Boosting Efficiency and Reducing Costs with Route Optimization


Optimization is doing more with less while sustaining (or bettering) the efficiency of operations.

Plan and Optimize Each Part of Your Delivery Process


And it is ‘tech-backed optimization’. Cloud-based optimization of resources, routes, and deliveries is the best way to ensure that your company not just matches industry benchmarks, but also breaks and resets them continually.

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Top Four Ways to Score Savings Using Freight Optimization Tools

Talking Logistics

Adding a Transportation Management System (TMS) with support for all modes and powerful optimization tools can be a great game plan to help shippers continue to gain efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve service to customers. First Four” Plays to Optimize Your Supply Chains.

Optimizing the Last Mile

Material Handling and Logistics

CarPal Fleet is a smart, cloud-based SaaS platform that digitizes last-mile processes

Continuous Pool Optimization: Putting Creativity to Work in Transportation

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What is continuous pool optimization? From a technology standpoint, what innovations make continuous pool optimization possible today? . What benefits are companies achieving by using continuous pool optimization?

Supply Chain Control Towers: Visibility, Collaboration, and Optimization

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Optimization : “It also has to support optimization, which facilitates decision making. If you add end-to-end visibility, collaboration, and optimization, in our view, you have a true supply chain control tower platform that enables supply chain orchestration,” added Verwijmeren. “It’s The post Supply Chain Control Towers: Visibility, Collaboration, and Optimization appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez.

Warehouse Operations: Optimizing the Shipping Process


This blog takes you through some of the warehouse operations that have a direct impact on the shipping process as well as some of the best practices to optimize it. Shipping is the final warehouse process, and one of the most important ones, for that matter. While customer experience greatly depends on the shipping process, the process itself depends on the previous processes to varied extent.

Putting Continuous Pool Optimization to Work in the Supply Chain

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Download this new whitepaper and learn more about the key issues that shippers and 3PLs are grappling with in the multichannel distribution environment and how continuous pool optimization can help them work better, smarter and faster while more efficiently meeting their customers’ needs.

MORE THAN JUST CONNECTING DOTS ON THE MAP : Route optimization driving businesses to success


1 This is why route optimization techniques on a digital platform need to be honed for any business and this is possible only through a technology-forward approach. Can they ensure optimal capacity usage for their cargo? Vehicle space optimization.

Adopt the “Optimization Lifestyle”: Overcoming Inefficient Decision Making

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Optimization is a hot topic that is impacting many industries and geographies, and for good reason. Optimization engines are a very efficient and consistent methodology for improving decision making and achieving cost and quality differentiation for your product. Many industries have realized the importance of utilizing optimization engines in their logistics departments. One of the biggest decisions a business can make is deciding how it will make its decisions.

Stop Thinking Micro: Maximize Your Savings with Macro-Optimization

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Supply chain management software offers a lot of optimization opportunities, but most of those cost savings are realized through micro-optimization. What is the difference between micro-optimization and macro-optimization? What’s required to enable macro-optimization?

Mexico conference: Uncertainty well-balanced with optimism

Automotive Logistics

That confidence is being fed by optimism about the next generation of engineering and logistics talent and the transformation of the supply chain through digital technology. The post Mexico conference: Uncertainty well-balanced with optimism appeared first on Automotive Logistics.

Three ways to optimize your company's cash flow

Fleet Owner

Optimizing financial processes can free up cash flow that can then be used to expand products and services offered and allow the company to invest in growth drivers

The Mind-Boggling Complexities of Food Distribution (Why Optimization is Critical)

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In such a scenario, what is the optimal way to load these trailers and route the deliveries? They might not realize it, but what they’re really saying is that they need optimization. Other leaders in the industry use optimization software from leading third-party vendors.

Warehouse Operations: Optimizing the Picking Process


When optimizing the picking process in a warehouse, it is important to recognize two key concepts. First, no one strategy or technology fits every case. Second, effectively improving warehouse operations requires a combination of data collection, process improvement, and technology. Warehouse Operations

Leveraging Technology to Optimize Your Transportation Business

Logistics Viewpoints

The post Leveraging Technology to Optimize Your Transportation Business appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints. The transportation industry is currently facing a number of daunting challenges. New government policies and regulations and a worsening driver shortage are forcing transportation specialists to reevaluate and change their business practices. Thankfully, there are a number of new technologies available to help the industry get back on the right track.

