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Cooperative Logistics Network now offering e-learning

Logistics Business Magazine

The programmes will allow members to learn and execute complicated supply chain processes, enhance their knowledge of logistics tools, and prepare themselves to effectively deal with the present challenges in the industry.

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International trade course launched by Globalia

Logistics Business Magazine

With the aim of broadening its members’ skills and knowledge, Globalia Logistics Network has launched its Online Logistics Academy. Jobs Listing Transport & Distribution jobs training transport

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5 Ways to Bring Your A Game to Sales with Ann Holm

The Logistics of Logistics

Ann and Joe Lynch have a sales coaching/training program that helps transportation and logistics professionals sell more services. A game” is now used broadly and refers to the attitude, effort, and skills required to slay the moment. Research a specific industry and build your knowledge base so that you can feel very confident and comfortable when calling on someone within that industry. Ann, please give us the Cliff Notes (condensed) version of your career.

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Women in Logistics 2023 – PART 2

Ship Monk

In the Client Experience (CX) side of the organization, I have the privilege of leading several teams, which include Client Onboarding, Client Experience Data Analytics, and Client Experience Training and Quality. Not all heroes wear capes and not all rockstars carry guitars.

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The Most Overlooked DC Performance Strategy

Logistics Viewpoints

For example, related to warehouse technology, a recent Lucas Systems industry study found 89% of respondents agreed that implementing artificial intelligence-based software within distribution centers can provide a competitive advantage.

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11 Common Maintenance Issues (And a Solution for Each!)


Allows students to come and work in your workplace for a few hours a day to get hands-on training and experience. Provide scholarship opportunities or funding for technical schools and programs to attract more skilled workers. Invest in more workers' training.

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Achieving Supply Chain Sustainability with Innovative Technology

Triskele Logistics

New technology has a learning curve that must be overcome, meaning employees must have new and improved skills to operate and work alongside it. Knowledge gaps would also allow for the unfair or unethical use of the technology. However, further research and more knowledge-based policies can prevent this situation. As for people, additive manufacturing technology would require employees to learn new operating skills.

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How AI Helps Build the Supply Chain that Thinks for Itself

Logistics Bureau

This AI tool is based on data and rules. So, the idea was born of trying to capture that human expert’s knowledge in an expert system. Create a knowledge base that new workers can access, and based on the knowhow of older workers, as in the Campbell Soup Company example. IBM describes its AI-based technology for supply chain as a swarm of bees, working together. An AI agent can use knowledge and deal with errors.

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Tyranny of the Easy Button: Finding Balance Between Contract & Organic Logistics

Logistics in War

Base camp operations. Unfortunately, these challenges are precisely the point of exercise training. Soon, the guidance changed so that “LOGCAP, long considered the ‘source of last resort,’ can, per policy and doctrine, be requested when it is the ‘best value’ support option based on mission specific METT-TC factors.” This verbiage leaves much open for interpretation, especially when discussing the best value of services based on mission-specific factors.

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Are Graduate Degrees Leading to Less Job Options?

247 Customs Broker

Supply chain areas like transportation and logistics have in particular reported robust hiring and some difficulties in finding skilled workers. trained SEH doctorate holders, by residence location and field of doctorate: 2015. On the other hand, it could be argued that higher education not only provides a broad set of skills but also trains students on knowledge based on rigorous research. January 31, 2019 ·. By Gurram Gopal.

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Overcoming the Hurdles for FMCG Transportation & Distribution Across ASEAN

Logistics Manager

Hence, our transport partners have to be trained and shown how to comply with and maintain the correct standards to ensure all laws required by compliance are adhered to and reports are quality-driven. It is therefore important to hire local specialists and listen to their experience and knowledge, but also to have the necessary technology in place to ensure the temperatures are maintained at all points throughout the value chain.”. “A

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Smart Lagos: Status, prospects and opportunities

247 Customs Broker

Lagos-based Andela trains programmers and facilitates their placement with software companies around the world. In remarks made in May 2017, Governor Ambode explained his understanding of the concept this way: “In the emerging knowledge era, ICT has taken centre stage, and as the city of the future, Lagos must take advantage and indeed leverage on the tools of ICT in moving towards a Smart City.”. Lagos, Nigeria.