Sourcing Strategy: Effective vs Efficient with Ron Crabtree

The Logistics of Logistics

Sourcing Strategy: Effective vs Efficient with Ron Crabtree. Joe Lynch and Ron Crabtree discuss sourcing strategy: effective vs efficient. Key Takeaways – Sourcing Strategy: Effective vs Efficient. Learn More About Sourcing Strategy: Effective vs Efficient.

A Playbook for Supply Chain Strategy

Logistics Viewpoints

But strategy is often more prosaic. For example, when it comes to supply chain strategy, there is a playbook that can be followed. The post A Playbook for Supply Chain Strategy appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints. Learning & Leadership strategy supply chainWhen we think of strategists, we tend to think of men (C-level folks are still mostly men) with giant foreheads seeing things the rest of us cannot.


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Estonia as an example of technology leader

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For example, the process of set up a new company doesn´t take more than 20 minutes what makes Estonia as one of the most entrepreneurship countries in the world and from where companies as Skype was set up. Other examples of successful policies of Estonia government is the develop of a system called x-Road which allows to share information between institutions. But can be that example be implemented in larger countries? [link].

3 Tips For Shipping Strategy Success In 2021

GoShip Blog

And while uncertainty still hangs over many businesses, others are adopting new practices to shore up their shipping strategies in a post-COVID marketplace. Preparing a successful shipping strategy for 2021. will be a vital tool to small business shipping strategy in 2021.

Post-COVID Supply Chain Planning: Steps to Take Now for Rapid Recovery

Speaker: Dave Food, Strategy Director at Prophetic Technology

Supply Chain Executives need to empower their teams to navigate through and beyond the impact of COVID-19 with powerful insights and integrated supply chain networks so that real-time change can be quickly responded to and organizations can come out of this leading from the front. Join this webinar with Dave Food, Strategy Director, Prophetic Technology, who will provide insights into planning for a post-COVID world.

Inventory Replenishment Strategies that Increase Profits


Inventory Replenishment Strategies to Boost Profitability. To overcome all these inventory management risks, you need a toolbox of effective inventory replenishment strategies. 5 Inventory Replenishment Strategies to Increase Profits. What is Inventory Replenishment?

3 Things Good, Lean Visuals Have In Common & Mieruka: The Four Different Types of Visuals with Examples


To find out more information about the examples in this post, please visit Magnatag Visible Systems website. Mieruka : The Four Different Types of Lean Visuals with Examples. Here we discuss the purpose and definition of each category, and provide examples from Toyota’s factories and service oriented companies. Each section will soon provide links to more examples used within Toyota.

What’s Your Tariff Strategy?

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These steps aren’t one-time actionable steps but rather long-term focuses that should be implemented alongside other operational and business strategies.

2021 Strategies for Inventory Management and Supply Chain Recovery


In a perfect world, supply chain managers would be able to foresee every possible risk and threat to their supply chain and have a strategy prepared to successfully address any challenges when the moment came. For example, did you take out a loan through the Paycheck Protection Program ?

3 Strategies to build your freight broker book of business

FreightWaves SONAR

So, what’s the best strategy for building a book of business as a freight broker? Like most all other business activities, there are many different strategies for building your book of business as a freight broker. 3 strategies to build a freight broker book of business.

Editor’s Choice: Retailers: Is Your Transportation Strategy Ready for Peak Season?

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For example, there is […]. The post Editor’s Choice: Retailers: Is Your Transportation Strategy Ready for Peak Season? Note: Today’s post is part of our “Editor’s Choice” series where we highlight recent posts published by our sponsors that provide supply chain insights and advice. This week, Logitsyx Technologies asks if retailers are ready for peak season.

4 Important Benefits of a Sustainable Reverse Logistics Strategy


However, one of the most important aspects of supply chain strategies is often overlooked: the reverse supply chain (also referred to as reverse logistics ). A reverse logistics strategy provides a path for removing the existing equipment to make way for the next era of equipment in the case of end of life products or new upgrdes. In a sense, reverse logistics could be considered the “greenest” part of any business logistics strategy.

Are You Strategic about Data-Driven Logistics Strategy?

