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Parcel Dimensioner: 8 Factors to Consider Before Adopting One


Parcel dimensioners have revolutionized measurements in the warehouse industry. A parcel dimensioning system can calculate weight, measure dimensions, and capture images of parcels more accurately and quickly than any manual process.

Video: Custom Packaging Puts Smiles Inside the Box

Amware Logistics and Fulfillment

Amazon is famous for putting its trademark 'smile' on the outside of its boxes. But we think it's more important to put a smile inside the box with custom packaging, done right. Fulfillment Services

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The Axle Payments Story with Shawn Vo

The Logistics of Logistics

Shawn Vo and Joe Lynch discuss the Axle Payments story. Shawn is Co-Founder & CTO at Axle , a payments automation and financing platform for freight and logistics. About Shawn Vo.

Federal Gas Tax Holiday vs. the Highway Trust Fund. What’s Next?

Food Logistics

President Biden is calling on Congress to make sure that the gas tax holiday has no negative effect on the Highway Trust Fund. But, critics feel otherwise. Let's discuss. Transportation / Trucking

Gartner on Choosing the Right Supply Chain Visibility Platform for Your Business

Supply Chain Visibility is critical to success in today’s market, but how do you ensure that you choose the right platform? Gartner rates 11 visibility platforms on 100+ capabilities to help you make the best decision for your business. Download the report!

Beginning of the end for carriers’ bull run

Supply Chain and Logistics

Drewry’s Weekly Feature Articles are usually full of good information, though at an aggregate level. This week’s issue is notable for its information on when the congestion and high ocean prices will end. This graph shows that high volume ports … Continue reading → Logistics Shipping Supply Chains blanking congestion delays Drewrys ocean freight rates port congestion supply chains

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Exploring emissions through other cultures

Fleet Owner

Norway is a shining example of emissions reductions, with 99% of the its power being renewable. With boots-on-the-ground experience, industry leaders can learn from other countries' successes. Perspectives / IdeaXchange

Top Ways to Reduce Warehouse Picking Error Rates

Amware Logistics and Fulfillment

When it comes to warehouse picking error rates, most fulfillment centers operate within a 1-3% margin of error. A warehouse with a 97% picking accuracy rate operates on the lowest end of the scale in terms of acceptable performance. Modern eCommerce businesses should expect at least 99.5%

Top 7 Logistics & Transportation Management Capabilities That Drive Sustainability

Talking Logistics

There is a rising trend towards incorporating sustainability in supply chains growth strategies, particularly as economies transition towards a post-pandemic outlook.

Driving Growth Through Increased Efficiency in the Last-Mile

Logistics Viewpoints

As retailers across the U.S. struggle with disrupted supply chains and volatile economic markets, returning a profit has become more challenging. Retail executives are prioritizing investment in technology that can increase supply chain efficiency and their profits.

How to Achieve True Net-Zero Emissions: An Action Plan for Supply Chain Leaders

To achieve sustainability, many firms set lofty net-zero emissions goals. However, meeting them is easier said than done. This GEP whitepaper shows why supply shain leaders should take steps now, and offers an action plan for moving forward.

REPOST: 3 Emerging Supply Chain Trends with Steve Elwell

The Logistics of Logistics

Joe Lynch and Steve Elwell discuss 3 emerging supply chain trends. Steve helps businesses manage challenges through improvements to leadership, liquidity, sales, and costs. About Steve Elwell.

7 Essential Logistics Metrics: Key Performance Indicator (KPIs)

West Coast and California Logistics

Your customers are more data-driven than ever, and your success or failure in the eyes of those customers is partly determined through logistics metrics that measure your performance.

3PL 87

3PL Leader Jan Bednar Wins Entrepreneur of the Year® 2022 Florida Award

Ship Monk

Transparency, growth, technology, service—these are all great 3PL values that look good on paper. But even the most complex musical composition can appear flat without someone to bring it to life.

3PL 94

Above the Fold: Supply Chain Logistics News (June 24, 2022)

Talking Logistics

‘Tis the season for graduations. My oldest daughter graduated from college last month. My youngest daughter will graduate from 8th grade this morning, which means I better get going.

New Research: The State of Supply Chain Network Design in 2022

This report explores how the state of supply chain network design has changed – including how the tools, maturity models, and market demands are transforming the network design practice.

