FreightWaves Classics: Railway Express Agency was THE express package delivery service

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Movement of freight, packages and people that once took days or weeks could now be accomplished in a fraction of the time. They provided local delivery direct to homes and businesses, first by horse and wagon and later by truck. Express services began in the 1830s.

The Rebound Podcast: What’s ahead for small package delivery

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The Rebound: What’s ahead for small package delivery E-commerce is heating up! Listen in as Alan Amling discusses the future of small package delivery.


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Emerging package delivery collective an alternative in going the final mile

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The post Emerging package delivery collective an alternative in going the final mile appeared first on The Loadstar. Land Loadstar posts News Amazon Canoo Delivery Service Partners (DSP) FedEx Last Mile Experts The Frontdoor Collective UPS

Is this the future of package delivery?

Logistics at MPEPS at UPV

On April 25th amazon announced their new partnership with Volvo and General Motors regarding package delivery. Why did amazon started this partnership and what is the concept behind this way of delivery and even more important can this new concept become a standard in package delivery, anyway amazon believes in it! Already in 2016 Volvo started in Sweden with their in-car delivery services. Choose the delivery option, “Volvo in-car delivery”.

Postal Service reports $3 billion year-on-year loss

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Shipping and package volume moved by the U.S. year-on-year in its fiscal year 2021 third quarter as a surge in demand for package delivery services began to slow, the quasi-governmental agency said Friday. Postal Service declined by 14.1%

MHI Annual Conference: Drone Applications in Supply Chain Beyond Package Delivery


"Commercial Drone Interest is Exploding, While Applications Inside and Outside the DC Are Here Now, before Package Delivery". Use of drones for package delivery has received a lot of attention ever since Jeff Bezos unveiled a video of an Amazon drone dropping off a package via drone on a 60 Minutes broadcast in 2012, but other applications in the supply chain are likely to emerge first.

Daily Infographic: FedEx adding 90,000 workers to handle peak surge

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UPS rolls out routing upgrade after software passes pilot test

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Navigation tool could cut miles driven, fuel burned by package delivery drivers, company says. Technology

Daily Infographic: Consumers’ views on sustainability in e-commerce

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Startup Couriers Snatch Toehold in Shake-Up of the FedEx Era

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Surging e-commerce is generating more package deliveries than giant couriers can handle, but the logjam is spawning startups with new ways of speeding deliveries

Daily Infographic: Smart Label Tracking Technology

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Diverse group of fleets set to participate in Run On Less Regional

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The Run features a variety of truck brands and technologies, along with a variety of loads they haul: from food and beverage to package delivery to household goods

Where’d it go and how did it get here?

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Packages don’t always go direct from origination to destination. And other questions after tracking packages deliveries What can be done to minimize the out-of-route miles?

UPS Opens New £120 Million London Facility

Logistics Manager

UPS has opened their new £120 million, 32,000 square meter package sorting and delivery facility in London, England. The new facility is located at the DP World London Gateway Logistics Park and will act as a UK package processing hub and distribution center for the local area as well as a gateway to for the company’s global network. The facility can handle up to 28,000 packages per hour with further increases expected with future expansion.

The drones are coming

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Unmanned aircraft can help with package deliveries, yard and depot surveillance, traffic management, and more. How are drones being used and tested today, and what does it mean for delivery drivers

From Iceland to America: Drone Delivery Inches Closer to Reality

Supply Chain Brain

Iceland continues to act as a proving ground for the use of drones in package-delivery services

Watch: The Raging Battle Between UPS and Amazon

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Rick Watson, founder and chief executive officer of RMW Commerce Consulting, relates what is doing to position itself as a competitive threat to United Parcel Service for package delivery

Amazon tumbles as profit declines for first time in two years

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reported its first quarterly profit decline in more than two years, missing analysts’ estimates, amid higher spending to speed package delivery. (Bloomberg) – Inc. Shares fell more than 7% in extended trading. Third-quarter earnings were

Making the business case for drone delivery

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With some "ooh and ah" factor tech-wise but often looking more like a gimmick in the real world, is there a use for drones in package delivery that saves fleets time and money

Reports say Amazon has acquired a Boeing 767 aircraft

Logistics Management

This marks a shift from Amazon’s longstanding tradition of leasing aircraft from Air Transport Services Group (ATSG), to operate its air cargo network to serve United States-based customers, and Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings, whom provides air cargo services to support Amazon’s package deliveries to its customers.

