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How to Enhance Your Emergency Services Fleet Management Operations to Protect Your Community


Recent unforeseen emergencies, like hurricane Ian which took the Atlantic coast literally by storm, prove the importance of emergency fleet management services.

Six future motor freight trends

Logistics Management

Logistics experts reveal the top motor freight trends that shippers and carriers should be watching over the next few years


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Only 25 days of diesel left?

Overdrive Online

Critically low diesel inventories after President Joe Biden's move to drain the Strategic Petroleum Reserves in hopes of pushing fuel prices lower are setting off alarm bells across the oil industry. Business

Keys to Creating KPIs for order fulfillment

Amware Logistics and Fulfillment

When you outsource product fulfillment to a third-party logistics company (3PL), you place your trust and your customers' satisfaction in its hands. Yet it's shocking how many Etailers have no well-developed KPIs for order fulfillment to monitor performance. Warehouse KPI

The 2023 Supply Chain Crystal Ball: Challenges and Solutions

Speaker: Olivia Montgomery, Associate Principal Supply Chain Analyst

Curious to know how your peers are navigating ongoing disruption? In this webinar, you’ll gain actionable insights from Olivia Montgomery as she walks us through Capterra’s extensive research on how businesses - notably small and midsize businesses - are addressing supply chain challenges in 2023.

Reclaim Your Energy, Passion, and Time with Ann Holm

The Logistics of Logistics

Ann Holm and Joe Lynch discuss how to reclaim your energy, passion, and time. Ann is a Professional Certified Coach specializing in executive, leadership, and personal development. About Ann Holm.

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Three Small Supply Chain Improvements That Can Greatly Increase Monthly Profits

Supply Chain Brain

In light of today’s era of inflation and a possible recession just on the horizon, now is the ideal time to seek out ways to optimize your business’s processes as a way to cut down on costs.

Echo Global Logistics Acquires Fastmore Logistics

Food Logistics

The acquisition provides Echo with a unique point of entry into an expansive network of expedited brokerage for the international freight forwarding market. Transportation / Trucking

Multiple Variable Standards: The Brains Behind Your Labor Management System (LMS)

Logistics Viewpoints

How to Get the Most Out of Your Labor Management System Using Engineered Labor Standards to Impact Warehouse Output. You were smart enough to invest in a tier one labor management system (LMS), but is your LMS smart enough to deliver the productivity you expected?

What Now for Self-Driving Trucks? How About We Focus on Rail!

Supply Chain Brain

It’s time to admit it: self-driving trucks are hooey. We should instead turn to reviving America’s neglected rail network

5 Powerful Prescriptive Analytics Examples in Supply Chain

Prescriptive analytics is a type of advanced analytics that optimizes decision-making by providing a recommended action. Supply chain, with its complex planning questions, is typically an area where optimization technology is required. Read about 5 use cases.

The Newtrul Story with Ed Stockman

The Logistics of Logistics

Ed Stockman and Joe Lynch discuss the Newtrul story. Ed is Co-founder & CEO at Newtrul , a technology company helping increase efficiencies in the trucking industry with a digital freight-aggregation platform. About Ed Stockman.

Five good things in trucking: Delivering holiday cheer and staying warm with furry friends

Fleet Owner

As the weather continues to cool, stay warm with cheer for the upcoming holidays and charity and by celebrating the women who keep trucking rolling in this week's blog. Perspectives / Five Good Things

Blog 119

Bayer Crop Science Tackles Shipment Visibility

Logistics Viewpoints

At the end of September, I attended FourKites Visibility 2022 in Chicago, IL. As the tagline said, I was there to learn, connect, and be inspired. Those were certainly three things that happened.

Talking Logistics Posts & Episodes – Plus Indago Highlights (Q3 2022)

Talking Logistics

We’re in the final stretch of 2022. Many of you are busy developing your strategies, plans, and budgets for 2023. What will happen next year? The honest truth is that nobody really knows for sure. And this is especially true when it comes to the transportation market.

6 Ways Video Telematics Improves Driver Safety

An in-cab dash cam video system can help fleet operators significantly reduce risky driving, costly legal judgments, and insurance costs. Download the eBook and learn 6 ways to improve driver safety by using dash cams on your trucks.

The Altana Story with Evan Smith

The Logistics of Logistics

Evan Smith and Joe Lynch discuss the Altana Story. Evan is the CEO and Co-founder of Altana , a technology company that transforms the world’s public and non-public data into an intelligent, shared model of the global supply chain. About Evan Smith. Evan Smith is CEO and co-founder of Altana.

