Is this the future of package delivery?

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On April 25th amazon announced their new partnership with Volvo and General Motors regarding package delivery. Why did amazon started this partnership and what is the concept behind this way of delivery and even more important can this new concept become a standard in package delivery, anyway amazon believes in it! Already in 2016 Volvo started in Sweden with their in-car delivery services. Choose the delivery option, “Volvo in-car delivery”.

UPS Opens New £120 Million London Facility

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UPS has opened their new £120 million, 32,000 square meter package sorting and delivery facility in London, England. The facility can handle up to 28,000 packages per hour with further increases expected with future expansion.

UPS rolls out routing upgrade after software passes pilot test

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Navigation tool could cut miles driven, fuel burned by package delivery drivers, company says. Technology

New OnTrac vehicle delivers pitchers, not packages

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Package delivery firm sponsors Diamondbacks' new bullpen cart. Transportation

Where’d it go and how did it get here?

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Packages don’t always go direct from origination to destination. And other questions after tracking packages deliveries What can be done to minimize the out-of-route miles?

The drones are coming

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Unmanned aircraft can help with package deliveries, yard and depot surveillance, traffic management, and more. How are drones being used and tested today, and what does it mean for delivery drivers

Amazon significantly ups order for delivery vehicles through deal with Mercedes

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When e-commerce powerhouse Amazon announced in late June it was rolling out its Delivery Service Program, in an effort to increase its package delivery and logistics service capabilities that it said will enable entrepreneurs to set up their own businesses to deliver Amazon packages, it drew a lot of attention, as it typically does, and interest.

Making the business case for drone delivery

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With some "ooh and ah" factor tech-wise but often looking more like a gimmick in the real world, is there a use for drones in package delivery that saves fleets time and money

Amazon rolls out new plans for delivery service partners network

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Global e-commerce powerhouse Amazon announced yesterday it is upping its plans to increase its package delivery and logistics services capabilities through the introduction of a new offering that, it said, will enable entrepreneurs to set up their own businesses to deliver Amazon packages

Another last-mile tweak: Amazon delivering to GM vehicles' trunks

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Amazon has been talking about package delivery to a vehicle trunk as a potential alternative to a home doorstep for years — the key was how it would work.

Amazon’s in-house delivery push has the industry’s attention

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While it may not be a tremendous game changer, last week’s news that Amazon is taking steps to step up its plans to increase its package delivery and logistics services capabilities through the introduction of a new offering that, it said, will enable entrepreneurs to set up their own businesses to deliver Amazon packages, still remains notable and fairly significant too.

Preparing Your Business for the Holiday Season

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If you are a retail company that is shipping mainly clothing items, you will need smaller boxes that can be send in the mail or through a package delivery service (UPS, FedEx).

UPS Strengthens Operations Across the Asian Region

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UPS , the American multinational package delivery and supply chain management company, recently announced a whole host of enhancements to be implemented throughout their network across the Asian region.

A New Year’s Resolution for Delivery Companies — Ending Porch Piracy

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A viral video opens up discussions of how private and public sectors are coming up with their solutions to stop package theft at the doors of people’s, deemed ‘Porch Piracy.’. You may have experienced a package being stolen from your porch at some point in your life. Consequently Barrow, an Acoma, Washington man rigged a fake package with fishing wire and a 12-gauge shotgun blank. Funny as the video is, it highlights a problem that’s been growing recently—package theft.

This Week in Logistics News (May 21-25, 2018)

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Without commentary, here is the supply chain and logistics news that caught my attention this week: Amazon Map Tracker lets you follow your package delivery in real time (The Verge). UPS hits customers with new fees for oversized packages (Reuters).

DHL Expands Global e-commerce Fulfillment

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The physical storage of ordered goods, their picking and packaging, the global shipping and delivery to the end-user’s front door or desired address – we now offer all of this in even more markets and from one single source,”.

Amazon’s New Delivery Service Partners Initiative Expands Their Delivery Network Using Franchised Fleets


Last week Amazon launched Delivery Services Partners , a new initiative aimed at encouraging entrepreneurs to set up their own delivery business. The ability to keep growing and improving deliveries is a top priority for Amazon.

Things you need to know about Asset Management

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Package delivery. It is broadly defined that it refers to maintain and monitors the asset value of entity and groups. It can be apply to both tangible (Buildings, Machinery and etc.) and intangible assets (Cash, Bank balance and etc.),

DHL Expands Global e-commerce Fulfillment

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The physical storage of ordered goods, their picking and packaging, the global shipping and delivery to the end-user’s front door or desired address – we now offer all of this in even more markets and from one single source,”.

