What Digital Freight Isn’t

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There is a lot of discussion today about digital freight, whether it’s a threat or opportunity for the logistics industry. Understanding what digital freight is — and what it isn’t — is important for all stakeholders to succeed in the industry. Read more What Digital Freight Isn’t. The post What Digital Freight Isn’t appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez.

A Holistic Approach to Freight Savings with Mike Eberl

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I was hired as an accountant for an on-demand air charter operator that moved executives and high priority freight. 04:25] There’s an approach to freight savings that you use at Customodal, and I was hoping you could describe that to the audience. [00:21] Opening / Introduction. [00:42]

Improving freight management

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Gauge and improve your company’s freight management performance with these tips and tricks

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The U.S. Freight Industry Keeps Growing Strong


freight industry keeps growing strong. Throughout 2019 freight demand has continued to rise. Closely tied to that is the freight broker industry which has also kept pace with the demand for.read More. Freight Freight IndustryThe U.S.

How Automation in the Supply Chain Will Make Employees More Strategic & Improve the Overall Supply Chain

Speaker: Adam Robinson, Director of Marketing, Cerasis

What is Freight Management?

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Historically, the connotation of freight management was changed and reshaped many times. In general, it refers to all the processes that cover preparing, shipping, storing and receiving freight. It suggests matching loads to freight carriers, route […].

[PODCAST] Tips for Effective Freight Invoice Auditing


Listen to “Tips for Effective Freight Invoice Auditing” on Spreaker. The post [PODCAST] Tips for Effective Freight Invoice Auditing appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis. Freight Freight Accounting Podcast Freight Invoice Auditing

Uber Freight launches Lane Explorer

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Machine-learning tool lets shippers view real-time, market-based rates on freight lanes up to two weeks in advance, company says. Transportation

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Freight forwarder consolidation continues

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Are rumors of yet more consolidation in the Freight Forwarding sector finally dying down? Not by a longshot, says Nick Bailey, head of research for the London-based consultancy Transport Intelligence

Flexport – moving beyond freight forwarding?

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This article looking at Flexport now appeared recently under Cathy Morrow Roberson’s byline in The Loadstar. We enjoy hearing about what Flexport is doing now. But the idea that they are changing direction to become more like a 4PL is … Continue reading → entrepreneurship Logistics Service Management Supply Chains 3PLs innovation supply chains technology trade transportation

Welcome Amazon to the Freight Brokerage Market

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It’s been over a week now since the news broke about Amazon and their freight brokerage business. Relay, which launched in 2017, is for truck drivers to receive additional freight information, like shipment and route tracking, as well as expedited check-in procedures at the warehouse.

Is Freight Going Underground?

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Boring Freight Elon Musk is a man of many innovative ideas. The post Is Freight Going Underground? Blog Freight Innovation Logistics Transportation TunnelMost of them are consumer oriented, but all have great logistics potential.

Breaking down freight shipping basics.


Freight shipping can seem complex on the surface but Freightquote by C.H. Learn more about the basics of freight shipping Robinson has broken it down.

Trends Driving Strategic Freight Management and How to Be Prepared


The post Trends Driving Strategic Freight Management and How to Be Prepared appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis. Freight Trends Strategic Freight ManagementShippers have grown accustomed to the changing demands of the industry.

[PODCAST] The Value of True Partnerships In Freight Management


Listen to “The Value of True Partnerships In Freight Management” on Spreaker. The post [PODCAST] The Value of True Partnerships In Freight Management appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis. Freight Podcast partnerships in freight management

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What is Freight Shipping

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Freight can be interpreted as assets, commodities, goods, or products that need to be transported from one point to another. resources

[PODCAST] Collaboration in Freight Includes Building Partnerships with Drivers


Listen to “Collaboration in Freight Includes Building Partnerships with Drivers” on Spreaker. The post [PODCAST] Collaboration in Freight Includes Building Partnerships with Drivers appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis.

Trucking & Freight Markets 360° - Trucking Freight Futures

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Regardless of whether a market participant ever uses binding forward and/or trucking freight futures, it will need to stay current on the pricing trends in both the trucking forward and freight futures markets as spot market rates in their lanes will be affected by both.

