Better Ways to Address Trade-Offs with Supply Chain Optimization

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Supply chain optimization has also improved in significant ways that can address these trade-offs better than before. Optimizing one link doesn’t optimize the entire supply chain – you must consider the impact of any decision on the entire network.

Dynamic Market Sourcing: Optimizing Procurement in an Unpredictable World

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In the first weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic, business planners, expecting a harsh recession, shut down manufacturing plants and canceled retailing orders


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The role of inventory management and inventory optimization in ERP


Keeping the right level of inventory requires a technique called inventory optimization. Inventory optimization. The search for optimal inventory levels is therefore a key objective. The need for inventory management and optimization.

Supply Chain Optimization | How Procurement & Shipping Managers Are Collaborating With TMS to Optimize Freight Flows


The key to supply chain optimization lies in the ability to integrate the appropriate software platforms. Procurement and shipping managers are collaborating with TMS and other platforms to increase productivity and profitability. Blog Freight Optimization Procurement Shippers

Supply Chain Network Design: The Ultimate Use Cases eBook

Explore the most common use cases for network design and optimization software. This eBook shares how supply chain leaders leverage their supply chain design software to tackle a variety of challenges and questions.

Continuous Warehouse Optimization and The DC Technology Gap

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Many companies are achieving this transformation by adopting modular, elastic DC technologies – including AI and robotics – that provide continuous warehouse optimization without replacing their current monolithic and static warehouse systems. Continuous Warehouse Optimization Opportunities.

A guide to optimizing your supply chain


What does supply chain optimization mean? Put simply, supply chain optimization means using technology to get inventory to the right place at the right time – at the lowest cost and highest profit for your business. Supply chain optimization best practice. Optimization tools.

Broadening The Reach & ROI of Sourcing Optimization

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The challenges facing global supply chains call for rapid, agile solutions, and procurement teams need to be equipped with more than just basic e-sourcing tools

Why Digitalizing Sourcing is a Must for Supply Chain Resilience

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So, how can organizations tackle the inflationary environment by finding significant cost savings opportunities while improving resiliency? The key to this lies with sourcing. Before diving further, let us define what sourcing is. Digitalizing sourcing (i.e.,

How to Improve Inventory Turnover with Inventory Optimization


How to Increase Inventory Turnover with Inventory Optimization. The concept of inventory optimization helps many businesses improve their inventory turnover – without damaging stock availability. The Importance of Improving your Inventory Turnover.

How to Gain a Competitive Edge: A Deep Dive Into Supplier Diversity Programs

Speaker: Rod Robinson - SVP of the Supplier Diversity Practice, Insight Sourcing Group

In this exclusive webinar, Rod Robinson, SVP of the Supplier Diversity Practice Lead & Center of Excellence, dives into the key benefits corporations are seeing emerge from their supplier diversity programs and how you can gain invaluable competitive advantages with a supplier diversity program of your own.

Optimize Shipping with a Transportation Management System

CLX Logistics

A transportation management system is a logistics technology platform that helps manufacturers, distributors, 3PLs, and any participant in the supply chain system plan, execute, and optimize the transportation of incoming and outgoing goods and ensure shipments are compliant and properly documented.

Technologies Impacting Overland Freight Optimization

Blue Grace Logistics

What’s covered in this article: Benefits of freight optimization technologies. Freight optimization technologies have increased in relevance, as they could help improve the health of a business by reducing costs and increasing sales. Drivers also benefit from optimization.

Leveraging the power of ERP to optimize inventory management


Manufacturers and distributors can optimize their inventory management using some of the latest emerging technologies, including machine learning, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing.

Five Digital Technologies for Procurement Optimization

SIPMM Professional Publications

Procurement has grown significantly more strategic over the past twenty years, now, digital supply chain management and analytics are bringing new strength to the strategic role. Digital procurement is an exponential shift that allows organizations […]. Publication Procurement

Supply Chain 4.0: Why You Need to Digitize to Survive

Speaker: Laura Garcia, Sr. Editor at Supply Chain Digital and Procurement Magazines

In Digitize to Survive, we’ll be showing how you can leverage today’s tech to help meet organizational objectives and not only survive but thrive in a post-pandemic world. With all the new tech available on the market, setting a digitization roadmap and knowing where to start can be difficult. We’ll help you drudge through the boundless opportunities and help clarify all the buzz. During this webinar, we’ll discuss how to take an objectives-first approach and demystify some of today’s hottest tech such as IoT, AI, and Big Data and show you how they can help build resiliency, unearth competitive advantages and optimize bottom-line results.

