Inventory Management in Service Logistics Industry

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What is Inventory Management? For Manufacturing it’s about carrying zero or minimum inventory. For Logistics the focus is on high inventory turns. Inventory Management is about having a right balance of expectations from different functions of the supply chain.

Omni-Channel Logistics Leaders: The Importance of Real-Time Inventory Visibility

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The research focused on the inventory visibility and optimization challenges that companies face today related to omni-channel fulfillment and the actions they should take to elevate their omni-channel performance.

With Tariffs In Flux, Digital Inventory Technology Might Be The Solution To Holiday Bloated Inventory Levels

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The tariff situation has companies in a quandary as they debate whether to “load up” on inventory now — to ward off the impacts of potentially-higher tariffs on imported goods — or hold off for now and hope that the political environment calms and things get to back to “normal.”

Drone-Powered Digital Inventory

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Even though 90% of inventory is stationary in the supply chain, inventory accuracy at distribution centers, warehouses, and plants ranges from 89% to 99%*. That’s because most of the inventory management process is still a manual activity. Knowing what inventory is on hand at any given time in the supply chain—and then tying that data to transportation and delivery—is a never-ending challenge for most companies. Guest Commentary Inventory Management

Supply Chain Inventory Optimization – Beyond the Analytics


While analytics offer remarkable insights into supply chain inventory optimization, warehouse managers must still understand how the use of slotting optimization technology impacts other processes. With 7 percent of America’s gross domestic product (GDP) tied up in inventory, reports the 21 st Century Supply Chain Blog , your organization must go beyond the analytics and understand the broad impact of analytics in your company. Better Inventory Management Needs Complete Control.

Lean Inventory: Using Lean Initiatives To Manage Inventory


What is Lean Inventory Management? More firms are implementing lean inventory management techniques to reduce costs, improve flexibility and have more time to focus on their customers. What is Lean Inventory Management? Attributes of Lean Inventory Management.

Digital Inventory Management Key Battleground in Transformation of Brick-and-Mortar Retail


As e-commerce growth accelerates, shippers are working overtime to manage available inventory. It catalyzed brick-and-mortar retailers to offer online shopping opportunities, which require much more than manual inventory management practices.

Take control of your inventory in 5 steps


Inventory management is a continuous and delicate balancing act between having the right stock on the shelves and not tying up more working capital than is necessary. However, good inventory management is not as straightforward as it seems.

Effective Techniques for Inventory Stock Control

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This article highlights five key techniques for effective inventory stock control of an organisation. The common reason of delay shipment is lack of proper planning for inventory stock control. The post Effective Techniques for Inventory Stock Control appeared first on SIPMM ACADEMY.

Supplier-Managed Inventory for Central Kitchen Operation

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Every successful food business operates with an effective inventory management system, which is the core of Supply Chain Excellence. The post Supplier-Managed Inventory for Central Kitchen Operation appeared first on SIPMM ACADEMY.

Warehouse Technologies for Effective Inventory Control

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When it comes to inventory control, constant evaluation and adoption of crucial technologies is critical so as to improve profitability and stay competitive. The post Warehouse Technologies for Effective Inventory Control appeared first on SIPMM ACADEMY.

Inventories Continue to Grow


For those who read this blog regularly, you know a key metric I track regularly is the Inventory to Sales ratio. Finally, we all know inventory ties up working capital, has the problems of obsolescence, damage and shrinkage and consumes resources.

Drones Connect with RFID to Catalog Inventory

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A new application from MIT attempts to correct issues of inventory shrinkage ‘in the bins’ as they say. They use a drone to read the RFID tags on items without sending a human out to scan the bins. Watch out … Continue reading → Advanced Computing Logistics Production Operations Supply Chains drones innovation RFID technology warehouses

RFID 100

Mega Trends for Inventory Management in 2017

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There is total changing of order management in 2017 and this is encouraging new trends in inventory management and distribution. Augmented Reality: It helps online merchants to optimize their Inventory Management.

