Stuck on the wrong side of the world but still needing to deliver food to people in Ethiopia 5,000…

World Food Programme Logistics

humanitarian-aid-worker humanitarian remote-working ethiopia wfpStuck on the wrong side of the world but still needing to deliver food to people in Ethiopia 5,000 km away. WFP staff don’t let a travel shut down stop them from getting the job done!

Delivering Relief Aid at a Moment’s Notice

Airfreight Logistics

Behind the scenes of the Aid & Relief sector, work is continuously underway to make sure when a crisis occurs, supplies and teams are ready. The primary objectives of humanitarian aid are to save lives, alleviate suffering, and to provide materials and assistance to people in need.

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What sets this air service apart?

World Food Programme Logistics

Juggling between evacuating a sick aid worker, not leaving anyone behind and dodging dust storms. The realities of the United Nations Humanitarian Air Service (UNHAS) in Niger. They are mainly aid workers, from UN agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

United Nations own sanctions hinder its humanitarian aid efforts in North Korea

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The UN’s own Security Council sanctions were part of what hampered humanitarian aid supplies and financial transfers making their way into the country, UN resident coordinator Tapan Mishra told AFP News Agency.

Cebu Pacific provides Airlift Support for COVID-19 Response Efforts

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Over the past several years, the need for humanitarian aid has dramatically increased on the back of major natural disaster?s,

Meet Dina?—?on the front-line of responding to disasters in Indonesia

World Food Programme Logistics

From that, I started looking for work around the same area, and so I began my career at the ASEAN Secretariat as their Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance Officer. That’s when I first worked within the humanitarian landscape. Meet Dina?—?on

FedEx Delivers Urgent Medical Supplies to China

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Up to February 20, FedEx has delivered eight shipments consisting of 197 pallets of humanitarian aid to China on behalf of Direct Relief. These shipments include 557,560 N95 masks, 232,450 surgical masks, and more than 460,000 medical supplies.

FedEx Delivers Urgent Medical Supplies to China – Airfreight Logistics

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Up to February 20, FedEx has delivered eight shipments consisting of 197 pallets of humanitarian aid to China on behalf of Direct Relief.

Consultant Insight: Mixed results from Memphis and Louisville express hubs

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This humanitarian aid that began in China quickly expanded in March and April to other parts of the world, as both FedEx and UPS announced participation in the U.S. (Originally published in Air Cargo World ).

Disaster Response Team end Cyclone Idai mission

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Deutsche Post DHL Group (DPDHL)’s Disaster Response Team have ended their first deployment in Africa having handled nearly 800 tonnes of Cyclone Idai aid. The last team members left Beira, Mozambique on 12 April having processed the humanitarian aid from approximately 50 aircraft for distribution to those affected by the disaster.

Drone Delivery Canada Announces Testing for its Heavy-lift, Long-Range Cargo Delivery Drone

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The capabilities of the Condor simply address many social (medical, pharmaceutical, remote communities, humanitarian aid, etc) and economic (mining, oil & gas, courier, etc) use-cases being requested by DDC’s customers.

Qatar Airways Cargo Prioritizes Transport of Essential Medical Supplies and Aid Relief

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In the past month, the airline has transported over 50,000,000kg of medical and aid supplies to impacted regions around the globe. The post Qatar Airways Cargo Prioritizes Transport of Essential Medical Supplies and Aid Relief appeared first on Airfreight Logistics.

Airbus Foundation and THAI Deliver School Supplies to Narathiwat Province

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The humanitarian goods were donated by the Airbus Foundation, its partner Aviation Without Borders and the International School of Toulouse, France, and transported to Thailand aboard an THAI A350-900 delivery flight in July 2017.

FedEx Continues to Assist in Overcoming the COVID-19 Outbreak

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Since the end of January, FedEx has donated shipping services to Direct Relief, International Medical Corps, Heart to Heart International, and other nonprofits to transport over 1,500 shipments of humanitarian aid weighing more than 175 U.S.

Tiaca’s brave new sustainable air cargo world… but will supply chain partners support?

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Wings for Aid – which designed a cardboard box filled with humanitarian aid that can be safely dropped from an aircraft – is in a “growth market”, said general manager Barry Koperberg. Climate change will increase humanitarian crises around the world, he said. . There is, quite frankly, a rather horrible, sick irony in the choice of the winner of The International Air Cargo Association’s (Tiaca’s) first sustainability award. .

UN Agencies issue plea to Governments for facilitation of crew changes

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“ For humanitarian reasons – and the need to comply with international safety and employment regulations – crew changes cannot be postponed indefinitely,” the statement said.

Helicopter for change

World Food Programme Logistics

In Zimbabwe, the World Food Programme (WFP) extended its humanitarian air transport service to other UN agencies and NGOs to help deliver donated items to affected communities Following Cyclone Idai, road access to several parts of Manicaland province?—?particularly

“Even when you are told you cannot because you are a woman, just do it!”

