How Product as a Service Enables the Circular Economy

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Spotlight on forklift safety products

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These new products are designed to enhance the safety of forklift operators and pedestrians wherever lift trucks are in use. Lift Trucks

Product Returns: The Hangover Headache of E-Commerce

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But there’s an equally big story that’s just beginning: dealing with all the product returns. However, for e-commerce, that share ranges from 15 percent to 30 percent, depending on the product category.”. Are you investing to improve and innovate your product returns capabilities?

The 3 Things that Matter in Delivery Productivity

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For all who are familiar with the saying “There are 3 things that matter in realty: location, location, location”, there are also 3 “Ls” for delivery productivity: less, less and less. Time is the enemy of delivery productivity and the less loading, less unloading and less driving time spent, the more deliveries can be made. The post The 3 Things that Matter in Delivery Productivity appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints. Guest Commentary Transportation delivery productivit

Discover 4 Use Cases for Applying AI to Your Recruiting Processes

higher productivity and an overall better recruiting. The next. wave of. AI-led. recruiting Four ways machines are enabling their. human counterparts to hire smarter. 2A lly O | T h e n ex t. w av e o f A I- le d r e cr u it in g Introduction 3. From manual to automation 4.

Coming AI Revolution in Retail, Consumer Products

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A new survey finds that 85% of retail and 79% of consumer products companies surveyed plan to be using intelligent automation for supply chain planning by 2021

Survey 105

Traceability Products

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Omron Microscan has released three traceability-related products: the HAWK MV-4000 smart camera, the MicroHAWK ID-45 reader and HS-360X handheld reader

Hytrol to hire 140 production employees

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jobs will help production facility meet growth forecasts for 2019, company says. Addition of Jonesboro, Ark., Material Handling

Crucial Service Levels for Logistics Providers of Pharmaceutical Products

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The post Crucial Service Levels for Logistics Providers of Pharmaceutical Products appeared first on SIPMM ACADEMY. The process of discovering a molecule and conducting clinical trials before approval for pharmaceutical purposes is not only challenging but also complex.

Why OEMs Partnering With Reputable Suppliers Deliver a Desired Product


Getting a compatible LED lighting product, such as a power supply, is essential in order to extend the life expectancy and the quality of LED light strips. OEMs, therefore, need to know why partnering with reputable suppliers delivers the right, desired product.

Smarter Networks for Customer Fulfillment

Speaker: Hannah Testani, COO, Intelligent Audit

Shipping strategies you can use to make your operation more productive and cost-effective. You've probably noticed that shipping costs are going up. Have you ever wondered if your transportation spend is as optimized as it could be?

Škoda Scala production starts in Czech Republic

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Production of the Scala, which was designed and developed in Mladá Boleslav, involves certain components being produced in parallel with the vehicle production process, a spokeswoman for the OEM told Automotive Logistics. “

Putting the Focus on Consumers and Commercial: WorkWave PestPac’s Q4 Product Updates


Pest Control Product UpdateTime To Read: 1 minute Control Your Day with RouteOp. Don’t let last-minute customer requests derail your daily appointments. RouteOp ’s new interface design and functionality allows you to handle real-time updates with ease.

Demystifying Data Analytics and Consumer Products Industry Trends

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WEBCAST | Consumer Products September 13, 2018 | 12 PM EDT Stuart Nussbaum | Partner and Consumer Products Sector Leader, Mazars […].

Dare to Compare: Mazars USA’s Consumer Products Annual Benchmarking Study

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Benchmarking is the process of studying industry or competitive practices, functions and products and finding ways to meet or improve […]. The post Dare to Compare: Mazars USA’s Consumer Products Annual Benchmarking Study appeared first on The Ledger.

Study 52

High-speed Product Laner

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Shuttleworth has introduced its high-speed product laner, a high-speed solution for dividing product from single to multiple lanes

Subaru suspends production at Gunma

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Subaru has halted all vehicle production and distribution at its Gunma assembly plant in Japan because of a possible defect in an electric power steering unit. Production of other models has also been suspended as they are built on the same lines.

How US Manufacturers can Improve Manufacturing Productivity to Overtake China


In this article, Daniel investigates how the US can overtake China with manufacturing productivity. US manufacturers rank computer technology alongside having the right staff as a crucial driver of the industry’s competitiveness, while productivity is not far behind.