Logistics Problem Solving

Logistics strategy has evolved over the past few years. This put a lot of pressure on shippers as the old strategy of yelling louder at their carrier was no longer effective to reduce costs. The trend is now towards being data-driven with the data dictating the strategies. As a result, shippers essentially have gone from subjectively strategic, using strategies based on hunches, to objectively strategic with strategies driven by data.

FedEx CIO Attests to Data-Driven Strategies in Pandemic Times

IoT World Today

As organizations continue to adapt to the roller-coaster ride of 2020, some leaders’ pre-pandemic IT strategies brought business resilience even as COVID-19 struck. Data-Driven Strategies Become Core Value Proposition. Blockchain Still Core to FedEx’s Data-Driven Strategies.

Business Growth Management: Tips and Strategies to Keep Up With Your Growing Business


A few examples of recurring tasks include: Responding to emails or sending updates; Scheduling; Shipping and inventory management; Analytics and website tracking; Posting to social media. Another example of using software to automate tasks is a social media management dashboard.


Logistics at MPEPS at UPV

For example, imagine when someone selects a piece of furniture to buy. In the phase before the products reach the store, IKEA distribution service makes sure all goods are transported from suppliers to stores. However, once in the stores, logistics handles the off-loading and arrangement of goods. IKEA was founded in 1943, in Sweden. IKEA focused on offering a wide range of good quality, stylish, well-designed, and functional furniture at a low cost so that more people could afford it.

Are You Strategic about Data-Driven Logistics Strategy?

Logistics Problem Solving

Logistics strategy has evolved over the past few years. This put a lot of pressure on shippers as the old strategy of yelling louder at their carrier was no longer effective to reduce costs. The trend is now towards being data-driven with the data dictating the strategies. As a result, shippers essentially have gone from subjectively strategic, using strategies based on hunches, to objectively strategic with strategies driven by data.

Amazon’s operating strategy during the Virus

Logistics at MPEPS at UPV

For example, looking at the current situation, the concept of health is becoming more and more popular. 1 The impact one Amazon For FBA sellers, they have sufficient inventory, which is the most benefited seller group in this virus, they are basically not affected by this virus .

5 Inventory Reduction Strategies to Drive Cost Savings


There are many financial benefits to introducing stock reduction strategies – in particular focusing on your excess and obsolete items. Here we’re going to focus on our favorite top five inventory reduction strategies. Which inventory reduction strategy is the best?

Develop a Strategy to Combat Dimensional Pricing


This strategy ultimately led to unprofitable operation ratios, subpar delivery performance and ultimately the bankruptcy of some major carriers. Interestingly New Century transport, which was founded by Jevic‘s founder, adopted a similar strategy ending in the exact same fate.

DHL Express Presents its New Strategy 2025

Airfreight Logistics

DHL Express has presented its new Strategy 2025 on the occasion of the opening of its € 123 million state-of-the-art hub at Cologne-Bonn Airport. The many new technologies at our Cologne hub are just one more example of this, and it shows the basis of our new Strategy 2025 as well,” explains John Pearson, CEO DHL Express. “As The post DHL Express Presents its New Strategy 2025 appeared first on Airfreight Logistics.

Maritime 2050 strategy

247 Customs Broker

The government has launched a new maritime strategy which outlines short, medium and long-term proposals to better position the UK as g global centre of emerging technology and world leader in the maritime industry for the next 30 years. The Maritime 2050 strategy entails developing technology, people, and infrastructure to ensure the maritime industry in the UK continues to thrive. For example, the UK will also aim to use virtual and augmented reality in seafarer training.

Why Companies Need a Supplier Relationship Management Strategy


A vigorous supplier relationship management (SRM) strategy can assist organizations in maximizing partnership value, minimize risk, and manage costs through the entire supplier relationship lifecycle. When formulating a supplier relationship management strategy organizations must consider the following implications to be successful: Become the Customer of Choice. In the past we have seen numerous examples of global leaders fail consumer expectations.

Why the Right Strategy to Managed Inventory Hinges on Clear, Concise Communications


For example, utilizing a collaborative logistics platform that brings together all existing supply chain systems of record to create a single pane of glass is one opportunity to leverage a better communications channel in managed inventory strategies.

