Sourcing Strategy: Effective vs Efficient with Ron Crabtree

The Logistics of Logistics

Sourcing Strategy: Effective vs Efficient with Ron Crabtree. Joe Lynch and Ron Crabtree discuss sourcing strategy: effective vs efficient. Key Takeaways – Sourcing Strategy: Effective vs Efficient. Learn More About Sourcing Strategy: Effective vs Efficient.

Taking a Big Picture View of Supply Chain Networks

Logistics Viewpoints

To actually realize the promise of end-to-end visibility and control over our incredibly complex supply chain networks, we need really big picture thinking — particularly when it comes to the supply chain data networks that serve as the foundation for true digital transformation.


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Better Truckload Operations Efficiency Through Digitalization

Blue Grace Logistics

Having uniform data instantly updated across many locations translates into an efficient organization. Digitally integrated metrics also mean the more efficient movement of goods. Benefits Of Embracing Digital Supply Chain Networks.

Energy Efficiency Is Key to Better Logistics

Material Handling and Logistics

Logistics providers have discovered that sustainability in the supply chain delivers a good ROI. This is where it gets tricky, according to Yossi Sheffi, director of the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics. In many cases, devising ways to become energy-efficient involves activities that benefit the environment and simultaneously cut costs. Whether you replace light bulbs or have fuel-efficient trucks, the ROI happens quickly.”.

FreightWaves LIVE demos: FreightTech innovations to boost supply chain efficiency

The Supply Chain Journal

Three FreightTech companies demonstrated their innovative technology solutions, including digital freight-matching tools and automated solutions designed to increase supply chain efficiency during FreightWaves LIVE @HOME on Thursday. Hunt 360, into a digital hub for freight efficiency.

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Efficient Frozen Food Distribution: Inside the Build-out of Two Automated Facilities

Logistics Viewpoints

In December of 2019, the global grocery retailer Ahold Delhaize announced it was investing $480 million to transform and expand its US supply chain operations to support a strategy to transition the supply chain network into a fully-integrated, self-distribution model. Sources of Efficiency.

Supply Network – The Future of Supply Chains?

Morai Logistics

The world of supply chain is in a constant state of change—does its future lie in transforming to a supply network? . Instead, it’s time to see it for what it is: a network. As supply chains continue their growth, the next step in their evolution is becoming a supply network.

Emerging Tech in Your Fulfillment Network: Stepping Beyond Digital Transformation

Logistics Viewpoints

As an entrepreneur I’ve been reflecting on this a lot: The current milestone in logistics and fulfillment is using emerging technologies to capture and leverage exponentially growing data sets in warehouses and throughout the entire fulfillment network.

Data analytics for logistics drives reefer efficiency via a real-time forecast

FreightWaves SONAR

Data analytics for logistics can make all the difference in the world when it comes to reefer truckload service delivery efficiency. According to Supply Chain Digital , “although new, AI-driven concepts are being introduced, they aren’t new to the logistics sector.

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Cooperative Logistics Network updates TMS

Logistics Business Magazine

The freight forwarding industry is evolving very fast, and for this reason the Cooperative Logistics Network has decided to expand its accessibility and offer as many opportunities as possible to all users.

5 Strategies to Increase LTL Freight Efficiencies and On-Time Performance

CH Robinson Logistics

Five strategies to increase LTL freight efficiencies and improve on-time performance. Diversify your capacity network. As carriers, specifically LTL carriers, look to be more productive, we’re seeing an emphasis on network optimization and yield management strategies.

Putting Community in TMS: Enabling the Network Effect in Transportation Management

Talking Logistics

Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from “ Putting Community in TMS: Enabling the Network Effect in Transportation Management ,” a research e-book produced by Adelante SCM and published by Kuebix (a Talking Logistics sponsor). Transportation management is inherently a network-based business process. This transportation community is analogous to the connections and relationships enabled by social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Supply Chain Operating Networks Create Supply Chain Rockstars

Talking Logistics

Adding digital functionality will increase customer satisfaction, streamline operations and improve efficiencies. Today, many companies have invested heavily in process automation and standardization to drive savings, improve efficiencies and enable control over internal operations. Some still have significant opportunities for additional efficiency gains, which can come from utilizing a B2B network to facilitate the buying and selling of products and services.

New Sorting Technology Boosts Efficiency

Logistics Business Magazine

Logistics provider Deutsche Post DHL Group and intralogistics solutions provider BEUMER Group have signed an agreement on the use of a new and innovative sorting technology in selected parcel centers.

Amazon Continues to Grow its Delivery Station Network

Logistics Trends and Insights

Amazon Logistics recently announced that it has signed lease agreements with the intention of launching 14 new delivery stations in New Jersey this year. Indeed, we see similar networks from other retailers such as Home Depot and from the small parcel providers.

Focus on Lane Efficiency Improvements to Maximize Results

Penske Move Ahead

Motor carriers seeking to manage risks amid upcoming uncertainty should focus on becoming more efficient in the lanes they serve and making the most out of excess capacity, according to the 31st Annual State of Logistics Report ®. Asset utilization Lane efficiency Network optimization

SAP rolls out new release of its SAP Logistics Business Network offering

Logistics Management

Company officials said that this offering is a cloud-based network platform, which is designed to seamlessly connect SAP customers’ back-end systems to their freight collaboration, tracking, order fulfillment, and material traceablity networks.

e-Commerce Logistics Efficiency: 3 Strategies to Employ & 3 Benefits Gained


billion to Wal-Mart , e-commerce stores are once again in the limelight as is e-commerce logistics efficiency. That's why the smaller e-commerce companies and shippers who want to go online with products, need to focus on e-commerce logistics efficiency. Focus on e-Commerce Logistics Efficiency to Compete with the Giants. The shipping cost and e-commerce logistics efficiency can make or break an e-store. With the sale of for 3.3

Cooperative Logistics Network Surpasses 300 Members

Logistics Business Magazine

The Cooperative Logistics Network , the first international freight forwarding network with global coverage to launch instant quoting ability for its members, has set a new coverage record by adding its 300th agent.