Data 243

MSC: CII to soak up 7-10% of container fleet

Supply Chain and Logistics

The new measurements of carbon intensity for ships have gone into effect. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) created new regulations that went into effect on November 1, 2022. One of the measures is the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII), intended for … Continue reading → Logistics Shipping Sustainability carbon emissions CII container shipping emissions IMO ocean shipping supply chains sustainability

This Week in Logistics News (October 29 – November 4)

Logistics Viewpoints

There are certain movies that are simply iconic. These are the movies that everyone has seen, everybody can quote, and if it is on TV and you’re flipping through the channels, you will always watch it. Office Space fits this category for me.

Across the Pond: The European Transportation Market (October 2022)

Talking Logistics

Author’s Note: I was asked by Transporeon (a Talking Logistics sponsor) to look at what is happening in the European transportation market and they provided me with access to their Transporeon Insights market data for additional insights and perspective.

Video 107

A Deep Dive Into Supply Chain Strategy: Why Yours Isn't Working

Speaker: Michelle Meyer, Founder and CEO of MatterProviders

Michelle Meyer is here to walk you through the future of supply chain strategy, and why your current approach is probably not working. In this exclusive webinar, she will explore ways to develop and perfect your new supply chain design in this post-pandemic era of economic uncertainty.

No national shortage of diesel fuel

Commercial Carrier Journal

The Energy Information Administration announced last week that distillate levels are at their lowest point since 2008, but that was coming out of peak demand, and we're currently headed into increased demand. Economic trends

Nikola Expands Hydrogen Supply for FCEVs with KeyState

NGT News

Nikola Corp. and KeyState Natural Gas Synthesis are working together to create Pennsylvania’s first low-carbon hydrogen production value chain, which includes full integration of commercial carbon capture and storage.

ZF’s Transition from Lean to Supply Chain Resilience

Logistics Viewpoints

ZF Began their Digital Resilience Transformation 20 Years Ago! I interviewed John Sobeck, Vice President Material Management Services and Supply Chain 4.0 at the ZF Group, about their digital supply chain transformation journey. It turns out ZF has been on this journey for over 20 years!

Above the Fold: Supply Chain Logistics News (November 4, 2022)

Talking Logistics

What does an ethernet cable taste like? I don’t know, but our pet bunny Grayson does. He chewed through my ethernet cable earlier this week, leaving me at the mercy of wifi, which is always reliable except when it isn’t. Now I’m watching YouTube videos on how to crimp RJ45 connectors.

Getting Started With Scenario Modeling in Supply Chain Network Design

To build your supply chain’s agility and responsiveness, you need to look at scenarios more frequently instead of relying on a single plan. Let’s explore how you can apply scenario modeling in supply chain network design.

New survey finds more peril ahead for owner-operators

Fleet Owner

Current of uncertainty about the spot market flows through results of latest by Bloomberg Intelligence and online load board operator Truckstop. Operations

Small fleet's first-ever aero rig a beauty of a 2016 Pete 579

Overdrive Online

The pristine 579 cut a sharp contrast to the big hoods lining the lot at the A.J. Soza Memorial show in June. Dominic Gonzalez of Fresno, California-headquartered 28-truck Antonio & Sons Trucking here details the custom work put in. Custom Rigs

Editor’s Choice: Vendor Collaboration: How to Thrive in the Face of Volatility

Logistics Viewpoints

Note: Today’s post is part of our “ Editor’s Choice ” series where we highlight recent posts published by our sponsors that provide supply chain insights and advice. This article is from Can Buyuk at Solvoyo and examines the benefits of vendor collaboration.

Heniff acquiring Cole City Cob

Commercial Carrier Journal

Heniff Transportation Systems Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bob Heniff said he was "pleased" to welcome a one-time competitor into the fold. Business / Mergers & Acquisitions

How to Gain a Competitive Edge: A Deep Dive Into Supplier Diversity Programs

Speaker: Rod Robinson - SVP of the Supplier Diversity Practice, Insight Sourcing Group

In this exclusive webinar, Rod Robinson, SVP of the Supplier Diversity Practice Lead & Center of Excellence, dives into the key benefits corporations are seeing emerge from their supplier diversity programs and how you can gain invaluable competitive advantages with a supplier diversity program of your own.

Arm yourselves with trusted facts on emerging technologies

Fleet Owner

No technology is perfect; each has benefits and challenges. You don’t have to reject a solution simply because of its associated challenges as long as the benefits outweigh those challenges. ROI is on the line, but don't be held back by misinformation. Perspectives / IdeaXchange


Lion Produces First American-Made Electric School Bus in Illinois Factory

NGT News

The Lion Electric Co., a manufacturer of all-electric medium and heavy-duty vehicles, has produced its first zero-emission LionC school bus in its U.S. factory located in Joliet, Ill. “This is a significant milestone for Lion.

Know your broker/carrier to axe double-brokering schemes

Overdrive Online

Broker/carrier owner Jon Asiala shares lessons learned after falling prey to crooks with a double-brokered load that, ultimately, found its way back to him when the final carrier didn't get paid. More carriers/brokers would do well to heed his message. Overdrive Extra