Convoy Big Rigs Will Be the First Class 8 Autonomous Trucks to Reach the Market

Logistics Viewpoints

Convoy Trucks with the Follower Truck in Autonomous Mode. There is no doubt that autonomous semi-trucks will change the face of logistics. But there are questions that many would like clarity on around this cutting-edge technology. What kind of trucks will they be?

Supply Chain Brain Webinar

The Logistics of Logistics

Topic: Prepping for Peak: How to Level-up your CX Strategy this holiday season. Description: . The historically predictable supply chain no longer functions as it did in the past.

Convoy survey: Trucking divided on sustainability, climate change

Supply Chain and Logistics

Small and mid-size trucking operators have mixed views on sustainability, especially on the viability of electric vehicles (EVs). There seems to be some split between younger operators and older ones, with the younger ones much more attuned to an acceptance … Continue reading → Logistics Sustainability Trucking driver economics electric vehicles emissions survey sustainability trucking trucking cost

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Truckload, reefer volumes slip in May, DAT reports

Fleet Owner

Spot van rate also hit a 22-month low, according to freight and analytics firm’s latest report.

Using Technology & Strategy to Build a More Resilient Supply Chain

Speaker: Tom Coughlin, President at Coughlin Associates, Inc.

The pandemic has made companies acutely aware of the interdependence of supply chains, with reliance on multiple suppliers to produce crucial components of finished products. One of the consequences will be the growth of more local content in products, and that will require the use of new technologies. In this webinar, learn how to navigate the ways technology working with humans will transform the way products are made and distributed.

Will OSRA Solve Our Supply Chain Challenges?

Now, That's Logistics

In March, the US Senate unanimously voted in favor of the Ocean Shipping Reform Act (OSRA), which was passed by the US House in December.

Editor’s Choice: Frequent Assessments Needed to Maintain Supply Chain Resilience Amid Emerging Waves of Disruptions

Logistics Viewpoints

Note: Today’s post is part of our “ Editor’s Choice ” series where we highlight recent posts published by our sponsors that provide supply chain insights and advice. This article is from Alfred Hille at Descartes, and looks at supply chain resilience during waves of disruption.

What Shippers and Retailers Need to Know for Peak Season Planning 2022

The Logistics of Logistics

What Shippers and Retailers Need to Know for Peak Season Planning 2022. WRITTEN BY STEFANY MARTIN / POSTED ON JUNE 9, 2022. Original Article: What Shippers and Retailers Need to Know for Peak Season Planning 2022.

Why Driver Satisfaction Matters in Last-Mile Delivery

Talking Logistics

Creating a superior customer experience has become a significant competitive differentiator across many industries. Yet, many companies overlook a critical contributor to customer experience — their delivery drivers.

Gartner's Market Guide for Data Analytics and Intelligence Platforms in Supply Chain

The data analytics and intelligence markets are evolving, and supply chain leaders are struggling to keep up. This research offers an overview of the market conditions and provides a list of representative vendors with platform-based solutions for supply chain.

Saving with tire section repairs

Fleet Owner

In these times of much higher prices, more rubber must be rescued instead of thrown away. Know the degrees of tire punctures and when sections must be replaced and how that's done. FleetOwner Magazine

Transportation and Logistics Ecosystem Empowers Freight Community

Food Logistics

The Partner Marketplace is comprised of both industry and technology partners in several business categories, including financial services, insurance providers, transportation management system integrations, fuel card providers and more. Transportation / Trucking

Holiday Supply Chains: Are you prepared?

Logistics Viewpoints

We’ve only just entered the second half of the year and people haven’t even taken their summer vacations yet, so why are we talking about holiday supply chains now? Last year, retailers started encouraging holiday shoppers to shop early.

NEW Webinar: 7 Uncommon Keys to WMS Project Success

The Logistics of Logistics

NEW Webinar: 7 Uncommon Keys to WMS Project Success. Thursday, July 21st 2022 l 11:30 AM EST. WMS projects can be challenging from start to finish. Achieving success requires process discipline and focus, and appropriate levels of effort, staffing and more.

How to Optimize Your Supply Chain in Times of Disruption

Disruptions expose gaps in the supply chain and amplify problems. What can be done? Research by GEP and North Carolina State University shows how tech can fix the gaps and ensure supply chain resilience and optimization. Download now!