Tight Capacity Ahead

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According to the latest earning reports from FTL carriers, shippers haven’t secured peak season capacity on notice. As it stands, there is no indication of freight demand slowing or contractual truck capacity lightening up any time soon. It’s a good time to be a carrier.

Today’s Freight Capacity Crisis: Where Do We Go from Here?

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More than a year into a freight capacity crisis that shows little sign of weakening, it’s time for all parties involved in logistics and freight transportation to meet this issue head on. Freight Capacity Crisis: How Did We Get Here So Quickly?

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Understanding the Capacity Effects of the ELD Mandate

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What Does the ELD Mandate Mean: Transit times, Capacity, and Rates . With the ELD-mandate in effect and a capacity crunch in full swing, there is an industry-wide pressure to curb costs, but there is no reason to fold under the pressure.

Capacity Crunch Strategies: How Does a 3PL Aid a Shipper in a Shipping Capacity Crunch?


A shipping capacity crunch is a necessary evil. Unfortunately, a shipping capacity crunch tends to occur during already stressed periods, like winter, after tropical storms and during peak shopping seasons. As capacity tightens, rates skyrocket, and shippers are left to pay the piper.

Capacity Crunch Factors: What Causes a Capacity Crunch?


Unbelievably, the capacity crunch is back the shipping headlines. Cassidy of the Journal of commerce (JOC) noted shippers were expecting a forthcoming slight capacity pinch, but that was before hurricane season arrived. Now, the shipping and transportation industry faces unprecedented capacity problems, and the upcoming ELD implementation deadline will exacerbate the issue. Capacity Crunch Factors Include Increased Deadhead. Fewer Drivers Reduce Available Capacity.

How Shippers Can Navigate the 2018 Capacity Crunch


Last year Cerasis covered the capacity crunch in great detail, culminating in a helpful and educational e-book titled “ The Great Capacity Crunch: The Current State, Future Outlook, and How Shippers Can Thrive in Any Capacity Crunch.” As an update, in this post, we’ll address a more updated way that shippers can navigate the 2018 Capacity Crunch many shippers are currently facing. How Are You Braving the 2018 Capacity Crunch Storm?

What Transportation Modes Are Most Affected by Capacity Crunches?


Current and future capacity crunches are often analyzed for impact in the U.S., All modes of transit feel the effects of capacity crunches, but those that suffer the biggest effects tend to involve ground-transit, including less-than-truckload (LTL), full truckload (FT) and parcel shipping.

Produce Season and How It Affects Capacity

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While holidays have a substantial effect on freight capacity, produce season can cause one of the biggest crunches of the year. The rise in capacity demand for the season is resulting in some hefty transportation fees. . Food items are something that will always be in demand.

Collaborate with Carriers to Face the Truck Capacity Crunch

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As the truck capacity pinch grows tighter and tighter, you may have found yourself in a role reversal with your carriers. Freight transport is now largely a seller’s market and, as a shipper, you may find yourself vying to be a “shipper of choice” among carriers with limited capacity. But, the current climate is no walk in the park for carriers either.

Transportation Capacity Matching

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Descartes MacroPoint Capacity Matching provides freight brokers with greater visibility to the transportation capacity available within their network of carriers and cooperating brokers

Surviving the Capacity Crunch

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After this years hurricanes, the new ELD mandate and the ongoing driver shortage, the trucking industry is facing a capacity crunch. The capacity crunch is creating a drastic increase in freight rates. The trucking capacity crunch is making it harder and harder for both shippers and carriers to survive in the industry. trucking capacity

[PODCAST] The Value of Carrier and Shipper Collaboration to Beat Capacity Crunches & Mitigate Freight Rate Hikes


Some not so commonly known tips, as it relates to being more carrier friendly, that shippers should focus on to find capacity. Listen to “The Value of Carrier & Shipper Collaboration to Beat Capacity Crunches & Mitigate Freight Rate Hikes” on Spreaker. Capacity Crunch & Freight Management Resources. The Current State, Future Outlook, and How Shippers Can Thrive in Any Capacity Crunch.

Real-time Capacity Matching: Making Brokers More Efficient

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Real-time Capacity Matching: The Second Wave of Demand and Value. Another session that generated a lot of interest was the one led by Dan Cicerchi, VP at Descartes MacroPoint (a Talking Logistics sponsor), on Real-time Capacity Matching. The second wave of demand, which is starting to gain momentum now, is being driven by a different question: Where and when will capacity be available a few days from now?