Locus’ Guide to Optimal Last-Mile Order Management System


Here are some of the ways Locus’ AI-powered OMS solution can help optimize the last mile: Efficient planning and execution: With the help of AI-driven logistics planning , brands can manage their delivery operations with ease. Sources. The year 2020 changed the face of e-commerce.

Optimizing Procurement Spends Creates Competitive Advantage

Material Handling and Logistics

Companies with forward-thinking procurement strategies rebounded three times faster from COVID than those without, according to Kearney research. Global Supply Chain

The role of a Bill of Materials in optimizing your inventory management


However, effectively dealing with these challenges and optimizing a manufacturing business’ processes is challenging without adopting and implementing a Bill of Materials (BOM) to accompany an organization’s ERP system. This all improves customer satisfaction in the organization.

What Is Transportation Optimization and What Does It Have to Do With Managed Transportation


Additional opportunities can be reached through transportation optimization whether using a 3PL or 4PL. It's important to understand how transportation optimization can work well with managed transportation service providers to attain that goal. Defining Transportation Optimization.

A 5-Point Strategy for Digital Procurement Transformation

Today, your entire supply chain must embrace change and accelerate digitalization. When it comes to procurement, focusing on digital transformation now can dramatically reduce costs, improve visibility and insight, and give you a significant competitive advantage.

Three Procurement Pro-Tips to Optimize Inventory, Cash Flow

Supply Chain Brain

Soaring customer demand has created unique challenges for procurement managers. By developing effective inventory management techniques, procurement professionals can tackle the issues from several unique angles

Data Analytics for Optimizing Inventory

SIPMM Professional Publications

Inventory optimization is having the right inventory, in the right quantities and at the right locations to meet the supply and […]. The post Data Analytics for Optimizing Inventory appeared first on SIPMM INSTITUTE. Publication ProcurementData analytics is the process of examining structured and unstructured data sets in order to provide real-time up to update information that can facilitate the company to maximize the decision value in the business.

3 Ways to Ensure your Sourcing Policy Streamlines and Optimizes Procurement


Procurement is often overlooked and undervalued, yet it impacts every facet of a business. Procurement and supplier relationships have an important role to play when it comes to ensuring manufacturers and distributors meet their strategic goals. Fortunately, strategic sourcing policies for procurement can provide the ultimate competitive advantage. It’s time to streamline the procurement process, harnessing […].

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Supply Chain Optimization: Everything You Need to Know


Supply chain optimization ensures a smoother process and a more successful business model focusing on efficiency and profit. What is supply chain optimization? . Optimizing this process allows it to function at peak efficiency. Best practices for supply chain optimization .

The Digital Logistics Provider: Delivering a New Level of Service in the Age of IoT

In response to the growing complexity of the modern global supply chain, logistics service providers are embracing digital supply chain solutions powered by new IoT tracking technologies and data analytics.

Top Four Ways to Score Savings Using Freight Optimization Tools

Talking Logistics

Adding a Transportation Management System (TMS) with support for all modes and powerful optimization tools can be a great game plan to help shippers continue to gain efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve service to customers. First Four” Plays to Optimize Your Supply Chains. Identify the optimal mode and carrier based on customized parameters. An optimization tool can help shippers choose the best mode, most economical carrier, rate and route to meet their needs.

Using Custom Forms and Proposals to Optimize Your Sales Process


Your company’s profits are the key to its success, which means that any opportunity you have to bring in new business or to improve your operational effectiveness is not to be overlooked. The post Using Custom Forms and Proposals to Optimize Your Sales Process appeared first on WorkWave.

