Why Supply Chain Managers & Procurement Should Collaborate


Due to this problem, the only logical solution is to increase collaboration between the supply chain managers and procurement teams. . Collaboration is poised to enable better flow of information and resources in both directions for both parts of the supply chain, which will inherently lead to more efficient processes and data-based decisions. Collaboration Procurement Supply ChainThe roles of logistics and procurement in an efficient supply chain cannot be overstated.

Supply Chain Control Towers: Visibility, Collaboration, and Optimization

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Verwijmeren highlighted two other high-level capabilities that define a modern Digital Supply Chain Control Tower platform: Collaboration : “A control tower platform has to enable collaboration across all parties, both across internal functional groups and across external trading partners, with everyone working off the same information.”. The post Supply Chain Control Towers: Visibility, Collaboration, and Optimization appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez.

The 3 Totems of Collaborative Supply Chain Management


This oft used adage is shaping the collaborative supply chain management: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Let's take a closer look at how collaborative supply chain management is continuing to become a key factor in efficiency through three totems.

Why Transportation Needs to be Included in Supply Chain Collaboration

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Just how collaborative are your internal departments? And it may be holding back your transportation team’s effectiveness due to a lack of supply chain collaboration. In many organizations, transportation is simply the recipient of collaboration that happens in other supply chain functions. The post Why Transportation Needs to be Included in Supply Chain Collaboration appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints.

How Automation in the Supply Chain Will Make Employees More Strategic & Improve the Overall Supply Chain

Speaker: Adam Robinson, Director of Marketing, Cerasis

Collaborate and Save: Pool Distribution for Temperature-Controlled Transportation

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If you need to get across town fast and your choices are a taxi cab or public transit, you’d likely prefer the cab. Times being what they are, however, the price of that cab ride might drive you to the bus stop.

Secure SCM Collaboration Suite

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Exostar Digital Platform, a secure supply chain management collaboration suite, has been upgraded to help companies and their suppliers move to more effective digital business models

The road to regulation and collaboration

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We don’t know which technologies will help the industry meet tomorrow’s low NOx rules and what bumps we may face in implementing them

Collaborate with Carriers to Face the Truck Capacity Crunch

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As the truck capacity pinch grows tighter and tighter, you may have found yourself in a role reversal with your carriers. Freight transport is now largely a seller’s market and, as a shipper, you may find yourself vying to be a “shipper of choice” among carriers with limited capacity. But, the current climate is no walk in the park for carriers either.

4PLs: Collaboration Among Logistics Service Providers Creating More Value for Shippers


Collaboration has always been seen as the stepchild at the logistics dinner table. It's nice to have around, but no one really wants to think about what collaboration means for the company. Value-Added Services and Collaboration Rising to More 4PLs.

3 Benefits a TMS Provides for Team Collaboration & Inner-Management


Logistics providers must leverage the power of inter-management and team collaboration to continue growth in an industry that’s under a great deal of stress. Let’s take a look at how data and analytics play into collaboration, what benefits can be realized, and how the overall shipping process can be streamlined through the use of a dedicated transportation management system (TMS). Analytics start the conversation as to how a TMS improves team collaboration in an organization.

The Future Of Supplier Collaboration: 9 Things CPOs Want Their Managers To Know Now


As a sourcing or procurement manager, you may think there’s nothing new about supplier collaboration. They not only value collaboration, but require a revolution in how their buying organization conducts its business and operations. Here are nine things your CPO wants you to know about how supplier collaboration is changing – and why it matters to your company’s future and your own future. The need for supplier collaboration in procurement is greater than ever.

6 River Systems Demonstrates Collaborative Robotics Solution

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On Friday, I had the pleasure of visiting 6 River Systems’ facility and receiving a personal demonstration of its collaborative autonomous mobile robotics system (AMR). The post 6 River Systems Demonstrates Collaborative Robotics Solution appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints. ARC Advisory Group’s supply chain team believes that autonomous mobile robotics (AMR) in the warehouse is a high-growth and potentially transformative logistics technology.

Pallet pooling program provides foundation for fruitful collaboration

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Joining a pallet pool helped a watermelon shipper streamline its supply chain. Now it's looking to take the partnership to the next level. Material Handling

MOL Announce Launch of Collaborative Focus Project

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This new collaboration by some of the biggest names in the shipping industry will collate and apply ship operation data to ensure safer, more environmentally friendly ocean transportation. The post MOL Announce Launch of Collaborative Focus Project appeared first on Logistics Manager.

