Kion strategy adapts to digitization trends

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StrategyDematic acquisition and hot lift truck demand contribute to $9.4 billion revenue, firm says.

Target experiments with faster supply chain strategy

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The post Target experiments with faster supply chain strategy appeared first on The Loadstar. US retailer Target is testing a new supply chain management approach as it looks to maintain a brick-and-mortar presence and keep the concept of bricks-and-mortar relevant.

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Strategies for Improving Client Relationships

Apparel Logistics

Strategies for Improving Client Relationships

Intel, Cost Reduction Strategy

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Intel decided to try what was considered an unlikely supply chain strategy: a true make-to-order scenario. Intel Corporation, an American multinational corporation and technology company, is the world’s second largest and highest valued semiconductor chip makers. It’s also the world’s largest supplier of CPUs (Central Processing Units) for personal computers with about 90% market share.

CBP details e-commerce strategy

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The post CBP details e-commerce strategy appeared first on 247 Customs Broker. U.S.

Strategies for Embracing the Internet of Things

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SC Planning & Optimization Supply Chain Visibility Business Strategy Alignment Global Supply Chain ManagementA fair number of companies are leaning toward the latter view. While they might embrace the underlying concept of the IoT, they’re dubious about their ability to manage the resulting flood of data in a meaningful way. How, for example, can they distinguish between information that’s relevant to the organization, and that which is useless?

3PLs can profit from technology-driven shift in manufacturing strategy

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3PLs could see higher profit margins from the manufacturing sector this year – but while this will be a consequence of a shift in manufacturing strategies, providers will need to adapt quickly to the changes. Strategies will focus more on consumer demand and experience, efficient workflows.

Union leader questions CBP border investment strategy

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The post Union leader questions CBP border investment strategy appeared first on 247 Customs Broker. The head of the union representing U.S.

IMO set to unveil strategy on GHG emissions in shipping

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Next week will see the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) unveil its strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) in shipping. The post IMO set to unveil strategy on GHG emissions in shipping appeared first on The Loadstar.

XPO puts "differently abled" employees to work

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StrategyTransport and logistics giant launches pilot program in Pennsylvania.

Are You Strategic about Data-Driven Logistics Strategy?

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Logistics strategy has evolved over the past few years. This put a lot of pressure on shippers as the old strategy of yelling louder at their carrier was no longer effective to reduce costs. The trend is now towards being data-driven with the data dictating the strategies. As a result, shippers essentially have gone from subjectively strategic, using strategies based on hunches, to objectively strategic with strategies driven by data.

ONE unveils strategy for billion-dollar cost savings and million-dollar profits

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The post ONE unveils strategy for billion-dollar cost savings and million-dollar profits appeared first on The Loadstar.

3 Important Strategies to Improve Your Supply Chain in 2018

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This post highlights three strategic areas which many companies overlooked in 2017; strategy, security & interaction, and how to best achieve improvements in these areas. On this topic, Jeff Metersky, VP of customer success strategy at LLamasoft, writes: Supply chain professionals should absolutely strive to better understand demand; after all, demand is one of the most important factors impacting your overall supply chain design.

Customs sets e-commerce strategy to combat thieves and terrorists

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The rapidly expanding e-commerce market is presenting would-be thieves or terrorists new ways to create havoc. That is why in March the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) released its initial e-commerce plan to combat illicit or dangerous produ

PepsiCo, The Problems of a Wrong Distribution Strategy.

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PepsiCo, The Problems of a Wrong Distribution Strategy. When a company enters a foreign market, the keys to its success is the distribution strategy, the channels it uses, as well as market know-how and customer knowledge and understanding. The case study of PepsiCo, provides evidence of the situation that a company faces when its distribution strategy is not correct.

Omni-Channel Order Management Strategies for Success

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The post Omni-Channel Order Management Strategies for Success appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints. I recently wrote an article about the factors contributing to the growth of the omni-channel order management system (OMS) market. Some of these factors include changing customer expectations, the rise of B2B use cases, the store’s changing role in the retail landscape, and the use of artificial intelligence.

Investors worry as major box lines still falter on strategy for low-sulphur laws

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sulphur cap regulations, container lines still have no clear strategy on how they will comply, and how the change will be paid for. The post Investors worry as major box lines still falter on strategy for low-sulphur laws appeared first on The Loadstar.

Marketplaces becoming popular among global online shoppers, UPS-commissioned survey says

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StrategyConsumers seeking different delivery options, survey finds.

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Logistics and the strangling of strategy – from the LIWArchives

Logistics in War

However, the impact of logistics on strategy is just as significant and ultimately more profound. Logistic systems and supply chains, and the concepts that drive their formation, are as influential on strategy at least as much, if not more, than strategy should be in determining them.

