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5 Lessons From Military Logistics with Kenneth Carter III

The Logistics of Logistics

Kenneth Carter III and Joe Lynch discuss 5 lessons from military logistics. Summary: 5 Lessons From Military Logistics In this podcast, Kenneth Carter III shares his remarkable journey from drug addiction and incarceration to becoming the CEO and founder of Ameriton Freight and Logistics.

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Atlis, U.S. Military Supplier Team Up to Convert Military Vehicles to EVs

NGT News

military supplier to jointly design and produce new technology to convert military vehicles such as gasoline or diesel-powered high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicles (HMMWV) into electric vehicles. Military Supplier Team Up to Convert Military Vehicles to EVs appeared first on NGT News. The post Atlis, U.S.


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Missouri Bans Foreign Adversaries from Buying Land Near Military Bases

Supply Chain Brain

The executive order prohibits companies and citizens from "threatening countries" from purchasing farms or other types of land within ten miles of staffed military sites in Missouri.

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For Veterans Day, DB Schenker Salutes Team Members Who Served in the Military

Now, That's Logistics

DB Schenker honors all of its team members who served in the military, including nine that shared their career, service and life stories with us this Veterans Day. DB Schenker salutes all of the team members who served in the military. DB Schenker salutes all of the team members who served in the military.

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Building AI to Unlearn Bias in Recruiting

Research shows that the hiring process is biased and unfair. While we have made progress to solve this, it’s potentially at risk due to advancements in AI technology. This eBook covers these issues & shows you how AI can ensure workplace diversity.

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Looking to the Military Model to Improve Commercial Supply Chains

Supply Chain Brain

Military operations have always had an urgency to their supply-line management, something that has not always been present in commerce.

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Logistics Contractors and strategic logistics advantage in US military operations

Logistics in War

iii] The deliberate divestment of military logistic capabilities has necessitated that the US use contracted and host nation support for a number of logistic related services in combat operations. Contractors enable combat forces to concentrate on core military activities and focus on the development of warfighting capabilities. [x]