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On this blog and the one published by our sister company Logistics Bureau, we often receive questions relating to metrics suitable for monitoring procurement performance. 7 Procurement KPIs You Should be Using. Emergency Purchase Rate. Purchase Order Cycle Time.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Procurement for the Hotel Industry

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AI helpsprocurement specialists to solve complex problems and enormous data more effectively by using software applications and smart computer algorithms. Publication ProcurementWith the 4.0 digital era industry now, digital and AI are interconnected.


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Main Considerations for Sustainable Procurement

SIPMM Professional Publications

From this point of view, a new competitive tool called sustainability emerged. The post Main Considerations for Sustainable Procurement appeared first on SIPMM | Singapore Institute of Purchasing and Materials Management. Publication Procurement

Cybersecurity Risk Mitigation for Digital Procurement

SIPMM Professional Publications

Modern procurement processes integrate several technologies to better process internal business operations. Organizations are rapidly using automated procurement management tools, whether using enterprise resource planning (ERP) or less advanced tools.

5 Essential Pieces of a Prospecting Solution

As organizations chase new revenue targets, B2B sales leaders must examine cutting edge prospecting solutions that proactively help reps identify, connect with, and close qualified buyers faster. This eBook aims to help B2B sales leaders better understand the five essential features your prospecting solution must include.

Key Technologies for Agile Procurement

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Agile Procurement is to purchase a solution according to the needs and wants of the customer (made changes throughout the process) instead of following on a product specification being established in the beginning of a project. Publication Procurement

Procurement Considerations for Heavy Machinery and Parts

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The purpose of identifying and selecting an appropriate procurement consideration is to find the best way to obtain the solution and result to satisfy the needs of the end user for obtaining the most advantageous pricing and contractual conditions through a competitive process.

What is Transportation Management Software?

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Transportation Management software offers you a way to view insightful data, gain visibility, and better manage all the moving parts in the shipping process. While a TMS might seem daunting and expensive, it’s become an essential tool for businesses to be successful. Software.?.

Procurement and Supply Chain are Smarter Together – Practical Use Cases

Logistics Viewpoints

In a previous post , I made a case for how the Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO) and Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) are smarter together. Accordingly Supply Chain and Procurement will need continuous collaboration. Procurement Supply Chain Planning

Four Essential Supply Chain Management Tools

CLX Logistics

To meet these demands, shippers need the right supply chain management tools with the flexibility to grow and scale as needed. With setup, guidance, and support from supply chain management experts, these tools can help improve processes, reduce costs, and save time.

Overcoming Black Friday purchasing and warehouse challenges


This year, purchasing teams are also facing continued challenges due to global supply chain and logistics pressures, component shortages, and soaring prices for electricity and fuel. Inventory, POS, shipping, web shops, and accounting software must be able to keep up to avoid lost revenue.

Volvo Trucks Launches EV Charger Hardware Procurement Program

NGT News

The Vendor Direct Shipping program provides customers the opportunity to procure mobile and fixed charging hardware solutions directly from Volvo Trucks dealers when they purchase Volvo VNR Electric trucks.

The guide to distribution software


The importance of distribution software. There are a host of distribution software systems that manage internal and external supply chain workflows. Distribution software benefits. Distribution software solution types and capabilities.

Ethics in Procurement – Simple, but Not Always Easy

Logistics Bureau

If you have not yet tackled the question of ethics in procurement, now is a great time to start. It does not matter whether you are a procurement professional, internal customer, external customer, senior executive, or supplier. Procurement is what sets entire supply chains and their organisations in motion. How procurement handles itself and its activities set the tone for all the events that follow, right up to the final delivery of goods and services to the end-customer.

7 Tips: A Guide to Mastering Procurement

Material Handling and Logistics

With the digitization of the source-to-pay process being a key initiative for many chief procurement officers, to the inherent automation which promises to accelerate innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI), digitization is growing. However, it is fundamental to empowering procurement success in the modern age. Procurement helps companies adapt, meet new regulatory requirements and shift supply to optimize an evolving tariff landscape.

How Cloud ERP can assist manufacturers with their procurement function


As supply chain disruptions continue the procurement function should adapt to improve transparency, build collaborative relationships, and ensure sustainable sourcing practices, resulting in a stronger, more resilient supply chain with Cloud ERP for manufacturing.

ERP 65

Purchasing a Dump Truck Solution? Here are 5 Questions to Ask


Deciding it’s time to purchase a digital dump truck solution to support your trucking logistics is a big decision. trux trucking logistics software software

How manufacturers can use ERP to improve the procurement process


Disruptions like the pandemic, supply shortages, global trade barriers, high customer expectations and inflation all add tremendous pressure on the procurement process. Despite this, only 33% of businesses invested in procurement and sourcing technologies.

ERP 67

How manufacturers can use ERP to improve the procurement process


Disruptions like the pandemic, supply shortages, global trade barriers, high customer expectations and inflation all add tremendous pressure on the procurement process. Despite this, only 33% of businesses invested in procurement and sourcing technologies.

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Why Supply Chain Managers & Procurement Should Collaborate


The roles of logistics and procurement in an efficient supply chain cannot be overstated. According to Paul Myerson , reports Industry Week, up 70 percent of a company’s costs come from procurement and logistics operations. However, both logistics and procurement often become isolated in modern companies, resulting in inefficient practices and a sluggish production value. Let’s take a closer look at the current problem and its possible solutions.

