Navigant: Highly automated CVs won’t top 1% until 2028

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A new report from Navigant Research analyzes the state of the automated medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicle market, providing global market forecasts, segmented by vehicle class and region, through 2030. Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS

40% of Parcels Delivered Within 2 Hours By 2028

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A new shows that executives expect the most disruptive technologies to be drones (39%), driverless/autonomous vehicles (38%), wearable and mobile technology (37%) and robotics (37


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How Will Supply Chains Look in 2028? Let’s Check the Crystal Ball

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I have no crystal ball, of course, but instead I will tap into my consulting experience, add a dash of research, and fire it all… The post How Will Supply Chains Look in 2028?

ATSG secures $200m add-on notes maturing 2028

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Announces Upsize and Pricing of Add-On Offering of $200 Million Senior Notes Due 2028. The post ATSG secures $200m add-on notes maturing 2028 appeared first on The Loadstar. PRESS RELEASE . Air Transport Services Group, Inc.

Supply Chain Operations in 2028: Let’s Consult the Crystal Ball

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By 2028, robots could be running warehouses and fully automated facilities will be the norm rather than the exception. By 2028, offshore production could all but be eradicated. Besides delivery of pizzas and parcels, larger drones may be carrying heavier freight to remote areas by 2028.

Connected Logistics Market to Eyewitness Massive Growth by 2028 – 3w Market News Reports

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JCMR recently introduced Global Connected Logistics Market study with focused approach on market size & volumes by Application, Industry particular process, product type, players, and… The post Connected Logistics Market to Eyewitness Massive Growth by 2028 – 3w Market News Reports appeared first on 24/7 Customs Broker News.

Study 36

Supply Chain Crystal Ball Gazing: Let’s Look Ahead to 2028

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So I’ve decided to indulge my craving by daring to speculate about what the supply chain of 2028 might look like. Instead I’m just drawing on my consulting experience, a little research, and perhaps a tiny bit of imagination to surmise what we might see if we could gaze into a fully functioning crystal ball and view the supply chain environment of 2028. The supply chain talent gap will not be a concern in the supply chain of 2028.

2.4 Million Skilled Jobs Projected to Go Unfilled in Manufacturing

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With that many jobs going unfilled between this year and 2028, there could be $454 billion in manufacturing GDP at risk in 2028, or more than $2.5 trillion over the next decade


Lowe’s and 60 Other Companies Create Program to Fill Skilled Trades Gap

Material Handling and Logistics

The Generation T movement is hoping to fill the 3 million job vacancies that are expected by 2028


40 Percent of Parcels Will Be Delivered Within 2 Hours By 2028

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In response to today’s online-buying, smartphone-wielding consumer that expects a seamless, faster purchasing journey, the study revealed that 78 percent of logistics companies expect to provide same-day delivery by 2023 and 40 percent anticipate delivery within a two-hour window by 2028. In addition, 87 percent of survey respondents expect to use crowdsourced delivery or a network of drivers that choose to complete a specific order by 2028. The average age of a U.S.

Intralogistics Market Assessment and Key Insights Analyzed till 2028 // by key player – Omron, Pepperl & Fuchs, Rocla, BÃ?WE SYSTEC GmbH, SICK, Hans Turck, Festo, UniCarriers Americas

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The post Intralogistics Market Assessment and Key Insights Analyzed till 2028 // by key player – Omron, Pepperl & Fuchs, Rocla, BÃ?WE Robots are witnessing increased recognition across all sectors, as they can relieve staff of heavy, tiring and monotonous work. For instance, Aethon’s TUG robot makes a great example of maximized intralogistics, as it autonomously transports and delivers materials within organizations.

Shuster draft calls for 20-cent hike in diesel taxes over 3 years

DC Velocity

All motor fuel taxes to end in September 2028; pilot to test replacing fuels tax with levies on vehicle miles travelled. Transportation

Lowe’s And 60 Companies Create Program to Fill Skilled Trades Gap

Material Handling and Logistics

The Generation T movement is hoping to fill the 3 million job vacancies that is expected by 2028


Georgia Ports Authority to Increase TEU Capacity to 10 Million

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” The plan called GPA 2028 outlines the future development of the port, which includes installation 200 yard cranes, 42 ship to shore cranes and new RTG lanes for a significant intermodal expansion. Ports and Terminals Georgia Foreign Trade Conference Georgia Ports Authority Governor Nathan Deal GPA GPA 2028 Griff Lynch intermodal expansion Jimmy Allgood Nathan Deal Ports RTG lanes Savannah International Trade Park Savannah Port ship to shore cranes Terminals

Airbus sees gap in widebody freighter market as Boeing is hit by new rules

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New CORSIA environmental rules mean that aircraft not meeting new standards can no longer be produced from 2028 – likely to impact manufacture of 777-300 and 767-200 freighters, according to one aircraft insider.

Navigant Research Report Projects Biogas Production

NGT News

A new report from Navigant Research projects global biogas production and revenue regionally and by feedstock, providing market forecasts through 2028.

Slumping battery startup Romeo Power pays big to secure cell supply

The Supply Chain Journal

to purchase cylindrical lithium-ion battery cells through 2028. million through the first half of 2028. Newly public Romeo Power Inc.

