Maritime UK says Article 50 process should be extended

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Maritime UK has urged the EU and UK to extend the Article 50 process if a deal is not reached by October. Mr. The post Maritime UK says Article 50 process should be extended appeared first on The Loadstar. Loadstar leads Recommends Sea Supply chain Article 50 Brexit EU Maritime UK UK

A More Thoughtful Article on Capacity


This, from BCG, is a much more thoughtful article on the true capacity issues in transportation. The issue is NOT trucking capacity as that can easily be solved with private fleets, some technology, moving DCs to more efficient locations etc. The real issue is around port capacity, rail capacity, infrastructure and consumer demands. These cannot be moved around. And this is what companies have to be thinking about now assuming they want to stay around.

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A Collection of Recent KANE Articles on the Shortage of Drivers

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The just-released Top Industry Issues Report from the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) shows that the shortage of drivers is now the NUMBER ONE concern of the 1,500 trucking industry professionals surveyed. Freight Transportation

Rhenus Logistics Accelerates into the Asian Market

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Articles Airfreight Asia cross dock hub Cross-dock Rhenus Logistics Thailand ThailandDigital technological advancements are becoming ever more intertwined throughout the innerworkings of the logistics industry; bolstering and creating new avenues from which to do business.

7 Supply Chain and Logistics Trends to Watch in 2018

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Omnichannel supply and the new “I want it now” consumer culture will be strong drivers of supply chain trends in 2018, including those already mentioned in this article. Suddenly you’ve solved one of the scalability problems hinted at in the previous section of this article.

8 Common Warehousing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Articles Inventory - S&OP Warehouse warehouse management warehousingTo say there is any one single way in which to manage a warehouse would be folly—much depends on the nature of the supply chain and of the warehouse itself. However, there are certain common principles that can and should be applied. Conversely, of course, this also means there are a number of ways in which companies can get it wrong.

A Recommended Approach to Warehouse Layout and Operational Design

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Articles Supply Chain Supply Chain Strategy WarehouseIs your warehouse full of pallets sitting on the aisle instead of up in the racks? Do you need a bigger facility to cater for the forecast growth of your business over the medium to long term? Is your warehouse operation inefficient?

How AI Helps Build the Supply Chain that Thinks for Itself

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Articles Business Improvement Supply Chain Supply Chain Strategy TechnologyHow close are we to supply chains that can run themselves? Are production, warehousing and transport ready to become lights-out operations, where no human being is needed?

Supply Chain: Like Riding a Bike

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Articles Consultants People TestimonialIn this new interview series we’re introducing some of our senior staff in a little more detail. What makes them tick? What ticks them off? But also: Why do they love supply chain management so much? First up is Keiran Hogan.

Top Ten Tips to Boost Supply Chain Performance to Best in Class

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Articles Supply ChainHere are my top 10 tips to boost your Supply Chain performance towards Best in Class. I’ve arranged them into an acronym to help you remember them. (And And check out some more resources at the bottom). The acronym is METHODICAL.

Don’t Let Your RFT be a 3PL Solution Designer’s Nightmare

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3PL Articles Logistics OutsourcingAt their best, third party logistics (3PL) companies provide new and innovative ways to improve logistics effectiveness. They are also agile and flexible enough to accommodate the current and future business needs of most shippers.

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Lose Your Why, Lose Your Way with Mike Temple

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They have collaborated on numerous articles, webinars, and research. Download the audio file. Podcast Summary: Joe is joined by Mike Temple, Executive Coach at TranStrategy Partners. Initially, Mike was Joe’s client, but over time they became great friends.

North America Tank Truck Capacity UPDATE: July 2018

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DOWNLOAD FULL ARTICLE: The post North America Tank Truck Capacity UPDATE: July 2018 appeared first on Odyssey Logistics & Technology. Intermodal Trucking

First emission-free barges on Europe’s waterways

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What’s interesting about this article to me is the concept of using a container to house the battery. That way it can be removed/replaced if there is a problem, cutting down time to just long enough to lift the old … Continue reading → Logistics Ports Shipping Supply Chains barges containers electirc power entrepreneurship innovation intermodal transport technology

Will the Freight Industry Move to a Discounted Pricing Model Like the Stock Brokerage Industry?

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Initially, I was reluctant to write this article because comparing two industries requires more research than this simple logistics blogger was willing to do. I ultimately decided to write this article because I wanted to begin the conversation and hear some other opinions on the topic.

