Easy Supply Chain Savings: A Simple Supply Chain Case Study

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Supply Chain & Logistics case studies are always interesting. Check out this article related to this topic: 7 Mini Case Studies: Successful Supply Chain Cost Reduction and Management. Case Studies Cost Saving Videos case study easy supply chain savings supply chain savings

Case Study: Rastrac Recovers Stolen Refrigeration Unit


Rastrac announces a case study detailing how their GPS asset tracking system was able to recover a refrigeration rental unit that had been stolen in a rural South Carolina town.


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A ‘Case Study’ on Distribution Channels

Logistics Bureau

Case Studies Chain of Responsibility Distribution Channels Logistics Supply Chain Videos case study Channels of Distribution distribution channels Distribution Strategies Performance Enhancement supply chain

Case Study: The Order Fulfillment Group

Camelot 3PL Software

3PL Case Study Ecommerce 3PL Order Fulfillment WMSOverview. The Order Fulfillment Group (TOFG) specializes in providing fulfillment services to business-to-business and business-to-consumer clients ranging in size from Fortune 1000 corporations to small enterprises.

Supply Chain Evolution: Digital Transformation Is the Way Forward

A new study by The Economist shows that 54% of enterprises want to rethink their supply chains. Make them more agile and resilient. How would supply chains evolve from here? And what should supply chain leaders be doing differently? Download the report today!

Warehouse AI Isn't Hitting Its Potential, Study Says

Supply Chain Brain

Artificial intelligence is a warehouse "game changer," but organizations are struggling to use it optimally, according to a study from Lucas Systems Inc

Study 103

A ‘Case Study’ on Distribution Channels and Thinking Outside the Box to Save 18% on Costs

Logistics Bureau

Case Studies Chain of Responsibility Distribution Channels Logistics Supply Chain Videos case study Channels of Distribution distribution channels Distribution Strategies Performance Enhancement supply chain

Study calls for national truck-parking standards

The Supply Chain Journal

An array of technologies and applications used by truck drivers at the state level to locate and reserve parking spaces highlights the need for a standardized truck-parking information framework across the country, according to a new study.

Study 82

Kibo Laura Canada Case Study

Supply Chain Brain

By leaning on Kibo Commerce's Order Management technology, retailer Laura Canada was able to increase sales and deliver a seamless end-to-end experience to customers

Adidas Case Study

Supply Chain Brain

5 Essential Pieces of a Prospecting Solution

As organizations chase new revenue targets, B2B sales leaders must examine cutting edge prospecting solutions that proactively help reps identify, connect with, and close qualified buyers faster. This eBook aims to help B2B sales leaders better understand the five essential features your prospecting solution must include.

Flexible Warehousing Solutions: A Public Goods Case Study

Amware Logistics and Fulfillment

Since the arrival of the COVD-19 pandemic, “flexibility” has become a way of life. From parents adapting to their children’s virtual classrooms to business owners navigating operational and staffing challenges, the ebbs and flows of life are now much more drastic than they were pre-pandemic.

Covid impact on transport study published

Logistics Business Magazine

The conclusions of this study show that the worst is over, and that the sector is moderately optimistic as it awaits future events before considering the crisis to be over. As the study shows, this has caused a sceptical reaction among European hauliers.

Study 54

Case Study: InterChange Group

Camelot 3PL Software

The post Case Study: InterChange Group appeared first on Camelot 3PL Software. Background: InterChange Group in Harrisonburg, VA performs cold-storage warehousing and distribution for major U.S. food producers and other suppliers around the world.

Study Focuses on North American Truckers Leading the Electric Charge

NGT News

The post Study Focuses on North American Truckers Leading the Electric Charge appeared first on NGT News.

Study 69

The Perfect Delivery: 6 Key Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Speaker: Tim McLean, Managing Director, TXM Lean Solutions

The most basic requirement of any business is to deliver its products to its customers on time, in full, every day, without fail. Over the past decade as supply chains have become more complex and customers more demanding, meeting this simple requirement has become harder and harder. What was acceptable 20 years ago, is no longer enough in today’s dynamic, dis-intermediated, hyper competitive marketplace. So why do supply chains fail to deliver? Lean supply chain expert and author, Tim McLean, will explore each of the reasons why supply chains fail to deliver and provide practical strategies to address them and improve your delivery performance. Tim will share case studies of actual companies that have transformed their supply chain performance by addressing the six drivers along with his own experience drawn from hundreds of supply chains over more than 20 countries.

CASE STUDY: Handling a 500% order Spike During Pandemic

Amware Logistics and Fulfillment

Public Goods sells quality household products that are healthy, sustainable and ultra-affordable. Most sales are online at publicgoods.com, but in early 2020 the company began national distribution to a major retail chain.

