Waste Disposal Solutions Revealed in Nuremberg

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German waste disposal expert Strautmann Umwelttechnik presented its waste disposal solutions at the BrauBeviale in Nuremberg last week. It says with its LiquiDrainer, bale- and briquette presses you successfully dispose of waste with little effort and maximum effect.

The elongated, take-make-dispose supply chain under threat

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The elongated, take-make-dispose supply chain that has been the mainstay model for the. The post The elongated, take-make-dispose supply chain under threat appeared first on The Loadstar.

Hella disposes of two operations as it changes focus

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The post Hella disposes of two operations as it changes focus appeared first on Automotive Logistics.

How Donating Merchandise Can Solve Inventory Issues

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With the new year comes an old problem: how to dispose of excess inventory without feeling like you’re just throwing dollars out the door

Natural gas returning as smart transportation fuel

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There are several new tools at the disposal of the natural gas industry that could make help natural gas's comeback in transportation successful

Reusable Corrugated Plastic Box

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MDI has introduced a reusable, regular-slotted, corrugated plastic container (RSC) designed to help reduce costs associated with breaking down, erecting, storing and disposing of cardboard

Trillium CNG selected to upgrade fleet’s fueling station

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American Disposal Services recently chose compressed natural gas fueling facilities provider Trillium CNG to upgrade its fueling station. The Virginia-based recycling and waste collection company has been using compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks for

HNA in advanced talks to sell Swissport to Brookfield

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Should the deal go ahead, Bloomberg says, this would be the Chinese conglomerate’s biggest disposal since unloading Hilton Worldwide in April. Debt-laden HNA Group’s efforts to shift air cargo handler Swissport from its books appear to have moved forward.

3PL for Small Businesses

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But the truth is that with all of the available tools at their disposal, there has never been a better time for growth and prosperity for small business owners In the modern business world, large corporations and enterprises seemingly dominated the economic landscape making it near to impossible for small and growing bossiness to flourish.

Pharmaceuticals in Reverse Supply Chain Now Hazardous Waste

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Healthcare facilities that dispose of prescription drugs must register with EPA. The rule exempts Food and Drug Administration-approved nicotine replacement therapies, such as patches and gum, from hazardous waste disposal requirements.

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Maersk Line set to beat profit forecast, but rougher seas for APMT and Damco

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The Danish group’s refocusing of its core activities away from transport and energy to a container line, terminal operator and logistics provider is now well under way, as the disposal of its energy business nears completion.

Everything is Green

Logistics at MPEPS at UPV

The areas that are addressed include the means of transportation, the disposal of waste and residual material and the packaging which also makes the consumers’ contribution necessary since they are responsible for disposing and recycling a product’s packaging.

A clean answer to complex reverse logistics packaging

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Currently, manufacturers tend to use returnable equipment within regions, relying on disposable cardboard and dunnage for long-distance shipments to avoid empty return shipping.

Warehousing Company India – Technology From Around The World

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It is now easy to gather the information about certain consignment or shipment or any disposal from the godown for delivery.

Trinity to celebrate National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

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Without the men and women in the trucking industry, grocery stores would be empty, gas stations would close, and the everyday items at our disposal would cease to exist at our fingertips. Truck drivers keep America moving. Here at Trinity Logistics, we want to take time to pay respect to the millions of carriers and truck drivers who log countless hours to deliver freight in a timely and safe manner. From Sept.

Popular Europe-wide Trade-in Scheme Restarted by Printronix Auto ID

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It enables firms to enjoy the improved performance of our newer printers at a discounted price as well as ensuring their traded in devices are disposed of safely and responsibly.”. It will collect the old devices and dispose of them in line with EU standards,” adds Neil.

Eight Industries that Benefit from Floor Scales

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Industrial floor scales are widely used in hospitals and nursing homes for measuring and monitoring the weight of patients and animals and also for weighing medical waste prior to disposal. Industrial floor scales are used to weigh large, heavy or oversized objects.

