Bourque Logistics offers tool to track performance measures

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Cloud-based business intelligence dashboard to identify trends and inefficiencies, firm says. Technology

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Top E-Commerce Trends in 2019

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Top trends shaping e-commerce in 2019: Improved shopping experience on mobile devices. Various means of communicating with customers include social media, chatbots, and other virtual tools. The post Top E-Commerce Trends in 2019 appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez.

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Most Important E-Commerce Logistics Trends To Watch


As more and more entrepreneurs find their place on online store platforms, those platforms have developed new tools to make life easier for e-commerce store owners. This proposes the question of what will be a trend in this industry in the future. E-Commerce Logistics Trends

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Trucking & Freight Management Trends to Know in 2019


Shippers that wish to succeed in 2019 need to know the top trucking and freight management trends for 2019 and how they will affect shipping practices, global trade, last-mile , and even drivers. Strategy Redevelopment to Meet Global Trade Challenges Will Be Among Top Supply Chain 2019 Trends According to Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez , companies are looking for ways to redefine strategies to address global trade challenges.

The Top 7 Trucking Trends in 2017 | Leading the Industry


Not surprisingly, some of the trucking trends that move drivers forward will also be those that present new challenges and opportunities for such a vital industry as commercial driving. 2017 Trucking Trends. Freight Transportation Trends

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Three Key Trends In Logistics E-Commerce


This fact explains why understanding and following the key trends in logistics e-commerce are crucial for organizations that want to save their place in the supply chain and get better results with less effort. . The other trend is changing the concept of Black Friday.

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[Infographic] Top Small Business Technology Trends in 2017


With the rapid advancement in technology, a lot of small and medium scale enterprises are now able to compete in the market with much better business tools that improve their efficiency and accuracy. Technology Trends

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27th Annual Maters of Logistics: Will new tools fix our old problems?

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The 27th Annual Study of Logistics and Transportation Trends reveals the current state of freight transportation has many of the same hallmarks as the past. And while shippers are assessing new technologies to better manage operations, the results of our “27th Annual Study on Trends and Issues in Logistics & Transportation” suggest that these new tools alone will not solve the age-old problems we’re still facing

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2016 Supply Chain Trends: 7 of 12 Trends that Will Drive Supply Chain Management in 2016


As we head into a new year it is a good time to take a look at the coming year and see what it may hold in the way of trends. We have already covered the top 6 trends for 2016 in manufacturing. 2016 Supply Chain Trends: The First 7 of 12.

These Top Manufacturing Technology Trends will Fuel a Focus on Customer Experience in 2018


While much of this chain will focus on key ways manufacturers can make more products, it will also have a profound impact on how manufacturers use information and interact with consumers through these additional top manufacturing technology trends. Manufacturing Technology Trends

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How Technology Empowers Freight Brokers to Work Smarter, Not Harder, to Drive Profitability

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Those are some of the key questions I discussed with Tom Curee, Vice President of Logistics at Kingsgate Logistics , and Prasad Gollapalli, Founder and CEO of Trucker Tools , in a recent episode of Talking Logistics. That’s when we began working with Trucker Tools. Tom next mentioned that in working with Trucker Tools, they became aware of their solutions for handling capacity.

Supply Chain Management Trends 2019


What are the primary supply chain management trends for 2019? In this post we will present recent trends you may not have heard of – yet – but ought to keep an eye on as they develop. The post Supply Chain Management Trends 2019 appeared first on EazyStock.

7 Supply Chain and Logistics Trends to Watch in 2018

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It’s that time when idle chatter at the office Christmas lunch turns to debating what next year will bring, especially among logistics and supply chain professionals, for whom it seems every New Year brings new challenges, trends, and disruptive innovations.

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3 Tools to Minimize Waste: A Boon to Lean Manufacturing Strategies


The 3 Most Important Tools for Lean Manufacturing Strategies 1.) The Trends that Will Forever Shape Manufacturing in 2018 & Beyond. Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn The post 3 Tools to Minimize Waste: A Boon to Lean Manufacturing Strategies appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis. Lean manufacturing is one of the leading waste minimization technologies inside a manufacturing industry.

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Transportation TIP List: Week of June 9th, 2019


Life on the Road Gets a Little Easier as Truckers Adopt Digital Technology : Trucking, logistics and supply chain operators are taking the digital tools, such as AI and machine learning, used to automate repetitive tasks around the office and using them in the cabs of long-haul trucks.

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6 Recent Trends in Manufacturing Technology to Increase Agile Responsiveness, Continuous Improvement & Customization


A Quick Recap of Recent Trends in Manufacturing Technology to Think About 2017. Although apps and smart devices will make an impact in manufacturing technologies this year, a few other recent trends in manufacturing technology will dramatically redefine industry standards.

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Technology Trends for More Effective Shipper-Carrier Alliances


To read more about how load matching and time slot management solutions help to optimize planning and uncover hidden capacity and opportunities, visit or read more about our sourcing tools at

Why These 7 More 2018 Trends in American Manufacturing Focusing on Standards & Process will Spur Growth


Manufacturers are looking for ways to explore new technologies, reinvent manufacturing strategy, enhance troubleshooting, bringing manufacturing closer to consumer and levy the power of intelligent tools to streamline operations and cut costs.

[INFOGRAPHIC] 3 Core Supply Chain Management Trends Gearing Up to Change SCM Forever


Jabil sponsored a global Dimensional Research survey to capture hard data on current experiences, challenges and trends with the supply chains of electronics manufacturing companies. The results show some of the biggest supply chain management trends in supply chains for 2015.

