Industry braces for Trump tariffs on Mexico

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Supply chains could be adversely affected, especially ones like the automotive industry, which utilizes parts that cross borders often Tariffs could hurt freight transportation companies since Mexico is one of the United States’ biggest trading partners.

How Virtual Reality is Transforming the Trucking Industry


However, the advanced application of technology is beginning to gain traction and be recognized for its improvement of training programs in a multitude of industries. The post How Virtual Reality is Transforming the Trucking Industry appeared first on Kuebix.

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Industry maintains strong economic outlook

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Logistics and transportation professionals optimistic about the U.S. economy, revenues and profitability, company survey shows. Strategy

Will the Freight Industry Move to a Discounted Pricing Model Like the Stock Brokerage Industry?

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To answer that question, let’s examine some of the similarities between the two industries. Back in the 70’s and 80’s full-service stock brokerages dominated the industry. The industry leaders, like Merrill Lynch, E.F

Building AI to Unlearn Bias in Recruiting

help it tune for the specific use case and industry. Building AI to Unlearn Bias in. Recruiting How to use AI and machine learning to ensure diversity in the. workforce By the creators of AllyO, the end-to-end AI recruiter Bias is a problem we.

3 Tech Trends Reshaping the Logistics Industry

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By optimizing workflows and order picking/packing accuracy; improving inventory management; and better utilizing human labor, technology is literally reshaping the logistics industry. The post 3 Tech Trends Reshaping the Logistics Industry appeared first on Now That's Logistics.

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6 Significant Effects of E-Commerce in the Warehouse Industry


In today’s e-commerce era, the demand for a convenient online shopping experience has made the role of warehouses and distribution centers highly critical and complex. Warehouses face an imperative to improve processes and reduce costs to meet customer demands brought by e-commerce.

Transportation-industry economist launches website

DC Velocity's chief economist, Noël Perry, says Transport Futures site will offer insight and data for transport decision makers. Strategy

Year 2025 – The Future of the 3PL Industry with Andrew Kelley

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01:54] What will the 3PL industry look like in 2025? 12:30] Tell us about some of the trends you think are going to impact the industry over the next five years. Historically, a lot of the industry hasn’t embraced technology. Consolidation will be one of the ways the upper half of the 3PL industry will better compete. 40:34] Why, in the last decade, are there suddenly so many investors interested in the logistics industry? [00:21] Opening / Introduction. [00:57]

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Looking outside our industry for business lessons

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Instead of benchmarking ourselves against businesses in our own industry, perhaps we would be better served to look elsewhere and see how folks are doing things in industries that are adjacent to ours or even unrelated to what we do

Labor Shortage Hurts Logistics Industry

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Warehouse growth driven by e-commerce is running smack into the reality of nearly full employment

Industry Trend on the Rise for Supply Chain and Logistics: Automation


Industry players have already begun experimenting with technologies like robotics and artificial intelligence. While automation in the supply chain is still in an early-adoption phase, the impact that it could have on the industry is significant. Industry Supply Chain

Working More Efficiently with Third-Party Haulers in the Construction Materials Industry

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Those are two questions heard daily in every industry. But it’s especially true in the construction materials industry where time is indeed money. The post Working More Efficiently with Third-Party Haulers in the Construction Materials Industry appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez. Where’s my truck? Where’s my shipment? Historically, answering those questions has been a challenge, particularly for companies that use third-party haulers.

Supply Chain Transformation in the Oil and Energy Industry

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There is a lot of discussion today about supply chain transformation, most of it focused on the consumer goods and retail industries, but there are many challenges and opportunities in the Oil and Energy industry too. It’s an industry that has a major impact on the world economy and on our personal lives. The post Supply Chain Transformation in the Oil and Energy Industry appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez.

Companies report double-digit growth in industrial IoT usage

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Industrial firms are getting more sophisticated in their use of IoT for asset management, customer services, IFS survey shows. Technology

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Isuzu crafts beer truck for booming industry

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The company worked with a craft brewer to develop a truck that can be used for deliveries and at live events to promote the brew

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UniCarriers to hold Forklift Industry Summit

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Meeting planned for Oct. 10 in Miami. Lift Trucks

Port of Vancouver opens light-industrial building

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Vancouver, Wash., facility offers 125,000 square feet for clients in advanced manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution. Material Handling

How Traffic Congestion Affects the Trucking Industry

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According to the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), traffic congestion cost the trucking industry a stunning $74.5 Inching along in snarled up traffic isn’t great for anyone’s stress level, but when a truck driver is stuck in traffic, it’s not just a matter of annoyance.

