Network Supply Chain Transformation at UScellular

Logistics Viewpoints

I overlooked the sophistication required to support widespread and ongoing projects in support of constantly advancing cellular communication networks. The UScellular network that supports these customers has been built locally, with a focus on serving underserved areas.

Survey Reveals Many Warehouse Networks Cannot Meet eCommerce Expectations

Amware Logistics and Fulfillment

Internet Retailer just published a research report whose title posed an important question for any online seller: Are Your Fulfillment Operations Good Enough? Interestingly, many of the 100 mid-sized e-retailers who responded to the survey don’t think so. Parcel Transportation B2C Fulfillment eCommerce Fulfillment order fulfillment process order fulfillment


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The Omni-Channel Fulfillment Network with Esther Kestenbaum Prozan

The Logistics of Logistics

The Omni-Channel Fulfillment Network with Esther Kestenbaum Prozan. Esther Kestenbaum Prozan and Joe Lynch discuss the omni-channel fulfillment network. Flowspace is an ecommerce fulfillment platform that helps brands meet their customers’ post-purchase expectations.

Globalia’s annual meeting goes virtual

Logistics Business Magazine

Globalia concluded its second Virtual Meeting successfully, which was organised to expedite networking among the members and reunite them virtually. After the great reception of its first Online Conference, Globalia’s team worked hard to surpass the previous meeting experience.

Supply Chain Planning Maturity – How Do You Compare to Peers?

Today's supply chains are networked, global ecosystems. An event upstream in a different country or region can cause considerable disruption downstream. The COVID-19 pandemic is an extreme example of how this unfolds in practice. How prepared are supply chain teams to react and recover, from a planning maturity stance? Download this report to get exclusive insights on planning maturity!

TCA to host Refrigerated Meeting July 14-16 in Albuquerque

The Supply Chain Journal

Did you know that the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) hosts an annual Refrigerated Meeting ? I’ve been attending this event since the late ’90s and not only find the meeting very educational but we have made great friends in the industry through the event.

Managed Logistics Meets Five Challenges for Complex Supply Chain Operations

Blue Grace Logistics

Managed Logistics Meets Five Challenges for Complex Supply Chain Operations Show Submenu Resources. In searching for a provider, here are five tactical challenges that any MLP must meet. Network Optimization.

Network Design in supply Chain

20Cube Logistics

Supply chain Network Design can be explained as the strategic planning of the supply chain in order to measure the cost and the time required to bring the goods and services from manufacturers and suppliers to the market. Importance of network design in supply chain.

Freight Network Meeting Success

Logistics Business Magazine

Conqueror’s 8th Annual Meeting concluded successfully with over 120 attending members. At the meeting CQR members were given a personal demonstration of the ‘FreightViewer’ – a new Freight Rate Management Software created to provide instant online door to door quotations 24/7. says Antonio Torres, President, and Founder of Conqueror Freight Network. The post Freight Network Meeting Success appeared first on Logistics Business® Magazine.

How To Meet Sustainability Goals For Shippers

Blue Grace Logistics

Only with complete transparency is it possible to increase efficiency and meet sustainability goals in the future. . Through cloud technologies, shippers can connect their network with stakeholders within their supply chain.

Virtual Carrier Network – Your Shipping Carrier, Rate, & Service Solution

Ship Monk

However, the element that takes our shipping solutions to new heights is our “Virtual Carrier Network” (VCN). What is a Virtual Carrier Network? If you haven’t heard of a Virtual Carrier Network before, don’t worry. Benefits of a Virtual Carrier Network.

Selling autonomy: Practical realities meet fully robotic aspirations

The Supply Chain Journal

million in revenue from supervised runs on its Autonomous Freight Network in Q2. Meeting a fleet’s need to attract and retain drivers with automated steering, braking and redundant safety features drains much of the stress from typical driving.

When supply chain meets chocolate

Logistics at MPEPS at UPV

However, the company decided to change their distribution network in order to be aligned with their customers’ needs. We all know Nestle, whether it is for their KitKat, their Nesquik chocolate powder. Indeed, this big multinational is the world leader in the food industry.

