Getting outside for exercise not an option? Portable stepper machine fills the gap for this operator

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Exercised your fast-pitch technique lately?

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Keep the Friday, 9 p.m., time in your mind if you want an opportunity to send small fleet owner and GATS parking community organizer Les Willis into the frigid waters of the dunk tank -- in exchange for your donation to the St. Christopher fund.

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Identical twins – a trucker and an athlete – show benefits of exercise

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The results indicate that our life choices, as opposed to our genetic makeup, may play a larger role in our health and lifespan

Analysis: The axe will fall on Ceva as CMA CGM’s cost-cutting exercise gathers speed

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The post Analysis: The axe will fall on Ceva as CMA CGM’s cost-cutting exercise gathers speed appeared first on The Loadstar. Last week’s headlines pointed to a rationalisation in the number of routes that CMA CGM would serve in future, as well as brands consolidation as part of a comprehensive efficiency push, yet its consolidated numbers clearly suggest where the axe will fall if it hits its ambitious $1.5bn savings targets.

The Flipkart story: a $20bn exercise in smokes and mirrors

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The post The Flipkart story: a $20bn exercise in smokes and mirrors appeared first on The Loadstar. The latest news out of the vibrant Indian e-commerce sector is that US retail giant Walmart appears to be on the verge of the country’s largest homegrown start-up – Flipkart.

The Performance Review as a Tool for Mentoring

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The review process should be much more than just a ‘check the box’ kind of exercise

Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing – the Power and the Risk Mitigation- Part 1


Mitigating risk is a data-driven exercise, which is the kind of exercise I enjoy, especially when my efforts are augmented (along with my eyestrain), by increasingly intelligent AI machines empowered with cognitive technologies.

Staying healthy on the road as a new driver

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I often hear from people new to the industry who are afraid of gaining weight on the road, knowing that it can be difficult to eat well and exercise as a driver. If that’s you, I’m here to help! First, … Newsletter

Import Compliance 101: Following Four Basic Principles

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Failure to exercise reasonable care in this effort can result in long delays in the release of merchandise, and the imposition of stiff penalties Importers bear the burden of complying with all U.S. laws and regulations when their goods enter the country.

Distribution Network Optimization: Modeling Tools Won’t Give You the Answer

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Warehouse optimization modeling exercises examine the upside of being closer to customers versus the downside of carrying more inventory in more locations.

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Shipping Heavy Freight:  Four Functions You Should Ask a Fulfillment Center To Help With

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Once upon a time, most people would have thought twice before ordering furniture, a piece of exercise equipment, or a kitchen appliance online. Today, such heavy freight orders are commonplace. For example, according to a survey conducted by AlixPartners in 2016, 88% of consumers are willing to purchase an appliance online – a vast increase over the comparatively lower 62% that were open to it in 2012.

Size now matters to FedEx as it joins scramble for bulky home deliveries 

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The integrator has started trials of full-service home deliveries of items like washing machines, exercise bikes and sectional sofas in six areas in the US through FedEx Freight, the company’s LTL arm. . FedEx is chasing bulky cargo for residential deliveries.

Ambitious Growth Plans? Your Customers Will Right-Size You

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Then ask “What is our plan to close this gap?” – and run the same exercise on executing that plan. I’ll call the title of this post “Dave’s Observation.”. He is reflecting his experience in varied industries that if a company grows beyond its ability to deliver quality product, on time, then order volume will drop until it reaches a point that performance returns.

ONE Contributes 4 Containers for use as Props in Disaster Management Drill

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Improving the Driver Experience using Technology with Joshua Walls

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Living a healthy lifestyle – finding affordable, healthy food, exercise. Joshua, please introduce yourself. I am a Joshua Walls, co-founder of, a phone app that helps drivers find a safe, secure place to park.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Surviving Business Start Up Stress & How to Deal With It


Exercise is the best stress relief strategy out there. Even if you just exercise for 20 minutes, three times a week you will notice that symptoms of stress are reversed. Exercise not just improves your physical body but gives you a mental edge.

ONE Contributes 4 Containers for use as Props in Disaster Management Drill – Logistics Manager

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ONE Contributes 4 Containers for use as Props in Disaster Management Drill The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) held a disaster management exercise for earthquake… The post ONE Contributes 4 Containers for use as Props in Disaster Management Drill – Logistics Manager appeared first on 24/7 Customs Broker News.

ONE Contributes 4 Containers for use as Props in Disaster Management Drill

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The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) held a disaster management exercise for earthquake and collapsed buildings and as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity, Ocean Network Express ( ONE ) contributed to the exercise by providing 4 containers to help simulate the collapse of a 3-story building, by corresponding to the request from BMA. The exercise demonstrated the steps that need to be taken by responders when a building collapse.

Convey and CommerceHub tout new strategic relationship

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At the core of this relationship, the companies said that retailers using CommerceHub’s drop-ship platform and network to expand product selections will now be able to leverage Convey’s active delivery management offering to drive new revenue growth opportunities for various product categories that, they said, “require complex delivery orchestration,” for sectors like furniture, exercise equipment, and high-end electronics

Entering New Logistics Markets with Steve Elwell

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29:07 – Looking at sales as an operational exercise with variable inputs. download the audio file. Podcast Summary: Welcome to the first episode of The Logistics of Logistics podcast! Today, host Joe Lynch interviews Steve Elwell , a consultant and an executive who helps businesses improve sales revenue. Over the course of his career, he launched over 30 products and services in industrial B2B and technology markets.