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SEGRO Exits Belgium with Sale of Four Warehouses

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This disposal successfully concludes SEGRO and SELP’s presence in Belgium, at a modest premium to book value, in line with SEGRO’s strategy to exit markets where it does not have, or does not expect to achieve, a scale position. Property developer SEGRO plc has exited Belgium with the €83.4

SEGRO Exits Belgium with Sale of Four Warehouses

Logistics Business Magazine

This disposal successfully concludes SEGRO and SELP’s presence in Belgium, at a modest premium to book value, in line with SEGRO’s strategy to exit markets where it does not have, or does not expect to achieve, a scale position. Property developer SEGRO plc has exited Belgium with the €83.4

Bale Press Maker Pushes Recycling Profitability Benefits

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The HSM V-Press reduces costs at the usually underestimated ‘waste disposal’ cost centre. With a pressing force of 594 kN and the low-noise and energy-saving rapid traverse technology, it is the economical and environmentally friendly solution for many disposal tasks.

Blockchain and Reverse Logistics: Recapturing Costs and More


They expect manufacturers to adhere to the guidelines within the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), governing proper disposal of goods, including reclamation of raw materials and removal of personal information from electronic devices.

Things you need to know about Asset Management

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Assets Management is a systematic process of maintaining, upgrading, operating and disposing of assets cost-effectively. It is broadly defined that it refers to maintain and monitors the asset value of entity and groups. It can be apply to both tangible (Buildings, Machinery and etc.)

6 Benefits of Effective a Reverse Logistics System & The 9 Core RevLog Metrics to Track


With the growth of sustainability initiatives , more companies have adopted the use of recycled materials in production and have developed procedures for the responsible disposal of products that cannot be recycled or reused.

280,000 sq ft at Teesside Industrial site sold

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Cushman & Wakefield Logistics & Industrial partner in team in Newcastle Richard Scott said: “We are delighted to have completed the disposal of this building to Magnum Packaging.

Retailers Expect Strong Holiday Sales

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NRF’s holiday forecast is based on an economic model using several indicators including consumer credit, disposable personal income and previous monthly retail sales. Disposable personal income is up 5.4%.

Reverse Supply Chains: Best Practices for Better Asset Recovery


As businesses often have a surplus of goods to dispose of or recover, such as core returns, we’ve compiled some excellent tips for your company so the process of handling goods not only stretches further… but enhances your chain value as well.

How Choosing Eco-friendly Packaging for Your Products Can Help You Build a Better Brand – While Saving the World

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They won’t have to work as hard to get rid of the waste products associated with their purchase as eco-friendly packaging is generally compostable and easily broken down and disposed of. You can even reuse transportation bins or recyclable totes during your shipping process (instead of disposable alternatives like boxes and bags) so there is less waste and less cost of preparing each shipment for transport.

Emirates SkyCargo Celebrates 2 Years of Freighter Operations in Oslo

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Due to the vast network that Emirates SkyCargo has at their disposal, the air cargo carrier can ensure that the Norwegian salmon hold all their freshness and arrive at their destinations in the fastest possible time.

How to manage Reverse Supply Chain better

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The one and only goal of a reverse logistics system is to recover financially from returned goods that would otherwise be a loss in product disposal, improve efficiency in the reverse supply chain, and minimize waste.

4 Ways Effective 3PL Can Help Pharma Comply With Health Canada Regulations

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Compliant product disposal/destruction and other headaches. They can quickly scale up the workforce to safely and efficiently handle new tasks, and even take care of otherwise daunting tasks such ensuring compliant product destruction or disposal.

Kite Compacters Claim Strong ROI on Waste Management

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They can effectively compact cardboard, plastic, paper, textile and even food waste, all into one small, compact bale which can be disposed of efficiently and in the right way, therefore also encouraging recycling in the workplace.

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BITO’s EQ Container Fleet Returns Client Investment in One Year

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This results from eliminating the need to pay for cardboard disposal using a compactor – a time wasting process that previously occupied a member of staff. They were using cardboard boxes that, when emptied of the caps, required disposal.

Crowley Opens New Shipping Route between Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and USVI

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Crowley sipping professionals located at their San Juan, Rio Haina and USVI facilities can streamline the handling and delivery of goods to their final destinations with a full portfolio of supply chain services, including warehousing, Customs clearance and trucking at their disposal.

Route Scheduling Expert Supports Hospice Charity Initiative

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Dorking-based Paragon Software Systems has supported the St Gemma’s Hospice annual Christmas tree disposal service, helping the charity to raise more than £20,000 to care for terminally ill people in West Yorkshire.

My experience in the transport of goods management

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They are the following: – Ex Works (EXW) : this system represents few obligations for the seller, because it is limited to putting the goods at the disposal of the buyer in their premises and in a packaging appropriate to the type of transport.