Managing Peru’s Cold Food Chain Logistics

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Exporting a high percentage of the world’s fruits and vegetables, Peru’s farmers and food manufacturers require a high degree of logistics and transportation support for their perishable products. Department of Agriculture (USDA) report (Census of Agriculture. Read in Spanish.

One Man’s Trash: How Blockchain Can Target Food Waste to Help End World Hunger

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According to the United Nations, one in nine people today—or 815 million globally—lack access to the food necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle. A staggering 98% of these live in developing countries and 75% live in rural areas that depend on agriculture for their livelihood.

What Is the True Cost of Eating Meat?

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Food and farming is one of the biggest economic sectors in the world. We are no longer in the 14th century, when as much as 76 percent of the population worked in agriculture — but farming still employs more than 26 percent of all workers globally. the food chain now includes the agribusiness companies, the retailers, and the entertainment sector. What are the economics of meat?

The ELD Mandate and Fresh Produce Logistics: What Shippers Need to Know

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ELD and HOS exceptions apply to certain vehicles and carriers, during planting and harvesting periods, and for the transportation of agricultural commodities within a 150-air mile radius from the source of the commodities.

The Trade War of 2018: Report From the Front

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He reviews recent actions taken by the Administration on aluminum and steel, autos, agricultural goods and technology, among other products. Regulation and Compliance Global Supply Chain Management Global Trade & Economics Automotive High-Tech/Electronics Food & Beverage All Technology Global Trade Management SC Finance & Revenue Mgmt. The past few weeks have seen a dizzying series of actions by President Trump against what he considers to be unfair treatment against the U.S.

Welcome Chick-fil-A to Founders Camp


One of the key themes for solution finding at Dynamo is food supply chains and distribution. The brand is widely known for its “best in class” customer service and it is applying that fundamental service expectation to its tests of meal kits, meal delivery and locally sourced foods.

Does Your Supply Chain Need Blockchain?


Additionally, working with third-parties helps guarantee compatibility which is critical for bringing blockchain to other industries like retail and food service. According to CoBank, the agricultural industry will be among the first to benefit from the introduction of blockchain.

Hunger Pains from Trucker Shortage

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Food, perhaps the most important of all consumer items. Everything from restaurants and fast food chains, to grocery stores and even wineries, are going to start feeling the pain of the higher transportation costs. The ongoing driver shortage is nothing new in the U.S. freight industry.

World Hunger is a Logistics Issue

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We picked a menu where we can have unlimited amount of this dish and the waiters kept bringing more food on the table, up to a point where we had to tell them to stop. In the World, more than 795 million people do not have enough food to live a healthy life.

Terrorism and Supply Chain: A Growing Threat of Supply Chain Terrorism


I recently spoke with Randy Russell of the Russell Group , an agricultural lobbying firm that works with farmers and manufacturers from the supply chain, to ask about his thoughts on terrorism and the impact it can have on the supply chain, especially related to our food and water supplies.

Important Things You Should Know When You are Shipping Internationally

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These ships carry a wide range of consumer goods and industrial materials, ranging from finished products like computers, cars and food items to essential raw materials such as minerals and crude oil. Some items like live food items also need proper packaging including oxygen supply.

Farm country economy ‘continues to deteriorate’ | Full Stories – Caption as the Content | Full

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Trade Representative, continue to have conversations about a potential bilateral trade deal with Japan, USTR Chief Agricultural Negotiator Gregg Doud said during the hearing. “Other countries have beat us to the punch, and we’ve got to get busy,” Doud said. A few days ago Thune was in a grain elevator in South Dakota, where soybeans were priced at $7.05 agriculture products in their retaliation, and China is the biggest buyer of U.S.

Farm country economy ‘continues to deteriorate’

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Trade Representative, continue to have conversations about a potential bilateral trade deal with Japan, USTR Chief Agricultural Negotiator Gregg Doud said during the hearing. “Other countries have beat us to the punch, and we’ve got to get busy,” Doud said. A few days ago Thune was in a grain elevator in South Dakota, where soybeans were priced at $7.05 agriculture products in their retaliation, and China is the biggest buyer of U.S.

