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Simon Sinek – Remote Teaming Tips

The Lean Thinker

We are all being pushed into the zone beyond our knowledge base right now – having to rapidly adapt and adjust to different ways of working together. How Remote Teams Can Connect Meaningfully – Simon Sinek – March 20, 2020.

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Motor Freight Trends: Time for creative thinking

Logistics Management

While new technology has ushered in many improvements, analysts believe that old-fashioned ingenuity, building better relationships with carriers, and an increasing knowledge base of best practices may help shippers ride out the freight management challenges in the long term.

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5 Ways to Bring Your A Game to Sales with Ann Holm

The Logistics of Logistics

Research a specific industry and build your knowledge base so that you can feel very confident and comfortable when calling on someone within that industry. Specialize in a certain market segment like e-commerce or hazardous materials transportation, which will make you an expert in the industry.

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Why are WMS Sales so Persistent? Here is How I Learned of WMS’ Ongoing Importance

Logistics Viewpoints

It was a sensible and interesting transition from my knowledge base. Then Came Supply Chain Planning. Supply chain planning (SCP) was the first supply chain technology market I researched in detail. It utilized these linear programming concepts I found so impressive in business school.

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International trade course launched by Globalia

Logistics Business Magazine

The courses they offer are suitable for supply chain professionals who want to upgrade their knowledge base, and also for newcomers to this industry who want to take a deeper dive into the vast subject of transportation and logistics management.

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Cooperative Logistics Network now offering e-learning

Logistics Business Magazine

In this age of digitisation, it is crucial for small and mid-sized logistics companies to work towards upskilling and expanding their knowledge base. “The future of the freight forwarding sector is constantly evolving.

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Freeport East Gets UK Government Approval

Logistics Business Magazine

They will also help unlock further investment in research and development to boost development of the area’s knowledge-based economy. Freeport East is one of eight new Freeports in England announced by the Chancellor of the Exchequer on 3rd March 2021.