How training and tools turned one mother from fruit buyer to fruit seller

World Food Programme Logistics

WFP’s livelihood programmes in Ethiopia are helping refugee families help themselves with new agricultural skills Story by Edward Johnson Nyangun’s garden is flourishing. agriculture livelihood ethiopia skills refugees

Effective Training for Warehouse Workers to Improve Productivity


Training for warehouse workers should include more than just the necessary skills to operate particular machinery or implement a procedure.


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Negotiating Techniques for Construction Procurement

SIPMM Professional Publications

As a professional purchaser, negotiation skills will place one at an upper hand. Negotiation is a communication skill whereby the process involves two parties to […].

7 Key Supply Chain Leaders’ Skills and Why You Need Them

Logistics Bureau

What are the essential skills you need to possess or develop if you want to become one of tomorrow’s supply chain leaders? In any case, an excellent place to start is by knowing what the most vital supply chain leaders’ skills are and, of course, why you need them.

Building AI to Unlearn Bias in Recruiting

models can be wrongly trained or overtrained and. Personality/skill based assessment Given that resumes don’t really have a standard. and inconsistent in representing candidate skills and. different genders speak about their skills in resumes.

Key Strategies for Negotiating Corporate Travel Deals

SIPMM Professional Publications

Negotiation is one of the decisive tools for buyers. Most businesses find it is complex to negotiate great corporate travel deals especially challenging getting great deals out of service providers such as airlines, hotel chains, local transportation companies, and telecom carriers.

‘How training in digital and English-language skills changed my life’

World Food Programme Logistics

Yasser’s training meant he would no longer have to sell balloons in the street. His English-language skills come in handy dealing with international clients. Later, I got an opportunity to work in a kitchen as a butcher again and I developed my skills enough to end up as a general chef.

Essential Strategies for a Successful Procurement Negotiation

SIPMM Professional Publications

The importance of negotiation in business deals cannot be understated. Successful negotiation involves good interpersonal and communication skills and used together to bring the desired result. In fact, negotiation is one of the main qualities employers look for when recruiting staff nowadays. This is because a good negotiator can close the best deals, leading to […].

The Growing Skills Gap & How Vocational Training Can Help to Shrink It


More manufacturers are turning toward vocational training and apprenticeship programs to help close the skills gap. According to The Huffington Pos t, a wide variety of apprenticeship programs focus on construction and manufacturing, creating a largely untapped resource of new skilled labor that manufacturers could easily access. Vocational Training Blends On-the-Job Training With Education. Manufacturing Skills Gap

7 Key Supply Chain Leaders’ Skills and Why You Need Them

Logistics Bureau

What are the essential skills you need to possess or develop if you want to become one of tomorrow’s supply chain leaders? In any case, an excellent place to start is by knowing what the most vital supply chain leaders’ skills are and, of course, why you need them.

Discover 4 Use Cases for Applying AI to Your Recruiting Processes

opportunities match his skill set • Uploading copies of his resume and cover letter. relevant computer science skills and. Yes I do Well, I was hoping for more training. Well, I was hoping for more training. on valuable tasks like negotiating offers and handling.

Building resilience and new skills in rural Afghanistan

World Food Programme Logistics

to organize skills trainings. From May 2018 to June 2019, WFP provided more than US $3 million in funding to ACTED to help support agricultural cooperatives and community groups with training and equipment, teaching them new skills to boost their productivity. It was also a chance to build new skills that were chosen by the groups, such as food conservation techniques like making jam and drying fruit using a solar dryer?—?one

CM Show put skills shortage in the spotlight

247 Customs Broker

Skills shortages is a constant theme for the logistics sector that was tackled on day two of the virtual Commercial Motor Show. While Covid-19… The post CM Show put skills shortage in the spotlight appeared first on 24/7 Customs Broker News.

Unique selling point: Women farmers in Bangladesh find buyers in refugees

World Food Programme Logistics

WFP has been working with women there since 2012, providing marketable-skills training and financial literacy, as well as business start-up grants.

