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4 Cloud-Logistics Technology Solutions Cutting Costs for SMBs


A common issue for small and midsize logistics businesses is finding a way to remain cost competitive without sacrificing service quality. Although it's easier said than done, we often see that part of the answer lies in workforce productivity and technology.

REPOST: A Better Way to Sell Logistics Services with Matt Collins

The Logistics of Logistics

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7 Statistics that Impact Companies Using eCommerce Fulfillment 3PLs

Amware Logistics and Fulfillment

A picture can be worth a thousand words. But sometimes numbers tell an even more compelling story.

Support Supply Chain Strategy with Cross-Border Shipping

Food Logistics

When a shipper considers how to best prepare to continue operations through any state of the economy, they should understand not only the different options, but also that there is a time and a place for both. 3PL/4PL

COVID-19 Disrupts an Efficient Supply Chain

Logistics Viewpoints

There was a time when Mumbai’s dabbawalas (lunchbox carriers) were known for their efficient supply chain and logistics. But the COVID-19 incursion changed the lives and livelihoods of Mumbai’s dabbawalas.

Manufacturing hits highest level in 12 months, reports ISM

Logistics Management

In its monthly Manufacturing Report on Business, ISM reported that the report’s key metric, the PMI, came in at 54.2 (a a reading of 50 or higher indicates growth), for a 1.6% gain over June’s 52.6, with June snapping a three-month stretch of PMI declines.


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Increase in Fulfillment of Branded PPE

Amware Logistics and Fulfillment

One of the hottest commodities in the pandemic economy is personal protective equipment (PPE). And it’s not just consumers searching for masks, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. Marketers are now looking at PPE as a means to protect associates and customers and also to promote their brands.


Surmount Supply Chain Challenges in the Construction Industry with Technology


Between companies regularly distributing, manufacturing or using construction products, the construction industry experiences a steady flow of business. One thing all construction companies can agree on is the importance of operating efficiently in order to meet project deadlines.

Performance During the Pandemic: A Warehouse and Logistics Update

Logistics Viewpoints

In April I discussed the widespread impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on supply chain and fulfillment, and provided a WMS market update in which I predicted a market downturn in 2020 to be followed by a rebound in 2021.

Building a Better Data-Driven Reverse Supply Chain


How often do you really think about the reverse supply chain? It’s easy to assume the reverse supply is solely based on returns. While this is partially true, all reverse logistics involve a backward flow of products that return to their origin, it’s not that simple.

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Outlook for Warehousing Market Remains Positive

Logistics Management

With the e-commerce boom during the pandemic, there’s very little available warehouse/DC space—consequently, developers continue to build at a bullish pace

Cold Chain Logistics Providers Heighten Personnel

Food Logistics

Those that work in the transportation of temperature reliant goods have hired new personnel to expand their reach. Cold Chain

Introducing Our New Tech-Driven Shipping Solutions for Small Businesses


Freightquote announces new features to its self-service shipping tool, including parcel shipping. Discover the new small business shipping experience today

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A Socially Responsible Manufacturer Thrives Despite Coronavirus

Logistics Viewpoints

Being a socially responsible company can create a strong brand, a committed workforce, and loyal customers. It comes at a cost. The products will generally be more expensive, limiting sales. Progressive companies are often small, requiring them to use less-than-truckload.

5 Reasons to Diversify Your Carrier Network Now


[link] Every supply-chain on the planet is clamoring for the best way to future-proof operations against possible disruption. The COVID-19 crisis emphasizes the dramatic problems created with single sourcing strategies.

BlueStar’s Leap Forward

Logistics Management

Multinational distribution firm shares how its ERP/WMS integration helped to streamline its quick-turnaround fulfillment process, reduce human touches on every order and create an exceptional workplace for its employees

ERP 113

APL Logistics Develops Solutions to Measure, Manage and Mitigate GHG for Shipping and Logistics

Food Logistics

Using the GHG Protocol, APLL calculates Scope 3, Category 9 emissions for customers across sectors and partners to achieve carbon-neutral shipping and logistics for 100% of supply chain transportation GHG emissions. Sustainability

Key Considerations for Hotel Procurement Post Covid-19

SIPMM Professional Publications

The hotel industry has specific needs which are different from other industries. There are many considerations and factors that stand out as priorities in order to achieve the consistency, flexibility and quality that guests expect when they are staying in your hotel.In

Real-Time Visibility: the Foundation for Supply Chain Automation

Logistics Viewpoints

I’ve written previously about how I founded FourKites in 2014 to help shed light on the vast blind spots that exist throughout our complex and interconnected global supply chains.

Using Technology to Integrate Reverse Logistics Strategies


Supply chain leaders have faced significant challenges in the past, and in 2020, the supply chain coronavirus crisis has put a spotlight on the need for supply chain resilience and integration. Among these, integrated reverse logistics strategies can make or break successful operations.

FourKites rolls out new Dynamic Yard offering

Logistics Management

Roughly four months after acquiring the yard management service offerings from Denver-based TrackX Holdings Inc.,

How 3PLs Bring Technology to Infrastructure

Food Logistics

Even the infrastructure in the third-party logistics sector gets a technological makeover. 3PL/4PL

Circular Procurement for Not-For-Profit Sector

SIPMM Professional Publications

While the Covid-19 pandemic is reminding us every life-being is interconnected and interdependent, the threat of global climate change is continuing. Some of the not-for-profit sectors, as essential service providers are still running the services during the Circuit Breaker period.

Leveraging Scenario Planning for S&OP Decision Support


Sales and Operations Planning has become the preferred method to facilitate clear and formal communication between the demand and supply sides of a business.

ERP 73

Looking Beyond Four Walls With SaaS-Based Reverse Logistics


The current year has been anything but ordinary. Supply chains are trying to fulfill more e-commerce orders, and out-of-stock SKUs have become almost expected. Meanwhile, the massive surge in demand continues to push forward another aspect of logistics—reverse logistics.

ATA Trends: Trucking sector showed strength pre-pandemic

Logistics Management

When demand heads up, trucking will be there, moving goods through the bloodstream of the American economy—a fact that remains a supply chain and logistics constant

Florida: America’s Superstate for Global Trade and Shipping

MTS Logistics

When MTS Logistics recently announced the launch of our Miami Office , the choice of Florida for our next office to position us as we rapidly grow was a deliberate choice. After all, Florida is a key engine of the U.S. and world economy.

Circular Procurement for Product Engineering Services Sector

SIPMM Professional Publications

Procurement plays a key role in the development of the circular economy in the product engineering service sector. Also procurers can stimulate the market to arrive at a circular supply by specifically asking for circular solutions.

Post-Covid, trucking still needs to consider driver shortage

Truck News

Before Covid-19 hit, the Canadian trucking and logistics sector was already experiencing an acute driver shortage.

Omnichannel Requires Fast Warehouse Transformation: Why & How to Do It Right| TALKING FREIGHT VIDEO


[link] The growth of omnichannel is subject to hype and fact. Some supply chain leaders and experts argue omnichannel is the improper term to describe the state of warehouse transformation today. Others voice concern over how warehouse transformation could increase costs when not adequately managed.

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Global Risk Mitigation: Is it time to reshore manufacturing?

Logistics Management

If there’s one lesson to learn, it’s that supply chains must now become more resilient. And as more companies consider reshoring to the United States, there are many things to consider beyond just making the economics work