Ethiopian Airlines buy Opticooler System from DoKaSch Temperature Solutions

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German-based DoKaSch Temperature Solutions recently added Ethiopian Airlines to their growing client list, supplying them with the Opticooler system used as a solution for air cargo climate control.

Refrigerated Transport: Multi-Temperature Safety Considerations

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“Can you transport products with different temperatures together and do it safely

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Optimizing Long-Haul, Temperature-Controlled LTL Shipments

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There is currently no solid national solution for long-haul, temperature-controlled LTL shipments between 55 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Consequently, candy manufacturers and other shippers with this temperature requirement use a multi-stop truckload solution to move goods to retailers in different regions. This strategy poses increasing problems as TL capacity tightens and as retailers levy tougher penalties for shipments that don’t hit requested arrival dates (RADs).

Keep drivers cool while temperatures soar

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As we enter summer time with day after day of scorching heat in some parts of the country, I think about drivers and how glad I am that the industry has come up with a variety of solutions to help keep them cool during their non-driving hours. But a

Etihad Cargo Receives Opticooler from DoKaSch Temperature Solutions

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German company DoKaSch provider of temperature-controlled air cargo containers and Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Cargo recently signed a master agreement with DoKaSch Opticooler. The post Etihad Cargo Receives Opticooler from DoKaSch Temperature Solutions appeared first on Airfreight Logistics.

Can One Warehouse Store Different Temperature-Sensitive Products?

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Storing different temperature-sensitive products together is a little like running a pet store. While they may have very different care requirements, a lizard, a puppy, and a goldfish can all co-exist safely under the same pet shop roof provided their individual needs are met. The same holds true in the warehouse, as products with totally different – and often opposite – requirements can be stored together safely as long as appropriate measures are taken

British Team Claims Temperature-Controlled World First

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They claim they have solved the problem of hot lane temperature excursions on the tarmac. TLX PCM is designed to remove the problem of the temperature spike seen on most pallet data loggers in air cargo when the pallet is off-loaded on to the tarmac at hot locations,” he says.

3Gtms and FourKites expand temperature monitoring integration

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3Gtms, a provider of Tier 1 transportation management software, announced that its transportation management system, 3G-TM, now features integrated temperature tracking services in partnership with FourKites. FourKites is a real-time supply chain vis

Line Matrix Printers “Won’t Let You Down if Temperatures Tip 40°C”

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In the prolonged hot dry spell being enjoyed (or suffered, depending on your point of view) by much of Northern Europe, Printronix LLC is reminding businesses that its line matrix industrial printers can withstand temperatures as high as 40°C (104°F), whereas devices like laser printers are highly sensitive to humidity and extremes in temperatures, often causing them to jam or stop working.

The Mind-Boggling Complexities of Food Distribution (Why Optimization is Critical)

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Today, many food distributors and grocery retailers use multi-temperature trailers with different compartments that can hold frozen, refrigerated, and ambient products in a single load. Meat and cheese are loaded next and “sealed” at their proper temperature in the second phase.

Weber Adds New Inland Empire Warehouse

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Warehouse operations C-TPAT Cold Chain Managment Inland Empire Warehouse Temperature Controlled Warehousing Food Logistics Distribution Center WarehouseWeber Logistics has opened a 300,000-square-foot warehouse in Eastvale, CA (Inland Empire Region) for distribution of food and consumer packaged goods for multiple clients.

Freshport Asia Brings Flexible, Technological Driven Cost Savings to Cool Care Cargo

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Ensuring that goods reach their destination in an appropriate temperature range takes experience and know-how. Once received into the cargo terminal, our emphasis switches to maintaining temperature controls, best practice handling and customer liaison so we’re offering a complete package.

Leveraging TMS to Become Shipper of Choice

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Real-time Temperature Tracking. Another way that technology is helping carriers win back time and productivity — and reduce costs — is via real-time tracking of temperature-controlled loads. When a receiver refuses a shipment claiming it has arrived outside of temperature limits, they typically file a claim with the shipper,” which then triggers a lot of back and forth between the shipper, carrier, and receiver, a process that consumes a lot of time and resources.