How An ERP System Can Increase Your Supply Chain Productivity


Maintaining an efficient and productive supply chain is the backbone of any successful business, and ensuring that your supply chain is well-managed and cost-effective is of vital importance. When it comes to identity and access management, IT security practices often hinder productivity.

ERP 85

Small-Batch Production Cart

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has developed a cart to support small-batch production of parts through a multi-stage manufacturing process Creform Corp.

Getting Production Scheduling Right


How the right production schedule enables fast, profitable decision making at Nampak. As we discussed in our recent Supply Chain webinar, this is not an easy task if you have a lot of fluctuating demand and uncertainty in your production process.

How to Improve Manufacturing Productivity In Harsh Environments


Remaining competitive in an ever-changing market requires you to constantly improve manufacturing productivity. So-called ‘best practices’ to improve manufacturing productivity tend to focus on the performance of people. Your Manufacturing Productivity Pain Points.

Rack Safety Products

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Adrian’s Safety Solutions’ line of rack safety products offers capabilities ranging from pallet push-through prevention to solutions for work area protection or pick-and-pack operations

Using data-driven products to tackle carrier capacity fluctuations


Our pilot initiatives are based on a new data-driven product called the Transporeon Connecting Load Agent (CLA). Der Beitrag Using data-driven products to tackle carrier capacity fluctuations erschien zuerst auf TRANSPOREON Group Blog.

Order Picker for Long Products

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Combilift has introduced a purpose-built order picker for long products

The 10 Biggest Product Recalls of All Time


Product recalls are a common occurrence in many industries. This is especially true for food and beverage, automotive manufacturing and pharmaceuticals where the products could directly endanger their purchasers if something is defective. The post The 10 Biggest Product Recalls of All Time appeared first on Kuebix.

The ‘Golden Ticket’ to Improving Manufacturing Productivity


Improving manufacturing productivity hinges on keeping those computers fully operational. Improving manufacturing productivity hinges on keeping those computers fully operational". Manufacturers worldwide are bemoaning that computer-controlled systems , used as part of day-to-day production processes, are unreliable and create more problems than they solve. . It’s painful to see the number of production lines that grind to a halt each year as a result of computer downtime.

Honda to halt UK production during Brexit

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Japanese OEM Honda is to suspend production at its British plant for six days in April after the UK leaves the European Union on March 29. To ensure Honda is well placed to adjust to all possible outcomes, we are planning six non-production days in April 2019.

How to Reduce Product Damage During Shipping


Editor's Note: Today's blog is from Cindy Banker with ProCorr Display and Packaging who is bringing us some great insight on how to reduce product damage. If you are a product manufacturer, you know all too well the perils of shipping products from your factory or warehouse to a DC or retailer. Packaging and product damage during shipping is extremely common. There are many factors that can impact the safe arrival of your product shipments.

Ford restarts production after Meridian fire

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Ford has resumed production of the F-150 and Super Duty pick-up trucks at its facilities in the US, following inbound supply chain disruption caused by a fire at its components supplier Meridian Magnesium Products earlier this month.

Less idle, more productive

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An efficient food-delivery company found there was much to be desired with old manual data-entry processes drivers once used. Updating those processes and bringing things up to speed produced some eye-opening savings

High-production AGV

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BA Systèmes has launched the GF2, an AGV dedicated to high production rate environments

V8 engine production restarted at Scania

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The company, which builds the engines at Södertälje near Stockholm, has warned it will take some time to clear the backlog because “production disturbances of this magnitude create all kinds of logistical challenges.”.

Mitsubishi starts Chinese engine production

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The new factory has annual production capacity of 200,000 units. In addition to increasing employment at the new factory, the production will result in more jobs in the supply chain.”. The post Mitsubishi starts Chinese engine production appeared first on Automotive Logistics.

How to Boost Worker Productivity by Promoting a Positive Mindset


Negativity in the workplace hurts worker productivity and costs money. Workers who are present but performing less than 100 percent due to illness or stress actually cost companies more on worker productivity than absent workers do, losing an average 12.4 days of productivity a year versus an average 3.5 Here are five strategies to promote a positive mindset in your workplace so that your employees function at optimal worker productivity levels.