Integrating ERP and TMS: Why Your Business Needs Both Systems


Too often, ERP software is seen as the final answer to any and every distress a business may face. While ERP systems provide excellent tools to manage accounting, human resources, customer relationships and more, they considerably lack the tools needed to properly manage transportation.

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How An ERP System Can Increase Your Supply Chain Productivity


This is where cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems can help. In 2017, 81% of businesses were either in the process of implementing an ERP , or had already completed an implementation. Ben specializes in hiring talent for ERP projects across the world.

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20 Manufacturers Describe ERP Software Benefits in their Own Words


As a 3PL who offers a transportation management system we’ve integrated to many ERP software, we view the use of technology as an enablement tool for shippers to cut out unneeded waste and thus add more to the bottom line by saving money from such efficiency. Technology erp software

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7 Reasons ERP Systems Can Increase the Productivity of Your Manufacturing Industry


ERP systems are a raging trend in the corporate arena these days – these miraculous platforms are a sure shot way to infuse productivity into your routine operations! So, if you are still wondering why to invest in an ERP software suite – don’t waste any more precious time.

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[Infographic] 5 Ways Your ERP Can Deliver More ROI


One of the most critical systems that are being used by most companies today is the Enterprise Resource Planning or more commonly known as ERP. This software allows a business to integrate its once fragmented systems into one, solid system.

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SAP offers ERP on Google, Microsoft, and Amazon cloud platforms

DC Velocity

Wider availability will support initiatives in information security, data management, firm says at user conference. Technology

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Investing In ERP: Why? When? How?

Apparel Logistics

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a growing trend in the logistics industry. Understanding why, when and how to invest in ERP is important

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The Path Forward for ERP WMS

Logistics Management

There’s nothing static about warehouse management systems from enterprise resource planning suppliers. The user base is expanding at a notable clip, and next-generation supply chain technologies from the Cloud to data analytics and smart glasses are in their future

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ERP Leader to Go Live with Dealer Network Portal

Logistics Business Magazine

Supply chain optimiser Epicor has introduced a Dealer Network Portal as part of its upcoming release of Epicor ERP 10.2.300. Epicor ERP 10.2.300 is scheduled to be released and generally available on October 18.

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2018 ERP Update: Are the mega-suite vendors taking over supply chain management?

Logistics Management

With 58% of shippers committed to their enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors, the key players are casting an even bigger shadow on the supply chain management space

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The Path Forward for ERP WMS

247 Customs Broker

Talk with enterprise resource planning (ERP) suppliers about their warehouse management systems (WMS) long enough, and it feels like a proxy about the future of next-generation supply chain technologies. But clearly, so much development emphasis on next-generation technologies in ERP WMS does bring a new vibe to the discussion. “We It’s imperative to note that all of this is in the early stages of building even more highly integrated, connected ERP WMS systems.

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A Tryst with ERP Implementations

Infosys Supply Chain Management

Gaining efficiencies, reducing maintenance cost, improving visibility across the company, reducing diverse IT system maintenance costs - these are some of the common reasons a company goes for an ERP implementation. How often have we heard of ERP implementations failing just because of lack of consistent and continued business participation? This is yet another area which can easily be lost in the midst of so many other things going on with the ERP implementation.

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Hershey Implements SAP ERP Suite in Hopes of Better Customer Insights

Food Logistics

Accenture will help the confectionery implement SAP's S/4 HANA software in attempt to streamline Hershey's supply chain

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Analysis: TMS, ERP, T&L and M&A – it’s a kind of magic

The LoadStar

Make no mistake, it is a delicate balancing to develop a truly unified enterprise resources planning (ERP). The post Analysis: TMS, ERP, T&L and M&A – it’s a kind of magic appeared first on The Loadstar. I honestly never thought that one day I would be trying to make sense of the tech transformation taking place in the supply chain.

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Supply Chain Management:ERP in Cloud - Hype or Hope!!!

Infosys Supply Chain Management

« E-retailers exploring same day delivery | Main | Lubrication Management - An Integral part of Asset Management - Part I » ERP in Cloud - Hype or Hope!!! ERPs need meticulous planning and significant resources to implement, thus associated cost and efforts are high.

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Integrated Supply Chain Technology: What Does It Mean?

Talking Logistics

The Old ERP vs. Best-of-Breed Debate. The conversation reminded me of the old ERP vs. Best-of-Breed debate. There was a push in the 90s through early 2000s where many companies didn’t have that backbone ERP system,” said Nurmi. Episode Highlights Supply Chain Technology Trends best of breed BluJay Solutions ERP Jason Nurmi Larry Ellison supply chain management

Connected Logistics is the Future of Global Trade

Blue Grace Logistics

Even after the initial ERP systems were introduced, there were still some challenges in the order picking process. Now, with the new technology like the RFID tags and ERP systems warehousing operations have become much easier, less time consuming and more efficient.

Digital Supply Chain: Are You Transformation Ready?

