Yodel automates ‘uglies’ sorting at Wednesbury

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The £1 million system has been installed at the Wednesbury sort centre replacing two manual sorting carousels. It is capable of processing up to 2,500 metre-long items per hour and will greatly enhance the speed and efficiency of the out of gauge parcel sorting process. [og_img].

UPS opens $100 million sorting hub outside Paris

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Largest investment ever in the country. Transportation

Plenty to sort through regarding the future fate of NAFTA

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For more than a while now, there has been a general sense of confusion, when it comes to the fate of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). There are many reasons for that premise, to be sure. At the top of that list, of course, is that President Donald Trump has made it very clear he is not a NAFTA supporter, at times often suggesting it could, or should, go away, and at other times saying he may be with OK with some changes.

UPS opens £120m package sorting and delivery facility in London, UK

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UPS, a provider of supply chain solutions, has opened a new £120m package sorting and delivery facility in London, UK. Image: UPS has opened a new package sorting and delivery facility in London. LBR Staff Writer. Published 15 May 2018.

Fluence Automation acquires parcel processing technology firm

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Package sorting equipment manufacturer buys Post Integrated Solutions to meet rising e-commerce demand. Material Handling

Cross-Belt Sorter

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BEUMER Group has introduced the BG Sorter, a high-performance sorter available for sorting any kind of items, such as parcels or bagged goods

Italian Automator OCM Delivers New Facility to DHL Express Bulgaria

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Together with the automated sort machine, capable of handling volumes as per business needs, OCM provided the express courier with the intelligent software, to manage all processes. Italian material handling specialist OCM has delivered a new automated facility to DHL Express Bulgaria.

Meet Volvo's 'radically different' electric self-driving tractor system, Vera

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Volvo Trucks has unveiled an all-electric, fully autonomous tractor of sorts designed for specific applications to help address freight and driver challenges.

When it comes to technology identify, evaluate

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This is a very exciting time for the trucking industry with all sorts of new technology coming into the market and being developed almost on a daily basis.

Amazon Air takes off for Miami with Atlas, despite concerns over pilot numbers

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Amazon has a facility to sort packages at Miami and four warehouses in Miami-Dade County within 12 miles of the airport. Amazon Air has started a double daily freighter flight to Miami, operated by Atlas Air, despite concern about pilot numbers.

'19 F-150 Raptor can tell when truck is mid-air, manage throttle off-road

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Ford is upgrading its F-150 Raptor for 2019 with new continuously-adjusting suspension technology and a sort of low-speed "cruise control" that manages difficult off-road terrain while the driver only has to steer.

Supply chain radar: DSV & XPO Logistics: same same but different

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Pouch Sorter Claims Faster Handling of Flat-Packed Items

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Efficient buffering and sorting solutions for single parts can be implemented. This conveyor concept for single parts is used for the transport as well as for the buffering and sorting of hanging garments.

Kontainers offers smaller forwarders the chance to compete online

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It draws on the same sort of web development technology that site builder Wix has used. UK digital ocean freight start-up Kontainers plans to make further inroads into the freight forwarding community this year with a new product designed to appeal to small-to-medium freight forwarders (SMEs).

Is Technology the Solution to Global Supply Chain Complexity?

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To sort through emerging […]. February 28, 2019 Tags: Global Logistics, Technology , Supply Chain As global trade continues to transform the way companies are producing, moving, buying, and selling goods across borders, it’s important for supply chain leaders to know about trade trends that can help them benchmark their company against the leaders and laggards. The post Is Technology the Solution to Global Supply Chain Complexity? appeared first on 24/7 Customs Broker News.

What Are Dark Warehouses and What Do I Need to Know?


High-speed sorting equipment. For the dark warehouse to function, a high-speed sorting system would operate independent of human input and move products and freight throughout the warehouse. Demand to increase efficiency in warehouse management is at an all-time high.

April Fools’ Day Greatest Hits from Talking Logistics

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That last one sort of came true a year later. ). Happy Easter and Passover to all who celebrate. It’s also April Fools’ Day. I didn’t get a chance to write an April Fools’ post this year, but check out some of my past posts: Breaking News: Walmart, Facebook, and Uber Form Strategic Alliance to Provide Unrivaled Commerce Experience.