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6 Manufacturing Trends to Watch Out for in 2016


As we close the year of 2015, we want to take a look at some manufacturing trends for 2016. Manufacturing Business Technology recently wrote the 5 e-commerce trends for 2016 for manufacturers to look at that include: Manufacturers will seek to increase their share of aftermarket parts sales.

Bucking the Trend in Transportation – Simultaneously Cap Rate Growth and Beat Capacity Constraints

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Though they’ve always relied on internet load boards, posting services and other tools determine when and where loads are available, today they’re leveraging these technologies to “lie in wait” for opportunities to optimize their margins.

[PODCAST] Why Digital Tools to Optimize Inventory Management Allows Supply Chain Execs to Stay More Strategic at Every Link in the Supply Chain


Listen to “Why Digital Tools to Optimize Inventory Management Allows Supply Chain Execs to Stay More Strategic at Every Link in the Supply Chain” on Spreaker. The Digital Supply Chain: The Landscape, Trends, Types, and the Application in Supply Chain Management.

6 Supply Chain Trends That Could Truly Shake You Up (2018 Update)

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Trend identification is a tricky business. Supply chain trends make it yet more complex because they represent the intersections of so many different domains. What is a supply chain trend-spotter to do? A Different Perspective on Business Trends and Supply Chains. We explore six overall business and economic trends that have been progressing steadily and measurably over the last few years. What Happened to These Trends?

[INFOGRAPHIC] 5 More Supply Chain Trends To Watch Out for in 2016


Yesterday we began our two part series on 2016 supply chain trends that will drive supply chain management into the future. As with most trends we all have read over the last few years, the focus was on technology. Supply Chain Trends 2016: 5 Additional More Areas of Focus.

Peak Shipping Season: A Review of Trends from the 2018 Holiday Peak Season


It is that time of year again when we at Cerasis take a global view of what trends to expect in supply chain management throughout the remainder of the year. The cardboard boxes packages arrive in serve as a valuable marketing tool. Consolidation of logistics’ trends.

This Week in Logistics News (April 30 – May 4, 2018)

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Last September, for example, Trucker Tools launched its Smart Capacity freight matching platform. I heard this trivia question on the radio this morning when I drove my son to school: This product was invented in Pittsburgh, PA fifty years ago and it consists of seven parts working together.

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The 6 Top Supply Chain Trends to Make Supply Chain Managers the Hero of Their Company


Similar to the supply chain maturity curve of technologies, as explained by Steve Banker of Forbes , supply chain managers should consider how top supply chain trends will influence operations in the coming year. Learn the Landscape, trends, types, & applications. Supply chains have used mobile technology for years, but 2018 will see increased use of social media accounts and marketing tools to increase supply chain management effectiveness. Supply Chain Trends

7 Distribution Technology Trends Worth Discussing


As a result, you need to understand what distribution technology trends, as explained by Advantage Business Media and Lindsay Konzak of Modern Distribution Management , are being seen in today's distribution network and how they will impact future operations. Of all the distribution technology trends, Robotics is one that is already gaining much traction in several distribution centers across the world. . Furthermore, this can be a tool of forging new relationships as well.

These 7 Industrial Procurement Trends will Impact Supply Chain & Logistics in 2018


The answers to these questions lie in understanding a few of the top industrial procurement trends to expect in 2018. WHITE PAPER] The Top Supply Chain Trends that Will Impact Supply Chain Management in 2018. As with many other topics affecting industry trends in the transportation, trucking and manufacturing industries, companies are looking for ways to increase the use of technology in procurement, explains Melissa Deleen of LinkedIn.

The 4 Big Manufacturing Technology Trends to Rule the Land in 2016


In this first post of a two-part series, we will expand beyond our 6 general manufacturing trends we predicted would shape 2016 to now laser focus on the manufacturing technology trends that will impact manufacturers in 2016. 4 Core Manufacturing Technology Trends for 2016.

Bucking the 80/20 Trend: 4 Key Benefits of Adopting a Digital Yard

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Companies looking to get on the “right side” of the 80/20 rule and make better use of their supply chain assets while also keeping customer service levels as high as possible should consider a cloud-based YMS that can provide real-time information and automation tools.

The “First Five” Industrial Manufacturing Trends of 2017


Current industrial manufacturing trends show the new administration is pushing for reshoring among the nation’s biggest manufacturers, and new technologies are revolutionizing how companies respond to growing skepticism and scrutiny by the public and government oversight as well. The "First Five" Industrial Manufacturing Trends of 2017. This will lead to the creation of more metrics and business-intelligence tools to help improve manufacturing operations.

Emerging Trends in Automation: What it Means to Supply Chains


While this example may still be a few years off, it is important that you understand how the top emerging trends in automation will shape supply chains and transportation processes in the coming years. However, the trends in automation are changing to reflect actions that function more like artificial intelligence, not just a search and locate program on the computer. Another trend in automation involves robotics. Trends in Automation: Whats the Potential?

Important E-Commerce Logistics Trends to Watch in 2019

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As more and more entrepreneurs find their place on online store platforms, those platforms have developed new tools to make life easier for e-commerce store owners. This proposes the question of what will be a trend in this industry in the very near future. October 25, 2018 ·.

7 Trends Propelling TMS Solutions to Center Stage


Consequently, seven key trends will dominate the industry throughout the remainder of the year and propel TMS solutions to center stage. 7 Trends Propelling TMS Solutions to Center Stage. This will further reduce the burden on shippers by giving them more tools and resources at a more cost-effective price point, translating in more competitive rates. Essentially, this will lead back to automation with TMS solutions, which will propagate the trends in this post.