Tight Capacity Ahead

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According to the latest earning reports from FTL carriers, shippers haven’t secured peak season capacity on notice. As it stands, there is no indication of freight demand slowing or contractual truck capacity lightening up any time soon. It’s a good time to be a carrier.

Skinning the tight-capacity cat

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It's getting rough on the roads for truck shippers. But is a rate hosing foreordained? Transportation

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Grappling with the capacity crunch

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With capacity already strained at many hubs, the threat of increased regulatory restrictions on trade is adding further uncertainty for manufacturers moving forward. There are capacity constraints and erratic vessel schedules, some due to port congestion.”.

Surviving the Capacity Crunch

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After this years hurricanes, the new ELD mandate and the ongoing driver shortage, the trucking industry is facing a capacity crunch. The capacity crunch is creating a drastic increase in freight rates. The trucking capacity crunch is making it harder and harder for both shippers and carriers to survive in the industry. trucking capacity

RightHand Robotics teams with Capacity on warehouse automation

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Partners will integrate piece-picking robot with fulfillment platform for e-commerce and B2B operations. Material Handling

Trade war sparks more capacity cuts on transpacific container trades

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Container shipping lines on the transpacific trade this week continued to announce capacity cuts in response to the US-China trade war. The service deploys six COSCO vessels with an average of 10,000 teu capacity and has a port.

Capacity Crunch in Drayage

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Much has been written lately about the domestic trucking capacity problem. The strong economy combined with the aging driver population and increasing regulations have made finding domestic capacity challenging for many cargo types and lanes. While the shortage has been evident in domestic long haul and bulk truck segments, capacity for the drayage of international shipments. The post Capacity Crunch in Drayage appeared first on Odyssey Logistics & Technology.

What’s led to the tight freight capacity in 2018?

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It’s no secret that freight capacity is tight in 2018. A shortage of drivers is still making the largest impact on capacity. With such tight freight capacity, there needs to be a higher level of focus placed on load efficiency.

Collaborate with Carriers to Face the Truck Capacity Crunch

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As the truck capacity pinch grows tighter and tighter, you may have found yourself in a role reversal with your carriers. Freight transport is now largely a seller’s market and, as a shipper, you may find yourself vying to be a “shipper of choice” among carriers with limited capacity. But, the current climate is no walk in the park for carriers either.

Extreme Capacity Hydraulic Lift Tables

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Presto ECOA has introduced MLT Series heavy-duty hydraulic lift tables, which are designed to handle extreme high capacity loads of up to 120,000 pounds (96,000 pounds end/side capacity

Real-time Capacity Matching: Making Brokers More Efficient

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Real-time Capacity Matching: The Second Wave of Demand and Value. Another session that generated a lot of interest was the one led by Dan Cicerchi, VP at Descartes MacroPoint (a Talking Logistics sponsor), on Real-time Capacity Matching. The second wave of demand, which is starting to gain momentum now, is being driven by a different question: Where and when will capacity be available a few days from now?

Truck Capacity Shortage: The Past, Present and Future

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From the last half of 2017 through today and beyond, a slew of market forces, some predictable and some unexpected, have combined to create a very real truck capacity shortage in the United States. For shippers and supply chain managers, adjusting their supply chain to the ebbs and flows of the economy has always been standard practice; however, navigating today’s capacity crunch may require more intervention than usual. Learn other benefits of 3PL’s capacity support.

More carriers to cut back on Asia-Europe container capacity after summer peak

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More deepsea carriers have announced plans to cut capacity on the Asia-Europe trade in preparation for a slowdown in volumes after the summer peak season. The post More carriers to cut back on Asia-Europe container capacity after summer peak appeared first on The Loadstar.

Capacity constraints pushing forwarders toward block space air cargo agreements

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Capacity constraints have tilted the balance of power in favour of the airlines, with shippers no longer able to pick up and drop carriers on a whim. And any hopes of carriers increasing available capacity are very unlikely, said one forwarder, who told The.

Battle for air freight capacity heats up as investment for freighters eases

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This year looks set to be all about air freight capacity. Demand growth significantly exceeded capacity growth in 2017, and several airlines have said they were on the lookout for more freighter capacity.

Descartes unveils platform giving brokers capacity visibility 2 to 3 days in advance

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Visibility tool leverages MacroPoint unit's driver, fleet connections. Transportation

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[Infographic] Capacity Crisis of 2018: Cause & Effect

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Since 2017, a slew of market forces have combined to create a very real truck capacity shortage in the United States. The post [Infographic] Capacity Crisis of 2018: Cause & Effect appeared first on CLX Logistics, LLC Make no mistake—today, it’s a carrier’s world and shippers are living in it. Here’s a closer look at the causes, effects and how shippers can come out on top.

Spot market remains ‘hot’ with more freight than capacity

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During its most recent State of Freight webinar, FTR analysts cite both internal and external factors that will impact freight rates and capacity going forward

Tight Trucking Capacity has Shippers Turning to Dedicated Transportation

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Industry analysts noted in the Wall Street Journal predict contract rates may rise up to 10 percent in 2018 with shippers looking to lock-in capacity, and they’re not the only ones who think so.

Container rates stable, but carriers still cutting capacity despite peak season

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The post Container rates stable, but carriers still cutting capacity despite peak season appeared first on The Loadstar. Container shipping spot freight rates on the main deepsea east-west trades largely remained stable over the past week.