Fractory raises $9M for metal manufacturing marketplace, US expansion

The Supply Chain Journal

million positions required to meet industry demand by 2028. manufacturing has found itself in a position similar to that of many other industries: facing exponential demand since its pandemic shutdown lows, elevated shipping costs to deliver on that demand and a struggle to fill the 2.4

CDL holders banned from driving due to drugs, alcohol top 60,000

The Supply Chain Journal

According to a recent estimate, the trucking industry needs an additional 60,800 truck drivers immediately — a deficit that is expected to grow to more than 160,000 by 2028,” testified American Trucking Associations President and CEO Chris Spear at a Capitol Hill hearing on freight mobility in May.

How Cold Chain Logistic Providers Build Trust with Traceability

Logistics Viewpoints

billion in 2020, the cold chain market is expected to reach more than $628 billion in 2028, nearly tripling its growth in less than ten years, according to a market analysis report by Grand View Research.

2018 Was Record Year for Manufacturers' Optimism

Material Handling and Logistics

We have more than half a million jobs to fill right now—and by 2028, as many as 2.4 “Empowered by tax reform and regulatory certainty, manufacturers are keeping our promise to expand our operations, hire new workers and raise wages and benefits,” said NAM CEO Jay Timmons. In the 20 years that The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) has been measuring the sentiments of the manufacturing sector, 2018 stood out. On average this year, 92.4%

Discover 3 strategies to enhance your driver retention efforts

The Supply Chain Journal

According to estimates from the American Trucking Associations (ATA) , the trucking industry could see a driver shortfall of 100,000 in five years and 160,000 by 2028. For transportation industry professionals, the issue of driver recruitment and retention isn’t anything new.

Nikola finds hydrogen distributor for future European fuel cell trucks

The Supply Chain Journal

and Canada by 2028. Nikola Corp. NASDAQ: NKLA ), its European joint venture manufacturing partner IVECO and German pipeline company OGE will work together to transport hydrogen to stations serving commercial fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs).

Navigating the Persistent Truck Driver Shortage

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If current trends persist, the American Trucking Associations (ATA) predicts that the driver shortage could reach 160,000 open spots by 2028. In the U.S., the truck driver shortage is causing a lot of headaches for shippers.

Bob Costello’s Economic Outlook (Food Shippers of America March 02, 2021 Webcast)

Carter Logistics

The driver shortage is expected to be 105,000 by 2023 and possibly 160,000 by 2028. Written by Richard Kenney, Sales Manager, Midwest.

Hyundai reveals autonomous, hydrogen-powered trucking concept

The Supply Chain Journal

OCTUS: HYMTF ) unveiled Hydrogen Vision 2040 at its global Hydrogen Wave forum on Tuesday, announcing its plans to apply hydrogen fuel cells to its full fleet of commercial vehicles by 2028. Sustainability is in right now.

The Biggest Challenge Freight Broker Agents Face Today…CAPACITY

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According to American Trucking Association, if current trends hold, the shortage could increase to over 160,000 drivers by 2028. Capacity will always be something that we talk about. The driver shortage hasn’t gone away. In 2018, the industry saw a shortage of roughly 60,800 drivers. And it’s not just truckload. A major LTL carrier recently filed bankruptcy, which will cause drastic capacity issues in the LTL market.

Trevor Milton loses billionaire status as Nikola stock hits 52-week low

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The options expire in June 2028. As Nikola Corp. NASDAQ: NKLA ) sunk to a 52-week low this week, founder and former Executive Chairman Trevor Milton lost his paper billionaire status.

Viewpoint: What this IPO tells us about autonomous freight networks

The Supply Chain Journal

by 2028; insurance premiums that are increasing at a compound annual growth rate of 5%; and a 40% increase in truck fatalities between 2009-19. The views expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of FreightWaves or its affiliates.

Top 5 Trending Topics in Cold Chain

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percent from 2021 to 2028. If you haven’t already noticed, cold chain logistics is currently a hot topic. The demand for fresh products and quality supply chain processes are at an all-time Recognizing these trends and taking action will help you fulfill your customer’s needs.

Private Fleets or Outsourced Logistics? Which is Better?

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Current trends point to the shortage growing to over 160,000 drivers by 2028. It can be challenging for you to decide the best way to transport your products. Fewer decisions are bigger than deciding whether to operate a private fleet or outsource.

The Weekly Freight Report for May 27th, 2021

FLS Transport

And if the trend continues, the shortage could swell to more than 160,000 drivers by 2028. The Top 6 Stories in Freight.

Study 52

Are Most E-commerce Logistics Operations Still in the Dark Ages?


Zebra’s survey found that 78% of logistics companies expect to provide same-day delivery by 2023 and 40% anticipate delivery within a two-hour window by 2028. Although it feels like the logistics landscape is evolving at lightning speed across the board, the reality on the ground for many companies couldn’t be further away from that.

Borderlands: Driver shortage affecting cross-border trucking

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The ATA said if the trend continues, the shortage could swell to more than 160,000 drivers by 2028. Borderlands is a weekly rundown of developments in the world of United States-Mexico cross-border trucking and trade.

Truck Talk: Risky business edition

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Perhaps the biggest news was the “low nine figures” deal to extend through 2028 a battery supply agreement with LG Energy Solution to secure multiple gigawatt hours of dedicated battery cell capacity annually. Welcome back to Truck Talk.