Coca-Cola bottlers, an example of automated warehousing.

Logistics at MPEPS at UPV

The material handling activities are carried out through shuttle cars equipped with digital trolleys and aisle equipment, infeed/outfeed bays, infeed/ outfeed single-pallet vertical pallet lifts, steering shuttles, and dispatch sequencer shuttles.

Digital Transformation Journey in Supply Chain Planning

Logistics Viewpoints

Even mom-and-pop stores and diners had to step up their digitalization game with the pandemic erupting. Digital commerce efficiently requires the digitalization of many customer-facing operations and sourcing and procurement. Digital Transformation Journey.


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Building Profitability with Agility while Digitally Transforming the Supply Chain

Logistics Viewpoints

Many companies were in the midst of digitally transforming their supply chain when the Convid-19 pandemic hits. In this part 2 article, let us continue to explore the concrete actions we can take in our Digital Supply Chain journeys. Leverage Digital Journeys to Win.

Emerge raises $130M Series B to scale digital freight marketplace

The Supply Chain Journal

Scottsdale, Arizona-based digital freight marketplace Emerge announced Thursday morning that it has closed a $130 million Series B funding round led by 9Yards Capital, Tiger Global Management and The Spruce House Partnership.

GSK Vaccines: Five Pillars of Digital Transformation

Logistics Viewpoints

Digital transformation has been the core theme across the global ARC Industry Forums for the past few years, but this year it is more relevant in the aftermath of the pandemic. Mr. Vander Elst contributes significantly to the company’s digital transformation agenda.

The future of digital retail is here

The Supply Chain Journal

During and even before the COVID-19 pandemic, retailers have been forced to digitize. So as competitors (and in turn, fraudsters) flood the digital retail space, it’s become essential for online sellers to partner with other companies that can provide two things: personalization and security.

Estonia as an example of technology leader

Logistics at MPEPS at UPV

That government put their faith in the first stages of the internet and the future of the digital era. That simple gesture changed everything because it proved the innecesary of the paper use and allowed the use of digital signature for opens bank accounts, pay taxes and even vote in the elections. Other examples of successful policies of Estonia government is the develop of a system called x-Road which allows to share information between institutions. [link].

The Hackett Group cites another example of “digital transformation”

Logistics Management

A new research paper released by The Hackett Group maintains that “world-class” procurement organizations now operate at 21 percent lower labor costs than peers and have 29 percent fewer staff

Better Truckload Operations Efficiency Through Digitalization

Blue Grace Logistics

Digital trucking is bringing unprecedented, large-scale benefits to the national transportation grid. Digitization takes living, real-time data from once futuristic fantasy to practical present-day tools. Digitally integrated metrics also mean the more efficient movement of goods.

The Digitization of Freight

Talking Logistics

The digitization of freight is one topic that has generated a lot of industry buzz and animated discussion over the past couple of years, but also a lot of confusion and questions. What exactly is freight digitization? And what actions should companies take to leverage the opportunities inherent in the digitization revolution? Defining the digitization of freight. Brian compared it to the movie, television and audio industries where everything is digital now.

TireHub’s Digital Transformation Shakes Up the Tire Wholesale Industry

Logistics Viewpoints

Mr. Vantipalli works for TireHub and discussed the company’s ongoing digital transformation efforts. They are currently in the walk phase of their overall supply chain digital transformation, but have plans to move on to run, or at least jog, in the near future.

Data Quality: Your Digital Transformation Depends on It

Logistics Viewpoints

Data is the raw fuel of digital transformation and the linchpin to accelerating industry collaboration, automation, predictive insights and so many more cutting-edge capabilities (including those yet to be invented).

Data 135

Help wanted: Manufacturers look to rapidly scale digital e-commerce channels

The Supply Chain Journal

As more manufacturing businesses realize the importance of business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce, many are still lacking when it comes to digital marketing and sales programs. The survey confirmed this, with a majority of B2B buyers searching for items through digital channels.

Defining Digital Transformation

Talking Logistics

Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from “ Construction Is Lagging In Digitization LET’S GET UNSTUCK ,” a research e-book produced by Adelante SCM and published by Command Alkon (a Talking Logistics sponsor). What is so new about digital transformation? Haven’t we been using the internet, Web, email, and other digital tools for decades in our business? Then why all the fuss today about digital transformation?

A Multibillion-Dollar Supply Chain Market Growing at a Double Digit Rate that Nobody Knows About

Logistics Viewpoints

There is a multibillion-dollar supply chain software market that grew at double digit rates during the pandemic, and will continue to grow fast, that very few supply chain executives have heard of. SCCN is a Network Solution.

Benefits for all: How standardisation is bridging container shipping’s digital divide

The Supply Chain Journal

The digital revolution has changed the way the world does business. Container shipping is no exception to the digital revolution, but the pace and benefits of that change have not always been equally felt by all participants. How DCSA can help bridge shipping’s digital divide.

Emerging Tech in Your Fulfillment Network: Stepping Beyond Digital Transformation

Logistics Viewpoints

For example, Warehouse Execution Systems have been labeled as having the ability to provide unprecedented, automated business intelligence, but remember, this is a whole layer of functionality that sits on top of a WMS or ERP.

Ways to Secure Your Digital Future


A good example of this can be seen now as the global automotive industry […]. The post Ways to Secure Your Digital Future appeared first on SYSPRO US. The world is still reeling from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is M&A Success Possible Without Digital Transformation?