Preparing for preparedness – how should we begin?

Logistics in War

All militaries enjoy large-scale exercises, simulations and desk-top analyses but very rarely do they focus upon the logistics process. When a logistics exercises does occur, they are often confined to bespoke activities with limited participation, or results ignored for the questions they raise. 3] Most logistics activities conducted during exercises primarily occur such that the exercise can actually be conducted! By David Beaumont.

Gecas confirms order for 10 B737-800 converted freighters

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GE Capital Aviation Services (Gecas) has reportedly exercised 10 purchase rights for Boeing 737-800 converted freighters. Aviation 24 reports that the agreement was signed at the Paris Air Show two years ago, with purchase rights for a further 15 aircraft.

Sales Saboteur with Ann Holm

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There are exercises you can do to work on them. [29:12] download the audio file. [00:21] 00:21] Opening / Introduction. [00:43] 00:43] Ann, please tell us a little bit about your background? * A twenty-five-year career as a speech pathologist, working with people who suffered brain injuries.

[Infographic] 3 Simple Routines That Will Help Kickstart Your Day


Get Your Exercise In Early. Consider the following: Regular exercise increases energy and serotonin levels the brain, which can increase mental clarity and focus for anywhere between four to ten hours. Editor's Note: Today's blog is from our friends Magnatag Visible Systems.

Underwriting preparedness – considering the logistics of the future preparedness system

Logistics in War

Behind every major warfighting exercise, such as the recent Exercise Talisman Sabre or the successive multinational exercises underway in Europe , the logistics system is tested. By David Beaumont.

How shippers can plot a course through the choppy economic waters ahead

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The US forwarder has advised clients to exercise caution in the upcoming round of contract negotiations, urging them to concentrate on total cost rather than just freight rates, to map their supply chains and build in flexibility to.

Facility Safety: What Could Go Wrong? Can You Answer These Four Questions?

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Nevertheless, understanding the most rigorous safety processes, and being able to appropriately adopt them to less hazardous facilities, is a worthwhile exercise. An oil depot is an especially hazardous form of warehouse. The standards and processes involved to ensure safety in these facilities may be too onerous for many industries.

Planning to sustain the force – Reflections on East Timor by a Logistics Unit Commander Part Two

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Combat units particularly had fallen into a very austere mindset exacerbated by short exercises where soldiers and unit-level Q staff were able to be self-sufficient for the duration. This would not be like a month-long exercise in the local training area.

Key Approaches to Pest Control Sales in 2019


Here are 4 sales approaches to exercise harmoniously while conducting pest control sales in 2019: 1. Consultative selling is all about shedding the canned pitches and automatic responses in favor of a set of techniques exercised while conversing with potential customers.

Planning accuracy…can you get too much of a good thing?


Pursuing accuracy in a long – term planning exercise can bring a lot of unnecessary stress. F ulfilling the need for resi lience to change in long – term planning while providing accuracy in short – term planning can improve business performance and reduce stress levels.

Committing to preparedness, and the balance between ‘all of it’ and ‘just enough’

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Fourthly, the logistics organisation must be exercised and be the subject of experiments which qualify risks. By David Beaumont. Logistics In War has been exploring preparedness and logistics in a series of articles over the last three months.

A New Motion to Perfect

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We now know the opposite is true: we are each born with a finite number of days, and the more we exercise our hearts, the more we love, the more we make each. Every morning the alarm goes off, I hit the snooze button. It’s a motion I’ve perfected over 30 years.

Army trials robots for last mile resupply

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Defence secretary Gavin Williamson said: “Our troops now have the chance to test out a huge range of robotic kit in what will be the biggest exercise of its kind in our history.

DoorDash Launches Monthly Subscription Service for Unlimited Food Deliveries


With rising costs of fuel and driver salaries on the rise, the initiative could become a costly exercise.

Depression in Truck Drivers: 5 Common Causes & How to Spot the Signs

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The best way to combat lack of sleep is to try to keep a regular sleep schedule, exercise, and limit caffeine and alcohol. Today’s world is making great strides to reduce or eliminate the stigma that is associated with mental illness, including depression. According to the National Sleep Foundation, feeling sad every now and then is a fundamental part of the human experience, especially during difficult or trying times.

How to Boost Worker Productivity by Promoting a Positive Mindset


Workplace stress is partly physical, and exercise is one of the best antidotes for the physical component of stress. The benefits of regular exercise are indisputable among modern medical experts, say Dr. Elizabeth Anderson and Dr. Geetha Shivakumar in a roundup of the scientific literature. Stress alters body chemistry in a negative way, whereas exercise tends to promote a more positive chemical balance. Negativity in the workplace hurts worker productivity and costs money.

S&OP in Agribusiness: How to Harvest the Benefits with Advanced Analytics


Decision-making goes from a highly tedious and error-prone exercise to a process that combines computational intelligence with the business knowledge needed to analyze the optimizer’s results. The agribusiness supply chain is highly complex.