The Port of Manzanillo — Poised for Growth

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Besides containerized traffic, the port is equipped to handle bulk products such as cement and fertilizers, petroleum products, and bulk agriculture products such as wheat, fish oil, palm oil, and refrigerated foods and fluids. The Port of Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico.

Items You Should Never Pack In A Cargo Shipping Container

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For this reason, it should be obvious that any perishable goods such as food should not be packed into your shipping container. Agricultural Items. Items You Should Never Pack In A Cargo Shipping Container.

Despite NAFTA Uncertainty, Logistics Investments Continue

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The company offers FTL/LTL and technology services to the food production, retail, CPG, industrial and agricultural sectors. As the NAFTA and tariffs battles continues on, the logistics market continues to meet the growing demand for cross-border services.

Bridging the Gap Between Supply Chain Design and Planning

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From demand shifts and evolving customer preferences, to new product introductions and sales strategies, volatility creates a continuously moving target for supply chain managers.

Flexible Carrier Range in Cabka-IPS Intralogistics Europe Highlights

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pallet, which simplifies food distribution tasks. For the food industry, agriculture, waste management, and industrial production, Cabka-IPS has developed a large variant of the universally applicable pallet box.

[INFOGRAPHIC] The 7 Benefits of Made in USA Driven by Reshoring Movement, Technology, and Better Transportation Costs


News stories about contaminated plastic and pet food products from China have led to recalls , illnesses and even deaths. Food and Drug Administration and Departments of Commerce and Agriculture are typically held to higher quality standards than many foreign-made products.

Industry panel voices support for USMCA

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Representatives of the automotive, agricultural, software and financial services sectors voiced a positive tone on the U.S.-Mexico-Canada

CBRE research points to expected gains in cold-storage warehouse space

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market for food-commodity cold storage space covers 3.6 CBRE Senior Vice President for its Food Facilities Group Art Rasmussen told LM that the primary drivers for cold storage facilities include population growth, particularly in metro areas, and the change of consumer consumption habits.

China’s First Fresh Produce Block Train Moved By DB Schenker

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This new block train freight of agricultural perishable goods is the first to be operated in China by a Global 3PL. DB Schenker is operating these shipments at the request of Rollink, one of Chinas leading business to business food Trade Company.

Industry View: Plastic Pallet Supplier Looks to the Future

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First saw the signing of the company’s fifth partnership agreement, this time with Italian manufacturer JCOPLASTIC which secured sole UK distribution rights for an impressive range of industrial and agricultural rigid pallet boxes.

Retailers Say Don’t Let Your Freight Be Early Or Late

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Charles Redfield, executive vice president of food for Wal-Mart U.S., The Florida Commissioner of Agriculture has estimated the cost of Irma to Florida’s farm sector at $2.5 The transportation industry is perhaps one of the most daunting when it comes to rules and regulations.

U.S., South Korea reduce trade impact of poultry disease

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The U.S.

NAFTA’s impact on U.S. meat industry

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agricultural sector is acutely aware that a NAFTA termination, and the higher tariffs expected to come with it, would erode the comprehensive supply chain optimization that has worked cohesively with NAFTA’s market access benefits and regionally tailored regulations to allow U.S. agricultural producers to petition for antidumping and countervailing duties during winter months has given pause to many in the U.S. agricultural and manufactured goods.

U.S. West Coast shippers discover intermodal advantages of Reno, Nevada

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Coyle: Global economic conditions drive demand for food and agricultural products. California’s agricultural industry generates roughly 54 billion annually, and the central valley is one of the leading exporters through the Port of Oakland.

6 Supply Chain Trends That Could Truly Shake You Up (2018 Update)

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One of the most notable examples is in agriculture, where equipment, fertilizer and seed vendors are working together to sell farmers guaranteed crop yields. Supply chain scandals cast a spectre over corporations that do not respond to consumer concerns, like the use of palm oil in food products. Trend identification is a tricky business. Supply chain trends make it yet more complex because they represent the intersections of so many different domains.

Driving Retail Experiences with Supply Chain


The massive takeaway was that JD is building it’s own internal supply chain platform and will sell it’s “dog food” to the masses at an opportune time (like Amazon/AWS). Dynamo Dispatch (03/26/18) Commentary I spent the better part of last week at Shoptalk18.