E-Commerce Speeds Industrial Real Estate Transformation

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Warehousing is expected to grow by double digits while facilities add more technology

2019 U.S. Water Industry Outlook – Introduction

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Water Industry Outlook […]. Water Industry Outlook – Introduction appeared first on The Ledger - Mazars USA. Water Industry Outlook has been released! This podcast is geared towards those with an interest or involvement with the water or wastewater industries (a great listen for operators, service providers, regulators, investors and analysts). PODCAST | Water Group May 16, 2019 Jerome Devillers Chase Drossos Pape Ka Description The 2019 U.S.

Delivery Drones? Industrial Paper Airplanes!

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Industrial Paper Airplanes! Who didn’t fold paper airplanes as a kid? I sure did. Threw them out my bedroom window, until the neighbors complained about all the paper in their backyard… Is it a bird? Is it a drone? No, it’s a… Otherlab has taken this childhood pastime and formed it into a very clever low-cost highly efficient delivery system. Where until now […]. The post Delivery Drones? appeared first on LOGISTICSMATTER.

Industrial Tractor-Trailer System

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Air Technical Industries (ATI) has introduced the Tug Master, a tow truck and cart transport system designed to streamline product flow through facilities

Slowing economy spells pause for industrial real estate market

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But savvy developers will pursue inland port opportunities and growing demand for urban fulfillment centers, new research shows. Strategy

A digital supply chain for the chemical industry


The digital supply chain is predicted to have an especially significant impact on many areas of the chemical industry, leading to optimized business processes, faster decision-making and continuous performance improvements.

Tendering Techniques for the Hotel Industry

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The post Tendering Techniques for the Hotel Industry appeared first on SIPMM ACADEMY. Purchasing refers to the process of ordering and receiving goods and services. It is a part of the bigger procurement process.

Freight-industry metrics are softening

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FTR's Trucking Condition Index falls to its lowest level in 10 months; ACT's NA Commercial Vehicle Outlook slows for a second straight month

Students predict future of transportation industry

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MercuryGate names winners of essay contest. Technology

Quarterly Industry Report: Q1 of 2019


Quarterly Industry Report: Q1 of 2019. Three months into 2019, the industry has already experienced a number of developments impacting shippers and carriers alike. Our quarterly industry report is your one-stop-shop. Interested in expanding your industry horizons?

The Impact of Modern Safety Systems on the Trucking Industry

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Undoubtedly, the trucking industry has experienced an abundance of changes. Arguably, it can be noted that the trucking industry is definitely embarking the technical revolution. The only thing that hasn’t altered in the trucking industry is the industry basics.

Four Requirements for a Successful Industry 4.0 Initiative


Whether you call it Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), or Smart Manufacturing, there’s no denying that manufacturing is evolving at a pace never seen before. The post Four Requirements for a Successful Industry 4.0 All Industries ManufacturingWe are living in the dawn of a new era. With the dawn comes illumination, but not necessarily clarity. The breakneck speed with which companies are figuring out […].

2018 Industry Trends: Air Freight

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With air freight shipping on the rise, the industry is scaling up dramatically as shippers and retailers expand their operations to new markets all over the world. But the industry still has a long way to go in terms of modernizing and aligning its transportation efforts. The global parcel supply chain is still full of … Continue reading "2018 Industry Trends: Air Freight". The post 2018 Industry Trends: Air Freight appeared first on Brighter Logistics Blog

Inventory Management in Service Logistics Industry

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Not really because each industry is different, and so are organizations within the same industry and even different divisions within the same organization have their own unique drivers and constraints. Hence following so-called industry trends may not always yield targeted results.

Georgia’s Life Sciences Industry to Benefit from Agreement Between Atlanta and Amsterdam Airports

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Based on data from USA Trade Online, the state of Georgia’s life science industry could be big winners. This week’s Freightwaves article looks at the recent agreement between Atlanta’s airport and Schiphol, Amsterdam’s airport.

United Fresh publishes new produce industry report

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The United Fresh Produce Association recently published the fifth edition of its Produce Industry Compensation & Benefits Report, a research resource intended to assist produce industry employers in understanding critical compensation benchmarks