Fraunhofer IFF Researchers Design Green Hydrogen Factory

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Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF (Fraunhofer IFF) have designed a factory for the distributed and modular production and distribution of green hydrogen for industry, business and transportation throughout the value chain.

Fifty Factory Tours that Make America Great

Material Handling and Logistics

We picked one factory (or industrial site) from each state you can visit that truly represents what has always made America great: hard work and ingenuity

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Material Handling Tips That Every Factory Worker Must Know About

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Safety in factories is paramount—here are some material handling tips for factory workers. Given their knowledge of proper protocol on the factory floor, we were more than happy to accept their proposed blog post. material handling factory

Is It ‘Lights Out' for Humans in the Factory?

Supply Chain Brain

Does the vision of a “new normal” on the factory floor exclude the presence of people at all

Forklift factory earns zero-landfill status

DC Velocity

Crown facility finds ways to recycle everything from coolant to pallets. Green Logistics

Material Handling in the Digital Factory: A Look Ahead

Material Handling and Logistics

Material handling is playing a vital role in the emergence of the digital factory, as data analytics reshapes the workforce

ISM Report: US Factories Extend Contraction as Index Misses Forecasts

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The Institute for Supply Management's monthly report for November showed weakening in factory orders and production

Walmart’s Supplier Says Chinese Factories in ‘Desperate’ State

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"China will see more factory shutdowns as the trade war that’s roiled the global supply chain exacerbates an exodus.&

US Factory Gauge Sinks to 10-Year Low as Employment Wobbles

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The Institute for Supply Management's factory index defied expectations of an increase to slip to its lowest point since summer 2009

Delivering a smarter factory

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Magna Steyr’s vehicle assembly plant in the Austrian city of Graz is not a typical automotive factory; the site, which in 2018 brought its cumulative total production tally to 3.5m has been rebadged as ‘Smart Factory by Magna Steyr’.

Hyster Europe Factories Resume Production

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Hyster Europe has announced that the factories making its Hyster forklifts, warehouse equipment and big trucks have started to resume production. So, we are grateful for the government support we have received to help retain our factory workforce,” Wim van Dam says.

Can the ‘Smart’ Factory Revive U.S. Manufacturing Productivity?

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A recent study touts the “smart” factory as a magic bullet that can solve any number of manufacturers’ problems, from low productivity growth to uncompetitive operations

How the Smart Factory Is Impacting Auto and Food Producers

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The rise of smart factories promises to impact the future of manufacturing in emerging economies

The ‘Modern’ Factory Remains a Dream for Many Manufacturers

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When it comes to running the modern-day factory, there’s a yawning gap between theory and reality

Challenges and Tips for Successful Factory Relocation and Heavy Machinery Transportation

Logistics Manager

However, some of these factories may already have locations in other countries and are in need of relocation. Factory relocation is a unique and major challenge compared to other logistics-related services. The challenges of factory relocation project required focused specialists.

US Factories Shrink as Result of Weak Demand, Trade Tensions

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Retail remains healthy, but trade tensions and weak global demand contribute to industry shrinkage

Sweet factory plans submitted – Logistics Manager Magazine

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The 158,000 sq… The post Sweet factory plans submitted – Logistics Manager Magazine appeared first on 24/7 Customs Broker News.

US Retail Worker Injuries Now Higher Than on Factory Floor

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Some of the riskiest stores to work in include those selling home furnishings used merchandise, and building materials, as well as tire dealers and supercenters

Future Factories Will Impact the World Far Beyond the Factory Floor

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Managers and workers are embracing digital technologies as the fourth industrial revolution reshapes the global economy

Amazon Blasted by Labor Group Over China Factory Conditions

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to improve conditions for factory workers in China who make Echo speakers and Kindle e-readers, renewing criticisms that CEO Jeff Bezos became the world’s wealthiest man on the backs of low-paid laborers. The findings at the Amazon device factory were similar but less severe.

Crazy processing machine| Hydroponics Factory

Logistics at MPEPS at UPV

While I was watching videos on YouTube, I saw a wonderful video about hydroponics factory. The manager of this factory decided to do two things first he used a software solution that tracked the packing of produce as well as the shipments.