Delivering A Passion For Logistics

Blue Grace Logistics

I have a passion for logistics and recently joined the BlueGrace Logistics team as Chief Marketing Officer. In my discussions I’ve asked what, as a shipper, should I be considering for a successful supply chain logistics program. Does your company have a PASSION FOR LOGISTICS?

Why shippers care about reduced emissions in their network

FreightWaves SONAR

But what do they mean for the supply chain network of today? The impact transportation pollution cause on global supply chain networks A few main categories of pollution and waste can be tied back to local and global supply chain activities and poor integration practices.

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Regionalization: a Catalyst for Supply Chain Efficiency

Morai Logistics

In response to growing customer expectations, supply chains are looking at regionalization as a way to be more efficient. At the beginning of this year, Morai Logistics presented 4 supply chain and logistics trends to watch for 2019. Organizations benefit from mobilizing products closer to the consumer, and also help remove barriers associated with efficiency and delivery. That means working technologies to create efficient, cost-effective solutions.

National Packaging Network Strengthened

Logistics Business Magazine

Based in the South West, with operating hubs throughout the UK, Gregory Distribution is ideally placed to help serve Wessex Packaging’s increasingly national customer base with an efficient and reliable service, using their fleet of over 1,000 lorries.

Unlocking The Benefits of Digital Supply Networks

Blue Grace Logistics

“Digital” has become one of the biggest buzzwords in the transportation and logistics industry. shippers are increasingly aware of the benefits of digital supply networks (DSNs), many “remain in the early phases” of adoption,” according to Patrick Burnson, Executive Editor for Supply Chain Management Review. . As for the uses of a DSN solution, one of the biggest goals among the respondents is transparency as it is one of the most critical keys to boosting overall efficiency.

advantage through Distribution Networks

Logistics at MPEPS at UPV

How to achieve a competitive advantage through Distribution Networks. After the lesson on distribution networks, I researched to complete the training a bit more and I found how to obtain efficiency on the distribution. “The success in the market and the competitive advantage depend on distribution network” Without efficiency in distribution networks, the success in markets and obtaining a competitive advantage could not be achieved.

What is Reverse Logistics and How Can It Help Your Supply Chain?

CH Robinson Logistics

While it was once acceptable and even effective to treat individual returns and other reverse logistics concerns as singular, isolated incidents, that is no longer the case. What is reverse logistics? Benefits of a reverse logistics program.

CEVA Logistics Launch CargoWise Across their Global Network

Logistics Manager

CEVA Logistics has commenced the rollout of the integrated logistics execution platform CargoWise. CEVA Logistics says that this is a strategic investment that will simplify and standardize all 4PL operational processes across its global network.

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Real-time Capacity Matching: Making Brokers More Efficient

Talking Logistics

Demand for these solutions, from both shippers and brokers, continues to grow because companies want to identify and implement better ways to plan and execute their transportation and logistics operations, which is what ultimately delivers value. Another session that generated a lot of interest was the one led by Dan Cicerchi, VP at Descartes MacroPoint (a Talking Logistics sponsor), on Real-time Capacity Matching.

Ocean Network Express Opens Dedicated Container Depot in Rotterdam

Logistics Manager

Ocean Network Express ( ONE ) and the Kramer Group have strengthened their partnership by opening a dedicated ONE Line container depot in the port of Rotterdam. Andre Kramer, CEO of Kramer Group praised the partnership, “We consider this unique concept as a big step forward in our partnership with Ocean Network Express and look forward to similar projects with them going forward”. Ocean Carriers Kramer Ocean Network Express ONE Rotterdam

How Truck Carriers Improve Profits With Analytics & Operational Efficiency via Tech


For 2021 to end up a better year as far as profits go, truck carriers need to focus on analytics and operational efficiency by taking advantage of available tech and innovations. When managers cannot do their job efficiently, it impacts the entire network.

project44 expands network coverage in China

Logistics Business Magazine

project44 , a leader in advanced visibility for shippers and logistics service providers, will expand its real-time shipment tracking services in China , giving clients the same transportation visibility it offers across mature markets such as North American and Europe.

InstaFreight Integrates with SAP Logistics Business Network

Logistics Business Magazine

InstaFreight announced that key digital service offerings are now integrated with SAP Logistics Business Network, helping to ensure fast and efficient handling of road transportation in Europe. We are proud to achieve this integration with SAP Logistics Business Network.”.

Embark Trucks hauling HP printers as it grows autonomous partner network

The Supply Chain Journal

HP is the newest addition to a network of Embark is growing to better understand shipper needs. We look forward to working with our logistics partners to develop innovative ways to accelerate the advancement of these types of technology.”. HP Inc.

Embark Trucks hauling HP printers as it grows autonomous partner network

The Supply Chain Journal

HP is the newest addition to a network of Embark is growing to better understand shipper needs. We look forward to working with our logistics partners to develop innovative ways to accelerate the advancement of these types of technology.”. HP Inc.

Selling Online? What It Means for Your Logistics Network Design

Logistics Bureau

If enterprises are to provide such advantages, their logistics must be organised to match. Ideally, in a clicks and mortar business, logistics activities would be the same between fulfilment of online and physical sales. A common logistics network means simplification, efficiency, overall reduction of inventory and effort, and lower costs. Let Customer Needs Drive Network Design. Return logistics. Basic Online Retail Network Design.