Scarcity and collaborative contracting

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While tactically scrambling for coverage, shippers need to begin now to strategically build relationships that will sustain competitive cost and service metrics over many years

Collaborative Planning Solution

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SAP SE has introduced additional planning capabilities for SAP Integrated Business Planning, its cloud-based solution for sales and operations planning, demand sensing and forecasting, inventory and supply optimization, and exception-driven response management

Panel: artificial intelligence works best when supply chain partners collaborate

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Large firms should encourage smaller partners to adopt AI, MIT conference speakers say. Technology

Collaborative Supply Chain Innovation: Bringing Solutions to Market Faster

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This concept of collaborative innovation was put into action to address a problem one of Kenco’s customers (as well as many others in the industry) was experiencing: retail compliance chargebacks.

Carmakers and suppliers collaborate on containers

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The post Carmakers and suppliers collaborate on containers appeared first on Automotive Logistics.

Collaborative Logistics’ Role in the Emergence of the Physical Internet

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He says, “I believe that collaborative logistics platforms demonstrate and validate the need for the physical Internet. On the contrary, as technology advances, the most innovative freight exchange platforms could help mold the interconnected and collaborative freight landscapes of tomorrow.

Reaping the benefits of collaborating on containers

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The group collaboration has been fantastic and humbling because you go into meetings with five big egos – five large groups that have their own agendas – but they cooperate for the good of the industry,” comments Dana McBrien, associate chief advisor at Honda North America.

Collaboration in the Automotive Industry: Enabling Intelligent IT-Managed Supply Chains

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When you consider the increasing complexity of the automotive supply chain, collaboration continues to play an important role. Due to the large number of trading partners and systems, the potential for collaboration is great, but there are specific requirements to enable cross-company cooperation: Easy integration of participants and systems. Collaboration replaces bilateral business relations through cooperation between many participants within the network.

It’s Hard to Learn if you Already Know

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Although long-standing teams are able to perform, our workplaces today require ad-hoc collaboration between diverse groups. This is especially important in environments where ad-hoc groups must collaborate very quickly.

5 Skills Needed for Radical Supply Chain and Logistics Collaboration


Those in the supply chain and logistics management industry have been talking a great deal about collaboration in dealing with our business partners. But, what does collaboration really mean and how do you go about it? Each of these skills is necessary for a successful collaboration.

XPO deploying 5,000 collaborative robots

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XPO deploying 5,000 collaborative robots. The post XPO deploying 5,000 collaborative robots appeared first on 24/7 Customs Broker News.

Collaborative Supply Chain Innovation: A New Model for Success

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Based on the initial success you’ve had to date, what would you say are the key ingredients to success in creating a collaborative innovation partnership?

Starship Technologies collaborates with Guide Dogs

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Starship technologies collaborated with Guide Dogs to explore how autonomous delivery robots interact with visually impaired people using guide dogs. The post Starship Technologies collaborates with Guide Dogs appeared first on 24/7 Customs Broker News.

Turvo raises $60 million for supply chain collaboration and visibility platform

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Tech startup's investors include UAE's Mubadala and venture firms G2VP, Next47. Technology

News Programme Explores 3PL Collaborations

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Produced by ITN Productions and CILT, ‘Stronger Together’ explores the importance of a collaborative partnership between 3PL’s and their customers. The post News Programme Explores 3PL Collaborations appeared first on Logistics Business® Magazine.

Kerry Logistics strengthens partnership with illycaffè through strategic collaborations

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The post Kerry Logistics strengthens partnership with illycaffè through strategic collaborations appeared first on The Loadstar. PRESS RELEASE. Hong Kong, 12 November 2018.

Collaborative and clean city logistics

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The post Collaborative and clean city logistics appeared first on 247 Customs Broker. DHL, DPD, GLS, Hermes and UPS are reportedly working together to trial a parcel delivery model in Berlin which will use cargo bikes and shared micro depots.

Volvo Trucks, Trimble to collaborate on fleet management systems

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The collaboration would levVolvo Trucks North America (VTNA) said it has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Trimble Transportation Enterprise to develop future transportation management and fleet maintenance products and services.

2019 Alliance Awards: Time to share your collaboration success

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Over the past 10 years, we have heralded the virtues of collaboration—the art of leveraging the strengths of various partners to achieve solutions you never thought possible in your logistics operation

The Supply Chain Digital Transformation Journey: Making Inter-Business Collaboration Better

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These technologies and improved inter-business processes leverage holistic decision-making capabilities that drive seamless communication and collaboration. The post The Supply Chain Digital Transformation Journey: Making Inter-Business Collaboration Better appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez. I get side tracked with college basketball this time of year as I cheer on my alma mater. The NCAA March Madness Final Four frenzy has transformed the sport as we know it.