Improving Logistics Management with Capacity Planning and Auto Allocation


Under-utilized capacity carries a clear cost which adds to the cost-per-unit carried by the resource. It isn’t feasible to run under-utilized resources to fulfill the ever-increasing demand created due to expectations of on-demand, same, or next day deliveries.

Capacity Update: What’s Causing Tightening Capacity?

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It isn’t ground breaking news that capacity is tight but between Mother Nature’s impacts on the east and west coasts, the new ELD mandate, and the busy holidays, it has been even tougher for asset-based companies and brokers to cover freight. What does this mean for capacity?

Capacity crisis (surprise!) hogs the spotlight at TIA annual conference

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Public, private networking chatter focus on the rate pain likely to come. Transportation

Navigating the Transportation Capacity Crunch

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Shippers know all too well that the strain on truck capacity and supply chain resources continues to have an impact, and the overall capacity issue will remain for the long-haul. The post Navigating the Transportation Capacity Crunch appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints. Just this week, forecasters warned that the 2018 hurricane season could be more active than usual, unfortunately as busy as the stormy 2017 season that brought unprecedented damage to many areas.

Rising Costs and Lower Capacity in the Domestic Truckload Market

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2018 is off to a strong start for the economy and manufacturing, but there is a shortage of available truckload capacity on the spot market. More Freight, Less Capacity. Do not let the constraint and capacity of 2018 ruin your budget before it even gets started.

Transpacific capacity still outpacing demand, putting more pressure on rates

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Despite the move last week by the 2M alliance to withdraw one of its transpacific loops, ocean carriers are failing to keep capacity in check, according to latest analysis by Alphaliner. of the 2M’s total weekly capacity on the tradelane.

North America Tank Truck Capacity UPDATE: July 2018

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DOWNLOAD FULL ARTICLE: The post North America Tank Truck Capacity UPDATE: July 2018 appeared first on Odyssey Logistics & Technology. Intermodal Trucking

Winning the Ongoing Competition for Carrier Capacity

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How is capacity assurance a competition? What actions should shippers take to maximize their availability to capacity? What is the role of a 3PL in helping shippers meet their objectives and win this capacity competition? How is capacity assurance a competition?

Freight Management Logistics for Lean Capacity Times

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In light of the current freight capacity crunch, the freight management logistics operations of many companies have devolved into scrambling to find trucks for pending loads. While that may be a very real and necessary approach at the moment, “scrambling” is not a great long-term strategy. Shippers need to change the way they work with carriers in this seller’s market. Supply Chain Challenges Freight Transportation Truck Drivers

Shippers and forwarders fear repeat of last year’s air freight capacity crisis

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The fallout from last year’s air freight capacity crunch is still playing out, with shippers and forwarders on the hunt for charter flights and alternative shipping strategies. According to ECS Group chief executive Adrien Thominet, shippers are putting “huge pressure” on forwarders to ensure they guarantee space throughout the year and avoid a repeat of late 2017, when surging demand left many cargo owners struggling to secure capacity.

Are You Prepared for Tight Truckload Capacity?

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Are You Prepared for Tight Truckload Capacity? In the aftermath of Harvey and Irma, truckload capacity is tighter than it has been for years, giving some shippers challenges in covering freight. What’s causing tight truckload capacity.

Wave of new ULCV capacity will put more pressure on Asia-Europe trades

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Firm delivery dates for next month have been agreed for around 225,000 teu of additional container capacity on the Asia-Europe trades, according to new research by Alphaliner. teu capacity due to be delivered this year being pushed back to 2019 appear to have been “incorrect”.

Hyundai Merchant Marine confirms it will place ULCV orders to triple fleet capacity to 1m teu

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South Korea’s largest surviving ocean carrier, Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) has now officially confirmed its plans to order 350,000 teu of new capacity, including 12 x 20,000 + teu ultra-large vessels.

UPS' pilots union to survey large shippers to determine if capacity shortfalls hurt service

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High-volume shippers to be polled on UPS' performance, how it stacks up against FedEx, and impact of Amazon. Transportation

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4 Reasons To Use A 3PL In Times Of Capacity Crisis

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It’s not a secret that we are all currently operating in the conditions of the record-breaking capacity crunch. 3PL Capacity CarriersThe crisis has been caused by several factors which we have previously discussed in our blog post , even more so with the ELD mandate finally going into effect on December 18th.

How to overcome the capacity roadblock

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According to the State of the North American Supply Chain survey, truck capacity is the industry’s primary hurdle this year

Ultra-tight dray capacity forcing users to pay just to hold trucks

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Users paying fee voluntarily; surcharge is on top of escalating dray rates. Transportation

Container Drayage Companies: Securing Reliable Capacity Despite the Driver Shortage

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And, when you are fortunate enough to secure dray capacity, you can expect to pay 10 to 15% more than you were just a few years ago. As container volumes at West Coast ports continue to increase year after year, it’s becoming more difficult to move those containers inland. The problem? Container drayage companies simply don’t have enough drivers to meet demand.

What Is The Current Status Of Trucking Capacity?

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A sudden increase in freight demand throughout the United States might put shippers in a difficult position for capacity and price later this autumn. This increase in tonnage will likely mean tightened capacity for the fall. The State of Capacity.

North America Tank Truck Capacity UPDATE: March 2018

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