What’s Going on in the Field? Be on Top of Ground-Level Realities


LogiNext’s field workforce optimization is machine learning-enabled planning engine which pulls in all the constraints such as preferred time slot visits, avoiding repeat visits, avoiding overlap or mirroring, and also to optimize the service time or time spent at each outlet.

Using Big Data to Optimize the Apparel Supply Chain

Apparel Logistics

Make sure you're optimizing the information available to you for better supply chain management. Big data supplies businesses with an abundance of information that can help apparel retailers make smart decisions.

Warehouse Operations: Optimizing the Put-Away Process


Although often ignored by many warehouse managers when optimizing warehouse operations, the put-away process is a critical step to increasing warehouse efficiency. In this article, we will review some of the most common best practices and technologies that every warehouse manager must keep in mind to optimize the put-away process and increase warehouse efficiency.

Rethinking Your Distribution Network Optimization – Supply Chain 24/7

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Distribution Network Optimization. Whether you are a small business owner or a corporate logistics manager, it’s crucial to stay attuned to the most innovative ways to optimize your distribution network. Whatever the motivation, reassessing your distribution network optimization is an absolute necessity. Distribution Network Optimization Is More Relevant Than Ever. Without a doubt, an optimized distribution network will. April 19, 2018 ·. By Sean Henry.

Optimizing Long-Haul, Temperature-Controlled LTL Shipments

West Coast and California Logistics

There is currently no solid national solution for long-haul, temperature-controlled LTL shipments between 55 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Consequently, candy manufacturers and other shippers with this temperature requirement use a multi-stop truckload solution to move goods to retailers in different regions. This strategy poses increasing problems as TL capacity tightens and as retailers levy tougher penalties for shipments that don’t hit requested arrival dates (RADs).

Logility University offers courses to accelerate supply chain optimization and retail planning excellence

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a leading provider of collaborative supply chain optimization and advanced retail planning solutions, today announced the opening of Logility University, an education program designed to deliver robust product-specific curriculum to customers and partners. ATLANTA – Logility, Inc.,

Improving and Optimizing Your 3PL Relationships

Apparel Logistics

Instead, you need to take a long-term approach to improving and optimizing your 3PL relationship. Finding the right third-party logistics (3PL) provider is an important part of making sure your organization can operate efficiently.

Are You Still Using Static Route Planning for Field Agent Management? Let’s Go Dynamic!


Most of Fortune 500 companies are maximizing the value of their active field agents using intelligent planning and optimization. Static planning is a function of yesteryear. Wake up to new-age dynamic route planning for your field agent management.

Putting Continuous Pool Optimization to Work in the Supply Chain

Logistics Management

In today’s omni-channel, multiphase distribution environment, it’s no longer enough to simply load pallets onto a truck and ship them from point A to point B via a common carrier

Editor’s Pick: The Ideal Inventory Optimization Approach for Omni-channel Retailers

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In this post, Scott Fenwick, Manhattan Associates ’ senior director of product management, describes how to take inventory optimization in an omni-channel environment to the next level. What do superconsumers have to do with inventory optimization? Editor's Pick Retail Trends Supply Chain & Logistics Trends inventory optimization Manhattan Associates omni-channel Retail Superconsumer

Drone Use for Facility and Last-Mile Optimization

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Competition between businesses and within supply chains require companies to explore and adopt innovative technology to strategically enhance their position within the market. Drones are one such technology that can give businesses a competitive edge. Supply Chain Technology

Here’s the Secret Recipe used by Walmart and Amazon to Increase Customer Satisfaction


We have seen the Walmart acquiring Jet, Bonobos, Modcloth, and Shoebuy while planning to set up around 1000 pickup locations for online grocery shoppers. Racing Walmart to the front is Amazon with its grand acquisition of Wholefoods to enable faster deliveries with multiple pickup options.

