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Eight Interesting Curiosities About Container Ships

MTS Logistics

Container ships definitely affect the environment. For instance, it is estimated that since 2005 to 2012, Somali pirates alone have seized 149 ships, making more than $300 million in ransoms. Only five percent of containers shipped to U.S. ports are inspected, and this percentage is even lower in Europe. Pirates are still a big deal.

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The History of eCommerce: From the 1960s to the 2020s

Ship Monk

The ‘00s saw the launch of several companies that are still big names today, like Etsy in 2005, Shopify in 2006, and BigCommerce in 2009. In 2005, Amazon introduced Amazon Prime, setting the precedent for lightning-fast shipping speeds and a higher quality of service for online shoppers. We want to hear from you! Shoot us a line here.


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The Gig Economy Is Here to Stay — But Can Workers Survive in It?

Supply Chain Brain

In its most basic definition, a “gig worker” is simply an independent contractor — a person offering his or her skills on a freelance basis. As a longtime entrepreneur in that sector, she has her own particular definition of “gig economy.” Exhibit A: Uber. Turns out, though, that the term is a lot more complicated than that.

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Big Data: The Driving Force of Supply Chains

Morai Logistics

The concept of Big Data was developed in 2005, by Roger Magoulas. Although endless amounts of data is a plus, not being able to make sense of what it means disables companies from leveraging its benefits. Today, it influences a variety of industries including finance, business, life sciences, engineering, astronomy and logistics.

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International Longshoremen’s Association (ILA) and United States Maritime Alliance (USMX) report ‘significant progress’ on 6-year extension

247 Customs Broker

This week’s negotiations in Newark, New Jersey, were the first for the ILA and USMX since early December, when negotiations broke off after a disagreement over the contract’s definition of automated terminals, which ILA President Harold Daggett opposes. The West Coast’s share of US containerized imports from Asia slipped to 65.3

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Record Number of Holiday Travelers Expected this Thanksgiving

Penske Move Ahead

AAA expects more than 50 million holiday travelers – the highest amount since 2005 – to travel from Wednesday, Nov. We want to make sure everyone is safe on road, so definitely pack your patience. Planning to travel over the river and through the woods on your cross-country move this Thanksgiving? 22, to Sunday, Nov.

Packing 21
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Burying the hero – how logistics and readiness changed war

Logistics in War

The transformation in the way that war was being fuelled and fought was definitive in logistics moving from the margins to one of the most significant influences upon success. Sustainment of Army forces in Operation Iraqi Freedom: Battlefield logistics and effects on operations , RAND Corporation, 2005 at [link]. 9] Pagonis, W.,