Supply Chain Visibility: Past, Present, and Future

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This has been an ongoing challenge, in part, because supply chain networks, technologies, and processes are always changing, making supply chain visibility a moving target. Now there are new technologies that enable us to collect data in real time from sources such as the Internet of Things and smart devices through B2B networks. Cindi says that this is where the integration capabilities of supply chain operating networks can be very helpful.

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Truck Capacity Shortage: The Past, Present and Future

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Market Review: Past, Present and Future. The past, present and future market forces causing today’s extreme truck capacity shortage include: Strong Economy. Present. Most 3PLs maintain extensive carrier networks and relationships with other shippers that share capacity. The post Truck Capacity Shortage: The Past, Present and Future appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez.

Warehouse and Transport Network LogCoop to Present Ecommerce Service at LogiMAT

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Düsseldorf-based warehouse and transport network LogCoop is to present a new service for e-commerce operators at LogiMAT: The eSellerspartner label bundles fulfilment services for e-commerce with an IT solution package.

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Buyer's Guide for Supply Chain Network Design Software

Penske Logistics Presents 2019 Third-Party Logistics Study: State of Logistics Outsourcing

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Supply chains are investing in integrated technologies to reverse this trend, which include: Enterprise resource planning software (72 percent); warehouse management systems (56 percent); transportation management networks (38 percent); and supply chain visibility tools (34 percent).

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Turkish Cargo Broadens its QEP Accreditation Network

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The flag carrier air cargo brand has just presented its reliability in terms of handling of the Envirotainer containers and cold chain shipments, once more. Turkish Cargo offers air cargo service to more than 300 destinations around the world, thanks to their extensive flight network.

Rhenus Acquires Rodair Group and Establishes Network in Canada

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The acquisition of Rodair Group marks an important step for Rhenus in establishing a network in Canada. The post Rhenus Acquires Rodair Group and Establishes Network in Canada appeared first on Logistics Manager.

How the UN Innovation Network seeks to disrupt the SDGs with innovation

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The UN Innovation Network, an informal, collaborative network of innovators from 60+ UN entities which is jointly chaired by WFP and UNICEF, is working to facilitate this exchange.

New Hungary Network Launched by Palletways

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Palletised freight network the Palletways Group is further expanding its coverage across the continent by launching a new network in Hungary. Palletways has already recruited independent transport providers to form the network and will start with 11 members.

Software Specialist to Push Networking Efficiency at LogiMAT 2019

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Featuring the theme ‘end-to-end supply chain’ at LogiMAT 2019, software provider inconso will be presenting innovations and developments focusing on logistics control.

Shoveling Snow with a Dustpan (Takeaways from BluJay Solutions’ SOAR 2017 Conference)

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As I prepared my keynote presentation for the BluJay Solutions’ SOAR 2017 conference , I recalled this experience and saw it as a good metaphor for the difficulties many companies are having today responding effectively to the blizzard of supply chain management.

Global Automotive Logistics Player Signs with Network Provider

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Automotive and industrial logistics specialist Gefco says it is set to grow its network capacity and quality of service with Interoute , the global cloud and network provider, in 120 locations across Europe.

Pall-Ex Members Celebrate at Network Awards Night

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Hailing 2018 its time to shine, the haulage giant presented accolades to its stars of logistics, including network members and its own staff, at a glittering awards ceremony hosted by Sir Lenny Henry and held at the East Midlands Conference Centre.

UPS unveils network ‘transformation’ to target fast-growing e-commerce sector

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At an investor presentation yesterday, chief executive David Abney said package revenues would climb 40%, with cross-border income jumping 28%. The post UPS unveils network ‘transformation’ to target fast-growing e-commerce sector appeared first on The Loadstar. UPS has unveiled a new strategy targeting major growth in domestic and cross-border e-commerce volumes by 2022.

The Whole is Greater Than Sum of Its Parts: Kewill and LeanLogistics Rebranded as BluJay Solutions

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How should we (re)organize ourselves to best harvest the value of ‘network effects’ to measurably boost the quality, opportunity, and ‘user experiences’ of our offerings? That was one of three key questions that Michael Schrage presented in a research paper titled “ Rethinking Networks: Exploring Strategies for Making Users More Valuable ,” published last year by MIT Sloan School’s Initiative on the Digital Economy. Do you agree that the future belongs to networked companies?

The Trends Shaping Supply Chain and Logistics: Takeaways from Descartes Evolution 2017

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The Descartes Global Logistics Network has 16,500+ customers on it, with more than 13 billion messages processed per year and more than 66 million routes/resources managed per year. Ports, Airports and Global Infrastructure Group, also presented at the Executive Forum.

Go Boldly Together: Takeaways from Nulogy xChange 2018

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I don’t have the time or space to go into all the details, but to summarize: Nulogy is a Supply Chain Operating Network (SCON) that connects CPG brand companies and their outsourced manufacturing partners via a common platform, facilitating communication and collaboration between all the parties.