New Paper Published

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We just published an article in Research in Transportation Business and Management (RTBM). It’s called Fleet management for rail car transport of ethanol. The “we” is Khalid Bachkar, Idrissu Aminu, Atif Osmani, and me. The link here is good for … Continue reading → Logistics My Research Supply Chains agriculture biofuel ethanol operations Rail research scholarship supply chains trains transportation

Metro Monitor 2018

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This article discusses differences between cities and sectors around the country in terms of economics and demographics. The authors show that economic divides are increasing between geographic areas. There are a great many numbers which show these trends. Authors are Chad … Continue reading → Quantitative Methods Strategy Sustainability economics labor economics trends

Blockchain explained through college basketball

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Here is the original article the Loadstar referred me to. It is a picture a bit too rosy, perhaps, but quite clear. It doesn’t say that blockchain’s smart contracts will turn logistics people from a handful of paper shufflers to … Continue reading → Advanced Computing Logistics Supply Chains Sustainability blockchain freight technology

Geographic gaps are widening in U.S. as economic growth increases

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This is a quite interesting article on the distribution of economic development in the US. It says we have to start doing something about the ill distribution to a few highly urbanized areas that are often based on high tech … Continue reading → Labor Economics Logistics Macroeconomics Production Operations Sustainability challenges economics productivity technology

Stifel Top 10 “Game Changers” in Logistics

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This is the first of two articles on the investment firm Stifel’s opinion of the top game changers in Logistics. It’s a summary of the report Stifel recently issued. One of their interesting views is that for all the talk … Continue reading → Investing Labor Economics Logistics Strategy Supply Chains Trucking disruption innovation investment transportation trends

Online Grocery Retailing that too in.India - Infosys Blogs

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We are familiar with the concept of buying online books, electronic goods, gift articles, apparels. About Us. Contact Us. Newsroom Investors Careers. Infosys Labs. Industries. Industries. Aerospace and Defense. Airlines. Automotive. Communication Services. Consumer Packaged Goods. Education. Energy. Financial Services. Healthcare. High-Tech. Hospitality and Leisure. Industrial Manufacturing. Insurance. Logistics and Distribution. Media and Entertainment. Medical Devices.

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The Opposite of Cold Calling

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You can share your expertise though blog posts, magazine articles, websites, webinars, speaking engagements, LinkedIn articles/posts, Youtube, and an ever-growing list of websites and social media platforms. The opposite of cold calling may be the key to growing your sales.

Supply Chain Management:Bricks and Clicks - The New Business.

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The Economist featured an article in its February 25th print edition with the title: Clicks and Bricks. The gist of this article is one that many business and industry analysts have been frequently dwelling upon, namely that retailers are feverishly trying to reinvent themselves for this rapidly changing new age of online shopping and multi-enterprise commerce. About Us. Contact Us. Newsroom Investors Careers. Infosys Labs. Industries. Industries. Aerospace and Defense. Airlines.

Marc Althen at Penske Logistics - Leading by Example and Empowerment


A great article about a great leader titled " Leading by Example and Empowerment ". Congratulations to Marc Althen.well deserved. Leadership penske

Megatrends, Strategic Technology Trends, Robots, and Autonomous Vehicles

Logistics Matter

You can read the full articles by clicking the link in the tweets. Logistics in the News – Week 42 A lot of interesting things in the news again last week, which you may have missed. Please find a roundup of the main news and background items for the past week below.

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Can you successfully fight chargebacks issued by retailers?

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In this article, we’ll provide tips to help you fight these chargebacks and reverse unwarranted penalties. True or false: when a retailer issues a chargeback penalty to you, the fine is permanent and indisputable. In our experience as a 3PL provider, we find that chargebacks can be based on incorrect or incomplete information and are often worthy candidates for dispute. Vendor Compliance Chargebacks

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The Most Common Supply Chain Fallacies

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This article describes the five most common fallacies surrounding supply chain management. Some of these are fallacies that have been around a long time and never seem to go away. Others are more recent in origin. The post The Most Common Supply Chain Fallacies appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints. Learning & Leadership fallacies supply chain

How a warehouse fire sparked innovation at Gap

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Well, this interesting article by Fast Company reveals how – albeit perhaps unwittingly – the fashion retailer turned the disaster into an opportunity. Do you remember when Gap’s distribution centre in Fishkill, New York, caught fire a couple of years ago?

