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ABS simulating green maritime corridors

Supply Chain and Logistics

American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), a US-based classification society, has announced that it is developing simulations of potential green maritime shipping corridors. Such a tool will allow users to determine if a particular corridor is feasible, and what the costs … Continue reading →

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Lloyd’s Maritime Academy Rebrands

Logistics Business Magazine

Lloyd’s Maritime Academy, the leading international provider of online academic education for maritime professionals, announces its forthcoming rebrand. Commenting on the refreshing of their brand, Veronica Araujo, Head of Performance Marketing of Lloyd’s Maritime Academy said: “It’s exciting times for Lloyd’s Maritime Academy.


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Malaysian Maritime Agency Detains Chinese Barge

Supply Chain Brain

The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency said it was investigating if the barge was involved in the looting of two WWII British shipwrecks in the South China Sea.

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Port and Maritime Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities Finally Get More Attention

Logistics Viewpoints

Port and maritime operations are critical to the stability of the global supply chain and the global economy. Maritime and port cybersecurity has not received the same level of attention that other industry sectors have, even though the sector has already fallen victim to attacks that have brought supply chains to a halt.

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Port Congestion Shines Light on Visibility Gaps

The current state of visibility –– or lack thereof –– in maritime shipping, and its contribution to port congestion. 23% of respondents said they had limited maritime shipment tracking capabilities, with another 23% saying they had no port tracking capabilities at all. Visibility advancements to expect over the next several months.

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P&O Maritime Logistics Aids Offshore Wind Farms

Logistics Business Magazine

P&O Maritime Logistics, a leading provider of maritime services globally, today announced plans to convert one of its Multi-Carrying Vessels (MCV’s) into a Cable-Laying Vessel (CLV). Martin Helweg, CEO of P&O Maritime Logistics said: “The conversion of our vessel is a real step change.

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Impact of War on Maritime Trade Flows – AMICIE Webinar

Shipping and Freight Resource

The risk of war is nothing new to the shipping, freight and maritime industry, having navigated through many of these situations. AMICIE is organizing a webinar on the subject on the 5th of March 2022 to discuss the impact of war and war-like situations on maritime trade flows. Title: Impact of War on Maritime Trade Flows.

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