[PODCAST] Inbound Freight Pickups: The Role of Technology & Communication


Listen to “Inbound Freight Pickup: The Role of Technology & Communication” on Spreaker. Inbound Freight Management Resources Improving Inbound Freight Management: How Data-Driven Processes Bring Efficiencies & Reduce Costs Download White Paper Inbound Freight Costs: How Gaining Visibility Achieves Bottom Line Savings Download White Paper How to Drive Inbound Freight Savings thru Improved Vendor Compliance.read More.

What Types of Freight Carriers Are In Logistics?

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What is a freight carrier? A freight carrier is an individual or a company that handles the transportation of freight shipments from one point to another. Sometimes, freight carriers not only handle loads but also act as the operators or even freight forwarders.

Is Powerloop Good for the Freight Business with Andrew Kelley

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1:15] How’d you get into the freight business? 3:07] Tell us about Powerloop and its implications on the freight business. Uber launched Uber Freight a few years ago. Now, Powerloop is the latest offering from Uber Freight. download the audio file. [0:43]

Freight Brokerage Services

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Our team of qualified freight brokers is ready to help you schedule loads, manage loads and negotiate the lowest possible rates.

Inbound Freight Reporting: 16 Ways to Use Freight Data to Evaluate Spend by Supplier


When shippers grow too comfortable with inbound freight management activities, mistakes occur, and failure to recognize the signs of poor visibility in inbound freight management will result in higher costs. Data Inbound Freight inbound freight reporting

The Digitization of Freight

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The digitization of freight is one topic that has generated a lot of industry buzz and animated discussion over the past couple of years, but also a lot of confusion and questions. What exactly is freight digitization? Defining the digitization of freight. Given the confusion and questions surrounding the digitization of freight, I began our discussion by asking Brian for his definition. Is Blockchain part of freight digitization?

[PODCAST] What is the State of Freight Pricing?


Listen to “What is the State of Freight Pricing” on Spreaker. The post [PODCAST] What is the State of Freight Pricing? Carrier Relations Freight Podcast state of Freight Pricing

New Technologies to Manage Freight Shipments

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Digitalization in the freight industry has been a slow but unavoidable process. There are now fully automated port terminals, autonomous ships, freight benchmarking services, proposals of a floating warehouse, drones being used for cargo deliveries, and software developed […].

Cass Freight Index Report points to ongoing freight declines

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June shipments, at 1.181, decreased 5.3% annually, marking the seventh consecutive month of shipments declines

Freight class: Everything you need to know.


In the freight shipping industry, freight classes are critical to the sustainability of nearly all aspects of our daily lives. Let’s walk through what a freight class is and what determines freight class density

Freight Claims and TMS: How Does a Transportation Management System Streamline Freight Claims?


Freight claims processes derive from a mountain of risks to cargo. Today, transportation and logistics companies face considerable uncertainty when moving freight. Driver speed, carelessness, outside influences, and everyday activities put freight at risk.

[PODCAST] A Primer on Effective Freight Claims Management


Listen to “A Primer on Effective Freight Claims Management” on Spreaker. The post [PODCAST] A Primer on Effective Freight Claims Management appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis. Freight Claims Podcast effective freight claims management

How to Avoid Missed Inbound Freight Pickups


Missed inbound freight pickups have a disastrous impact on the profitability of your business. While shippers often focus on outbound logistics, shippers must not overlook the importance of inbound logistics in reducing costs and achieving full freight visibility.

How Are Truckload Freight Rates Calculated?

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Truckload freight rates play a significant role for shippers when deciding on the carrier or the company to move your freight. However, before landing a freight quote, it’s important to know which factors impact truckload rates and how they are calculated.

Air freight forwarders’ react to 2019 market issues

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Our Freightwaves article looks at first quarter 2019 earnings of a few air freight forwarders. air freight Freight Forwarding Air Cargo airfreight freight forwarders

Freight Forwarders Say Digitization Will Benefit Industry

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The sector says technological innovation will have a positive impact on their business

The State of the Tactical Freight Market and What You Need to Know About It


The current freight market continues to ramp up in anticipation of the most active returns season of the year. The strong demand for more freight continues to grow, and consumers have divine expectations for the performance of supply chains. Freight freight market

5 characteristics of reliable freight shipping services.


Reliable freight shipping services are hard to come by. We’re sharing the top 5 characteristics of freight shippers you can rely on. Learn more

Freight Declines Continue Through September


The most recent edition of the Cass Freight Index Report issued this week by Cass Information Systems highlighted another month of freight transportation shipment and expenditure declines in September.