How Tech-Enabled Logistics Would be at Center of E-Commerce Growth


The World Bank has said logistical costs swallow up around a quarter of Indonesia’s gross domestic product, citing bottlenecks in supply chains, long dwelling times in ports and lengthy trade clearances.

Optimizing for Voice Search Expands Your Apparel Brand’s Reach

Apparel Logistics

Online businesses have always faced the challenge of keeping up with evolving SEO. While internet users continue to turn to popular search engines for their queries, many are doing so in a radically new way. Improved voice recognition technology makes it easier than ever to speak a query rather than type it up. Voice search has several unique characteristics that you must recognize and cater to, if you want to answer these tech-savvy customers' spoken questions. Use Long-Tail Keywords.

Business Process Optimization in Asset Management - Infosys Blogs

Infosys Supply Chain Management

« Linear Asset Management and Dynamic Segmentation- Part II | Main | Global Template Solution - Approach » Business Process Optimization in Asset Management. Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) focuses on optimizing life cycle of an Asset such as plant equipment, facilities etc. These reasons collectively positions Asset management program a strong candidate when it comes to picking entities for a business process optimization program. About Us. Contact Us.

Capacity Planning and Auto Allocation! Increase Logistics Management Efficiency Now!


Under-utilized capacity carries a clear cost which adds to the cost-per-unit carried by the resource. It isn’t feasible to run under-utilized resources to fulfill the ever-increasing demand created due to expectations of on-demand, same, or next day deliveries.

Supply Chain Visibility: A Precursor to Insight and Optimization

CLX Logistics

It is through the establishment of supply chain visibility that supply chain insights, outside the four walls, will be garnered and leveraged as actionable data that supports supply chain optimization. Consider the ways rich data collection can help shape your supply chain towards lower cost and optimal performance. Optimize from End-to-End with Business Intelligence. By Cosmas Hoefnagels for Talking Logistics.

Voice Controlled Planning and Routing for Logistics Management


We recently integrated with Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Siri. Now, the manager can simply relax and instruct their personal assistant to fetch the information for them. Almost anyone can use the personal assistant without any hassle. It doesn’t matter if they are tech-savvy.

Modern Trade vs Traditional Trade: A Logistics Management Overview!


By leveraging cloud-based technology, last mile delivery can be optimized for such distribution networks, bringing in organized patterns within the industry and generate more value for all the stakeholders involved namely the retailers, the distributors, the manufacturers, and the end-customers. Traditional trade occupies close to 90% in key developing markets.

Top Features of the Year


Here are the top features of the year that created the most value for our clients. These features have the highest usage among managers. These managers keep sending back their delightful feedback from time to time.

How Maximo can help optimizing the Pressure Pumping Services in Oil Field Services Organizations.

Infosys Supply Chain Management

Now that those leases have been established, these companies are now focusing on optimizing their operations so to extract the oil at competitive cost. Pressure pumping services play key role in optimizing the recovery of oil reserves and maintain optimal flow for producing wells. Maximo can help optimize the operation by pulling these pumps in to the system as the assets along with their hierarchy and by defining the respective PM and job plans against each of these assets.

What Does the Future Hold for Freight Management Companies?


Most of these companies would win or lose based on how they optimize their last mile deliveries. All Delivery Management Software Last Mile Delivery Logistics Management Software Logistics Management System Technology Transportation Management delivery route optimization. According to the American Trucking Associations, freight tonnage hauled by trucks would increase by 27% (between 2016 and 2027).

Improving Logistics Management with Capacity Planning and Auto Allocation


Under-utilized capacity carries a clear cost which adds to the cost-per-unit carried by the resource. It isn’t feasible to run under-utilized resources to fulfill the ever-increasing demand created due to expectations of on-demand, same, or next day deliveries.

Highlights from 3Gtms Innovate 2018 User Conference

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One of the new capabilities highlighted at the conference was Continuous Pool Optimization. As described in the press release , continuous pool optimization “gives users the ability to plan shipments into a predetermined consolidating point or dynamically determine the optimal consolidation facility. I discussed Continuous Pool Optimization with Mitch Weseley, CEO and founder of 3Gtms, in a recent episode of Talking Logistics.