Supply Chain Control Towers: Visibility, Collaboration, and Optimization

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What’s really changing now is that consumer expectations have come up so high versus where they used to be — call it the “Amazon Effect” or whatever you’d like — but the consumer today, or even the average procurement person, has so much information at their fingertips and such high expectations now that those intuitive yet largely unfulfilled promises of control towers have now really become absolutely necessary,” said Nightingale.

Cloud Logistics: A Supply Chain Optimization Tool

Morai Logistics

Technology is the source of continuous global economic and social change. In addition to improving our every day lives, it also enables industries to advance and optimize communications, operations, production and servicing. Connected logistics not only drives revenue, but it also improves the way processes are managed. Optimize warehouse operations. In addition, cloud logistics also helps organizations automate processes, which improves productivity.

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How Automation in the Supply Chain Will Make Employees More Strategic & Improve the Overall Supply Chain

Speaker: Adam Robinson, Director of Marketing, Cerasis

In this educational webinar, Adam Robinson from Cerasis, a leading North American Transportation Management Solutions Company, will address how automation in the supply chain is allowing companies to empower their employees with a more strategic work flow aiding in overall collaboration with peers across departments, improved business operations, more efficient manufacturing, a healthier corporate culture, and more visibility to data and processes providing the ability to gain actionable insights that lead towards actions that impact the company’s bottom line.

How manufacturers can use ERP to improve the procurement process


Disruptions like the pandemic, supply shortages, global trade barriers, high customer expectations and inflation all add tremendous pressure on the procurement process. Despite this, only 33% of businesses invested in procurement and sourcing technologies.

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6 Cost Reduction Benefits From Optimized Transportation Management


With a proactive plan towards an eye on optimized transportation management that is well executed can make the difference between excellent customer service, and customers looking elsewhere for their needs. When a third party logistics company is in place to lead and execute optimized transportation management, there are quantifiable benefits. The Process Can be Cross Optimized for Maximum Efficiency. Optimized Transportation Management Needs Vary by Company.

White Paper: What does it mean to optimize a supply chain?

The Supply Chain Journal

The sudden shock of the pandemic quickly exposed weak points in supply chains both large and small in nearly every industry. Though facing an enormous challenge, transportation and logistics providers knew that the show must go on as freight demands changed rapidly.

How manufacturers can use ERP to improve the procurement process


Disruptions like the pandemic, supply shortages, global trade barriers, high customer expectations and inflation all add tremendous pressure on the procurement process. Despite this, only 33% of businesses invested in procurement and sourcing technologies.

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What is Inventory Optimization?


What is inventory optimization? So what is inventory optimization? According to Wikipedia, inventory optimization is: “a method of balancing capital investment constraints or objectives and service-level goals over a large assortment of stock-keeping units (SKUs) while taking demand and supply volatility into account.”. Inventory optimization is the next level of inventory management for warehouse and supply chain managers and buyers.

Six Effective Sourcing Techniques for Electronics Products

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Nowadays, suppliers do not solely have an impact on reducing costs and improving products or services but are more involved in the product design and development process. Hence, selecting the right suppliers and composing the optimal supply base is one of the most challenging parts of strategic purchasing. Sourcing is a part of the purchasing […]. The post Six Effective Sourcing Techniques for Electronics Products appeared first on SIPMM INSTITUTE.

Tata Steel Makes Strides Towards an Autonomous Supply Chain Powered by Optimization Technology


Today, the steel manufacturing leader has an ambitious digital transformation agenda and is leveraging AIMMS technology to optimize operations in its home country. Our analytics department is comprised by data scientists who work on developing AI models, as well as OR specialists who focus on Supply chain optimization, simulation and mathematical programming. Your team is currently using AIMMS for a supply chain optimization project. Supply chain optimization


Procurement and Supply Chain are Smarter Together – Practical Use Cases

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In a previous post , I made a case for how the Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO) and Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) are smarter together. Accordingly Supply Chain and Procurement will need continuous collaboration. Procurement Supply Chain Planning

Ways to Use AI for Supply Chain Optimization


As a consequence, NVOCCs, logistics service providers, warehouse operators, and freight forwarders can improve their operations in terms of service quality, efficiency, and pace. Function 2: Optimizing manufacturing processes. Function 3: Improving the accuracy of inventory management.