Digital Representation and our Obsession with Optimization


Developing Your Digital Representation. a skilled AIMMS developer can capture and produce a digital representation of that supply chain including assets, processes, machines, products, customers, transportation, costs, constraints, geocodes. Why is a Digital Representation Important?

Digital Technology for Warehouse Productivity

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Digital businesses use technology to create new value in business models, customer experiences and the internal capabilities that support its core operations. The term includes both digital-only brands and traditional players that are transforming their businesses with digital technologies.

Autonomous Devices for Digital Warehousing

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A digital data warehouse is designed with the purpose of improving business decisions by allowing data consolidation, analysis, and reporting at different aggregate levels. The post Autonomous Devices for Digital Warehousing appeared first on SIPMM INSTITUTE.

Digital Technology for Effective Warehousing

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The post Digital Technology for Effective Warehousing appeared first on SIPMM INSTITUTE. When it comes to warehouse management, constant evaluation and adoption of crucial technologies are critical to improve profitability and stay competitive.

Smarter Networks for Customer Fulfillment

Speaker: Hannah Testani, COO, Intelligent Audit

Join Hannah Testani, COO of Intelligent Audit, as she takes us through the reasons why your shipping could cost so much, and how to use big data and digital transformation to move the needle on your transportation spend. You've probably noticed that shipping costs are going up.

How To Use Digital Marketing in Logistics


The internet is burgeoning with information on the power of B2B digital marketing, but most logistics companies are neglecting to invest in their digital presence.

A Metamorphosis or Imaginary: What Exactly is Digital Freight Forwarding?

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In the meantime, check out our commentary piece on digital freight forwarding, something I’ve (Cathy) struggled to define for quite some time. Digital Freight Forwarding Digital forwarder freight forwarding

Test and Learn Digital Transformations

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Digitalization requires learning. The post Test and Learn Digital Transformations appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints. Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Digital Supply ChainPilots of supply chain planning software can cost millions. How can companies test-and-learn cheaper and smarter? A conversation with the leadership team of Solvoyo suggests some answers. Solvoyo is in a test-and-learn with a very large consumer goods company.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Digital Warehousing

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The post Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Digital Warehousing appeared first on SIPMM INSTITUTE. Suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors should consider capitalizing on process automation. Robotics Process Automation or RPA are being introduced for warehouse modernization.

A digital supply chain for the chemical industry


The digital supply chain is predicted to have an especially significant impact on many areas of the chemical industry, leading to optimized business processes, faster decision-making and continuous performance improvements. A Quantum Leap in Digital Supply Chain.

Parts Town: An O2C Journey from Manual Processing to Digital Transformation

Speaker: Sarah Gibson, Platinum Operations Manager

Join us for educational webinar with guest speaker, Sarah Gibson of Parts Town, as she takes attendees through her company’s digital transformation journey. The order-to-cash (O2C) process is often considered the lifeblood of an organization.

Warehouse Digitalization : The Future of Warehousing


Looking at the next 2 to 10 years, a predicted surge in the preference for digital transformation will bring fundamental changes to the way warehouses operate, thus taking the adoption of disruptive warehouse digitalization to its apex. warehouse manager warehouse technology modern warehouse warehouse automation warehouse digitalization warehouse optimzation warehouse efficiency

Assessing your readiness for digital procurement

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Digitalization is occurring across all areas of business operations, and if you have not done so already, you need to begin exploring how you can move toward digital procurement in your operation

How Supply Chain Analytics Empower Digital Transformation


Digital transformation is inevitable, and digital transformation within the supply chain has the potential to streamline operations, reduce costs, and offer a better work environment for employees.

Supply Chain Quality: A Driver for Digital Transformation

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Ensuring receipt of Certificate of Analysis (CoA) and other regulatory compliance documentation has made digitization a requirement for customer service, audit management, and compliance. A digital transformation of the supply chain is needed to integrate quality attributes into the products we buy, move, and sell through the supply chain. By monitoring and managing the digitized transactions and documentation businesses gain valuable insight into their quality performance.

The Digital Supply Chain with Mathew Smith

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We now have this ability to measure our delivery time proactively and communicate if there are any challenges by making use of digital tools.

The Digitization of Freight

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The digitization of freight is one topic that has generated a lot of industry buzz and animated discussion over the past couple of years, but also a lot of confusion and questions. What exactly is freight digitization? And what actions should companies take to leverage the opportunities inherent in the digitization revolution? Defining the digitization of freight. Brian compared it to the movie, television and audio industries where everything is digital now.