Industry 4.0: Building the right skills to meet the factory of the future


A meeting between two pioneers during a cocktail party in 1956 turned out to be a defining moment in the world of manufacturing. Roles will also evolve, with the introduction of Predictive Supply Network Analysts, the Smart Quality Assurance (Q.A.)

Revenge Festivities: How To Power Up Your Retail Last-Mile Fulfillment To Meet Soaring Demand


And then plan some more : Leverage data and insights to forecast festive season consumer behavior and plan your distribution networks, sourcing locations, and additional fleet requirements well in advance of the season.

Meet Ecommerce Demand with Best Practices in Less than Truckload Shipping

CH Robinson Logistics

If you use only one distribution center in California and all your freight has to be delivered from there, can you meet online ordering expectations nationwide ? Robinson, we can make bigger commitments because we have a bigger network—the largest LTL network in North America.

Scenario Modeling Is Now Crucial for Supply Chain Network Design


The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed many risks and uncertainties in supply chain networks. Evaluating different scenarios helps you gain much-needed network flexibility in these times of stress and can help you prepare for a resilient future. Strategic Network Investments .

Locus Listed as Representative Vendor in 2022 Gartner® Market Guide for Supply Chain Network Design Tools


It gives us immense pleasure to announce that Locus has been listed as a Representative Vendor in the 2022 Gartner® Market Guide for Supply Chain Network Design Tools. And as supply chains continue to grow in scale and complexity to meet these demands, so do the costs.

Where competition, modernisation and capability meet

Logistics in War

We are, without a doubt, in a period where technology can meet our ambitions. Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003) offers a cautionary tale ( see here ) with respect to the partial implementation of logistics technology, where the digital logistics control network caused as much confusion as it did solving problems. By David Beaumont. Thankyou, once again, for supporting Logistics In War.

Omni-Channel Supply Chain Network and Inventory Planning Optimization

Supply Chain Brain

International shoe retailer FLO wanted to meet the omni-channel customer demand while maximizing profitability by creating an end-to-end omni-channel network and inventory planning system. It employed technology from Invent Analytics to run what-if scenarios and rethink its entire network

Ryder pumps up last-mile delivery network with facility expansions

DC Velocity

Aggressive growth in e-commerce space helps company meet demands of the "now economy," Ryder says. Transportation

Lytx democratizes customer data with new integration network

The Supply Chain Journal

The telematics company Lytx introduced on Tuesday its partnership ecosystem, the Lytx Integration Network, to democratize data and analytics for its customers. There is a great network effect we have created for our clients,” said Schneider.

Emerging Tech in Your Fulfillment Network: Stepping Beyond Digital Transformation

Logistics Viewpoints

As an entrepreneur I’ve been reflecting on this a lot: The current milestone in logistics and fulfillment is using emerging technologies to capture and leverage exponentially growing data sets in warehouses and throughout the entire fulfillment network.

Why is it Crucial for F&B Brands to Design an Ideal Supply Chain Network?


To maintain an optimal flow of their goods, it is highly necessary for them to design an ideal supply chain network. What makes for an ideal supply chain network design? This function is also called network optimization. Optimize product flows in supply chain networks.

Supply Chain Operating Networks Create Supply Chain Rockstars

Talking Logistics

Some still have significant opportunities for additional efficiency gains, which can come from utilizing a B2B network to facilitate the buying and selling of products and services. Others add traditional licensed software or add-ons to the existing ERP to improve efficiencies, but when these solutions meet the outside world, they stumble for a number of reasons. B2B networks have evolved over the years from simple one-to-one connections to one-to-many connections.

SnapFulfil hires new personnel to meet demand

Logistics Business Magazine

In recent months, 20 team members have joined the company – in roles such as project manager, implementation analyst, network engineer, technical developer, QA manager – as the best-of-breed WMS provider continues to experience growth across the board.