Intelligent Software for Inventory Management

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SupplyPro has introduced SupplySystem Intelligent Software for inventory management

Inventory Checks Powered By Drones

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Drones are enabling organizations to use employees more efficiently and improve inventory accuracy in a world where consumers want everything cheap and now. Every company on the planet that has a significant supply chain operation is plagued by inventory reconciliation problems.

Macroeconomic Monday® - Inventory to Sales Ratio


While I was out", the inventory to sales ratio in the economy has made a very nice move. While not even close to the post recession area it is starting to move down which indicates the bleeding off of inventory has begun. Inventories to Sales Ratio.

Service Parts Inventory Management Solution

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Syncron has announced enhancements to Syncron Inventory, its service parts inventory management solution

[PODCAST] Why Digital Tools to Optimize Inventory Management Allows Supply Chain Execs to Stay More Strategic at Every Link in the Supply Chain


On today’s episode, we welcome Margaret Bendis, US Marketing Specialist for a company called EazyStock a cloud-based software-as-a-solution (SaaS) that optimizes inventory management. What is the future of digitization as it relates to inventory management.

Inventory Management 101: Time to step up to the plate

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Carrying excess inventory comes at a high cost, but so too do stock-outs and lost customers. Here’s how inventory management software is helping shippers bridge the inventory gap and come out ahead

Rising inventory: Stock lots

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In any retail business, inventory management is a delicate balancing act. By the time vehicle manufacturers responded to the change, ports and distribution parks were overflowing with unsold vehicles and logistics personnel were scrambling to find places to keep their excess inventory.

Can Robots Help You Manage Inventory Better?

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In the United States, 250,000 manufacturing plants and warehouses support the activities of 4 million retail stores and e-commerce websites – and all of these operations carry inventory. But in the warehouses, less than 10 percent are using automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) to manage and move their inventories. The post Can Robots Help You Manage Inventory Better?

Full-bodied RFID system helps hotelier manage wine inventory

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Buckle-on RFID tags make short work of stocktaking at Tokyo resort hotel. Technology


Inventory Planning and Replenishment Solution

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has announced updates to its Manhattan Active Inventory solution designed to help retailers optimize inventory in an increasingly complex omnichannel environment Manhattan Associates Inc.

Warehouse Drones Ready for Digital Inventory Management

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Aerial Inventory Robots. However, a high-profile board appointment to an indoor drone pioneer could mean aerial inventory robots are ready to come out of the shadows. And in 2016, the retailer reportedly began testing aerial inventory technology at its warehouses.

The Benefits of Evolved Vendor Managed Inventory Model Led by Web-Based VMI


So why do we feature content related to Vendor Managed Inventory? In a VMI model, part of the equation is the inbound & outbound flow of the inventory. Inventory is then put on pallets and shipped as freight. ” Vendor Managed Inventory Model: A Quick Back Story.

With Tariffs in Flux Digital Inventory Technology Might Be the Solution to Inflated Inventory Levels

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The tariff situation has companies in a quandary as they debate whether to “load up” on inventory now – to ward off the impacts of potentially-higher tariffs on imported goods – or hold off for now and hope that the political environment calms and things get to back to “normal.”.

Inventory Forecasts

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Forecasting is the prediction of what happens to a given element within the framework of a given set of conditions. The basic objective of a forecast is to reduce the range of uncertainty within which decisions are made that affect the future of the business and with it to all parties involved.

The Many Types of Inventory Management Technology


There are diverse types of inventory management technology and systems, designed to properly sort, control and act upon information with a company’s inventory. As explained by Kenneth Hamlett of the Houston Chronicle , the two dominant types of inventory management technologies include manual and automated systems. But, there are additional levels of inventory management in between. The basic and most limited type of inventory management system is a manual system.