Digital docs: image quality counts

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In trucking operations, digital delivery documents can save significant time and money—if they work. One Colorado-based fleet made the switch from paper, but in actual use, the documents fell short. Then the company tried something else

Essential Considerations for Digital Transportation in Logistics Chain

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Digital Transport refers to advanced applications designed to provide innovative services for different modes of transport and traffic management, enabling users to get better information, and making transport networks safer, more streamlined and smarter.

A Digital Logistics Platform

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The term "digital" has become all the rage. Parcel software, particularly the Public Cloud solutions, has been digital for decades. The post A Digital Logistics Platform appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints. Parcel software provides label compliance, enables intelligent procurement, provides analytics and visibility to improve the shipping process, and allows for bills to be audited to insure the shipper has not been overcharged.

Autonomous Devices for Digital Warehousing

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The post Autonomous Devices for Digital Warehousing appeared first on SIPMM ACADEMY. Most warehousing activities and processes are still performed manually.

Be Careful of the Term “Fail Fast” in Digital Transformations

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The phrase “fail fast” is increasingly finding its way into conversations about digital transformations. The implication seems to be that fail-fast is a necessary component of a digital work culture. The post Be Careful of the Term “Fail Fast” in Digital Transformations appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints. Learning & Leadership Digital Transformation

Defining Digital Transformation

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Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from “ Construction Is Lagging In Digitization LET’S GET UNSTUCK ,” a research e-book produced by Adelante SCM and published by Command Alkon (a Talking Logistics sponsor). What is so new about digital transformation? Haven’t we been using the internet, Web, email, and other digital tools for decades in our business? Then why all the fuss today about digital transformation?

[Video] The Digitization of Freight

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Brian Reed, VP Business Development at GEODIS , discusses the digitization of freight in this timely and informative episode. Podcast version (click to play): The post [Video] The Digitization of Freight appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez.

Video 78

Pfizer Embraces the Digital Supply Chain

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The post Pfizer Embraces the Digital Supply Chain appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints. Pharma & Life Sciences Supply Chain Visibility Digital Supply ChainA new head of supply chain at Pfizer asked a simple question, “If Amazon can provide end to end shipment status of my orders, why can’t Pfizer.” That was the impetus for a supply chain visibility project. The company had to change their mindset and embrace a global orchestrated supply network.

Adoption of Digital Procurement Has a Long Way to Go

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Digital transformation often fails because of an inability to onboard suppliers

B2B digital transformation underway

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Some of what the internet will bring to B2B still remains to be seen, but in the meantime, you need to work to simplify our processes

Digital Twins Support Supply Chain Optimization

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Digital twin is the phrase used to describe a computerized (or digital) version of a physical asset or process. The digital twin contains a sensor or sensors that collects data to feed the asset model. The post Digital Twins Support Supply Chain Optimization appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints. Chemical Industry Digital twin production schedulingThese concepts have implications for complex production scheduling.

Digital Technology for Construction Value Chain

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It is the main enabler for achieving Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD), one of the key thrusts in the Construction Industry Transformation Map […]. The post Digital Technology for Construction Value Chain appeared first on SIPMM INSTITUTE.

Key Digital Technologies for a Smart Warehouse

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The post Key Digital Technologies for a Smart Warehouse appeared first on SIPMM INSTITUTE. A smart warehouse is the culmination of warehouse automation. In other words, automating various components of your warehousing operations.

Leveraging Digital Applications To Open New Markets


Digitize Your Communication In this era of rapid digital transformation, new technologies have opened up opportunities and created challenges, fundamentally transforming customer experiences, operating models and the work environment. Doing it at digital speed is the key.

Why Digital Transformation is for all Manufacturers


Digital transformation is achievable for all manufacturers. The problems that digitalization solves strike at the very heart of manufacturer’s challenges today. The post Why Digital Transformation is for all Manufacturers appeared first on SYSPRO US.

The Digital Supply Chain Takes Shape

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Momentum is building around digital technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, Big Data analytics infrastructure, and soon, for blockchain deployments. But digitally transforming supply chains can’t be accomplished simply by sticking to a list of “hot” technologies it requires matching technologies to strategy and a commitment to change

CMA CGM Launches Digital Shipping ‘eSolutions’ Experience

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The CMA CGM Group has officially launched CMA CGM eSolutions, an entire digital eco-system comprising an online agency and other eCommerce channels such as Electronic Data Interchanges (EDI) and Application Programming Interfaces (API) which allow the digital transmission of relevant information and data between CMA CGM and its customers. The post CMA CGM Launches Digital Shipping ‘eSolutions’ Experience appeared first on Logistics Manager.

Integrating Key Logistics Practices for Effective Digital Commerce Health

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Nowadays, as trends shift from Ecommerce to Digital Commerce, more Ecommerce companies are now integrating strategies such as Omni-channel, exploiting social media and other consumer-facing technologies for effective and integrated marketing for their businesses.