Salesforce tool expedites direct and indirect emissions accounting

The Supply Chain Journal

However, it does have built-in tools to make the auditing process more efficient. How much carbon does the transportation industry emit annually? The previously complicated and monthslong process of carbon accounting can now take less than a day, according to Salesforce.

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BringgGreen offers retailers new tools for eco-friendly delivery

The Supply Chain Journal

Delivery and fulfillment cloud platform provider Bringg has introduced a new tool for retailers, the BringgGreen Sustainability Tech Practice. The FreightTech 100 shines a spotlight on some of the most innovative companies across the industry.

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Best Pool Service Tools: Essential Tools for Pool Service Technicians


Pool service technicians trust in various tools because of the wide range of projects they face. They rely on specialty tools like lid wrenches, nets, and vacuum hoses. But there are a set of tools not geared for the pool industry, which make up a vital component of the toolkit.

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Best Window Cleaning Tools: 11 Tools For Window Cleaning Professionals


In any manual service industry, being efficient is vital. You need to have the tools for success if you intend for your window cleaning business to be profitable. We want to take the difficulty out of entering this industry by helping you learn what window cleaner tools you will need.

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Just In: Inventory Optimization Research

How are organizations performing on inventory optimization? How can new technologies help your team improve? Find out in this new research report.

Top Tools for eCommerce Businesses

Ship Monk

Every fairy godmother needs her magic wand, every knight needs his shining armor, and every eCommerce business owner needs their tools. Tech tools, that is. Tools for Marketing (and Sales). Drift , a tool we use daily here at ShipMonk. Tools for Business Management.

Some tools to help fix the technician shortage

Fleet Owner

Industry needs to focus on parents and influences of “peripheral” students — those kids 13-18 years old who are drawn to hands-on, do-it-yourself, mechanically minded activities

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Supply Chain Transformation Readiness Tool

Material Handling and Logistics

has launched an IDN (integrated delivery network) Readiness Assessment for Supply Chain Transformation for the healthcare industry TECSYS Inc.

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16 Essential Chimney Sweeping Tools Your Techs Need


Having the right chimney cleaning tools makes the process go by a lot smoother. With advancements in professional chimney sweeping tools, several options have hit the market, and we’re here to review the best of them for you. 16 Must-Have Chimney Sweeping Tools.

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Update on the Automotive Industry

Logistics Trends and Insights

The automotive industry has undergone quite the transformation from the days of Henry Ford and the Model T. There are five factors driving these changes in the industry, according to a PwC study which uses the acronym “easy” to explain what it calls “mobility of the future.”

Building AI to Unlearn Bias in Recruiting

Automated resume screening for job matching There are video interviewing tools out there that. help it tune for the specific use case and industry. Building AI to Unlearn Bias in. Recruiting How to use AI and machine learning to ensure diversity in the.

Trucker Tools launches initiatives to help brokers, truckers on the front lines of COVID-19 fight

Logistics Management

Trucker Tools, a Reston, Va.-based

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Instant Online Quoting Will be an Essential Tool for Liner Carriers


Mediterranean shipping company’s new self-serve tool. The German line Hapag-Lloyd was first to market with an instant quoting tool called Quick Quotes. Their Chief Digital Officer, Ralf Belusa, noted that such tools are all about ease of doing business.

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The 20 Best HVAC Tools For Field Service Techs


If you’re entering the HVAC industry, you’ll want to make sure you are equipped with the proper tools for success, which range from the basic essentials to those that are nice to have, but not necessarily mandatory. Whether you’re on a service call or doing routine maintenance, you need to make sure you have reliable and durable tools available to you at a moment’s notice in order to help get the job done quickly and efficiently. HVAC Hand Tools. HVAC Safety Tools.

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Using RFID system at the tooling department of an Aircraft Maintenance Center

Logistics at MPEPS at UPV

In our case the problem wasn’t with the parts storage, but with the tooling storage. Then, we decided to apply a technique, usually used to better track the boxes or pallets in a traditional warehouse, to our tools. The tags were attached to the boxes of most of the tools.


Howard Tenens wins Cromwell Tools contract

The LoadStar

Leicestershire based Tools supplier Cromwell Tools, has chosen Howard Tenens as their distribution partner to facilitate their national branch distribution from Q3 2018. The post Howard Tenens wins Cromwell Tools contract appeared first on The Loadstar. Company News Industrial Land Supply chain Cromwell Tools Howard Tenens

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P&O Ferries backs use of CNS fast track freight tool for hauliers

247 Customs Broker

3PL Brexit Customs Features ferry Industry News Ireland Magazine Archive customs broker customs clearance freight imports logistics shipping

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Cloud Logistics: A Supply Chain Optimization Tool

Morai Logistics

In response to growing demands, experts consider cloud logistics as an optmization tool for the transportation supply chain industry in 2019. In addition to improving our every day lives, it also enables industries to advance and optimize communications, operations, production and servicing. For the supply chain and logistics industry, technology continues to shape the way products are distributed across the globe.

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Nine Killer Digital Tools for Logistics Professionals


What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them. As ships evolve from barges to Maersk EEEs, digital tools for logistics professionals evolve too. These are our top digital tools that make life easier for logistics professionals, from sales teams, operations teams and transportation managers to just about any freight professional.