DHL Working Inside GM Factory in China

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Outsourcing jobs that GM employees would be doing, is helping GM focus on improving quality and efficiency. DHL is helping GM avoid assemble errors and reduce costs, and it’s doing this from inside the plant.

US Factory Production Shows Broad-Based Gain Outside Autos

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factory production regained its footing in April to push capacity utilization to the highest since 2015, indicating the industry will support economic growth this quarter, Federal Reserve data showed Wednesday. Factory output rose 0.5%

Rail reeling from factory slump and lower truck rates

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A manufacturing decline and lower truck freight rates have put railroads on a collision course with a recession

New factory for Tiger Trailers

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Tiger Trailers, has moved into its £22 million factory at Winsford in Cheshire, which will enable it to double production capacity in the next 12-months. The post New factory for Tiger Trailers appeared first on 24/7 Customs Broker News.

Harman expands Suzhou factory

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Its goals include fully expanding automation to all processes by 2025, transforming Suzhou into a lean factory and doubling existing production capacity. The post Harman expands Suzhou factory appeared first on Automotive Logistics.

How to Optimize Your Factory Layout for Industry 4.0


Believe it or not, Industry 4.0 — the latest specialization for modern factories and manufacturing plants — does factor into the design and factory layout. And ultimately, the design and factory layout influence all these elements.

U.S. retailers, factories enjoy solid June as fed weighs cut

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“Business spending, business confidence and manufacturing production are where the economy is slowing.&

Global Factory Boom Spurs Commodities Prices from Oil to Copper

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With factories around the world humming, demand for raw materials is fast increasing pushing the Bloomberg Commodities Spot Index, which tracks the price of 22 raw materials, the highest since December 2014. With factories around the world humming, demand for raw materials is fast increasing.

Floridia to head Gefco’s Innovation Factory

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Logistics provider Gefco has appointed Valérie Floridia (pictured) as director of the company’s Innovation Factory. The innovation factory is open all year, enabling candidates to submit projects any time to a screening committee of internal experts who select the most promising concepts.

Narrow Aisle factory expansion plans

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Narrow Aisle is to increase output at its UK production site over the next three years due to increased demand for its Flexi forklift trucks with factory expansion plans. The post Narrow Aisle factory expansion plans appeared first on 24/7 Customs Broker News.

Chinese Factories Recovering but Global Supply Chains Still in Shock

Logistics Bureau

The pace of reported coronavirus cases has slowed in the most seriously affected regions of China, allowing factories to reopen and people to return to work.

The Advantages of MOM or MES – The Foundation for a Digital Smart Factory


The post The Advantages of MOM or MES – The Foundation for a Digital Smart Factory appeared first on SYSPRO US. Since the release of SYSPRO’s Manufacturing Operations Management solution (SYSPRO MOM), I’ve spent many hours explaining to customers the difference between MOM and MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems). The terms are used so that they generate more than their fair share of confusion.

Boeing factory: the biggest warehouse in the world

Logistics at MPEPS at UPV

During a visit to the Ford factory, which I was very impressed with, I wondered about how everything is arranged in the aircraft industry! I started to search for information and find out that the Boeing Everett Factory, in Everett, Washington, USA is the biggest warehouse in the world.

FedEx Logistics takes over Gibson guitar factory

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FedEx Logistics is moving its headquarters to the former Gibson guitar factory building in downtown Memphis, consolidating multiple locations and nearly 700 team members into the new location over the next several years.

10,000th Space Saving Flexi Truck Leaves Factory

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The post 10,000th Space Saving Flexi Truck Leaves Factory appeared first on Logistics Business® Magazine. Narrow Aisle Ltd has produced its 10,000th Flexi warehouse truck.

Still no sign of relief for Bangladesh apparel industry as more factories close

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Apparel factories in Bangladesh are still running at half-capacity after orders dried up, and bosses remain pessimistic about the likelihood of new orders any time soon. Amid the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, factories which laid-off part of their operations are struggling to make a full comeback, leaving hundreds of workers jobless. And this week several more factories terminated hundreds of workers, as they are not receiving enough orders from western buyers.