Strategic Logistics: 8 Steps to Controlling Inventory Flow & Driving Warehouse Efficiency


Today we will talk about the flow of strategy as pertains to inventory flow and driving warehouse efficiency. Staying Strategic in the Warehouse with Better Inventory Flow. Throughout the entire order fulfillment process, companies have a duty to ensure optimum warehouse efficiency by appropriately controlling inventory flow. Warehouses should also consider implementing these best practices to ensure effective warehouse management and maintain control and flow of inventory.

Tips To Control Apparel Inventory And Warehouse Efficiency

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Warehouse efficiency relies on effective inventory control, accurate forecasting, and end-to-end product tracking to make sure your deliveries are made on time with a minimal investment of effort and money. Utilize the Right Apparel Inventory Management System.

Intelligent vending machines track inventory and maintenance, Jabil says

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New platform turns traditional vending machines into "smart" retail platforms packed with sensors, according to firm. Technology

Top 5 Ways Inventory Tracking Technology Is Evolving


In fact, a recent survey of economic experts, reports Jeff Wacker of Retail TouchPoints, found up to 59 percent of retailers are making plans to invest in technology, which includes inventory tracking technology. Inventory Tracking Technology Leverages Internal and External Real-Time Data.

Inventories Are Heading in The Right Direction


Anyone who follows me knows I feel very strongly about the Total Inventory to Sales Ratio and how it forecasts the future for transportation (in the near term). If inventories rise over a period of time then it only stands to reason companies will start cutting them back.

Manhattan upgrades inventory planning and replenishment tool

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Software platform lets retailers position goods closer to customers in complex omnichannel environments, firm says. Technology

Is This the End of Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization?

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The focus also needs to be on the other side of the equation: inventory. For years, most retailers relied on multi-echelon inventory optimization to ensure they streamlined inventory supply across the entire network in order to fully realize sales opportunities.

Steps to Controlling Inventory Flow & Driving Warehouse Efficiency


Controlling inventory flow is a top priority among warehouse managers, and gaining control over inventory drives warehouse efficiency. Controlling Inventory Flow Begins With Liquidate Nonessential Products. The first step to controlling inventory flow effectively is liquidation of all non-essential products, explains Paul Trujillo of Business2Community. This will help to prevent the reordering of slow-moving products and ensure optimum inventory levels.

Walmart’s Inventory Management

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From the previous lesson about managing inventory, I suppose we can also learn a thing or two by looking at Walmart’s inventory management practice. Walmart categorize their inventories into many types. This type of inventory is naturally replenished regularly.

Can Warehouse Robots Help You Manage Inventory Better?

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In the United States, 250,000 manufacturing plants and warehouses support the activities of 4 million retail stores and e-commerce websites – and all of these operations carry inventory. The post Can Warehouse Robots Help You Manage Inventory Better? July 14, 2018 ·.

JCB adopts Apex system for better inventory control

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Construction equipment manufacturer JCB has adopted new software to better manage inventory at its main plant in Uttoxeter, UK. The post JCB adopts Apex system for better inventory control appeared first on Automotive Logistics.

Editor’s Pick: The Ideal Inventory Optimization Approach for Omni-channel Retailers

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In this post, Scott Fenwick, Manhattan Associates ’ senior director of product management, describes how to take inventory optimization in an omni-channel environment to the next level. There are many reasons why: When the distribution center (DC) is out of something displayed on the website, it can be fulfilled from store inventory. What do superconsumers have to do with inventory optimization?

Warehouse Inventory Using Drones

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After almost two years of development, the completely automatic warehouse inventory solution using drones, perfected by Geodis and Delta Drone, will be operational at the end of 2018. The post Warehouse Inventory Using Drones appeared first on Logistics Business® Magazine.

IoT Inspired Smart Warehouses Are Reinventing Inventory Management


The internet allows for unlimited scalability and boosted efficiency in warehouse inventory management. The so-called “smart warehouse” takes advantage of these defining factors by connecting systems to streamline inventory management and overall productivity. Let Veridian Help You Reinvent Your Inventory Management Strategy Now In an omnichannel-driven world, inventory management is everything.