What’s led to the tight freight capacity in 2018?

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It’s no secret that freight capacity is tight in 2018. A shortage of drivers is still making the largest impact on capacity. With such tight freight capacity, there needs to be a higher level of focus placed on load efficiency.

Capacity Planning and Auto Allocation! Increase Logistics Management Efficiency Now!


Under-utilized capacity carries a clear cost which adds to the cost-per-unit carried by the resource. It isn’t feasible to run under-utilized resources to fulfill the ever-increasing demand created due to expectations of on-demand, same, or next day deliveries.

[e-Book] The Great Capacity Crunch: The Current State, Future Outlook, and How Shippers Can Thrive in Any Capacity Crunch


We introduce our latest educational e-book ( we have several more here ): The Great Capacity Crunch: The Current State, Future Outlook, and How Shippers Can Thrive in Any Capacity Crunch. The shipping capacity crunch is not a new topic, but the end of 2017 is shaping up to reveal an unprecedented crunch, reports Chris Brady of Logistics Viewpoints. You can download this e-book & learn the following information: The Current State of the Shipping Capacity Crunch.

How to Procure Full Truckloads in Tight Capacity


These rates will have natural implications for smaller shippers seeking to lower overall transportation and freight spend, and paired with a “blurred lines between peak shipping and shopping seasons,” shippers will experience increasing trouble when trying to procure full truckload capacity. The Great Capacity Crunch: The Current State, Future Outlook, & How Shippers Can Thrive in Any Capacity Crunch. Capacity Crunch Full Truckload

Looking Back at Previous Capacity Crunches & How Shippers Responded


Some of the tightest of the previous capacity crunches have occurred within the last two decades. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, capacity hit a breaking point. Increased Freight Rates Can Tone Down Capacity Crunches. Capacity Crunch

Winning the Ongoing Competition for Carrier Capacity

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How is capacity assurance a competition? What actions should shippers take to maximize their availability to capacity? What is the role of a 3PL in helping shippers meet their objectives and win this capacity competition? How is capacity assurance a competition?

2018 Outlook of the Capacity Crunch: Buckle Up…


The end of 2017 shaping up to present one of the strictest capacity crunch for 2018, explains Chris Brady of Logistics Viewpoints. percent of all tracking availability and capacity, but that has since tightened. 2018 May See the Worst Outlook of the Capacity Crunch in History.

Drayage Capacity Update

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Much has been written lately about the domestic trucking capacity problem. The strong economy combined with the aging driver population and increasing regulations have made finding domestic capacity challenging for many cargo types and lanes.

Skinning the tight-capacity cat

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It's getting rough on the roads for truck shippers. But is a rate hosing foreordained? Transportation

High-Capacity Powered Pallet Truck

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Combilift has launched a new high-capacity powered pallet truck, the Combi-PPT, which includes an optional operator’s platform enabling stand-on or walk behind operation

The Current State of the Shipping Capacity Crunch


The shipping capacity crunch is not a new topic, but the end of 2017 is shaping up to reveal an unprecedented crunch, reports Chris Brady of Logistics Viewpoints. The Shipping Capacity Crunch Is Back After an Active Storm Season. As capacity tightens, driver wages will grow inherently.

10 Steps to Surviving & Thriving in a Capacity Crunch


The capacity crunch is starting to take hold of the shipping industry. However, this capacity crunch is likely to exceed even the worst capacity crunches in history, says Karen Sage of Talking Logistics With Adrian Gonzalez. Yet, shippers can turn their fears into opportunities; they can continue thriving in a capacity crunch by following these steps. Know the Causes Is the Starting Point to Thriving in a Capacity Crunch. Capacity Crunch

Technology Considerations to Combat a Shipper Capacity Crunch


The electronic logging device (ELD) mandate compliance date is around the corner, and shipping capacity is tightening at a phenomenal rate. As the shipping industry prepares to face these challenges, figuring out how to take advantage of available shipping capacity can be challenging. However, shippers can help overcome the challenges of a shipper capacity crunch by considering how technology can help. Capacity Crunch Technology

Navigating the Transportation Capacity Crunch

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Shippers know all too well that the strain on truck capacity and supply chain resources continues to have an impact, and the overall capacity issue will remain for the long-haul. The post Navigating the Transportation Capacity Crunch appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints. Just this week, forecasters warned that the 2018 hurricane season could be more active than usual, unfortunately as busy as the stormy 2017 season that brought unprecedented damage to many areas.