The ELD Mandate and Fresh Produce Logistics: What Shippers Need to Know

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Temperature-sensitive goods demand proactive planning, quick turnaround, and expertise in temperature controlled shipping so that they maintain the correct temperature all the way to their final destinations.

DoKaSch Appoints New Global Sales Director

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German company DoKaSch Temperature Solutions has recently appointed Andreas Behne as their new Global Sales Director. Mr. Behne began his role on March 1 st and will be responsible for the continued growth of the Opticooler in the European and other markets.

DoKaSch Americas, Inc. Appoint New CEO

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German-based DoKaSch Temperature Solutions are expanding their operations in the USA with DoKaSch Americas Inc., The Opticooler containers provide reliable transport solutions for temperature sensitive shipments across different climate regions and during adverse weather conditions.

Don’t Run the Risk: Supply Chain Solutions for Business Continuity

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If we take a snapshot of cold chain logistics, for example, compromising a temperature controlled supply chain could risk hundreds of thousands in just a single high-value pallet.

Marrie Groeneveld Appointed CCO for SkyCell

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The company is a global leader in solutions and services in the temperature-controlled containers sector. Equipment Larry Tillem Marcus Schubert Marrie Groeneveld pharma Pharma Companies Richard Ettl SkyCell temperature-controlled containers

Get the Gold Standard with Accredited Supply Chain Solutions

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Pharmaceutical Industry Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Solutions Supply Chain Innovation Cold Chain Logistics GDP Certification Temperature Controlled Supply Chain 3PL Cost-effective Logistics Customer-centric Logistics Enterprise Risk Management Business Continuity ISO 9001 TAPA Kaizen Quality-driven logisticsTrusting a 3PL partner with your global supply chain network is vital for the efficient delivery of your product.

Latam Cargo Increases European Freight Network

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This is particularly important for the South American market, where we export fresh, temperature-sensitive products that require shorter transportation periods.”. Airline Network CEIV Claudio Torres Guido Henke IATA Latam Cargo pharma Temperature Sensitive

New Paper in Games

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In a cold chain, different parcels require different conditions of temperature. I recently published a new paper in the journal Games. You can see it below. It deals with a very important logistics problem. A multiple compartment vehicle can be … Continue reading → Logistics My Research Production Operations Supply Chains cold chain cooperation game theory research supply chains

Uber Freight makes reefer app upgrades

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App now includes information on temperature ranges and other reefer-specific needs to match carriers with shippers

Uberization of Logistics Has Arrived

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and granular details (mode of transportation, the personnel details, exact location, temperature and other information of perishable or expensive goods, etc.).

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Putting the Patient at the Center of the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

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This places some pretty heavy responsibility onto the pharma supply chain, where products must be transported safely and kept at a specific temperature all while meeting regulatory, providers’ and patients’ demands. Medicines must get to the patient in good order, be kept at necessary temperatures during transport, and meet strict monitoring and traceability requirements.”. the coolers and controlled room temperature zones at various airports or ports).

Fresh challenge for cold chain

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The recent capacity shortages in trucking have been felt across the nation, and if you’re responsible for shipping fresh food products or temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, you’re probably particularly anxious

Building a Connected, Smart Port of the Future

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The port of Rotterdam, which handles over 461 million tons of cargo and 140,000 vessels annually, will be set up with sensors that will gather data about water, weather, temperature, wind speed and berth availability

Turkish Cargo Partners with CSafe Global for its CSafe RAP Active Container Solution

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One of the leaders in the Air Cargo Carrier market, Turkish Cargo recently announced they have approved CSafe RAP , an innovative range of temperature control solutions.

