How to be a successful freight broker: 3 tips for driving value through bundling

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For those who are seeking how to be a successful freight broker, they should first look at how they can make themselves stand out. Differentiation for freight brokers is often difficult to achieve. It’s difficult to stand out from the competition.

How to Start a Delivery Business


Time To Read: 11 minutes. Many prospective business owners steer clear of such ventures due to the hassles they can present. You have to consider various strategies, challenges, and market factors to ensure the best results. Tips for Starting a Home Delivery Business.


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How To Get More Pressure Washing Contracts


Time To Read: 4 minutes. Once you have established your pressure washing business, you will need to search for new business. There are many opportunities to find new clients; you just need to know where to look and how to reach them. .

7 Tips For Building Supply Chain Resiliency


Shortages of products from toilet paper to microchips during the coronavirus pandemic highlighted the value of supply chain resiliency, and the opportunities for companies that aren’t as prepared as they would like. Tips For Building Supply Chain Resiliency.

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Freight broker tips: Avoiding burnout in sales

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It takes a great deal of resolve and persistence to overcome the daily obstacles. To avoid the stress that eventually causes freight brokers to burn out before reaching their goals it is important to realize what’s important and what isn’t. It is key to avoiding burnout.

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How to Name Your Delivery Service Business


Time To Read: 3 minutes. Are you trying to come up with a name for your newly established delivery service business? For example, the name needs to show exactly what your delivery service offers. So how can you select the best one? Read on to learn about the steps to naming your delivery business, some creative approaches you can apply, and some delivery service name ideas. Steps to Naming Your Delivery Business. Try to be short and sweet.

How to Start a Small Business: 15 Tips and Important Steps


Time To Read: 5 minutes. It can be tempting to start setting up an office, building a client base, and finding business management solutions to consolidate workflow right out of the gate. Below is a list of 15 tips to keep in mind when starting a business.

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H.E.R. Method teaches trucking safety tips

The Supply Chain Journal

After a long day of driving, Lakeesha Martin, a veteran long-haul truck driver, decided it was time to end her day at a nearby truck stop and take a shower before finishing up the 1,000-mile trip she had left to deliver her load.

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The LTL Process And Your Business: 10 Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Blue Grace Logistics

Less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments can be a perfect augment to your shipping abilities, especially when you don’t have enough freight to send a full truckload but don’t want to delay a shipment. The good news is, these mistakes are rather easy to avoid.

How To Overcome 10 Common E-commerce Shipping Fulfillment Issues


Time To Read: 5 minutes. However, there are ways to circumvent most problems before they arise. Whether shipping to businesses or individual customers, the success of your company depends on overcoming some main shipping challenges. Some tips for managing returns are: .

Q&A: XPO’s chief diversity officer offers inclusion strategy tips

The Supply Chain Journal

In 2020, global supply chain solutions provider XPO Logistics ( NYSE:XPO ) created a new position, chief diversity officer, to push its diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) initiatives to the forefront of its business objectives. It takes a community to do this work.

Common Landscape Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Time To Read: 4 minutes. Below are some common landscaping mistakes that can turn your outdoor getaway into a nightmare, and some tips on how to avoid them. Many lawn care websites say that the ideal height for healthy grass is two-and-a-half to three inches.

15 Aerial Lift Safety Tips for Operators, Managers, and Pedestrians


This article is all about aerial lift safety tips for operators, managers, and pedestrians. 15 aerial work platforms safety tips. 15 Aerial Lift Safety Tips. Today, many job sites prefer aerial lifts to ladders and scaffolding because of their flexibility and mobility.

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How to Build an Effective Logistics Communication Process  

Blue Grace Logistics

An effective communication process ensures that information flows seamlessly between departments and amongst the various teams on time and in a form which will allow them to achieve individual, departmental, and organizational goals and objectives. It ensures that tasks are completed and transferred from one point to the other seamlessly and without delay. The procurement team needs information from logistics when new vendors are to be hired or old contracts are due for renewal.

How to Use Data to Improve On-Time Shipping Performance

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How often does your organization think about the real impact of on-time shipping performance? According to Supply Chain Game Changer , “On-time delivery may seem like a basic expectation. There may be monetary penalties that you have to pay.

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Simple Fleet Management Tips to Reduce Liability Risks

United World Transporation

Continue reading below to find out how to be prepared for liability by following these management tips. Use Analytic Technologies to Monitor Driver Behavior. Fortunately, safety technologies are now available to help monitor driving performance.

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7 Freight broker sales tips for setting the hook with prospects

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Of all the various freight broker sales tips, setting the hook is essential for getting and keeping a prospect’s attention. . The hook is the alternative reason for reaching out to a prospect that does not involve trying to sell your product or service.

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How To Start A Window Cleaning Business [8 Steps]


Time To Read: 5 minutes. Starting a window-cleaning business is strategic for several reasons: you get to work outdoors; the startup costs are low; it doesn’t take a large amount of your time to learn how to do it; you can grow at a fast pace (or slow if you prefer to go by your speed).

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How to Manage Seasonality of Demand to Increase Forecasting Accuracy


Some will experience peaks and troughs in their sales due to the coming and going of seasons and months. While you may think this is an obvious statement, many businesses still struggle to forecast for seasonal highs and lows in demand, despite them happening every year.

