DHL to provide training for Magento users

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E-commerce retailers can build cross-border trade by offering enhanced shipping and delivery options, DHL says. Transportation

Training for the right reasons

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But something is missing from that conversation, and that's how a company's training program can either reinforce the poThere is a lot of conversation about the importance of company culture these days, especially around creating a "safety culture."

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Shinkansen, the Japanese bullet trains

Logistics at MPEPS at UPV

Shinkansen high speed trains are the fastest way to discover Japan, the most important one is still in production process and is called “Maglev”, it will be able to reach a speed of 501 km/h. There are different types of trains that circulate in each of the Shinkansen lines.

Should you make VR part of your training efforts?

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Driver training is one place where VR might be useful. Another is technician training One of the benefits of VR is that it allows a person to make mistakes without consequences.

Government doubles financial support to train UK maritime cadets

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The UK government has announced a £15m “funding boost” to train an extra 400 seafarer cadets annually. The post Government doubles financial support to train UK maritime cadets appeared first on The Loadstar. Loadstar posts People & Training Sea Rebuilding the UK

Creative Safety Supply: Kaizen Training and Research Page

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With that out of the way, I found their Kaizen Training and Research Page interesting enough to go through it here and comment on what I see. Creative Safety Supply: Kaizen Training and Research Page. Normally when I get an email from a company pointing me to the great lean resource on their web page, I find very little worth discussing. But Creative Safety Supply in Beaverton, Oregon has some interesting material that I think is worth taking a look at.

Aerospace, Defense Companies Jumping on Blockchain Train

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The sector views blockchain’s secure, immutable and decentralized features as a way to help reduce maintenance costs, increase aircraft availability, and minimize errors in tracking aircraft parts

Campbell’s Soup Innovative Supply Chain Training

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Yet outside the Logistics Service Provider industry, widespread internal training within a supply chain organization remains rare. But that is what Campbell Soup has done, they have put in place an innovative supply chain training program. The post Campbell’s Soup Innovative Supply Chain Training appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints. Food & Beverage Industry Learning & Leadership Campbells Soup supply chain training

National Forklift Safety Day 2018 Focuses on Operator Training

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National Forklift Safety Day 2018 raises awareness of warehousing best practices

Reforming logistics training: themes, challenges and the quest for the ideal

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A common trend found in the literature of military logistics is the decrying of training and education gaps interspersed within the persuasive arguments for greater military interest in logistics. The Australian Army has worked hard in recent years to improve the quality of its individual training, much as Thorpe desired of the USMC his work. Challenge 2 – train the logistician to support capability creation and readiness, and not just operations. PME / Training

Bendix brake training school plans 24 in-person sessions

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Registration opens for the hands-on program, which features comprehensive technician training

Is virtual reality the best way to train truck drivers?

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VRMotion, co-founded by former race car driver Dominic Dobson, says more fleets are expressing real interest

Bendix brake training school plans 24 in-person sessions

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Registration opens for the long-running hands-on program, featuring comprehensive, in-depth technician training

“K” Line Opens New Ocean Breeze Seafarers Training Center in the Philippines

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This new building has been built to further strengthen and expand the company’s seafarer’s training program. The post “K” Line Opens New Ocean Breeze Seafarers Training Center in the Philippines appeared first on Logistics Manager.

China’s First Fresh Produce Block Train Moved By DB Schenker

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Leading global logistics provider DB Schenker will soon make their inaugural shipment of fresh produce using a block train with 11 refrigerator containers to transport goods to Moscow Walter West Station from Qingbaijiang International Railway Port in Chengdu, China.

Australian Army Logistics Training Centre Fiction and Imagery Competition

Logistics in War

The Australian Army Training Centre, the ‘home of military logistics’ for the Australian Army, is holding an inaugural writing and multimedia competition. A short introduction to the competition from the Training Centre: The Australian Defence Force is modernising rapidly, with emerging technologies and operating methods presenting opportunities to significantly enhance capability.

Hazardous Materials Training on Offer to Future Drivers

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France-based 3PL Geodis is to offer ‘hazardous materials’ training to its future drivers in the sector. At both its Lillebonne and Villers-Saint-Paul sites in France, all of which are dedicated to the chemical sector, Geodis is offering integrated training to 22 job seekers.

BMW to train technicians on US military base

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BMW of North America will next week become the first premium automotive manufacturer to start training technicians on a US military base, according to partner Universal Technical Institute. The post BMW to train technicians on US military base appeared first on Automotive Logistics.

East Europe border town strains under Silk Road train boom

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The post East Europe border town strains under Silk Road train boom appeared first on The Loadstar. The growth of Asia-Europe container rail services has been one of the great transport success stories of the past five years.

Chinese operator expects big increase in Europe-bound trains

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Freight train services between China and Europe are expected to increase by some 30% this year, at least for one carrier. The post Chinese operator expects big increase in Europe-bound trains appeared first on The Loadstar.