What is a Shared Distribution Strategy?

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So what is a Shared Distribution Strategy, and how can it help my organization to overcome Supply Chain Challenges? Efficient Supply Chain

Choosing the Right 3PL to Align with Your Business Strategy

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Most shippers don’t spend much time worrying about who is driving the trucks carrying their goods, but choosing a 3PL with the right carrier network makes all the difference when your business is expanding.

Mobile Technology Adoption – The Weakest Link in Your Delivery Strategy?

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The post Mobile Technology Adoption – The Weakest Link in Your Delivery Strategy? If there was a subject that I should not be writing about now, it’s this one. Mobile applications and technology have advanced considerably. However, too many implementations struggle to rollout successfully because they underestimate the challenges that exist in getting drivers to use it correctly and consistently.

Execution IS A Strategy


First, it is interesting that "flawless execution" does not get the respect it deserves and if you dedicate your life to this you are somehow working on something "less" than strategy. The top performers deal with strategy and all others deal with the day to day execution - or so the top consultants will say. As Adrian rightly points out: does anyone believe HP needs different strategies or innovation?

Reading, writing, and really big trucks

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StrategyCalifornia high school launches truck-driving course.

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CSCMP launches Supply Chain Professionals Day

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StrategyAnnual event set for the third Monday in May, will include online photo campaign.

Omni-Channel Strategy and Intermodal Transport in Globalized Supply Chains

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Omni-channel strategies prove to be an effective method for meeting on-demand delivery for consumers and providing efficient solutions for shippers. Research presented supports an industry shift from traditional to Omni-channel strategy, finding that it enables third party logistic (3PL) providers to offer all distribution initiatives. Omni-Channel Strategy.

4 Smart Strategies to Attract and Retain Warehouse Workers


Like in every organization, in warehousing too, it’s the people who make a business. At a time when warehouse workers are swift to move from one warehouse to another, retaining them may seem to be a daunting task. There are lot of challenges that managers face when it comes to attracting, recruiting and retaining workforce for warehouses. And, it holds true for lower through mid-levels of warehouse employees.

Three top retailer groups warn Trump against slapping broad-based tariffs on Chinese goods

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StrategyTariffs on apparel, footwear imports would cost Americans dearly, NRF, RILA, AAFA say.

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Inventory Modeling Leads to a Winning Strategy

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The Apparel Logistics Group offers inventory modeling services to help your business develop winning strategies that can boost sales, lower costs, and lead to success Logistics companies use data to help their clients make smart inventory choices.

Survival Strategies for Brands and Traditional Retailers

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Well over half of Black Friday shoppers visited brick-and-mortar stores in 2017, according to Deb Gabor, chief executive officer of Sol Marketing , a brand strategy consultancy. As Amazon has shown, e-tailers can play the brick-and-mortar game, too, while combining that strategy with their mastery of online merchandising. But the strategy comes at a high cost, and it raises the question of whether retailers can afford to employ such individuals year-round.

The Canadian Transportation Market: Strategies for Improving Cost and Service

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Podcast version (click to play): The post The Canadian Transportation Market: Strategies for Improving Cost and Service appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez.

Creating a Great Logistics Strategy

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What are the hallmarks of a great logistics strategy? It’s true that with widely different businesses you’re going to see widely different logistics strategies, but there are a few fundamentals that any strategy should have covered

Reducing Freight Strategies for your Apparel Business Intelligently

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Consider the following strategies to reduce your freight costs without compromising the customer service for which you're known. Freight costs are some of the most significant expenses that all apparel brands incur.

Innovative “night gates” strategy is easing congestion at Port of Oakland

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An innovative strategy to alleviate congestion on San Francisco Bay freeways, bridges, and cargo-centric arteries by extending nighttime operations was implemented by Oakland International Container Terminal (OICT) two years ago. According to the port, the solution has exceeded all expectations

#DCVrocks: Davison aces December issue's threefer

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StrategySend us your January-issue answers by midnight Pacific time tonight to be entered into our next prize drawing.

Do you know a Rainmaker?

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StrategyNominations for logistics leaders due March 15.

Editor’s Pick: Updating Your Planning Strategies to Industry 4.0

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Are you on board? ” — I shared strategies to digitalize the planning office with advanced planning technology to keep abreast with in an industry that is increasingly replacing the human workforce with robotics to gain better efficiency, increase cost-savings and build higher agility.

Kion reiterates growth forecast for 2018

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StrategyLift truck and supply chain services vendor continues push into digital technologies.

Watch your step

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StrategyStaffing firm offers advice for avoiding winter's slips, trips, and falls.

Warehouse network ill-suited for e-commerce needs, report finds

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StrategyNew construction activity makes just minor dent in the problem, CBRE says.