Semi-automated Sorting System

Material Handling and Logistics

Panasonic has introduced Visual Sort Assist (VSA), which combines scanning technology and projection to speed up the process of sorting parcels on a conveyor belt

UPS opens $100 million sorting hub outside Paris

DC Velocity

Largest investment ever in the country. Transportation

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Data Capture and Sorting of Smalls

247 Customs Broker

[og_img] One-stop shop solution combines data capture and sorting of small shipments in one single system. Small shipments are currently still sorted manually most of… The post Data Capture and Sorting of Smalls appeared first on 24/7 Customs Broker News.

Yodel automates ‘uglies’ sorting at Wednesbury

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The £1 million system has been installed at the Wednesbury sort centre replacing two manual sorting carousels. It is capable of processing up to 2,500 metre-long items per hour and will greatly enhance the speed and efficiency of the out of gauge parcel sorting process. [og_img].

Fives AMR Boosts High-Speed Sorting Options

Logistics Business Magazine

The autonomous mobile robot (AMR), called GENI-Ant, can transport and sort both standard and extremely small, unstable items, while allowing high speed and capacity. “We The post Fives AMR Boosts High-Speed Sorting Options appeared first on Logistics Business® Magazine.

USPS patent envisions sorting robots aboard mail trucks

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Patent and Trademark Office recently granted USPS a patent for a sorting robot intended to work inside a delivery vehicle’s “freight… The post USPS patent envisions sorting robots aboard mail trucks appeared first on 24/7 Customs Broker News. Dive Brief: The U.S.

Online Boutique Farfetch Partners with Sorted on Delivery Software

Logistics Business Magazine

Manchester-based software specialist Sorted, which describes itself as a ‘global delivery experience platform’, has announced that it is partnering with Farfetch to help connect Farfetch’s network of luxury boutiques and partners across the world.

Datalogic Imager Designed for High-Speed Sorting Applications

Logistics Business Magazine

Scanning expert Datalogic has released the AV500 imager, described as an innovative 2D image-based barcode reader developed for sorting applications. The post Datalogic Imager Designed for High-Speed Sorting Applications appeared first on Logistics Business® Magazine.

Air cargo 2020: a combination of luck and strategy to sort the best from the rest

The LoadStar

The post Air cargo 2020: a combination of luck and strategy to sort the best from the rest appeared first on The Loadstar. 2019 is not going to go down in history as a year anyone in air freight will particularly want to remember. It started with some optimism – IATA forecasting 3.7% growth; although after a flat November 2018, it did acknowledge that “downside risks are mounting”. . The optimism didn’t last.

Amazon deploys 'Pegasus' robots in sortation centers to reduce miss sorts

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Dive Brief: Amazon Robotics, already a staple of the company’s fulfillment center operation, has now moved into its sortation centers for the first time, the… The post Amazon deploys 'Pegasus' robots in sortation centers to reduce miss sorts appeared first on 24/7 Customs Broker News.

UPS opens £120m package sorting and delivery facility in London, UK

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UPS, a provider of supply chain solutions, has opened a new £120m package sorting and delivery facility in London, UK. Image: UPS has opened a new package sorting and delivery facility in London. LBR Staff Writer. Published 15 May 2018.

Fluence Automation acquires parcel processing technology firm

DC Velocity

Package sorting equipment manufacturer buys Post Integrated Solutions to meet rising e-commerce demand. Material Handling

Plenty to sort through regarding the future fate of NAFTA

Logistics Management

For more than a while now, there has been a general sense of confusion, when it comes to the fate of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). There are many reasons for that premise, to be sure. At the top of that list, of course, is that President Donald Trump has made it very clear he is not a NAFTA supporter, at times often suggesting it could, or should, go away, and at other times saying he may be with OK with some changes.

Talking to Myself about the Top 25 Supply Chains

Material Handling and Logistics

Sorting out what it actually means to be ranked as one of the top supply chains in the world

Cross-Belt Sorter

Material Handling and Logistics

BEUMER Group has introduced the BG Sorter, a high-performance sorter available for sorting any kind of items, such as parcels or bagged goods

U.S. infrastructure construction costs pose threat to economy

Fleet Owner

is plagued by the same sort of cost disease that afflicts the country’s education and health care It seems like infrastructure in the U.S.

Gap Inc. Speeds Up Warehouse Operations With Robotics, AI

Supply Chain Brain

replaced manual picking and sorting operations with an automated system, resulting in a big boost in productivity at its distribution center Gap Inc.

Key Performance Indicators for the Logistics Sector

SIPMM Professional Publications

It can help distinguish and sort out issues during its ordinary activity. In the logistics sector, KPIs are significant for estimating production, costs, and quality rates. It includes certain measurements that are common in the logistics sector.