Resources for Women in the Skilled Trades


show ] What Are the Skilled Trades? labor force has been a complicated narrative, especially in skilled trades. What Are the Skilled Trades? Skilled trades play an active and important role in the daily lives of people and society as a whole. Time To Read: 14 minutes.

21st Century Sales Skills for Transportation and Logistics Professionals

The Logistics of Logistics

The program, 21st Century Sales Skills for Transportation Logistics Professionals begins Wednesday, September 19th, 1:00 p.m. The training program consists of 3 separate components: 1. Training webinars 2. 21st Century Sales Skills for Transportation Logistics Professionals. There will be 9-10 training sessions every Wednesday, 1:00 p.m. 06:48 – Ann talks about the benefits of the online training (web-based). Download the audio file.

Manufacturing Growth Held Back by Skill Shortage

Material Handling and Logistics

One solution is to provide training to current employees

Opinion: pharma sector needs logistics skills

Logistics Business Magazine

And it’s hardly surprising, as wider skill sets from pertinent related sectors will be needed. Changes in ownership invariably trigger reviews of business strategies and consequent reassessment of whether the right skills and expertise are in place to achieve the new goals.

RTITB launches pivot steer truck training materials

Logistics Business Magazine

RTITB has released updated training materials to help improve rider-operated Pivot Steer truck safety through high-quality training. It also prepares candidates for the RTITB Basic Operating Skills Test. “We The new training materials can be purchased online at [link].

Industry 4.0: Building the right skills to meet the factory of the future


It does present a training requirement, the need for new skills for industry 4.0 The growing skills gap. In most cases, skills development has not been a top priority throughout these exciting transitions. Ongoing training initiatives.

FMCSA to upgrade communication on new-driver training

The Supply Chain Journal

The trucking industry’s top safety regulator plans to step up its communications with state agencies and training schools before next year’s compliance date for new entry-level driver training (ELDT) requirements. Training providers wishing to provide ELDT must be listed on the TPR.

Forklift Safety Training: The Ultimate Guide


This is the ultimate guide to forklift safety training. By the end of this article, you’ll learn: Why forklift operator safety training is important. OSHA’s training requirements. Where to get forklift operator training. Why Is Forklift Operator Training Important?

Transaid launches driver training project in Mozambique

Logistics Business Magazine

Transaid is preparing to support refresher training for at least 400 heavy goods vehicle drivers within small and medium-size enterprises (SME) in Mozambique, just a few months after securing a contract to extend its professional driver training work into yet another sub-Saharan country.

The Evolving Supply Chain Skills of the Workforce

Material Handling and Logistics

Supply chain management is a career that perfectly matches the skill set of the Millennial generation—if they can be persuaded to pursue it. Now they are not only being asked to give that over to the machines, but they have to learn yet more skills. Training for the Future. “We We are hearing from our corporate partners who are looking for talent, that the required skill sets have changed,” says Cheri Speier?Pero,

Up-Skilling a Motivated Workforce


Horses are deeply associated with the "Bluegrass State," as they are raised, trained and raced throughout the land. What we have found at LeanCor is that team members, more than ever, are quickly chomping at the bit to learn new skills, grow professionally and advance their careers. team member empowerment employee engagement skills developmentLeanCor's corporate headquarters and Logistics Control Center is located in the state of Kentucky.

Uncle Sam is training your next hire

Fleet Owner

Because our country’s defense system invests so heavily in training, military personnel have a wide range of skills to offer

If There’s a Manufacturing Skills Gap, How Do We Close It? 4 Ways to Combat the Gap


The manufacturing skills gap, which we first defined here , is a real threat to the future of the U.S. More skilled workers are retiring than ever before, up to 10,000 baby boomers daily. However, manufacturers can work to reduce the overall manufacturing skills gap by following these four steps. 4 Ways to Combat the Manufacturing Skills Gap. Education continues to be a focal point of the manufacturing skills gap, but not just any education will suffice.