Lineage Logistics: A Data-Driven Approach to Cold Chain

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However, Lineage, a mid-cap company based in Detroit, Michigan, is one of the world’s largest and most innovative temperature-controlled supply chain providers. The temperature-controlled […]. Towards the end of last year, Steve Banker and I met with Greg Lehmkuhl, President & CEO, Sudarsan Thattai, CIO, and Chris Timmer, SVP Sales and Value-Added Services from Lineage Logistics.

6 Must-Haves for a Food Warehouse 3PL

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Food products that need storage in temperature-controlled food warehouses call for specialized 3PLs who understand the physical and regulatory requirements for these products. When searching for a 3PL for food products, here are 6 things you should look for to ensure you have the right partner. Food Logistics

The ice cream supply chain

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The risk of an unwanted temperature change tends to be highest when the ice cream is moving from one location—say, a manufacturing plant—to another, such as a delivery truck. It is important that the temperature of frozen foodstuffs does not exceed -18 degrees Celsius at all times in the transport, as an uninterrupted cold chain guarantees top quality. Trucks are cooled down before loading to ensure that the ice cream always has the right temperature during transport.

InterMotive’s updated idle reduction system keeps truck working with engine off

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Also monitors and manages battery levels and interior temperatures EcoStar III's Bluetooth connectivity allows operators to start and stop engine remotely with key in hand and cab secure.

Cold chain distribution 2018

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The number of temperature sensitive products entering the supply chain is continuing to rise at an exponential rate and the need for a streamlined temperature-controlled supply chain is more important than ever.

Peli Biothermal Opens Service Centres In Basel & Berlin

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Situated in key logistics locations for both pharmaceutical manufacturing and transfer, Peli BioThermal says the Basel and Berlin hubs will enable global clients to receive and return the reusable Credo line of temperature controlled packaging. “To do line of reusable temperature controlled shippers,” continued Mr. Lawler, ”adding to Peli BioThermal’s growing infrastructure of service centers, network stations and drop points, planned to exceed 100 sites by early 2019.

Refrigerated Trucks: All You Should Know

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Shipping freight is never easy, and it can be even more challenging when it comes to shipping perishable goods – specifically, food or medicine that has to be kept within a certain temperature range. This was quite tricky up until the late 1930's, before the first refrigerated trailer was introduced to the transportation world. Refrigerated trailers, most commonly referred to as “reefers,” made it possible to transport these perishable goods long distance.

Tips for Safely Transporting Pharmaceuticals


When transporting pharmaceuticals, how can logistics workers do it safely , and what precautions are necessary for things like temperature control and to guard against theft? Cargo Temperature Concerns When transporting pharmaceuticals, the cargo must remain at a certain temperature to maintain their safety and efficacy. Without proper temperature controls, these pharmaceuticals could become dangerous to use.

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Kuehne + Nagel to Open New Logistics Hub in Chile

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This new addition to the Kuehne + Nagel global KN PharmaChain network will enhance their regional footprint by providing high-quality multi-modal logistics solutions for temperature-controlled door-to-door transport.

SkyCell Makes Lifesaving Deliveries to Baghdad

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Swiss-based provider of temperature-controlled container solutions SkyCell recently transported 2.5 Due to the delicate nature of the drug, a fully controlled cold chain solution with an unbroken temperature environment between 2 to 8 degrees Celsius is required.

Emirates SkyCargo Receives Pharma CARE Award for Second Year Running

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Dubai-based Emirates SkyCargo has once again received the prestigious DHL Global Forwarding Carrier Award for Reliability and Excellence (CARE) for the transportation of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals.

What is Freeze Protection?

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suffer from all kinds of severe weather during winter season, including very low temperatures. Winter is in full swing, and we are “lucky” to have an opportunity to experience all the negative side effects of severe winter weather. Last week we discussed a few tips to help you handle your shipping in winter. Today we want to continue the topic and get a bit more practical. Significant parts of the U.S.

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Global Rental Agreement Signed by Cathay Pacific and va-Q-tec

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va-Q-tec are specialists in temperature controlled transportation and use their advanced passive thermal containers. These containers are designed to keep a constant temperature throughout transportation that lasts more than five days.