUs) are one of the best tools that you can supply your truck drivers with to combat wasting fuel. They help drivers avoid wasting fuel, but they present a different problem because of their weight.

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Lean Manufacturing leads to greater efficiency

DC Velocity Reverse Logistics

Guest article by Dr. Keith Wade, American Public University System Lean Manufacturing leads to greater efficiency Lean manufacturing or Lean production is termed as a systematic approach that is used for elimination of waste within any given manufacturing system. Also, Lean considers wastes that are created through overburden and wastes.

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Uberization of Logistics Has Arrived

The Logistics of Logistics

Cut the waste and reap benefits. For an industry that is forever on the move, the world of logistics is in a perennial state of change, facing numerous challenges and vague demands. Staying ahead in this dynamic landscape can be quite a roller coaster.

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Supply Chain Management:Make your Assets Green, as Dollar is.

Infosys Supply Chain Management

Companies have started talking seriously about reducing carbon emission, saving water and electricity, waste reduction etc for which asset management packages would play significant roles. About Us. Contact Us. Newsroom Investors Careers. Infosys Labs. Industries. Industries. Aerospace and Defense. Airlines. Automotive. Communication Services. Consumer Packaged Goods. Education. Energy. Financial Services. Healthcare. High-Tech. Hospitality and Leisure. Industrial Manufacturing. Insurance.

Logistics concerns issue Hurricane Michael service updates

Logistics Management

While the actual impact of Hurricane Michael has not come to fruition at this time, various freight transportation and logistics concerns have not wasted any time in communicating that this could be a severe weather invent that could have a major effect on operations, as well as safety concerns, of course

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Electric Class 8 refuse trucks from BYD headed to Seattle

Fleet Owner

Two of BYD’s 8R Class-8 battery-electric refuse trucks, fitted with New Way Viper Rear Loader refuse bodies, will be delivered to Recology in Seattle for use in residential solid waste pick up

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Trillium CNG selected to upgrade fleet’s fueling station

Fleet Owner

The Virginia-based recycling and waste collection company has been using compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks forAmerican Disposal Services recently chose compressed natural gas fueling facilities provider Trillium CNG to upgrade its fueling station.

Construction underway for on-farm dairy RNG project

Fleet Owner

Amp Americas announced this is the second anaerobic digester gas-to-RNG facility to convert dairy waste to Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) for transportation fuel

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The Benefits of Integrated Supply Chain Management

Carter Logistics

They also reduce waste and lower costs. Eliminate Waste. Reducing or eliminating waste is a constant goal for most companies, partly for the long-term cost savings, but also to meet increasingly numerous requirements for eco-friendly manufacturing.

RWM Birmingham

Logistics Business Magazine

The Recycling & Waste Management Exhibition, which this year is under new management, is set to bring over 12,000 waste & recycling professionals spanning a wide-range of sectors.

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Autonomous Boats Could Ferry Cargo in Busy Cities

Material Handling and Logistics

"Imagine shifting some of the infrastructure services that usually take place during the day on the road — deliveries, garbage management, waste management — to the middle of the night, on the water, using a fleet of autonomous boats,” says CSAIL Director Daniela Rus

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4 Tips for a Sustainable Supply Chain

PLS Logistics

By managing and improving economic, social and environmental performance throughout supply chains, companies can cut back on the waste of resources, optimize processes, uncover product innovations, save costs, increase productivity and promote corporate values.

Midyear Checkpoint: Is Your Business Where You Want it to be?

Carter Logistics

Finding and eliminating waste makes a lasting impact and frees up time, people, and money for quality improvements that add value to your customers and sustainably grow your business. Midyear Checkpoint: Is Your Business Where You Want it to be?

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How to Get the Most ROI from Supply Chain Logistics

Carter Logistics

Companies are wasting money hand-over-fist on outdated supply chain methods that suffer from inefficiency and poor tracking. Outdated methods for transporting your products can be a hassle that wastes time and money. Blog Topics. The Shared Milkrun Mexico & Border Logistics.

Overproduction vs. Fast Improvement Cycles

The Lean Thinker

In the classic “7 wastes” context, overproduction is making something faster than your customer needs it. Key Point #1: Don’t waste time trying to develop paper solutions to every problem you can imagine. A couple of weeks ago ago I posted the question “ Are you overproducing improvements? ” and compared a typical improvement “blitz” with a large monument machine that produces in large batches.

Plastic Bulk Truckload Containers

Material Handling and Logistics

has introduced a new series to its BulkPak product line, HDMP4845, which is designed to offer maximum packout to eliminate wasted truck space, reduce freight costs and improve throughput Orbis Corp.

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Peterbilt touts its refuse truck innovations

Fleet Owner

The refuse lineup, including the Models 220, 520 and 567 as well as an advanced Model 520 Demonstration Vehicle with a fully electric drivetrain are on display at the Waste Expo in Las Vegas this week

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Creating a Sustainable Earth Through Sustainable Manufacturing


By improving the efficiency of your equipment and processes, you can lower energy consumption, decrease manufacturing time, reduce waste, and use less material — all of which can provide significant cost savings for you and your customers.

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