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The Rebound Podcast: What’s ahead for small package delivery

247 Customs Broker

The Rebound: What’s ahead for small package delivery E-commerce is heating up! Listen in as Alan Amling discusses the future of small package delivery. On… The post The Rebound Podcast: What’s ahead for small package delivery appeared first on 24/7 Customs Broker News.

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Small Package-Delivery Companies Grow as Businesses Seek Alternatives to UPS, FedEx

Supply Chain Brain

Regional and other carriers still have less than 10% of the U.S. market, but the share is growing.


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Size Does Matter: Wing Reveils New Delivery Drones

Logistics Matter

In the case of package deliveries by drone size definitely matters. That is why drone delivery company WING presented various new prototypes of their drone. A Drone for Every Package Drone delivery is really taking off in some areas around the world. Sometimes size does matter.

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Watch: New Package Delivery Strategies for E-Commerce Brands

Supply Chain Brain

Capacity, reliability and cost containment are the most important factors in successful e-commerce delivery, says Rob Glover, vice president of sales at OSM Worldwide.

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Is this the future of package delivery?

Logistics at MPEPS at UPV

On April 25th amazon announced their new partnership with Volvo and General Motors regarding package delivery. Why did amazon started this partnership and what is the concept behind this way of delivery and even more important can this new concept become a standard in package delivery, anyway amazon believes in it!

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Gig driver for a day. Here’s what we learned making deliveries for Veho

Supply Chain and Logistics

Here we see a day in the life of a package delivery driver for Veho, which seems to be an enlightened last-mile delivery company that is actively trying to make work friendlier to the driver. The system they have developed … Continue reading →

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Mullen, Randy Marion Deliver EV Cargo Vans to MGT 

NGT News

MGT’s primary customer base focuses on last-mile segments, such as package delivery and retail, and vocations such as plumbing and electrician. ., an EV manufacturer, says Class 1 electric cargo vans were delivered to MGT Company in Highpoint, N.C., with the vehicle order fulfilled by Randy Marion Automotive Group.

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