Case Study: How Trinity Expands Capacity Options With Trucker Tools

The Supply Chain Journal

Enter your details below to access the complimentary case study. Digital technology is a must-have if you want to overcome the capacity crunch, enhance your carrier network and increase loyalty, meet shippers’ KPIs, and be able to quickly respond to the changing market space.

Case Study: Paper Made Easy

3PL Insights

The post Case Study: Paper Made Easy appeared first on Evans Distribution Systems. Case Studies News WarehousingPaper—we use it in our daily lives. This is an important commodity that comes in many forms and functions.

Retailers Expect to Disappoint Holiday Customers, Study Finds

Supply Chain Brain

Retailers are trying to maintain a cheery outlook despite looming pressures on the upcoming holiday season, including worker shortages and supply chain disruptions, according to a new report

Transforming Supply Chains for Higher Performance and Resiliency

Today, just 8% of companies have the digital maturity required to achieve resilience and mitigate supply chain disruptions, as per a new HBR Analytic Services - GEP study. What can enterprises do to accelerate digital transformation? Read the full report now to find out!

2018 US eCommerce Study

Mazars Ledger

Mazars USA LLP is pleased to announce the release of the 2018 United States eCommerce Study by the eCommerce Foundation.… … The post 2018 US eCommerce Study appeared first on Insights Center - Mazars - United States.

2018 US eCommerce Study

Mazars Ledger

Mazars USA LLP is pleased to announce the release of the 2018 United States eCommerce Study by the eCommerce […]. The post 2018 US eCommerce Study appeared first on The Ledger.

Women drivers speak out about detention study

Fleet Owner

Fleet Owner talked with women drivers to get their insight into detention. Many of them did not agree with the report's results

Study 127

Managed transportation services: a case study

Bulk Connection

In this article, we’ll share a Bulk Connection case study showing how this arrangement works and dive into key advantages of managed transportation.

How Georgia-Pacific Turned Their Supply Chain into a Competitive Advantage

Georgia-Pacific, one of the world's leading manufacturers of tissue, pulp and paper and supplier to top brands like Brawny, Angel Soft and DIXIE, trusts ClearMetal for their supply chain requirements. Read the case study to hear how one company turned the reliability and transparency of its supply chain into distinct competitive advantages.

Study Unveils How D2C Upstarts are Transforming CPG Industry

Food Logistics

billion was invested into CPG brands from 2015-2019, the study says. More than $5.5 3PL/4PL

Study 78

Study: Biodiesel packs major health and economic benefits

The Supply Chain Journal

Up to 45% of cancer risk could be reduced, and 203,000 asthma attacks annually could be avoided or lessened in the areas evaluated by switching to B100, according to the study, “ Assessment of health benefits from using biodiesel as a transportation fuel ,” conducted by Trinity Consultants.

Study raises hopes for increasing digitalisation

Logistics Business Magazine

Compared to the results of a similar study conducted by INFORM in 2013, for example the percentage of companies relying on DTSs (25%) is almost twice. “It Nevertheless, the study shows that many digitisation projects are still in their infancy. DOWNLOAD the study here: [link].

Study 43

[PODCAST] Case Study: How Freight Tech Innovation Provided Efficiency & Reduced Freight Costs


Listen to “Case Study_How Freight Tech Innovation Provided Efficiency & Reduced Freight Costs” on Spreaker. The post [PODCAST] Case Study: How Freight Tech Innovation Provided Efficiency & Reduced Freight Costs appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis.

Webinar On-Demand: 3 Ways to Make Your Operational Execution More Robust With S&OE

Speaker: Sander van Lokven and N.S. Krishnan

S&OE provides an early warning system that helps business stakeholders sense and optimize their responses. This keeps the supply chain out of firefighting mode, smoothens relationships with customers and suppliers, and helps sustain margins by reducing the cost to serve.

Generix Group - Rexel Spain Case Study

Supply Chain Brain

Study offers insight into "early driver turnover"

DC Velocity

One in three truck drivers leaves within the first three months of employment. New research aims to find out why. Transportation

Study 126

TRAC Intermodal study highlights chassis pool partnership for expedited shipping

The Supply Chain Journal

A case study by chassis provider TRAC Intermodal describes how TRAC and ZIM Integrated Shipping Services worked together to develop a dedicated chassis pool for customers that needed expedited shipping during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Study 62

JD.com unveils plans to study underground urban fulfillment network

DC Velocity

Chinese e-commerce giant launches "Urban Smart Logistics Institute" at Beijing supply chain summit. Transportation

Study 163

Best Practices for a Marketing Database Cleanse

As frustrating as contact and account data management can be, this is still your database – a massive asset to your organization, even if it is rife with holes and inaccurate information. Entrusting a vendor to help maintain its accuracy and completeness is no ordinary engagement. Download ZoomInfo’s latest data-driven eBook aimed to help marketing leaders understand the best practices around choosing a B2B contact data provider.