Talking Logistics

Too often companies think it starts with buying a new ERP or other enterprise software solution. This idea that you have to begin with buying a big new ERP or enterprise system is where many companies get stymied because of the potential high cost and long implementation times. Episode Highlights Supply Chain Technology Trends Adam Compain cloud digital supply chain ERP software-as-a-service transformation

EVS and MuleSoft partner on API platform for logistics software

DC Velocity

Deal will help users connect ERP and WMS systems, EVS says. Technology

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Pacejet Shipping Software and Single Source Systems partner to support logistics platform

DC Velocity

Two firms will leverage Infor ERP software, extend life of SyteLine pick, pack, and ship product beyond 2019. Technology

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A Journey to the Cloud Enables the Push to a Digital Supply Chain

Supply Chain Brain

At the time, it was operating across a platform of approximately 125 enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, 30 warehouse-management systems (WMS) and a smattering of transportation-management systems (TMS). While consolidating that mishmash of software was an obvious goal, paring down the diverse architecture to what Whiting terms “a federation of core ERPs” wasn’t the top priority.

Fighting Bribery and Corruption in Global Supply Chains

Supply Chain Brain

Regulation and Compliance Podcasts All Technology ERP & Enterprise Systems Supply Chain Visibility SC Planning & Optimization Global Trade ManagementThe FCPA was enacted in 1977 to punish businesses for paying bribes to foreign government officials. The law is global in scope, and affects multiple parts of the supply chain. Penalties can be severe, involving multi-million-dollar fines and even jail sentences for violators.

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Will the Freight Industry Move to a Discounted Pricing Model Like the Stock Brokerage Industry?

The Logistics of Logistics

Systems like TMS, WMS, and ERP have helped make brokerage transactions more effective and more efficient. Will freight brokerage pricing evolve toward a discounted, transparent fee model like stock brokerage pricing?

For Bezos, Buffett and Dimon, a Health Push Years in the Making

Supply Chain Brain

Business Strategy Alignment Healthcare Home Page Latest News Home Page Slider News All Technology ERP & Enterprise Systems North AmericaJeff Bezos, Warren Buffett and Jamie Dimon were there, of course. But few in the invitation-only crowd last Saturday at the annual Alfalfa Club gala could have guessed that the men were quietly closing in on what could be the answer to a question that divides the nation: How do we fix American health care?

Hershey's to Streamline Supply Chain

Food Logistics

Accenture will implement ERP suite with Hershey's in hopes to better understand customers

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5 Key Warehouse Automation Technologies to Increase Distribution Profitability

Material Handling and Logistics

These technologies can be added to current ERP and WMS systems to boost order fulfillment productivity by 30-70% in existing or new warehouse distribution operations Learn how certain key technologies will solve your company's distribution challenges.

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Creating Resistance As You Go (Don’t)

The Lean Thinker

But now they have a new ERP system, and the intent has been that this work is done within that system. The role of “change agent” is actually a role of leadership.

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6 Ways to Get Supply Chains Ready for the Holidays

Material Handling and Logistics

Integrate internal systems like ERP with transportation management platforms. The ability to integrate purchase orders automatically from an ERP system directly into the TMS cuts out paperwork and admin hours.

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How EDI and eCommerce Work With 3PL Partners

Ottawa Logistics

EDI technology is much older than the cloud ( has been around since the 1970s); EDI solutions have helped businesses streamline their B2B transactions ever since on-premises ERP (without cloud functionality) solutions were the norm.

5 Pitfalls To Avoid When Selecting Supply Chain Software


1: Don’t Go For ERP Software First. ERP software offers unprecedented capabilities within one centralized location. However, some ERP systems may have extensive costs, which would easily outweigh the purchasing price of individual Warehouse Management Systems ( WMSs ) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) suites. Additionally, some ERP systems may not contain all of the functionality found within lower-level Transportation Management Systems (TMSs).

5 Most Popular Manufacturing Blog Posts of 2015…So Far


20 Manufacturers Describe ERP Software Benefits in their Own Words. There’s one voice that’s often conspicuously absent from the online ERP software conversation: the one belonging to actual users. But to find out what real users are saying about the tangible benefits they’ve seen from their ERP investment? The relative lack of published information from ERP software users is a bit unfortunate.

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Still Managing Exceptions Manually? How a TMS Can Help

Talking Logistics

But to have true visibility, the TMS must also connect external partners with internal systems like ERP, WMS and fleet systems. In the good old days, your transportation management system (TMS) could manage nearly all of your transportation workflows.

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Don’t Let Them Underfund Your Transportation Technology Implementation

CLX Logistics

The obstacles that companies tend to encounter in pursuing such improvements stem from the fact that logistics and transportation IT decisions get lumped in with decisions to buy and implement enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. ERP solutions from companies like SAP, Oracle and Microsoft offer transportation modules, which are typically sold at a steep discount as part of the whole ERP package. By Mike Skinner, Vice President, CLX Logistics.

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5 Mini Case Studies: Successful Supply Chain Cost Reduction and Management

Logistics Bureau

It also required a considerable number of hours to be spent each month taking physical inventories and updating the company’s ERP platform. As at December of 2017, Terex was making plans to integrate the yard management solution with its ERP platform to enable even greater functionality.

How to Get the Benefit of GDPR for Your Supply Chain

Logistics Bureau

Popular ones are customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM), and enterprise resource planning (ERP). It is easy to assume that other systems such as ERP systems are isolated from personal data flows.

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