Not one IoTa—but many BACK from the EDGE

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I’ve watched him learn to identify faces and all sorts of objects using his vision. I’m amazed at what I am learning about business and transportation by observing my 14-month-old grandson. He is learning to respond to sounds from his name, to Alexa

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Customers are relying on better and faster deliveries for all sort of goods and services. 2017 was an important year for delivery logistics. But this evolution in the supply chain, and for last-mile fulfillment, in particular, doesn’t end with retail. From restaurant chains to supermarkets to pharmacies to service providers, the world of logistics is experiencing unprecedented change.

Böwe Systec Boosts Auto-ID Portfolio with Red Ledge Acquisition

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It specializes in Auto-ID solutions and its barcode, RFID, voice and sensor technologies are used successfully around the world in post and parcel sorting centres, warehouses and production facilities.

EU gives airlines ownership deadline for no-deal Brexit

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The EU has given airlines just seven months to sort out their shareholdings in the event of a no-deal Brexit. According to The Financial Times, the EU has said that airlines wishing to retain their right to fly within the EU must have majority EU shareholders within seven months of March 29.

Leipzig – the new capital of European logistics

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The sorting line is controlled by a superhuman mind – a computer system with its own DHL software. Overhead, the snake of the sorting line creeps along. Sorting conveyor. Every time I make orders from Ukraine or Germany, all my parcels pass through DHL Leipzig hub.

Schiphol ‘local rule’ set to be delayed again

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Air Cargo Netherlands (ACN) acknowledges it won’t be sorted for the summer schedule and added: “In a way, freight carriers have to blame themselves, as. CargoForwarder has taken a closer look at the issues in Schiphol and freighter slots – and is appears there is some bad news. The ‘local rule’ – a plan to boost the rights of cargo aircraft operators – looks set to be delayed yet again.

Crazy processing machine| Hydroponics Factory

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When ripe, they are picked and sorted by machine and hand, and then packaged in different boxes and containers. This software solution was a barcode-based and utilized to track the produce throughout the sorting, packing, storing & shipping processes.

Case Study: Tote Sortation Project for Leading Car Maker

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The sortation system has been designed to sort and return empty totes and pallets in the ILC building (80) at the Oxford plant. Located in the Rudolph and Hellmann controlled area, BS Handling has installed an 80 metre loop roller conveyor which sorts empty totes by both colour and size.

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Customers are relying on better and faster deliveries for all sort of goods and services. 2017 was an important year for delivery logistics. But this evolution in the supply chain, and for last-mile fulfillment, in particular, doesn’t end with retail. From restaurant chains to supermarkets to pharmacies to service providers, the world of logistics is experiencing unprecedented change.

Omnichannel Warehouses in Focus for Vanderlande at LogiMAT

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This unique 3D automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS), with built-in sorting and sequencing capabilities, is an important aspect of Vanderlande’s FASTPICK and STOREPICK evolutions.

Dachser moving spare parts to Germany for Volvo

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Dachser then takes them to its own facility outside Gothenburg for sorting and onward transport to Volvo’s distribution warehouse in Germany.

US and UK forge Open Skies agreement

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Now comes the news that, out of the thousands of things that the UK has to sort out, it has at least agreed an open skies deal with the US. If you live in the UK (and possibly even if you don’t) you’ll be sick to the back teeth of Brexit.

The Big Retailers Relying On Technology


A newly built, 340,000-square-foot high-tech consolidation center will be the first in Walmart’s supply chain to receive, sort and ship freight.

CNBC: Alphabet CFO: Our AI is so good we can detect breast cancer with less data than ever

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Artificial intelligence “learns” patterns by ingesting typically large amounts of data and then using that information to complete a task, like sorting data into different buckets.

Integrating Blockchain With Other Supply Chain Systems


So instead of trying to sort through all the noise yourself, ShipChain can do the research for you. In modern supply chains, communication and collaboration are everything.

Ending government shutdown won’t fix flight delays

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But as this informative Wired article reveals, the problems in aviation cannot be solved quickly; it may take months – or even years – to sort it out. Finally, the US government has reopened. Firstly, air traffic controllers are understaffed – and the shutdown will not have helped. In addition, it took the FAA’s training academy nearly six months to reopen after the 2013 two-week shutdown. Which, as the article says, means “fewer.

Mike Rother: The Toyota Kata Practice Guide

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The first part of the book is really an executive summary of sorts. When I landed in Detroit last week to visit Menlo Innovations , Mike Rother picked me up at the airport.

The Basics of Air Freight

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With this sort of administration, shippers just concede their air freight to the third, fourth, or fifth business day. This sort of air payload regularly offers the best cost investment funds because of the potential for longer travel times.