U.S. GSA Awards Purchase Deal to EVgo, OSC~WEBco for Fleet EV Charging Solutions

NGT News

GSA Awards Purchase Deal to EVgo, OSC~WEBco for Fleet EV Charging Solutions appeared first on NGT News. Electric Featured blanket purchase agreement electric electric vehicles EV EVgo Inc. EVgo Inc.,

Procurement + logistics

Logistics at MPEPS at UPV

The purchase of logistic solutions is one of the most important necessity in today’s companies. So, from the procurement view, to evaluate the perfect medium point between cost and quality can be sometimes a little tricky in my experience. Does a provider of procurement logistics offer auditing services, ability to access additional resources and other specific details? – Purchasing Strategy. One of the same.

The Perfect Procurement Plan: Why Visibility Into the Supply Chain Is Important


With all the volatility that still lingers in the modern supply chain, the need for high-quality data analysis, solid procurement planning, good profit margins , and streamlined scheduling systems all remain crucial for shipping and transportation providers.

Inmar Intelligence and Doddle Launch Inmar Post-Purchase Solutions

Supply Chain Brain

Ann-Marie Daugherty, executive vice president and president of supply tech with Inmar Intelligenc e, talks about the company's e-commerce post-purchase partnership with Doddle

Communication still key in truck lease-purchase agreements: TEL exec

The Supply Chain Journal

Sheri Aaberg didn’t waste any time delivering one of her key points in a presentation about lease purchases in a workshop Sunday at the annual meeting of the Truckload Carriers Association in Las Vegas. The title of the session was “Lease Purchasing: An Innovative Playbook.”

Setlog presents OSCA software at LogiMAT

Logistics Business Magazine

Software company Setlog will present its enhanced SCM software OSCA at the LogiMAT intralogistics trade fair in Stuttgart (31st May – 2nd June). In Hall 7 Booth C61, the supply chain experts from Bochum will demonstrate the IT tool’s five solutions.

Buy vs. Build: Should You Purchase Software or Create Your Own?


It’s a question as old as software itself. Here, we explore the top five reasons why you should consider a third-party software provider instead of building your own. With software, that overrun can be costly, , according to McKinsey.

Zeeba Purchases Commercial Electric Vehicles from ELMS

NGT News

Electric Last Mile Solutions Inc. ELMS) has received a firm purchase order from Zeeba Vans, a Los Angeles-based mobility company, for 50 ELMS Urban Delivery vans with the intent to purchase hundreds more in 2022. Electric Featured electric Electric Last Mile Solutions Inc.

How manufacturers and distributors can re-imagine procurement in the supply chain


Procurement in manufacturing companies is often not done correctly. Current procurement focus. What this response shows is that they do not fully understand the impact procurement has on stock. The procurement process. Procuring. Agile procurement.

The One True Software Solution: Maximizing Your Money With PestPac


Combining the same tools your business relies on to run your pest control business with those you use to process and receive payments enables greater efficiencies that give you the ability to scale your business, attract new customers and provide a seamless experience. Time To Read: 3 minutes.

TMS Software Purchasing: How to Avoid Mistakes Getting Started


TMS software for shippers is more than just a fancy buzzword or an “‘in thing” to do in the shipping and supply chain market today. The post TMS Software Purchasing: How to Avoid Mistakes Getting Started appeared first on MercuryGate International.

Zeem Purchases 100 Nikola Tre Battery-Electric Trucks for EV Depot Fleet Offerings

NGT News

Zeem Solutions, a zero-emission electric vehicle (EV) fleet-as-a-service provider, has executed a purchase order for 100 of Nikola Corp.’s The post Zeem Purchases 100 Nikola Tre Battery-Electric Trucks for EV Depot Fleet Offerings appeared first on NGT News.

Merchants Fleet Rolls Out Dedicated Service for EV Evaluation and Procurement

NGT News

Merchants Fleet has debuted its AdoptEV service, a tool designed to educate and transition clients through the electric vehicle and electric vehicle supply equipment purchase process.

Grocery Giant Lidl Purchasing Container Ships Amid Supply Chain Issues

MTS Logistics

In the midst of supply chain issues, grocery giant Lidl has indicated that it will be purchasing container ships. While Lidl’s decision may help to solve their supply chain issues in the short term, it remains to be seen how sustainable this solution is in the long term.

Transit Agency Finalizes Wireless Charger Purchase

NGT News

WAVE, a subsidiary of Ideanomics and a high-power inductive charging solution provider for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, has finalized a large, multi-million-dollar purchase order from the Antelope Valley Transit Authority (AVTA) for 28 additional wireless charging systems.

SONAR Indices & Insights: Improve Freight Shipping Procurement with SONAR SCI’s Lane Acuity Plus

FreightWaves SONAR

Supply chain professionals responsible for transportation procurement at Fortune 500 companies focus on three things – budget forecast accuracy, service scores and primary tender acceptance. What does Lane Acuity Plus tell market participants about freight shipping procurement practices?

Resilinc Launches Predictive Purchase Order On-Time Delivery Solution

Supply Chain Brain

Resilinc Corporation, a global supply chain monitoring, mapping and resiliency solution, recently announced the launch of its Predictive Purchase Order On-Time Delivery solution.

Five Cs for Optimizing the Post-Purchase Customer Experience

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Retailers coping with the rapid acceleration of e-commerce have a fantastic opportunity to improve their competitive position using new technological tools for customer engagement

Ohio Transit Authority Purchases Additional NFI Battery-Electric Buses

NGT News

The order comes in the final year of a two-year contract originally announced in 2020, and includes four ABB depot chargers from NFI Infrastructure Solutions to […]. The post Ohio Transit Authority Purchases Additional NFI Battery-Electric Buses appeared first on NGT News.

Logistics Software: How to Make Handling Peak Times Easy

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This warehouse runs at a perfect optimum with fixed capital in the form of inventory balanced perfectly with sales and purchasing, and all the items perfectly distributed to the various storage areas of the warehouse. Her focus has always been on software and IT.