Talking Logistics

In either case, digital transformation has been a key enabler for growth. . Digital transformation remains a key component of M&A. These are only examples of how the M&A market is a driving force in creating value for shareholders. The Role of Digital Transformation and the Digital Supply Network. Digital transformation means a range of things pertaining to digitizing the supply chain.

Digital Marketing in 2021: Search Engine Marketing


From keeping up with which keywords you should be targeting to evaluating how viewers are responding to various elements of your ads, sprucing up your SEM campaigns should definitely be on your digital marketing to-do list this year. Time To Read: 7 minutes.

Digital Transformation and Business Development After the COVID Pandemic

MTS Logistics

For example, the marketing team may be off-site while your sales crew shows up at the office every morning. The digital transformation of MTS Logistics is happening faster than ever! It has been well over a year since the COVID-19 lockdowns started in March 2020.

Video 66

6 Digitization Steps to Overcome Supply Chain Disruptions & Build Resiliency


The study found that 41% of respondents were investing in automation at a faster clip in response to the crisis, with another 43% of business leaders saying they will speed up investments in digital and technology once some normality has returned. Consider this example.

4 Key Steps to Supply Chain Digital Transformation

Morai Logistics

More than ever, companies are moving towards digitizing their supply chains—here are 4 steps they have to consider for their supply chain digital transformation. . The necessity for supply chain digitization has never been more evident. Given the transparency, agility, and efficiency needed in modern day supply chains, it’s hard to get around the fact their operations have to be digital. Thus, the future supply must be digital.

Digital Transformation in the Heavy Building Materials Industry

Talking Logistics

Virtually all industries today are undergoing digital transformation, but the opportunities for cost savings, as well as productivity and service improvements, are arguably greatest in the Heavy Building Materials (HBM) industry because of all of their current manual and paper-based processes. How is digitization starting to transform this industry? Projects that ten years ago might have been completed in ten years are now being completed in three years, for example.

Top Trends in Freight Forwarder Digitization


Using digital tools to help deliver great customer experience. . The digitization of the freight industry is about improving speed and efficiency. . Robinson all rolled out new digital tools in 2019. Threat from Carriers and Digital Freight Forwarders?

Digital Transformation: Why It’s Not an ‘Easy’ Button [Video]

Talking Logistics

Ciarleglio, SVP Sales, North America at Elemica , discusses the following questions and more in this timely and informative episode: How do you define Digital Transformation, and from your perspective, where are most companies today on this journey? When you talk to your clients and prospects, what are they trying to achieve with digital transformation? What’s the difference between digital transformation and what companies have been doing with business intelligence? Roger A.

Video 60

Pandemic Forces Fleets and Freight Brokers to Accelerate Digital Efforts

Blue Grace Logistics

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the digitization of the supply chain. . Most transportation and logistics companies had a digitalization strategy before the COVID-19 pandemic, but the implementation was moving at a snail’s pace.

Digital Transformation: Why It’s Not an “Easy Button”

Talking Logistics

There is a lot of discussion today about digital transformation, including why it’s important and what the benefits can be. It would be nice if you could just press an “easy button” to be digitally transformed and have all of the supply chain visibility you need, but the reality is that there are many factors that go into making digital transformation a reality. It goes well beyond just digitizing data and displaying it on a dashboard.

Stepping Towards a Digital Supply Chain

Blue Grace Logistics

The digital supply chain offers companies a degree of visibility and insight into their supply chain that was never before possible. For that reason, many companies are beginning the process of digitizing their supply chain. Moving away from the analog game of tag that was the way of doing things in the past, the digital supply chain offers companies a degree of visibility and insight into their supply chain that was never before possible. Understanding the Digital Vision .

Digitizing the Global Supply Chain: Three Ways to Create Value

Talking Logistics

The process of digitizing global supply chains continues to generate a lot of interest and discussion in the industry, perhaps because it’s really about embarking on a transformational journey. What are the prerequisites to digital supply chain transformation? What is a “Digitized” Supply Chain? Considering we have had spreadsheets, PDF documents, and other electronic representations of the supply chain for years, what makes a “digitized” supply chain different?

Digital Marketing in 2021: Social Media for Home Services


For example, take a lawn and landscape business that’s offering a fall deal for homeowners who need to grade and seed their lawns. This is a very simplified example of combining traditional, top-funnel organic content marketing with lead generating efforts. Time To Read: 8 minutes.

Supply Chain Transformation: Not Just Digital, But Physical Too

Talking Logistics

Over the past couple of years, we have published many blog posts and produced several video episodes on supply chain digital transformation (see our archives ). What’s becoming clear, however, is that digital supply chain transformation is not enough; companies also have to transform their physical supply chain networks to adequately meet the more demanding challenges and opportunities before them.

Digital Air Cargo – A Conceptual and Technological Revolution


Market-optimized pricing and capacity will finally become the standard in air cargo – if the industry is able to follow the lead of other industries, including passenger air travel, that have leveraged digitization to reach this goal. Other industries have leveraged this digital shift.

Digital Load Monitoring

Logistics Business Magazine

In addition, it can serve as a basis for new business models, for example with load-dependent transport tariffs. The post Digital Load Monitoring appeared first on Logistics Business® Magazine.

FedEx and Freightos – Improving Digital Freight Together


For example, importing plastic disposable cups to Israel results in different tariffs depending on whether or not there is a logo printed on the cup…and don’t get me started on duties for Santa Claus suits.

eBook 72