Parcel Shipping Services:  Understanding SmartPost and SurePost

Amware Logistics and Fulfillment

Packages start with UPS or FedEx and end up at a USPS sorting facility for final delivery by letter carriers on their regular routes. By now, you’re probably well-acquainted with the potential for parcel shipping services like UPS SurePost and FedEx SmartPost to save you big money.

New technologies on display in Cleantech Challenge

Fleet Owner

Across the commercial vehicle market, there are all sorts of people working on some pretty amazing projects that will ultimately make the trucking industry even more efficient than it already is

In six months, a 3x faster cog in Walmart distribution machine

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New consolidation center to automate sorting LTL freight to truckload, revising what's now a manual process and allowing greater agility at a big step in the retail giant's supply chain model

It’s time we stemmed the crude flow

Truck News

We are sort of in that figurative mindset right now, but more in line with the guy who defies science and tries […].

3 Ways To Plan A Delivery Route With Excel


They very quickly permeated into many different parts of the business, and today, spreadsheets are used pretty much in any context where tabular lists are built, sorted, and shared.

Trucks rely on data, and that data is open to attack

Truck News

Every component short of a piece of metal seems to come equipped with some sort of sensor, gathering data about everything from pressures to temperatures, fault codes to voltage. We live in an era of the increasingly connected vehicle.

We're Close to a Crucial Breakthrough for Supply Chain Visibility

Supply Chain Brain

We have fantastically accurate information available quickly about all sorts of things in the supply chain — but these nodes of data-gathering are like narrowly-focused spotlights on an otherwise dark stage

Nodes 63

Meet Volvo's 'radically different' electric self-driving tractor system, Vera

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Volvo Trucks has unveiled an all-electric, fully autonomous tractor of sorts designed for specific applications to help address freight and driver challenges.

The three world’s e-commerce giants all use the unmanned system to improve the capability of their warehouse

Logistics at MPEPS at UPV

Now I want to share you with the unmanned sorting warehouse. Once the warehouse has received the goods, the Robot Arm can sort the goods and measures its weight and its volume.

Some carriers rewarding leased/company haulers, where it counts

247 Customs Broker

Kenny Lewis summed up the majority response to this poll, showing no sort of bonus pay structure to compensate for added risk on the road… The post Some carriers rewarding leased/company haulers, where it counts appeared first on 24/7 Customs Broker News.

When it comes to technology identify, evaluate

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This is a very exciting time for the trucking industry with all sorts of new technology coming into the market and being developed almost on a daily basis.

Pro drivers to the rescue on the practice of flashing brights to signal space to merge, and a highway-speed-cutoff PSA

Overdrive Online

A West Coast newspaper columnist corrects the record on signaling with truckers leading the way, and: A PSA of sorts for motorists with a tip from pro Gary Buchs -- use your turn signal early and often when passing a combination truck to combat impatient traffic behind you and the "highway-speed cutoff.".

Geek+ Robotics Highlighted at Annual Microsoft Gathering

Logistics Business Magazine

On stage, the Microsoft tech leader operated the Geek+ S20 intelligent sorting solution, demonstrating in real time how the sorting robot can adjust his course when encountering an obstacle (in this case a large teddy bear) thanks to an easily operated application platform operating the AI system.

5 Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Out

PLS Logistics

However, recruiters sort through hundreds of applications daily, so it can be a challenge to make your resume stand out from the rest. A well crafted resume should convey your experience, skills, and accomplishments.

Tips 52

'19 F-150 Raptor can tell when truck is mid-air, manage throttle off-road

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Ford is upgrading its F-150 Raptor for 2019 with new continuously-adjusting suspension technology and a sort of low-speed "cruise control" that manages difficult off-road terrain while the driver only has to steer.

The Marijuana Supply Chain: Is Home Delivery Next?

Logistics Viewpoints

It used to be that if you wanted marijuana, you got the flower bud and smoked it in either a joint or pipe of some sort. Today, however, the options are expanding.

Not one IoTa—but many BACK from the EDGE

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I’ve watched him learn to identify faces and all sorts of objects using his vision. I’m amazed at what I am learning about business and transportation by observing my 14-month-old grandson. He is learning to respond to sounds from his name, to Alexa

Why Logistics Companies are Upgrading to Mobile Payments with Robin Gregg

The Logistics of Logistics

07:45] While we were prepping for this interview, I said that I thought everyone was using some sort of technology or automation for payments, but you explained that is not the case. [00:49] Please tell us about you and your company. I’m Robin Gregg, CEO of RoadSync.

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Böwe Systec Announces Parcel+Post Expo Plans

Logistics Business Magazine

Sorting specialist Böwe Systec has announced its plans for next month’s Parcel+Post Expo in Amsterdam. Smart sorting automation is an integrated concept from Böwe Systec that consists of a suite of solutions that do just that.