Former employees shed light on sophisticated double-brokering network

The Supply Chain Journal

However, brokers and truckers told FreightWaves they’ve been burned by the vast network of over 600 companies, largely in Southern California, with alleged links to Avetyan and his childhood best friend, Alfred Megrabyan, who co-founded All State in 2003.

Defect impacts chassis availability on Norfolk Southern’s network

The Supply Chain Journal

Norfolk Southern is seeking to quickly repair potentially defective chassis across its network. Norfolk Southern will continue to take the necessary actions to address the reduced chassis supply across the network.

Does Amazon need a separate network to court outside shippers?

The Supply Chain Journal

NYSE:UPS) shippers with a pickup and delivery service bypassing Amazon’s fulfillment and distribution network. In effect, Amazon would be building out a network in less than a decade that took UPS 114 years and FedEx 50 years to construct.

Will Maryland’s expanded EV charging network fuel fleet adoption?

The Supply Chain Journal

Calise said he is not worried about the state meeting the 300,000 zero-emission-vehicle goal within the next four years. “I A more robust charging network has potential to encourage more small and medium-size businesses to electrify their fleets, Calise said. “It

Bed Bath & Beyond quickly grows same-day delivery network

The Supply Chain Journal

Bed Bath & Beyond is quickly growing its same-day and on-demand delivery networks, adding a critical partner on Wednesday that can help service larger items other delivery partners may not be able to handle.

Insights for Developing, Executing, and Monitoring your Parcel Freight to Meet Demand

CH Robinson Logistics

Customers now expect reliability, speed, and convenience in their small parcel delivery experience and a company’s ability to meet those expectations can even be a source of differentiation. At all steps in your parcel supply chain, you need to monitor performance of your shipping network.

Designing Your Business to Meet Customer Expectations


Designing Your Business to Meet Customer Expectations. Below, are some of the key insights shared during our conversation about what it takes to meet the expectations of the modern customer, and what shippers should expect from their 3PLs to help them achieve the necessary efficiency and optimization required in their supply chain. How the Right 3PL Can Help You Meet the Needs of Your End Customer. What is your organization doing to meet customer expectations?

Viewpoint: What this IPO tells us about autonomous freight networks

The Supply Chain Journal

TuSimple’s autonomous freight network. TuSimple is building an autonomous freight network that combines autonomous trucking, cloud computing, edge computing, route mapping and an operations oversight system, among other things.

Logistics network conference sees record attendance

Logistics Business Magazine

The Cooperative Logistics Network ’s 2nd Virtual Meeting, held on 15th and 16th November 2021, has successfully concluded. The Virtual Meeting registered a record attendance, with more than 140 delegates taking part in the two-day online event.

Old Dominion Freight Line Meets Growing Demand in Six Markets with New Expanded Service Centers

Supply Chain Brain

grows its service center network with six new and expanded facilities Old Dominion Freight Line Inc.

Shell Plans Expansion of California’s Hydrogen Refueling Network

NGT News

million, subject to formal approval at a future CEC business meeting. The post Shell Plans Expansion of California’s Hydrogen Refueling Network appeared first on NGT News.

Conqueror Freight Network celebrates 10th anniversary

Logistics Business Magazine

Conqueror Freight Network , the largest exclusive freight forwarders network in the world, has this year completed 10 years in the industry. It has celebrated this special occasion during the Conqueror’s 2nd Virtual Meeting, held on 29th and 30th November.

How to Build the Optimal Freight Carrier Network to Consistently Deliver


Managers of freight carrier networks and supply chains have a lot to keep tabs on with day-to-day operations in the supply chain ecosystem. Knowing how to build this network and set up a platform that provides the data, resources, and support needed becomes difficult.

[WHITE PAPER] Another rough year for shippers to manage bid process and carrier networks

FreightWaves SONAR

Meet the new year, same as the old year? Improved railway fluidity is one of the few areas where transportation networks are improving, but even in that mode, terminal congestion remains rampant.