Most Important E-Commerce Logistics Trends To Watch


Delivery options It’s getting easier and easier for brands to send their products to various places on earth. Amazon is testing drones for package delivery in England, there are postal lockers popping up in Australia and so on.

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Seguin takes over global freight forwarding at UPS

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Romaine Seguin (pictured) has become president of Global Freight Forwarding at packaging delivery and supply chain management company, UPS.

Strong US Economy Fueling Supply Chain Opportunities: State of Logistics Report

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There is a continuing truck driver shortage in the transportation industry, which has a multitude of effects, one of which could be slower package delivery times for Americans, who by the day order increased goods and services online.

China’s e-commerce soft spot: Logistics

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Thanks to China’s e-commerce boom, the country’s package-delivery business has been growing at 30 percent a year. Alibaba, for example, has slated $16 billion for future logistics investments, both to increase its market reach and to improve the reliability and speed of delivery.

Amazon’s Freight (Train) Is Coming


Bibliophiles everywhere can still hardly say “Amazon” without snarling, and Amazon’s effect on retail, grocery delivery, and even cloud computing is nothing short of transformative. Amazon announced that it shipped 5 billion items through Prime alone in 2017, and some analysts estimate it will ship over 4 billion packages in 2018. Significant energy goes into optimizing its distribution and delivery model.

Tips & Best Practices for E-Commerce Shipping in Each Over-the-Road Shipping Mode


This includes the risk of inaccurate deliveries, late shipments, lost shipments and more. In the world of e-commerce , it is not enough to focus solely on small package or LTL shipping. Many best practices are applicable to full truckload (FT), LTL, small package, and last-mile delivery. Small Package Maintain proper stacking during loading procedures. Track package movements. Real-time tracking of small packages will help reduce costs.

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Free Shipping is Costing More (As Small Packages Flood Delivery Networks)

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percent last year, spending on package delivery services jumped 10 percent [to $86.3 Parcel and express delivery has surpassed railroads as the second-largest logistics sector behind motor freight [emphasis mine].”. Residential, Large Packages and packages Over Maximum Limits.

Capacity Crunch Strategies: How Does a 3PL Aid a Shipper in a Shipping Capacity Crunch?


In addition, value-added services, like freight invoice auditing, can help shippers reclaim extra monies paid due to instances of double-billing, late deliveries and damages. . Thus, shippers see a single shipment, but the package may change modes as needed to get to its destination on time.

Amazon orders 20,000 Mercedes-Benz vans

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That could reduce Amazon’s reliance on other delivery companies such as UPS and FedEx or the U.S. Sprinter vans will be used by the growing fleet of contractors making final-mile package deliveries. Related Articles.

Drone Delivery – Where is it now?

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A look at where the technology meant to revolutionize small package delivery is in 2017. In 2013, the undisputed king of North American logistics, Jeff Bezos, revealed to CBS’ 60 minutes the future of small package logistics. Bezos showed off two drones which he said will be able to deliver packages anywhere within 10 miles of an Amazon fulfillment centre in half an hour. 2017 was an interesting year for drone delivery.

Visibility-Driven Workflow for Transportation Execution

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If you can track an Uber driver or an Amazon package delivery on your smartphone, why can’t supply chain visibility be just as easy? Despite industry professionals talking about it for 20+ years, many companies still don’t have real supply chain visibility beyond a rudimentary level. So how can we achieve this? What business processes will it impact?

Penske Helps Deliver a Christmas Miracle for Military Spouses

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Carolina non-profit which provides holiday care packages to military families. military spouse with an appreciation care package as a way to thank military spouses for their sacrifices. Volunteers attend assembly parties in November to create care packages for spouses and children. “We

Disrupting Logistics Ain’t Easy

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Shyp is a startup that “picks up, packages, and ships anything at the best price, through major international carriers like USPS, UPS and FedEx, for business and everyday use.”. We charge a $5 pickup fee, and that includes the packaging and coming to your home. This same-day parcel and package delivery service… was once viewed as a viable threat to everything from FedEx Corp.

Capacity Update: What’s Causing Tightening Capacity?

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This past holiday season, the US postal service alone broke an all-time package delivery record.

The Future Is Now for Logistics

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Couriers also are straining under the challenge of e-commerce deliveries. While companies led by Amazon experiment with a variety of last-mile delivery concepts, none has turned out to be the magic bullet. Parcel delivery volumes jumped 7% to $99 billion in 2017.

Starship Technologies launches new home delivery service

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Starship Technologies is offering the world’s first commercial autonomous package delivery on the ground with the first deliveries taking place across Milton Keynes from today (31 st October). Starship gets packages to consumers when and where they want them.