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Five Benefits of Reverse Logistics Management to Your Business


The benefits of reverse logistics management can significantly improve your warehouse's profitability, if the process is done correctly. Reverse logistics could help improve your company's image, increasing your customer base and ultimately boosting net income.

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The Missing Link: Procurement’s Critical Role in Maximizing Reverse Logistics Efficiency

Supply Chain Brain

When tech companies began offloading their reverse logistics businesses, industry giants with physical capabilities were waiting, eager to see if they could deploy those capabilities in-house.


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Transforming Reverse Logistics: A Necessity for Future Retail Success!


Explore the significance of revolutionizing reverse logistics. The post Transforming Reverse Logistics: A Necessity for Future Retail Success! Delve into the intricate features, unveiling the profound benefits it offers.

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Top trends in reverse logistics

Logistics Management

Two of the trends making an impact on reverse logistics besides the increase of e-commerce and the increased focus on customer centricity—are the circular economy and robotics. Here are some suggestions for transforming your reverse process to meet today’s pressing demands.

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Return to Success: Streamlining Returns in the Supply Chain for Enhanced Efficiency

Speaker: Cathy Morrow Roberson, Research Manager for the Reverse Logistics Association

Learning Objectives: Explore common hang-ups in supply chain and returns to understand the root causes of return disruptions Examine the role of technology and data analytics in addressing supply chain issues, and how tools like advanced tracking systems and real-time data can help Discuss strategies for seamless returns, including streamlined processes, (..)

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Warehouse Operations: Optimizing the Reverse Logistics Process


According to Tony Scarriota , Executive Director of Reverse Logistics Association, “Consumers feel entitled to return goods when they realize that they don’t want or need them.”

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Revealing the Realm of Reverse Logistics

Ship Monk

Here, the process of reverse logistics gets started. The term “reverse logistics” on its own can be a bit confusing, so we’re taking the complexity out of this aspect of logistics for you. Read on to not only learn the answer to “What is reverse logistics?” What is Reverse Logistics?