German-Asian Export Strategy in 8 Simple Steps for Every Small to Medium Sized Business Owner


And with these factors as your tailwind we think that the following 8 strategies will take your business to the next level. Of course, the question of costs, taking into account the capital required to cover production, operating costs as well as completion of the goods, is an essential decision criterion for choosing the right export strategy. For example, Amazon FBA sellers can find out more information from Bastian Barami at Officeflucht ( FBA training ). Let’s face it.

What is digital transformation and where does it fit in your supply chain strategy?


It’s not hard to find examples of ways that technology has transformed our lives. Take a look around you.

World Cup 2018 – Transport Planning Challenge & Strategy

Logistics at MPEPS at UPV

FIFA 2018 World Cup transport planning challenges and strategy. Increase security : with the increasing number of terrorist attacks mass events need to be highly protected (for example, in December 2017, the Harbour Master of the Large Port of St Petersburg informed the port operators that handling of all dangerous chemical, biological, toxic, radioactive and explosive substances will be suspended during the World Cup).

Rethink your Business Strategy by Rethinking Your Supply Chain

CH Robinson Logistics

When I talk to worldwide businesses in Asia, Oceania, North America, or anywhere else, their chief concern is always the same: how do we meet our customers where they are to get them the products and services they want, all while keeping our own business strategy central? But one of the most common mistakes I see many companies make is positioning international supply chains merely as tactical support for larger strategies.

Omnichannel Retail Strategy: Not just a Buzzword, But a Business Model


An omnichannel retail strategy is the new norm in today’s supply chains. Therefore, an omnichannel retail strategy must become the new standard business model for companies wanting to remain competitive. As explained by James Pepper of ITProPortal , retailers that have not yet deployed connected technologies, tracking systems, and integrated e-commerce platforms, are simply unable to make the transition into an omnichannel retail strategy.

Disruptions that will reverberate beyond 2020 — strategies for weathering, or taking full advantage

Overdrive Online

An example of this is when natural disasters hit communities it’s the independents who step up to fill the gap, aided and abetted by our ability to make decisions faster, react quickly, tighten our belts and trim unnecessary fixed cost.". "The small business owner-operator does have certain advantages navigating market disruptions.

Success in Canada Demands a Uniquely Canadian Logistics Strategy

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The Canadian medical device market, for example, is the eighth largest in the world, and boasts multiple life sciences clusters that lead the world in certain types of research and development. The Canadian Vehicle Manufacturer's Association notes, for example, that a typical vehicle manufactured in North America crosses the border about seven times before the final assembly process. There's a lot to consider in building a Canadian logistics strategy.

Strategies for Embracing the Internet of Things

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How, for example, can they distinguish between information that’s relevant to the organization, and that which is useless? SC Planning & Optimization Supply Chain Visibility Business Strategy Alignment Global Supply Chain ManagementA fair number of companies are leaning toward the latter view. While they might embrace the underlying concept of the IoT, they’re dubious about their ability to manage the resulting flood of data in a meaningful way.

How a Supply Chain Excellence Strategy Helps Organizations Grow

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A recent halt in market growth for retail leader Adidas, reminds organizations about the importance to assess their supply chain excellence strategies. To grow in an ever changing global market, organizations must strive to implement a long term supply chain excellence strategy. And, as evident from the above example with Adidas, it can also impact organizations of many different sizes.

4 Ways to Optimize Your Shipping Network Strategy


When creating a strategy to optimize your shipping network, you must keep in mind that each new warehouse should accomplish 3 goals: Decrease your cost per package Lower the amount of time your customers wait for their packages Optimal redistribution of packages to new and existing warehouses These factors should result in a determination of how many new warehouses you should add, and where. A shipping network strategy must consider shipping profiles for different times of the year.

How Do Supply Chain & Transportation Leaders Get Started Using Their Big Data Strategy?


Yet the majority of companies have not defined a big data strategy, and others are barely starting to notice. . �. As a result, the simplest way of defining a big data strategy must begin with understanding how it will evolve and affect the company. . How to Get Started with Your Big Data Strategy. . Gather Stakeholders, and Explain the Potential ROI of Your Big Data Strategy. . The amount of information and improvement possible through big data can be overwhelming.

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