World Food Programme Logistics

Celebrating women humanitarians in Burundi With over 10 years of professional experience, Virginie Bukuru is a hardworking driver who could be considered one of the most versatile staff at the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) in Burundi. africa humanitarian burundi food-security

IN PICTURES: Father’s at the forefront of fighting malnutrition

World Food Programme Logistics

The World Food Programme with Support from EU Humanitarian Aid (ECHO), is providing nutrition support to all Rohingya children under 5 years old along with pregnant and breastfeeding women. refugees humanitarian food nutrition

Ants, bird eggs and fox howls

World Food Programme Logistics

The Directorate General for Humanitarian Aid and the Civil Protection of the European Commission (ECHO) is not responsible for the use that can be made of the information it contains. climate-change humanitarian indigenous weather bolivia

Bangladesh: Supermarket shopping in the world’s biggest refugee camp

World Food Programme Logistics

The e-voucher food assistance programme is funded by USAID, EU Humanitarian Aid, Canada, Germany, UKAID, Australian Aid, Japan and The Netherlands. refugees food humanitarian

Saving Lives with Humanitarian Access Project

World Food Programme Logistics

Blockchain and checkpoints are saving lives in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh The Humanitarian Access Project aims to cut traffic and reduce the number of visitors to the world’s biggest refugee camp QR code scan at a checkpoint on the way to the Mega camp in Cox’s Bazar.

Out of the spotlight: Sudanese refugees in Chad

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Sudanese refugees would have little or nothing to eat or survive on if it weren’t for humanitarian aid from United Nations (UN) agencies and non-governmental organisations. How people who fled conflict in Darfur are surviving after the spotlight is gone The market of Touloum camp.

WFP joins forces with 14 agencies to appeal for funds to fight COVID-19

World Food Programme Logistics

UN bodies and humanitarian organizations warn donors that failing to invest $2bn could have devastating consequences Somalia: A WFP distribution point in Kaya, Sanmatenga province. covid19 humanitarian covid-19-crisis

ALAN Assists in Humanitarian Relief

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In the days following Hurricane Harvey, an overflow of support from many individuals and companies has come to Texas’ aid, after what has been named the worst disaster in Texas history. One of the organizations currently assisting victims of Hurricane Harvey is the American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN), which was formed to provide humanitarian relief after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2004.

How piggybacking networks is bringing cash to refugees in Turkey

World Food Programme Logistics

in doing so, it has provided a blueprint for humanitarian cash assistance to refugees living within more economically developed communities. the biggest EU-funded humanitarian aid programme to date?—?has the largest humanitarian grant WFP has ever received from a single donor.

To see Ethiopia truly prosper, malnutrition needs to be defeated

World Food Programme Logistics

In 2019, WFP is treating malnutrition in children under five and pregnant or breastfeeding women thanks to the support of the Ethiopian Humanitarian Fund, EU Humanitarian Aid, Sweden, UK Aid and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Disaster Management & Logistics

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Pre-positioning of aid materials (Food, Water, Medical help) is therefore fundamental : Docters without Borders and Red Cross have pre-positioned warehouses in critical areas.

Mosca Supports Humanitarian School Project in Ethiopia

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Under the auspices of World Vision, a humanitarian aid and development organization active in more than 90 countries, Mosca is helping renovate an elementary school and establish a literacy support program.

A masala recipe spells home for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

World Food Programme Logistics

All refugees supported by WFP will be invited to the e-voucher platform by mid- 2020, thanks to generous support from our donors including the US, Canada, Germany, EU Humanitarian Aid, the UK, Australia, Japan and the Netherlands.

I don’t want my children to be talking to WFP in 25 years

World Food Programme Logistics

“I don’t want my children to be talking to WFP in 25 years” How food and cash from the European Union provide life-saving regular support to Somali refugees in Ethiopia until they can get back on track Hinda and Sumaya.

Lessons for dealing with COVID-19 from WFP’s response to Ebola

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Two veterans of the 2014–2016 outbreak in West Africa recall how agency stepped up to support medical response An Ebola treatment centre in Beni in North Kivu, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where WFP provides specialized nutritious food.

Mona and the wings that save lives

World Food Programme Logistics

A behind-the-scenes look at operations of the United Nations Humanitarian Air Service (UNHAS) in Mali Mona oversees operations at Mopti. Every single detail matters to offer the best service to our clients and through them to our fellow citizens who are in need of humanitarian assistance.” He recognizes the importance of UNHAS in enabling humanitarian workers to reach the people they have to serve. mali aviation humanitarian

Using food to create community assets

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The initiative helps communities shift from relying on humanitarian aid to producing their own food and it also stimulates other economic activities.

‘We each have an important role to play’

World Food Programme Logistics

From here the cluster helps facilitate the transfer of humanitarian cargo from Turkey-registered trucks to Syrian ones, on behalf of responding organisations. The cargo then makes its way across the border to help people affected by the ongoing humanitarian crisis.

The night the rains came

World Food Programme Logistics

She is dependent on humanitarian assistance to survive. Photo: WFP/Nihab Rahman Humanitarian aid organisations have been providing extra support to the 15,000 or so people affected by this latest monsoon. refugees rohingya humanitarian monsoon

Let’s fly with the wings that save lives in Mali

World Food Programme Logistics

The wings that connect Mali How the United Nations Humanitarian Air Service (UNHAS) is enabling access for aid workers in the vast country hit by conflict Bamako International Airport. I am boarding an UNHAS flight with other aid workers. travel eu humanitarian aviation