Robots for eCommerce Fulfillment

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For robots in eCommerce fulfillment, last year was the year of pilots. This year customers are willing to publicly speak about the benefits they got from eCommerce robots at eft’s 3PL & Supply Chain Summit in Atlanta. The post Robots for eCommerce Fulfillment appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints. Logistics Technologies Material Handling Retail ecommerce robots supply chain

Phoenix Rising:  Why Phoenix Logistics Companies Equal Smart Ecommerce Fulfillment

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Third Party Logistics B2C Fulfillment eCommerce Fulfillment Top Fulfillment LocationsWhat’s an easy way to reach residents of the country’s most populous state (not to mention many other parts of the Southwest and West) without breaking the bank?

eCommerce Shipping: How Important is Fast Delivery?

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Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Fulfillment eCommerce FulfillmentWhen it comes to keeping your online business competitive, it’s easy to believe that you need to match the aggressive speed of Amazon – or more accurately, its logistics arm, Fulfillment By Amazon. After all, fast delivery is what every online buyer wants most, right? Well, not always.

eCommerce Insights: The Evolution of Consumer Demand


Last week, Dotcom Distribution launched their annual eCommerce study. Retailers need to create a clear omnichannel strategy, thinking of eCommerce logistics and deliveries as an important part of the jigsaw rather than as a ‘competitor’ to in-store sales. Download: Dotcom Distribution 2018 eCommerce Study. The post eCommerce Insights: The Evolution of Consumer Demand appeared first on Bringg.

6 Tips for Writing an Excellent Ecommerce Shipping Returns Policy


An ecommerce business comes with its own unique benefits, as well as challenges. Because of this reality, return requests are inevitable, so it’s important that you have a proper ecommerce shipping returns policy.

It’s A Climb: 5 Tips to Managing Peak Season eCommerce Order Fulfillment

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Most eCommerce companies have at least one huge peak shipping period per year, and many are fortunate enough to experience several. The bad news is they represent a huge mountain of challenges for your eCommerce order fulfillment. eCommerce FulfillmentSay the word sales, and the word surge won’t be far behind. The good news is these spikes can be amazing for your business.

How EDI and eCommerce Work With 3PL Partners

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Advances in online technology over the last decade have dramatically improved the logistical and operational capabilities of eCommerce businesses in both the B2B and B2C realm. In this regard, let’s examine how EDI and eCommerce work with 3PL partners.

Offsetting the Parcel Oligopoly:  Helpful Hints for Controlling Your eCommerce Delivery Spend

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Much like Henry Ford was glad to sell people a car in any color “as long as it was black,” your company is free to use any eCommerce delivery option you want – as long it involves UPS, FedEx, DHL or the USPS. Parcel Transportation eCommerce FulfillmentThere are many industries that are chock full of competition. Unfortunately for your business, parcel delivery isn’t one of them.

Fresher Eggs in Thailand Thanks to DHL eCommerce

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Deutsche Post DHL Group (DPDHL Group) subsidiary, DHL eCommerce has enabled one of Thailand’s major egg producers Kasemchaifood to provide fresh eggs directly to their customers within 24 hours via e-commerce channels.

[INFOGRAPHIC] eCommerce Platforms: Magento vs Shopify & LTL eCommerce Shipping Solutions


Cerasis offers Magento & Shopify eCommerce solutions for LTL shipping. You may also watch the short video below explaining our Magento LTL eCommerce solution below. .

eCommerce Packaging:  Why Polybags Could Equal Big Labor and Parcel Savings

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Overpackaging still happens today in eCommerce packaging, only it’s not restricted to kids’ gifts. Parcel Transportation eCommerce FulfillmentRaise your hand if you ever went to a birthday party and watched the guest of honor unwrap a huge box only to discover that it held a very small reward – one that was reached only after unwrapping a series of other large boxes. It was the ten-year-old’s version of comedy gold.

[Infographic] eCommerce Distribution for Small Businesses


Carl is discussing with us how small businesses can save with eCommerce distribution. The nature of product distribution has changed dramatically over the past decade, due in large part to the way that eCommerce companies work.

WMS and eCommerce: How to Use Supply Chain Technology to a Competitive Advantage


eCommerce is growing faster than ever, and everyone is working to find the latest and greatest way to overcome their competitors. The application of supply chain technology is essential to maintaining a competitive advantage in the height of eCommerce growth.

