Developing a Distribution Strategy with Matt McGregor

The Logistics of Logistics

Developing a Distribution Strategy with Matt McGregor. Joe Lynch and Matt McGregor discuss developing a distribution strategy. Distribution strategy is one of the areas of focus for Matt and the Colliers Real Estate team. Key Takeaways: Developing a Distribution Strategy.

Sourcing Strategy: Effective vs Efficient with Ron Crabtree

The Logistics of Logistics

Sourcing Strategy: Effective vs Efficient with Ron Crabtree. Joe Lynch and Ron Crabtree discuss sourcing strategy: effective vs efficient. MetaExperts align with your industry and OpEx initiatives (i.e., Key Takeaways – Sourcing Strategy: Effective vs Efficient.


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3 Strategies to Improve your Logistics Recruitment Process


The transportation industry is working with a scarce pool of talent that is educated, qualified, and willing to work. Finding candidates with a satisfactory skill set is a major issue throughout the industry. Logistics recruitment is becoming increasingly difficult.

4 Strategies to Attract and Retain Warehouse Workers


So, before I move on to sharing some strategies, I’ll first discuss the specific challenges that the warehouse industry faces in terms of workforce. In warehousing, as in every other organization, it’s the people who make or break the business. At a time when warehouse workers are swift to move from one warehouse to another, retaining them may seem to be a daunting task.

5 Tips to Advance Your Career as a Technical Recruiter

Just as the tech industry revolves around innovation, so does technical recruiting. To advance their career by attracting top candidates in a competitive landscape, modern recruiters must commit to actively adapting and advancing their hiring strategies. This step-by-step guide is designed to provide technical recruiters with tips and tricks to achieve tangible results that accelerate their recruiting efforts—and career.

Enterprise shippers’ top 6 logistics strategies to know

FreightWaves SONAR

Adjusting current logistics strategies demonstrated the second great challenge of the pandemic. Embracing new and improved logistics strategies remains the best way to adapt to clients’ changing demands in 2021 and beyond. Strong and versatile logistics strategies depend on this data.

Key Procurement Strategy for the Oil and Gas Industry

SIPMM Professional Publications

An effective procurement strategy is not only a financial plan to manage the budget but also the workflow, and production timelines while keeping everything aligned with the company objectives. With the volatile market of the oil and gas industry, procurement plays an important role in ensuring supply of items and services are within budget allocation, […]. The post Key Procurement Strategy for the Oil and Gas Industry appeared first on SIPMM INSTITUTE.

No Industry Has A Better Success Metric than Baseball

Logistics Viewpoints

The post No Industry Has A Better Success Metric than Baseball appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints. Metrics and Standards strategy successBaseball has a key performance indicator that is unrivaled. The Wins Above Replacement Value tells a team exactly what they need to do to succeed.

E-Commerce Logistics Strategies: The State of E-Commerce Logistics Heading Into Peak Season


Successful e-commerce strategies for managing the demands of peak season revolve around how well an organization understands the state of e-commerce itself and its implications for capacity. E-Commerce Logistics Peak Season e-commerce logistics strategies

Supply and Demand Vlog: Strategies for Difficult Markets

CH Robinson Logistics

If you’ve been in the transportation and logistics industry as long as I have, you know there are always ebbs and flows to supply and demand. The good news is there are strategies you can implement to succeed, no matter what condition the market is in.

The Keys to Business Continuity Planning

Speaker: Ron Spiteri, Director of TXM Lean Solutions

The pandemic has been the most significant disruption to global supply chains since the dawn of the industrial world. A key learning of this disruption has been the need for business continuity planning to mitigate future disruptions, which we know will come. Join Ron Spiteri of TXM Lean Solutions, and learn the key steps to take control of your supply chain risks.

Fraud Prevention Strategies for Construction Procurement

SIPMM Professional Publications

It presents a particularly high profile and negative impact on the construction industry. The post Fraud Prevention Strategies for Construction Procurement appeared first on SIPMM INSTITUTE. Procurement fraud is a growing global problem.

3 Tips For Shipping Strategy Success In 2021

GoShip Blog

And while uncertainty still hangs over many businesses, others are adopting new practices to shore up their shipping strategies in a post-COVID marketplace. Preparing a successful shipping strategy for 2021. will be a vital tool to small business shipping strategy in 2021.

How to Develop a Supply Chain Strategy Like Amazon


Amazon has taken the eCommerce industry by storm, becoming the leading online marketplace in the world. The post How to Develop a Supply Chain Strategy Like Amazon appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis. Supply Chain supply chain strategyAnd what’s not to love? From fast, affordable shipping to great customer service, consumers can find pretty much anything they need on Amazon.

Dow Chemical Works on a Transactional Process Automation Strategy

Logistics Viewpoints

The post Dow Chemical Works on a Transactional Process Automation Strategy appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints. Chemical Industry Robotic Process AutomationRobotic process automation (RPA) has gotten a good deal of attention. RPA is process automation software that is used to automate high volume, repeatable tasks. The process automation Dow is investigating and developing extends to higher level decisions for which robotic process automation is not well suited.

DHL unveils Strategy 2025 Goals

Airfreight Logistics

In the center of its Strategy 2025, DHL Express focusses particularly on ‘E-commerce’ as a growth driver and ‘efficiency’ for further increasing its profit. ” The post DHL unveils Strategy 2025 Goals appeared first on Airfreight Logistics.