Global Factory Boom Spurs Commodities Prices from Oil to Copper

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percentage point from core inflation, which excludes food and energy prices. the world’s top producer of agricultural commodities, is helping to increase the price of wheat and other grains.

Digitalisation: quicker off the blocks

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Over the last six months, the company has partnered with other industries to introduce new blockchain software to the marketplace, for example in food/agriculture, real estate and banking/private equity.

Trade Wars Put U.S. Small Business on the Front Line

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As an example, China has imposed tariffs on farm products and seafood, as well as autos; and the companies affected can be small food exporters, agricultural supply companies, or auto parts suppliers. The U.S.-China China trade war is escalating by the day and the U.S. relationship with NAFTA countries Canada and Mexico is increasingly tense. trade is heating up with imminent E.U. tariffs on the horizon.

ISM reports slight decline in April non-manufacturing output, while growth remains intact

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The] national shortage of Class-A drivers and the increased demand for logistics is resulting in an increase in the cost of goods,” said an Accommodation & Food Services respondent.

BNSF Railway joins blockchain alliance

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The firm transports consumer goods, grain and agricultural products, low-sulfur coal, and industrial goods such as petroleum, chemicals, housing materials, food and beverages. LBR Staff Writer. Published 06 February 2018. BNSF Railway, a unit of Berkshire Hathaway, has joined Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA) to set technology standards of future.

The India village ‘on the verge of extinction’

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It entered our rooms, sat on our utensils, went inside our food, our water. “The transportation has spread noise, dust, destruction and death through the interiors of Goa, affecting health, agriculture and livelihoods,” says Abhijeet Pradbhudesai, a Goa-based environmentalist.

Non-manufacturing output declines in October but remains in growth mode, says ISM report

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Non-manufacturing activity in October, while still at a high level, declined compared to an a-time high in September, according to the Non-Manufacturing Report on Business, which was issued by the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) earlier today. The index ISM uses to measure non-manufacturing growth—known as the NMI–dropped 1.3% to 60.3 (a a reading above 50 indicates growth), while still growing for the 105th consecutive month. The October NMI is 1.8% above the 12-month average of 58.5. .

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2018 Thematic Areas trucking technology industry-specific applications of blockchain and distributed ledger technology industry-relevant applications of machine learning products/solutions related to agriculture and the food chain warehouse automation Competitive companies will have a strong team, a product/service built, and early traction with customers/users.

ISM reports solid non-manufacturing growth in May

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The May edition of the Institute for Supply Management’s (ISM) Non-Manufacturing Report on Business was strong and continued the ongoing growth thesis for the sector. The index ISM uses to measure non-manufacturing growth—known as the NMI–headed up 1.8% to 58.6 (a

March non-manufacturing activity remains on solid footing, reports ISM

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Non-manufacturing activity remained in solid shape to finish the first quarter, according to the Institute for Supply Management’s (ISM) Non-Manufacturing Report on Business, which was released today. The index ISM uses to measure non-manufacturing growth—known as the NMI––fell 0.7% to 58.8

Non-manufacturing activity remains in growth mode in February, reports ISM

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The two industries reporting contraction in February are: Arts, Entertainment & Recreation; and Accommodation & Food Services.

Uncertainty surrounds fine print of new, trilateral North American free trade deal

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Doney deals mostly with Alberta and industries along the Interstate 15 corridor, mainly in food and agriculture processing and energy support. With initials containing heavy militaristic overtones– a cross between the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) and U.S. Military Academy (USMA) –President Donald J. Trump last month proudly hailed a revised trilateral trade agreement between the United States, Mexico and Canada.

Africa awakes

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Increasing Africa’s exports of manufactured, semi-processed or agricultural goods would significantly improve the imbalance in containerised trade, PwC notes. Demand has moved from food and shelter to construction of permanent homes and owning transport.

Non-manufacturing gets off to a strong start in 2018, reports ISM

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ISM said that 15 non-manufacturing industries reported growth in January, including: Management of Companies & Support Services; Arts, Entertainment & Recreation; Mining; Utilities; Retail Trade; Construction; Transportation & Warehousing; Public Administration; Real Estate, Rental & Leasing; Health Care & Social Assistance; Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting; Educational Services; Finance & Insurance; Wholesale Trade; and Accommodation & Food Services.