The Role of the TMS in 3PL Transportation Services

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In this article, we’ll take a closer look at these features and the impacts they have on 3PL transportation services If you’ve talked to a third-party logistics provider (3PL) in recent years, chances are you’ve heard it tout its transportation management system. There is good reason for all this talk. TMS systems are truly game changers that can lead to a much more efficient transportation operation and save you a substantial amount of money in the process.

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Robots with Swarm Intelligence

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This article discusses this technology. Robots with swarm intelligence. Austrian headquartered Agilox designs and manufactures mobile logistics robots that use “swarm intelligence” to intelligently navigate through warehouses and factories, delivering pallets and totes where they are needed. The post Robots with Swarm Intelligence appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints. Warehouse Automation Robot supply chain Warehousing

This Week in Logistics News (March 24 – 30)

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A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about drone deliveries, and whether or not they were actually close to a reality. In that article, I outlined a few practical applications for drones, as well as some of the more hypothetical uses. Well, this week has shown us that aside form practical uses, companies are looking towards the future for possible applications. Amazon, for example, filed yet another patent for a drone system. This time, […].

3PL Links featured in Business Elite Canada

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You can view the article by clicking on this link or on the image below. 3PL Links has been featured in the August 2017 edition of Business Elite Canada. The post 3PL Links featured in Business Elite Canada appeared first on Third Party Logistics Toronto, 3PL, 3rd & Supply Chain Solutions.

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Bringg - Untitled Article


” Read the full article here. “In Tel Aviv testen Unternehmer, wie Mobilität in Zukunft aussehen könnte. Sie entwerfen Fahrpläne, die Echtzeitdaten verwenden, Logistik, die Amazon schlagen soll, und Chips, die Autos leichter machen.” The post [Sueddeutsche Zeitung] Die Mobil-Macher appeared first on Bringg. Highlights

Executive Rounding: Taking the Organization’s Vitals

The Lean Thinker

Background: I wrote an article appearing in the current (October 2017) issue of AME Target Magazine (page 20) that profiles two very different organizations that have both seen really positive shifts in their culture.

Bringg - Untitled Article


” Read the full article here. “Owning the supply chain all the way to the customer enables businesses to control the entire customer experience.” ” says Raanan Cohen, CEO of software logistics platform bringg, Tel Aviv, Israel, “leveraging their brand at every single touch-point, from the driver’s uniform to the giveaways they distribute.” The post [Food Service Equipment Reports] Store To Door appeared first on Bringg. Highlights

Note to CEOs: Transportation and Supply Chain Issues are Demanding a Place at the Table

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Over the past couple of months, the Wall Street Journal has published several articles that indicate CEOs are “suddenly” discovering that transportation and supply chain issues can drastically impact their profitability. When CEOs from large companies like John Deere, Tyson Foods, and General Mills publicly state that their financial performance has been hurt by increased transportation costs, it gets people’s attention

Six strategic challenges – global logistics integration and the state of professional discourse

Logistics in War

As described in part one, this article is an edited component of a larger paper has been divided into three parts, each of which contains two key issues relevant to Defence (strategic) logistics. 1] The paper presented names of journals (US based) that had four or more articles indexed in ABI/Inform Global and Proquest Research Library-Business mentioning ‘military logistics’ or ‘defence logistics’ or defense logistics’ in the title, abstract, key words or text from 1952 to 2010.

The five most popular ‘Logistics In War’ posts of 2017

Logistics in War

With 2017 drawing to a close, I am proud to present the five most read articles of the year. I do so with the caveat that with the growth of the site, the earliest articles drew less views than those released later in the year. Take a read – the article attests to why LIW exists.

Home Depot Grows Revenues by Investing in Time Definite Deliveries

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This article describes the path they took to put this business case together. Most companies invest in transportation management solutions to cut costs. Home Depot has proven that investing in this can improve service and grow revenues. The post Home Depot Grows Revenues by Investing in Time Definite Deliveries appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints. Retail Transportation Management Systems Home Depot logistics supply chain TMS

The Other Side of the Coin for Crowdsourced Deliveries

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A few months ago, I wrote an article about using crowdsourced deliveries for last mile success. In the article, I touched upon a few key points regarding crowdsourced deliveries. First was the rapidly expanding market for crowdsourced deliveries. Major retailers such as Target, BestBuy, Macy’s, Staples, and Walgreens, to name a few, are currently offering crowdsourced deliveries to their customers.