4 Key Elements to Ensure Your Digital Transformation Strategy Implementation Succeeds


The post 4 Key Elements to Ensure Your Digital Transformation Strategy Implementation Succeeds appeared first on SYSPRO US. All Industries Manufacturing Miscellaneous

Industry maintains strong economic outlook

DC Velocity

StrategyLogistics and transportation professionals optimistic about the U.S. economy, revenues and profitability, company survey shows.

Road to Recovery: Develop a Phased Shipping Strategy

Freight Center

Part of that preparation must include having a shipping strategy that responds to a phased-in recovery. Freight Shipping IndustryRegardless of where you stand on the controversy over when and how the U.S.

Inventory Replenishment Strategies that Increase Profits


Inventory Replenishment Strategies to Boost Profitability. To overcome all these inventory management risks, you need a toolbox of effective inventory replenishment strategies. 5 Inventory Replenishment Strategies to Increase Profits. What is Inventory Replenishment?

Editor’s Pick: Updating Your Planning Strategies to Industry 4.0

Talking Logistics

In “ It’s the era of Industry 4.0. Are you on board? ” — I shared strategies to digitalize the planning office with advanced planning technology to keep abreast with in an industry that is increasingly replacing the human workforce with robotics to gain better efficiency, increase cost-savings and build higher agility. Editor's Pick Supply Chain Technology Trends digital supply chain Industry 4.0

2021 Strategies for Inventory Management and Supply Chain Recovery


The pandemic has impacted industries differently across the board. While some businesses and entire industries like hospitality and travel have been shutting down, others like consumer staples, technology and safety products/PPE are thriving like never before.

Risky Strategies Increase the Rate of Container Losses Amid Transit


The shipping industry is currently dealing with severely strained container availability. Therefore, it is expected that at some point industry regulators will place restrictions on the stack height for vessels such as the ULCSs.

Transportation-industry economist launches website

DC Velocity's chief economist, Noël Perry, says Transport Futures site will offer insight and data for transport decision makers.

Update on the Automotive Industry

Logistics Trends and Insights

The automotive industry has undergone quite the transformation from the days of Henry Ford and the Model T. There are five factors driving these changes in the industry, according to a PwC study which uses the acronym “easy” to explain what it calls “mobility of the future.”

5 more truckload shipping strategies for enterprise shippers

FreightWaves SONAR

The effects of the disruptions over the past year have likely forever changed the industry, requiring shippers to scale and evolve operations radically seemingly overnight. And these additional five shipping strategies can help enterprise shippers maximize recovery and boost profits.

Slowing economy spells pause for industrial real estate market

DC Velocity

StrategyBut savvy developers will pursue inland port opportunities and growing demand for urban fulfillment centers, new research shows.

What’s Your Tariff Strategy?

Supply Chain Brain

Just as the tariffs for one industry show signs of easing up, headlines reveal a new industry at risk of new tariff regulations. The ongoing tariff negotiations have made life and business operations extremely difficult for countless manufacturers and distributors across the U.S.

A New Approach to Contract Freight: How Shippers Can Refocus Their Transportation Strategy in 2021

Talking Logistics

In 2020, we saw the transportation industry’s resilience first-hand, as all parties of the supply chain navigated a challenging freight landscape to get goods to market. Read more A New Approach to Contract Freight: How Shippers Can Refocus Their Transportation Strategy in 2021.

Chart Industries Secures Order for Two Hydrogen Liquefaction Plants

NGT News

Chart Industries Inc., a diversified global manufacturer of highly engineered equipment for the industrial gas and clean energy industries, says Plug Power, a provider of turnkey green hydrogen solutions, has placed an order for two 15 ton per day liquefaction plants.

Opinion: relationship culture the best strategy for driver retention

Commercial Carrier Journal

Industry News NewsTim Hindes, CEO of Stay Metrics, recommends that carriers diversify their non-driving workforce.

Transparency, history, strategy from the other side of the fence with a food-industry broker ? part 1

Overdrive Online

Listen: As the crisis of the last two months has done so much to expose bad actors among brokerages and spur a push for market fairness, Part 1 of the views from a longtime broker (and onetime former owner-operator), East Coast Transport's Paul Berman, in trucking since the 1970s.

Global Integrated Logistics Market 2020 Industry Scenario, Strategies, Growth Factors and Forecast to 2025

247 Customs Broker

The report… The post Global Integrated Logistics Market 2020 Industry Scenario, Strategies, Growth Factors and Forecast to 2025 appeared first on 24/7 Customs Broker News.

7 Steps to Build Your Strategy and Roadmap for Digital Transformation – Part 2


Without a precise strategy in place, successfully deploying your first initiative towards digital transformation is going to prove extremely challenging. The post 7 Steps to Build Your Strategy and Roadmap for Digital Transformation – Part 2 appeared first on SYSPRO US.

Is UPS’ Strategy Really Transformational?

Logistics Trends and Insights

Companies in all industries are facing a similar situation. Now that the dust has settled and I’ve calmed down a bit, let’s chat about the UPS Transformation meeting that was held Thursday, September 13, 2018. A disclaimer before jumping in, I spent almost 11 years with Big Brown and yes, I do have some, albeit not much, stock in the company. Perhaps I set expectations higher than I should but the first hour of listening to the presentations, I was disappointed.