Capacity Crisis: Four Mistakes Shippers Make Regarding Density-Based Freight


Capacity is a very real problem impacting companies in all verticals, especially those who ship density-based freight that present further challenges. It’s no secret that the growth in the economy coupled with shortage of drivers and the ELD mandate has led to a serious capacity crisis in Less than Truckload and Full Truckload freight. Capacity Crunch Freight TransportationThe freight & transportation landscape is reaching critical mass.

Reduced transport capacity – the shortage of drivers and its impact on industry and trade


Shippers are feeling the effects of scarce transport capacities in the market. The driver shortage is affecting available transport capacities. If they are in luck, they may find and contract with another carrier that has free freight space despite the driver shortage and scarce transport capacities. What can be done to deliver on time to the customer despite the driver shortage and bottlenecks in transport capacities? network shortage of drivers transport capacities

Capacity Update: What’s Causing Tightening Capacity?

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It isn’t ground breaking news that capacity is tight but between Mother Nature’s impacts on the east and west coasts, the new ELD mandate, and the busy holidays, it has been even tougher for asset-based companies and brokers to cover freight. What does this mean for capacity?

Freight Management Logistics for Lean Capacity Times

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In light of the current freight capacity crunch, the freight management logistics operations of many companies have devolved into scrambling to find trucks for pending loads. While that may be a very real and necessary approach at the moment, “scrambling” is not a great long-term strategy. Shippers need to change the way they work with carriers in this seller’s market. Supply Chain Challenges Freight Transportation Truck Drivers

Rising Costs and Lower Capacity in the Domestic Truckload Market

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2018 is off to a strong start for the economy and manufacturing, but there is a shortage of available truckload capacity on the spot market. More Freight, Less Capacity. Do not let the constraint and capacity of 2018 ruin your budget before it even gets started.

Transportation Industry Braces for a Looming Transportation Capacity Crunch Crisis in 2017


Expected Transportation Capacity Issues. The concern and dialog about the transportation capacity issues for our country have bridged the past two decades and beyond. 4 Drivers of the Looming Transportation Capacity Crisis of 2017.

[PODCAST] Why Shippers Looking for Capacity & High Service Levels Need the Right Carrier Mix & Logistics Fundamentals Focus


What are some not so commonly known tips, as it relates to be more carrier friendly, that shippers should focus on to find capacity during this capacity crunch. Listen to “Why Shippers Who want to Find Capacity & Keep Service Levels High Must have the Right Carrier Mix & Focus on the Logistics Fundamentals” on Spreaker. Capacity & Carrier Metrics Resources to Download.

Current State of the Capacity Crunch


However, inconsistencies in service levels, including the use of inaccurate data, an economy that hinges on the state of foreign markets (think China), and changes to regulations and labor requirements are continuing to impact the capacity of the shipping industry. Unfortunately, the capacity crunch is real, and shippers need to know how to face the prospects of a slower 2016 to stay competitive and meet the demands of their customers and partner businesses.

Grappling with the capacity crunch

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With capacity already strained at many hubs, the threat of increased regulatory restrictions on trade is adding further uncertainty for manufacturers moving forward. There are capacity constraints and erratic vessel schedules, some due to port congestion.”.

[PODCAST] Why Transportation Management Data Has Carriers & Shippers Forging Collaborative Relationships to Beat the Capacity Crunch


The Role of Transportation Management Data for Improved Carrier Relations In this episode Kevin and Cerasis’ Marketing Manager & “The Freight Project Podcast” host, Adam Robinson discuss how transportation management data aids shippers & carriers to forge fact-based, transparent partnerships to aid in beating a capacity crunch. Both shippers and carriers have historically used capacity swings in their favor to gouge the other.

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Extreme Capacity Hydraulic Lift Tables

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Presto ECOA has introduced MLT Series heavy-duty hydraulic lift tables, which are designed to handle extreme high capacity loads of up to 120,000 pounds (96,000 pounds end/side capacity

Rush for space on Asia-Europe as box carriers spark new capacity crunch

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North European shippers are scrambling to book space on October sailings to Asia ahead of a new capacity crunch. The post Rush for space on Asia-Europe as box carriers spark new capacity crunch appeared first on The Loadstar.

5 Tips for Surviving (and Possibly Thriving in) a Capacity Shortage

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For those who keep a close eye on freight market trends and have lived through past capacity shortages, the signals arrived early this year that the freight market would quickly tighten, and that rates would soon spike. Surviving (and possibly thriving in) a capacity shortage.