Enhanced Funding for Specialist Training Programme

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We are pleased that the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) has renewed the enhanced funding for the Specialist Training Programme namely Advanced Diploma in Supply Chain Management, Diploma in International Freight Management and Diploma in Integrated Logistics Management.

Qatari Nationals Benefit from Qatar Airways and Rolls Royce Training Program

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Middle Eastern Airline Qatar Airways and British aircraft engine builder Rolls Royce recently held two training programs at the Rolls Royce Learning and Development facility in Derby, United Kingdom.

Training programme takes off at FedEx as US pilot shortage worsens

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FedEx Express has launched a pilot training scheme as one airline association warns of a “endemic” pilot shortage across the US. The post Training programme takes off at FedEx as US pilot shortage worsens appeared first on The Loadstar.

CLX Logistics Donates $2,500 to Smile Train in Holiday Initiative

CLX Logistics

CLX Logistics is pleased to announce that Smile Train, an international children’s charity that provides corrective surgery for children with cleft lips and palates, was selected to receive its $2,500 donation.

Hermes ‘trained’ managers to mislead tax inspectors

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The post Hermes ‘trained’ managers to mislead tax inspectors appeared first on The Loadstar. More trouble appears to be on its way for courier firm Hermes and the increasingly difficult relationship it has with – depending on your point of view – its staff or sub-contractors.

Stay Metrics offers free training for Roadcheck 2018

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New learning module focuses on Level 1 inspections and hours-of-service violations

Fleets expand use of in-cab video for driver training, accident prevention

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Drivers at Central Oregon Trucking Co. meet with coaches to ensure success

Workforce development training, more tolling included in Trump's infrastructure vision

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President formally asks Congress to craft legislation generating at least $1.5 trillion over 10 years

Where’s the Hype for Automated Trains? – Part 1: History & Background

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Talk of automation is sweeping the transportation industry, but there’s barely a whisper when it comes to automated trains or self-driving trains. However, trains, another essential mode of transportation, seems to generate little news on the automation front. This may seem strange on the surface, trains run on a track, after all, meaning they have only two directions of movement. Trains seem like the first and most obvious choice for transport automation.

Program to train more diesel technicians expands to three new colleges

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Diesel Advanced Technology Education (DATE) program will be taught by Volvo-certified instructors at colleges in Florida, Ohio and Texas

Where’s the Hype for Automated Trains? – Part 2: Unions & Human Judgement

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In this final part, we look into the role unions and the need for human judgement play in keeping trains from being universally automated. In last week’s blog post , we asked why there’s little media excitement around automated trains. In the previous post, we mentioned that the technology to automate trains systems and networks has existed for decades. As mentioned before, many companies are pushing hard for robot cars, trucks and ships, so why are trains different?

Canadian Pacific train operators walk out as deal is reached with signal workers

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The post Canadian Pacific train operators walk out as deal is reached with signal workers appeared first on The Loadstar. Large volumes of cargo were stranded last night when 3,000 Canadian Pacific Railway conductors and engineers walked out.

First container train from Chengdu arriving in Vienna – LOGISTIK express News

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With the first direct freight train from China to Vienna, the Rail Cargo Group (RCG) – freight transport division of ÖBB – successfully brought its next rail link between Asia and Europe on the rails. Launched by Chengdu and handled via the Northern Silk Road, the container train covered some 9,800 kilometers in 14 days and two hours. In the current year between 400 and 600 trains are scheduled to run on these routes. April 2018 08:40.

Battery academy set to open this fall

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Power systems specialist launches training school. Material Handling

New Paper Published

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The link here is good for … Continue reading → Logistics My Research Supply Chains agriculture biofuel ethanol operations Rail research scholarship supply chains trains transportationWe just published an article in Research in Transportation Business and Management (RTBM). It’s called Fleet management for rail car transport of ethanol. The “we” is Khalid Bachkar, Idrissu Aminu, Atif Osmani, and me.

Learning to fly

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FedEx announces program to recruit and train tomorrow's pilots. Transportation

Warehouse Speed - Forecast, Train, Document, and Communicate

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Train a core group of employees in all warehouse processes. Create a training manual -- it can be either an electronic or paper document; whatever works best for your company.

Virtual reality reaches the warehouse

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Startup develops VR-enhanced training module for forklift drivers. Lift Trucks

AutoStore picks New Hampshire for first U.S. office

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Site will host training and demos of Norwegian company's goods-to-person fulfillment system, firm says. Material Handling

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Chief financial officer John Hardig set to quit role at XPO Logistics

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Land Loadstar posts People & Training Supply chain Off the merry-go-round XPO LogisticsJohn Hardig (pictured above, facing) is to step down as chief financial officer of XPO, following more than six years in the role.