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How To Reposition Inventory to Better Respond To Natural Disasters

Camelot 3PL Software

It may be impossible to ensure your business or organization is entirely natural disaster-proof. But it is possible to reposition inventory to better respond to such events. This stock must be in locations that make it easier to meet those demands.

How to Start a Home Security Business [9 Steps]


Time To Read: 5 minutes. A home security business can be a very profitable business venture, with security concerns and the need to keep valuables safe and secure increasing worldwide. This is all very encouraging, but how do you start a home security business?

How To Start a Pressure Washing Business [10 Steps]


Time To Read: 6 minutes. So, you want to start a pressure washing business. Numerous homes throughout the neighborhood look tired and sad, dusty or dirty due to age or recent storms. You can help bring them back to life. Learn How to Power Wash.

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How to Start a Pest Control Business


Time To Read: 5 minutes. Pest control is more than a way to earn a paycheck. It’s a rewarding career where you have the opportunity to help people reclaim their homes from pest infestations. Unfortunately, unwanted creepy crawlies will always try to invade our living spaces, but that means steady business for the pest control business owner! You may be thinking “What do I need to start my own pest control business?” Marketing Tips.

How to Start a Handyman Business [9 Steps]


Time To Read: 7 minutes. Starting a handyman business is no exception — with an expertise that’s always in demand, there’s no wrong time to get a handyman business up and running. Keeping these ideas in mind, read on to find out how to start a handyman business.

7 Pitfalls of Stalled IBP Initiatives and How to Overcome Them


When done properly, it also allows organizations to predict and respond to changing conditions quickly. How can you gain this capability without getting bogged down in a long implementation? IBP ownership belongs to the CEO.

5 Delivery Driver Training Tips To Improve Your Business


Time To Read: 4 minutes. Your customers, your community, and your company as a whole will be more satisfied when delivery drivers have a solid education in their work and the know-how to act on their feet. . Today, there is a shortage of professional, well-trained drivers in the industry due to the rise of the gig economy. We’d like to share our delivery driver training checklist in this article. Luckily, these skills are easy to train.

How to price freight loads: carriers that use data price more accurately

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And the overall industry trucking trends imply an absolute need to grow more strategically. The key to success in the sector remains staying focused on the path that leads to increased profits. Your goal is to generate actions and make choices based on correct facts.”

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How To Preparing Small Business For Peak Shipping Season

GoShip Blog

The produce shipping season is slowly coming to an end, marking the beginning of the busiest time in freight transportation – peak season. Autumn is a busy time for a lot of reasons: the back-to-school season starts, and many small businesses prepare early for the holiday season, which is closer than it seems to be. The key to success is thorough planning, and the earlier your business starts this phase, the better. Use data to plan.

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How to Minimize Impacts from Supply Chain Disruption


In this piece, we’ll take a look at some of the top types of supply chain disruptions, the impacts that they have on your supply chain, how to mitigate whatever risk you can and finally how you can handle supply chain disruptions once they occur and come out on top.

Hurricane Preparedness Tips for Fleet Operators

Penske Move Ahead

Penske has assembled a series of tips and resources to help you prepare before a storm strikes and includes next steps to take after the storm. The total number of named storms – those with winds gusting 39 mph or greater – is expected to be between 15 to 21.

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How to design an efficient picking?

Logistics at MPEPS at UPV

What does it mean picking about “operator-to- product” or “product-to-operator”? As we have been seeing in class, designing a picking is essential to ensure that the products arrive in time. The companies have to be as effective as possible with the picking to save time and money, avoiding possible incidents. Tips to optimize picking. The division into phases to know how much is being lost at each moment.

Material Handling Tips That Every Factory Worker Must Know About

Morai Logistics

Safety in factories is paramount—here are some material handling tips for factory workers. This week our friends from Quality Scales Unlimited are contributing to our blog. It is common to see workers handling or moving materials in a factory. Let’s learn how to avoid them.

How to Prevent Warehouse Rack Damage Caused by Operators


Whether it’s overloaded or struck by a forklift, impacts are bound to happen. These quick tips will help you minimize the risks. Find out how to prevent warehouse rack damage caused by operators. Proper lighting is essential so don’t be afraid to upgrade when necessary. There are plenty of options to choose from. Mirrors are another way to improve visibility for forklift operators. Your warehouse racking often endures some unintentional abuse.

How to Calculate Freight Shipping Costs

Freight Center

Let’s take a look at the factors, break down how to get a quote and help you calculate the best rate for your shipment. When it comes to freight shipping, there are two basic categories – full truckload (FTL) and less-than-load (LTL). Full truckload shipping is what it sounds like – one shipper rents space in an entire truck to ship their load. Shipment remains in the same truck from point A to point B. Most popular way to ship. Ready to get started?

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Conducting a Trucking RFP: Tips for Shippers to Optimize Contract Freight

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With that in mind, the trucking RFP has come into play as a more significant undertaking for 2021 contracts as the freight market saw volatility in 2020 on the spot market due to historic tender rejections and volumes adding to increased prices. View SONAR SCI - A Contract RFP Tool.