UPS Signs CNG, RNG Supply Agreement with Hexagon Agility

NGT News

Hexagon Agility, a provider of clean fuel solutions for commercial vehicles, has signed a master services agreement with UPS, one of the world’s largest package delivery companies, to supply compressed natural gas (CNG) and renewable natural gas (RNG) fuel systems for medium- and heavy-duty trucks.

Quick Tips for Optimizing Loading and Unloading Operations


The demand for package delivery continues to grow as consumers do more of their shopping online. At the same time, the supply chain is increasingly moving toward just-in-time delivery, meaning logistics companies have less room for error.

Maersk’s “Transformation” Under Scrutiny

Logistics Management

Moller-Maersk, the company intends to “transform” its logistics and supply chain model to compete with package delivery behemoths like UPS and Fedex

FedEx, UPS Ride Hottest Run in Years Toward Record Holiday Rush

Supply Chain Brain

Riding high from record package deliveries amid the coronavirus pandemic, UPS and FedEx are moving on to their next challenge: proving they can boost profit in the approaching holiday onslaught

Another last-mile tweak: Amazon delivering to GM vehicles' trunks

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Amazon has been talking about package delivery to a vehicle trunk as a potential alternative to a home doorstep for years — the key was how it would work. Now, with some app-based permissions and remote, outside-originated vehicle unlocking capabilit

3PL Basics: The 11 Transportation Services with Jeremy Thone

The Logistics of Logistics

Our freight broker software package has built-in support for many types of shipments including less-than-truckload (LTL), truckload (TL), expedited, rail, and any type of specialized equipment. Transportation Service #1 – Small Package.

3PL 212

Amazon significantly ups order for delivery vehicles through deal with Mercedes

Logistics Management

When e-commerce powerhouse Amazon announced in late June it was rolling out its Delivery Service Program, in an effort to increase its package delivery and logistics service capabilities that it said will enable entrepreneurs to set up their own businesses to deliver Amazon packages, it drew a lot of attention, as it typically does, and interest.

AEV Summit: Electrification, autonomy may debut in unexpected areas

The Supply Chain Journal

KEY QUOTES FROM RAMSEY: On electrification in trucking: “In the package delivery, in the last-mile delivery or midmile delivery, there’s a huge amount of promise and I think, frankly, a lot of development and even production intent in that area.

Amazon rolls out new plans for delivery service partners network

Logistics Management

Global e-commerce powerhouse Amazon announced yesterday it is upping its plans to increase its package delivery and logistics services capabilities through the introduction of a new offering that, it said, will enable entrepreneurs to set up their own businesses to deliver Amazon packages

FedEx preps to gave Express contract with Ground operations for select residential shipments

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Walmart drives closer to autonomous delivery with Ford, Argo AI deal

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Ford and Argo AI, which are already collaborating on an autonomous vehicle pilot for rideshare with Lyft, are adding a package delivery pilot to the mix with a separate agreement with Walmart. Walmart ( NYSE: WMT ) previously tested self-driving delivery with Ford in Miami in 2018. “We’re

FedEx preps to have Express contract with Ground operations for select residential shipments

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How to Save On 2-3 Day Shipping for E-Commerce

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Amazon continues to push customers’ expectations for package delivery. At a minimum, 2-3 days is the expectation for a vast majority of customers ordering items… The post How to Save On 2-3 Day Shipping for E-Commerce appeared first on 24/7 Customs Broker News.

Amazon to hire 75K workers for North American logistics, fulfillment

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Most of the hires will be at the Seattle-based company fulfillment locations and its burgeoning network of local delivery centers, which are expected to spring up across the continent as Amazon positions its final-mile delivery network as close to end customers as possible.

Ecommerce Continues Move Toward Heavier Freight Purchases

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[og_img] With the spread of COVID-19, expect a rise in e-commerce orders - the industry is used to small package deliveries, but shippers of heavier… The post Ecommerce Continues Move Toward Heavier Freight Purchases appeared first on 24/7 Customs Broker News.