6 Best Practices for eCommerce Warehousing


ECommerce is growing at an astonishing rate. Integrate Your eCommerce System With Compliance Requirements. ECommerce warehouses are processing more orders than ever before. Ultimately, the role of eCommerce stretches beyond purely eCommerce order and transportation needs.

eCommerce Fulfillment Services: Thinking Outside the (Amazon) Box

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Just as Scotch is to transparent tape and Kleenex is to tissue paper, Amazon is synonymous with eCommerce. There are many third-party logistics (3PL) providers that, although smaller than FBA, are just as adept at handling your eCommerce fulfillment services. eCommerce Fulfillment Fulfillment B2CIf you’re selling products online, chances are a sizeable portion of your efforts take place on Amazon’s site with its 197 million users per month.

3PL Providers Support the Growth of the Canadian eCommerce Market

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In response to an accelerating Canadian ecommerce market, 3PLs prove to be the most effective and efficient catalyst for achieving these initiatives. This article identifies current trends within the ecommerce market and the top three benefits 3PLs bring to the shipment lifecycle. Canadian eCommerce Market. Today, ecommerce businesses meet the growing demands of consumers by providing platforms that deliver immediacy and convenience. eCommerce

DHL eCommerce and Shopee form New Partnership in Thailand

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DHL eCommerce has recently announced a new partnership agreement with the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, Shopee. The post DHL eCommerce and Shopee form New Partnership in Thailand appeared first on Logistics Manager.

10 Holiday Prep Tips for Your eCommerce Business

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Once, shoppers would have had to perform their yearly pilgrimage to the shopping malls to get everything they need but today, eCommerce is the new crowd-free shopping mall alternative. If your eCommerce portal is not yet set up to be SSL secure, now is a good time.

9 eCommerce Warehousing Best Practices to Follow


Unfortunately, millions more will still go to brick-and-mortar stores to find those special items, and the push toward online and omnichannel ordering will continue grow, which is why it is increasingly important to invest in eCommerce Warehousing. However, if you can leverage these “best practices,” you can create an ecommerce warehousing solution ideal for both holiday and year-round scalability and growth. Embrace “Chaotic” eCommerce Warehousing.

Last Mile eCommerce: Why eCommerce Logistics Now Requires Expertise in Last Mile & White Glove Logistics Services


While automation is poised to revolutionize eCommerce Logistics and last mile delivery, last mile eCommerce will benefit from increased use of white glove logistics services. eCommerce Consumers Demand the Best Service Possible. eCommerce Logistics Will Continue to Evolve.

Affordability and Speed Top of eCommerce Fulfillment List

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According to a new survey, “The Everyday Essentials of Successful eCommerce Fulfillment," by Radial, over a third of global online shoppers, 39 While online shopping continues to grow at an exponential rate, there are some bumps in the virtual road.

Overcome the Challenges of Apparel Ecommerce Logistics at Scale

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The apparel ecommerce industry has enjoyed significant growth in recent years, and the trend is expected to continue. Revenue for apparel, footwear, and accessories retail ecommerce increased from over $72 million in 2016 to nearly $81 million in 2017.

Global Ecommerce By The Numbers: 12 Mind-Blowing Stats


The Latin American eCommerce market is set to grow at a rate of 19% per cent over the next five years – making it the fastest-growing region worldwide. billion people worldwide purchased goods online in 2017. That’s more than than 20% of the world’s population! Source:Statista).

How Next-Day Delivery Is Changing the Face of eCommerce


Editor's Note: Today's Blog is by Carl Turn, a freelance writer in the distribution field, who is showing us how next-day delivery is changing the face of eCommerce.

DHL eCommerce Opens New Distribution Center in Melbourne

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Deutsche Post DHL Group subsidiary DHL eCommerce recently announced the opening of their new distribution center in Melbourne Australia. The post DHL eCommerce Opens New Distribution Center in Melbourne appeared first on Airfreight Logistics.

eCommerce Company uses Artificial Intelligence to Improve their Value Chain

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The post eCommerce Company uses Artificial Intelligence to Improve their Value Chain appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints. Plated is using machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve diverse operations across their value chain. These operations include product development, customer engagement, sales, and forecasting. Business Intelligence Artificial Intelligence

SEKO Logistics Bolsters eCommerce Solution with Majority Stake in Omni-Channel Logistics

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The new acquisition will help solidify and develop their eCommerce and technology solutions for retailers, pure-play etailers, marketplaces and other platforms.