Seven Important Skills Every Supply Chain Leader Needs

Blue Grace Logistics

However, good leadership skills and information savviness alone are not enough to handle the supply chain function and manage the team. What are the most important skills that every supply chain leader should have? These skills are non-negotiable and a must-have.

Bridging the Manufacturing Skills Gap on the Plant Floor


According to Polytron , the manufacturing skills gap is estimated to grow to 3.5 Unfortunately, fewer workers leads to high pressures on consumers, existing technologies, engineers, skilled workers and oversight. In other words, the manufacturing skills gap is brewing a cauldron of dangers and profit losses, and you need to understand a few things about bridging the gap in factory settings. Training Can Be Part of Workforce Development Strategies.

Virtual Reality Training Simulator

Material Handling and Logistics

JLG Industries' AccessReady XR Operator Training simulator offers users the ability to train and improve the skills of boom lift equipment operators in a safe, virtual environment

SaaS training platform raises $5.4m

Logistics Business Magazine , the SaaS training platform enabling warehouse operators to onboard, upskill, and support their operators every day, has raised a $5.4m Once an employee has been onboarded, it can cost over $7k to replace them, due to spending on in-person training, loss of productivity and quality.

Overcoming the Skills Gap in Automotive Engineering


How can existing automotive manufacturers bridge the skills gap in automotive engineering between their current manufacturing techniques and these new invaluable skills? A Lack of Skilled Hands. This new technology-heavy world is lacking only one thing — the skilled hands that are needed to keep the technology running. In the UK, for example, industries are expected to require more than 180,000 skilled people every year to maintain growth by 2024.

Prologis expands training program for logistics workers

The Supply Chain Journal

announced Thursday it was expanding its training program aimed at tackling the growing need for logistics workers. Prologis’ CWI, established in 2018, announced last year a commitment to train 25,000 people for logistics careers by 2025.

Reach truck training goes online

Logistics Business Magazine

RTITB ’s innovative eTruck UK online eLearning program can now be used to train reach truck operators, as well as counterbalance lift truck operators, in less time. The eLearning solution is designed for novice theory training.

Will Skilled Trades Be Automated? The Relationship Between Trade Jobs and Technology


However, those working in the skilled trades need not worry. People, however, will see the skilled trades integrate with technology to do their job better. How Can Technology Help Skilled Trades? Examples of Automation in Skilled Trades. Time To Read: 5 minutes.

Skillfully Managing Manufacturing Reshoring Projects


These “Bring Manufacturing Back” initiatives have many moving parts and require careful planning and execution and very skillful project management. location they had chosen didn’t have the skilled workers that they needed. Finding Skilled Workers/Accessing Markets & Suppliers. However, failure to account for the existing skills of workers in the geographic area may be a major disaster to your reshoring efforts.

Seko and client launch logistics training programme for former prisoners

The LoadStar

Seko Logistics, along with customer Buyer Connected, is launching a logistics training programme which will help former prisoners into employment in Atlanta, Georgia. The two-week training initiative will launch in January and be.

The smart factory Part 4: What skills do manufacturers and distributors need in the factory of the future?


Let’s take a look at these new hybrid skills needed that combine technology and data expertise, and what this means for manufacturers and distributors as they transition into smart factories: Skillsets that drive innovation in the smart factory.

Weaving a tapestry of skills

World Food Programme Logistics

With German funding, WFP-supported sewing classes are stitching skills and ambition together in Lebanon There are 18 women in a classroom, surrounded by a colourful sea of fabric, needles, spools of thread and scissors. Photo: WFP/Edward Johnson For three days a week over two months, the women attend the blended theoretical and practical haberdashery classes in MAPS’ training centre in the Bekaa Valley. Underneath that sea of fabric, a rich tapestry of skills is being woven.

5 Skills Necessary For Maximizing Logistics Effectiveness


In this article, I propose to have a look at several logistic skills that, besides the specific knowledge in this area, will help to maximize the logistics effectiveness. When employees are trained to communicate with clients and team members without reserves, to avoid conflicts between professional activity and personal attitude, demonstrate professionalism in oppressive situations, this is integrity that leads to supply chain efficiency.