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Top Four Ways to Score Savings Using Freight Optimization Tools

Talking Logistics

“March Madness” is in full swing in college basketball and some industry analysts might also use a similar term to describe the current transportation environment: “Rate Madness!”. Adding a Transportation Management System (TMS) with support for all modes and powerful optimization tools can be a great game plan to help shippers continue to gain efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve service to customers. A TMS and optimization tools can help with all of the above, including speed.

Trucker Tools Adds Loadsure Online Cargo Insurance to Mobile Driver App

Supply Chain Brain

Trucker Tools, a solutions provider for the transportation industry, recently announced that it has added cargo insurance provider Loadsure as a new feature available through its carrier engagement platform for brokers and truckers, and on the Trucker Tools mobile driver app

Scaling Technology to Enhance Customer Engagement

Talking Logistics

This is true for all stakeholders in the industry, but especially for logistics service providers (LSPs). Episode Highlights freight brokers GlobalTranz Trucker Tools

TireHub’s Digital Transformation Shakes Up the Tire Wholesale Industry

Logistics Viewpoints

TireHub was founded in July 2018 with the idea to transform the wholesale tire industry. The wholesale tire industry is more complicated than one might envision. Supply chain planning technology is one of the main tools needed for TireHub’s digital transformation.

Amway cuts costs with transportation procurement tool


The challenge For many years, Amway had used a generic sourcing tool that only facilitated communications with the company’s carriers rather than providing access to a supplier database and a collaborative environment to conduct sourcing events. Even with the e-procurement tool, Amway’s Global Trade Operations group still relied on Excel to consolidate and analyze the data, a time-consuming process requiring hundreds of hours of data manipulation and cleansing.

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Find a Tanker Washout with New Bulk Connection Finder Tool

Bulk Connection

Tank washes are a necessary part of life for us in the bulk freight industry. Bulk Transportation Dry Bulk Transport Liquid Bulk Transport Freight Industry IssuesThey can also be a very frustrating one. Locating a tank wash isn’t always quick and easy – and locating one that has the services and amenities you require can be even more daunting. But you now have a new ally in your search for a tanker washout – the Bulk Connection Tank Wash Finder.

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7 ways technology augments effective procurement in the shipping industry

FreightWaves SONAR

Load capacity limits play a crucial part in a supply chain network organization, logistics metrics management, and procurement in the shipping industry. Procurement in the shipping industry faces several problems without technology.

The Food Industry Needs Visibility In The Supply Chain

Trinity Logistics

Of all industries, the food industry needs data and visibility in the supply chain readily available when it comes to their shipping. The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and the rise of recalls adds in extra pressure for the food industry to have visibility.

TD146: Personal Safety Tips For Truckers

Trucker Dump

trucking BLM on roadways BLM protests personal safety personal safety tips for truckers truck driving truck safety trucker stories trucker tools trucking industry trucking jobs trucking lifeWe are living in a world full of nut-jobs.

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Why Freight Brokers Must Stay the Course on Digital Transformation

Talking Logistics

That saying is especially true this year with what companies across all industries, including freight brokers, are experiencing during the pandemic. What are the leaders in the industry doing? “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

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Digital Advancements in the Logistics Industry

MTS Logistics

As the ongoing coronavirus pandemic continues to put downward pressure on the shipping industry, organizations have an obligation to operate more efficiently and profitably. The post Digital Advancements in the Logistics Industry appeared first on More Than Shipping.

3 Tools to Minimize Waste: A Boon to Lean Manufacturing Strategies


Lean manufacturing is one of the leading waste minimization technologies inside a manufacturing industry. Most of the manufacturing industries have already incorporated lean manufacturing strategies to undermine the non-additive materials from their products. The 3 Most Important Tools for Lean Manufacturing Strategies 1.) It is a systematic approach to identifying the waste or non-value added materials and removing them to give out the best quality material to the customer.

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What Long Term Trends Will Emerge In The Retail Industry?

GoShip Blog

While some industries experience a decline in sales, others see positive shifts. Disinfecting wipes, sanitizer, and other cleaning tools are clearly viral products among consumers. blog retail retail compliance retail industry retail shipping

Industrial Printer Portfolio Strengthened

Logistics Business Magazine

TSC Printronix Auto ID , a global leader in barcode label printing solutions, adds real-time 1D and 2D barcode verification tools to its popular Printronix Auto ID T6000e series mid-range industrial printers.

Slice’s Safer Cutting Tools: Many Options to Fit Your Needs

Material Handling and Logistics

After all, the blade is what cuts you and accidental lacerations are a problem across industries. Safety always comes first at Slice®. When we started making safer knives, the first question we asked was: How can we make the blade safer?

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Forecast for 2025 Construction Technology

Talking Logistics

The construction industry is growing thanks to a strong economy, forecasted to reach $1.2 Guest Commentary Guest Commentary - Command Alkon Industry Trends cloud-based collaboration tools Command Alkon construction industry construction technology Internet of Things wearable devicestrillion in the US by 2020, according to Tradesmen International, and the global construction output is forecast to rise to $12.7 trillion in 2022, up from $10.6