The 17th Annual Shipper Symposium: Choose Your Breakout Adventure!


This year, we’re presenting a wide range of unique breakout sessions that will enable you to learn from industry leaders and executives who are impacted by data management, capacity constraints, and economic and regulatory issues that affect the transportation of their goods across the globe.

SWOT that Supply Chain

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This last week I came across several interesting stories – or in one case a presentation – that all centered on different aspects of SWOT in the supply chain realm. Food & Beverage Industry Supply Chain Network Design Supply Chain News 3G Capital AGCO Amazon KFC SWOTBusiness students are all exposed to the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis tool.

Carriers making heavy weather of punctuality – but it’s not all their fault

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Typhoons and other adverse weather events are playing havoc with carrier schedules, presenting a “major challenge” to the industry as it aims to recover from the record low levels of schedule reliability. According to Jeremy Nixon, chief executive of Ocean Network Express (ONE), global warming has triggered more adverse and variable weather across key shipping lanes: a “remarkable increase” since 2016 when there were just nine major typhoons in Asia, compared.

Survey Says: Visibility is the Main Goal

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Yet even with the knowledge of the many benefits associated with digital supply networks (DSN), many companies are only now beginning to embrace it. . Above all else, the survey shows the main reason why manufacturers are looking into a digital supply network; end to end transparency.

Developing Women Leaders at Penske

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The program brings women from across the company’s field operations together to provide its participants with development programs, networking, and mentorship opportunities.

Solving the Problem of the Travelling Salesman

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At Logistics Bureau I’m involved in all kinds of matters related to supply chain, but I focus on distribution network reviews and route optimisation. One that comes to mind involved a major beverage and food company that we consulted for on their network, warehouses and routes in two states in Australia. Sure, there might be slicker operations out there in terms of presentation, but what sets us apart is we get our hands dirty. Consultants Distribution Network Design People

Thailand Courts Foreign Investment, While Leadership Questions Remain

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Projects to improve physical networks include substantial investments in electric and high-speed trains, double-tracking of railways, and the development of multiple airports, all intended to support both tourism and the movement of freight. At a recent presentation at the U-Tapao International Airport in the eastern province of Rayong, it asked prospective investors: “What are you waiting for?”. “Stop and go.” Sway and swing.”

Blockchain Basics Webinar

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Understand the power of the distributed network and how the concept of immutability can lower transactional risk across the Blockchain. ABOUT THE PRESENTER. Beyond Buzzwords – An Introduction to Blockchain for Business Leaders.

Disaster recovery: Prepared for the worst?

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A few days after the earthquake struck, recalls Alexander Scholz, head of project management in BMW’s sourcing and supplier network, the carmaker discovered that some critical tier four semiconductors came from north-eastern Japan.

Carter Logistics Sponsors USA Go Global Awards

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Carter Logistics is one of the proud presenting sponsors of the awards, which will be presented in Chicago, Illinois, during the 2019 Think Global Conference, October 23 rd , 2019. Blog Topics. The Shared Milkrun Mexico & Border Logistics.

Mitigating the Effect of Natural Disasters on Your Supply Chain

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And when recent hurricanes, earthquakes and wildfires began wreaking havoc, many shippers were left asking themselves: “How have recent natural disasters affected our transportation network?”

Blockchain: The Biggest Obstacles It’s Facing

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Part of the strength of the technology is the size of its network. In the present, it is very new, hurt by that newness, and stymied by efficiency and security concerns. Kasey Panetta of Gartner writes, Confusing future blockchain technology with the present-day generation. As such, it is up to the countless blockchain projects in the world of supply chains to not rely on what they will be able to do down the line but rather respond to present-day pressures.

Cybersecurity and Supply Chain Risks

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With that said, in order for companies to have optimal cybersecurity, they need to pinpoint the areas that present the greatest risk. Finally, software issues can even arise from someone from a third party being brought in to run diagnostics, and it’s hard to know what they’re bringing in as they plug their laptops into a company’s supply chain network. Network Services. However, the solution to this is straightforward: the use of private networks.

Freight Brokerage 'Booking Structures': Opportunities to Streamline Your Operations


The rep’s role is to leverage their networks to find loads for those carriers. With a smaller network of coverage, the rep can focus more on coverage needs.

Blockchain is Coming to Transportation – Here’s How

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Many have used cell phone tracking methods that work off the driver’s cell phone network. There are just far too many different carriers to onboard into an API/ELD network for tracking. At its heart, a blockchain creates a shared system of records in a business network.

Schweizerzug Launches Direct Rail Service to Rotterdam

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Swiss rail freight operator Schweizerzug AG says it has continued its rapid network and service expansion with the start of a new direct rail link to the port of Rotterdam, which began last month.

Taking Your Supply Chain to a New Dimension: Shipper Symposium 2019


Our 17th annual Shipper Symposium in Dallas, Texas wrapped up today — and from the insightful keynote speakers and breakout presenters to the activities and attendees, we’re positive that this year’s event has been one of the best yet.

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