What You Need to Know About the State of eCommerce Logistics


Consumers are expressing an unprecedented amount of power through eCommerce, and in fact, eCommerce logistics is growing increasingly reliant on small parcel and package delivery options daily. Meanwhile, eCommerce is catalyzing significant changes in retail real estate as more companies vie for warehouse space and transportation services to meet a growing number of online orders, explains Alexander Frei and John Morris of Area Development.

[Infographic] Omnichannel Focus: The Growth Of Online Retail & eCommerce


Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn The post [Infographic] Omnichannel Focus: The Growth Of Online Retail & eCommerce appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis.

Why You Need to Scale Your Ecommerce Logistics Program


Your ecommerce business will only grow as much as your ability to get goods to your customers. Scaling your ecommerce logistics program to accommodate larger and more frequent orders will give your business the room you need to grow. Focus on Customer Service As your ecommerce business scales, your customer problems will also grow. If your 3PL offers these services , consider taking them up on them to give your ecommerce business a competitive edge online.

Mirja Nissen becomes new co-director of WCA eCommerce network

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The WCA has appointed Mirja Nissen to work alongside Alex Allen as co-director of its eCommerce network. The post Mirja Nissen becomes new co-director of WCA eCommerce network appeared first on The Loadstar.

There’s More To Personalized Packaging Than Names And Logos

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Third Party Logistics B2C Fulfillment eCommerce FulfillmentWhat do you see when you look at this image?

Global Ecommerce By The Numbers: 12 Mind-Blowing Stats


The Latin American eCommerce market is set to grow at a rate of 19% per cent over the next five years – making it the fastest-growing region worldwide. billion people worldwide purchased goods online in 2017. That’s more than than 20% of the world’s population! Source:Statista). In 2017, retail e-commerce sales worldwide climbed to 2.3 trillion US dollars with revenues projected to grow to 4.88 trillion in 2021. Or, in other words, revenues will more than double in the next four years!

Thailand Ecommerce Logistics for ASEAN Enterprises: Should You Go Local?

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The ecommerce market in Thailand has never been healthier and all the signs indicate huge potential for growth in the next few years. initiative set to encourage commercial investment and an upgrade to the transport infrastructure imminent, there may be no time like the present for enterprises in the ASEAN region to expand ecommerce operations into this fast-developing nation. Statistic: By 2022, Thailand’s ecommerce market is expected to be worth around $5.8

Export Tips for eCommerce Success – Supply Chain 24/7

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It seems then, that while a growing number of businesses – especially small-and-medium size operations – are taking advantage of eCommerce to reach customers in new markets, the vast majority of businesses have yet to avail themselves of export opportunities.

Ecommerce Fulfilment Specialist on Target for Record-Breaking Year

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The eCommerce sector is particularly buoyant at this time and fulfilmentcrowd continues to be the thought-leader in logistics and delivery, particularly in the SME space. The post Ecommerce Fulfilment Specialist on Target for Record-Breaking Year appeared first on Logistics Business® Magazine.

DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS: 10 Reasons to Consider a Dallas Fulfillment Center

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B2C Fulfillment Logistics Outsourcing eCommerce Fulfillment Top Fulfillment LocationsWhen the Wall Street Journal recently reported that Dallas was in late-stage talks with Amazon to become home to the company’s second U.S. headquarters, some people may have been surprised.

Niels Weithe Appointed as New Global Head of eCommerce for CEVA Logistics

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One of the world’s leading supply chain management companies, CEVA Logistics recently announced they had appointed Niels Weithe to the newly created position of Global Head of eCommerce.

DHL eCommerce Launches Same-day Delivery in Thailand with DHL Parcel Metro

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DHL eCommerce recently announced the introduction of DHL Parcel Metro in Greater Bangkok, Thailand. DHL Parcel Metro complements DHL eCommerce Thailand’s current delivery service, which includes 100% nationwide coverage.

What Do You Mean By That?  9 International Fulfillment Terms That Could Make or Break Your Global Success

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eCommerce Fulfillment Logistics Outsourcing Third Party Logistics Parcel TransportationEarlier this year, we shared our list of common but essential parcel industry terms that often get overlooked, especially when it comes to your company’s bottom line.