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A Fly-Through of Tesla’s New Giga Factory in Berlin

Logistics Matter

It is one of five of Tesla’s Giga Factories, making the total number of Tesla factories six if you include the original factory in Freemont. Other Giga Factories are in Nevada, New York, Texas, and Shanghai. […]. Just last month, Tesla opened its first production facility in Europe.

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Construction Industry Benefits from U.S. Factory-Building Boom

Supply Chain Brain

A backlog of orders and higher demand from new factories are boosting manufacturing companies and driving demand for materials like steel and the trucks needed to transport big industrial shipments.


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Exploring the Ford Factory in Almussafes: the ASRS

Logistics at MPEPS at UPV

Probably one of the most important factories in the region of Valencia, is the Ford Factory in Almussafes, which is one of the most profitable ones in Europe. After my first week at the company, one of my colleagues asked me if I wanted to go with him to the Factory.

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Drought and power shortages bring crucial factories in China to a standstill

Supply Chain and Logistics

China’s drought has severely affected hydroelectric power, and in the area of Sichuan province, factories have had mandatory power shutoffs. A number of these are chip factories and … Continue reading → Here is the latest in a long series of supply chain catastrophes.

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How to Prepare Your Supply Chain for Future Shortages

Manufacturers that don’t have a direct relationship with chip factories, such as those producing automobiles, heavy industrial equipment, medical diagnostics equipment, and electronics, are greatly affected. There has been an increased need for electronic components in every industry.

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Hyundai Motor, LG to Build $4.3bn EV Battery Factory in U.S.

Supply Chain Brain

The announcement comes a month after Hyundai announced that it would build an EV battery factory with SK On, another South Korean battery maker.

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The role of ERP in the smart factory


How can a manufacturing business today become an intelligent and automated ecosystem – a smart factory that drives productivity, performance, and profitability? For the manufacturing business as they transform, the value of ERP begins with: Bespoke solutions for smart factory. A smarter supply chain with smart factory.

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How a Fortune 500 Company Transformed its Supply Chain Using a Digital Twin-Enabled Control Tower

This Fortune 500 manufacturer had limited visibility outside the four walls of its factories due to labor shortages, supplier facility shutdowns, and transportation delays.