Fulfillment Year In Review: Most Popular Blogs Of 2017

Amware Logistics and Fulfillment

Following are the three most popular Amware blog posts on warehousing and fulfillment for 2017, based on readership. As a father of four, I’ve learned never to play favorites, especially at this time of year. But I’ll make an exception in this case. If you missed them the first time around, give them a read. Fulfillment

Blog 139

9 Scary Challenges a Warehouse Manager Faces Every Day


I came across a rather interesting fact about warehouse managers in a study by Intermec. It said that 1 out of 6 managers who were in charge of a warehouse were not likely to review their workflow processes unless a customer complaint is raised. And, it’s not hard to believe. However, contrary to what one may be led to believe, it is not always their fault. Warehouse Operations warehouse manager Warehouse

Study 233

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Shoveling Snow with a Dustpan (Takeaways from BluJay Solutions’ SOAR 2017 Conference)

Talking Logistics

As I prepared my keynote presentation for the BluJay Solutions’ SOAR 2017 conference , I recalled this experience and saw it as a good metaphor for the difficulties many companies are having today responding effectively to the blizzard of supply chain management. Supply Chain Technology Trends Transportation Management Systems BluJay Solutions global trade network SOAR 2017 supply chain operating networkThis past April 1st, it snowed over 6 inches here in Boston.

Global Ecommerce Report 2017

Mazars Ledger

We are pleased to announce the release of the 2017 edition of Global Ecommerce Report 2017 published by the Ecommerce Foundation.… … The post Global Ecommerce Report 2017 appeared first on Insights Center - Mazars - United States. Consumer Products Manufacturing and Distribution Surveys Surveys 2017 Year 2017 consumer products M&D Manufacturing & Distribution manufacturing and distribution survey surveys

Warehouse Operations: Optimizing the Picking Process


When optimizing the picking process in a warehouse, it is important to recognize two key concepts. First, no one strategy or technology fits every case. Second, effectively improving warehouse operations requires a combination of data collection, process improvement, and technology. Warehouse Operations

Top 10 Talking Logistics Videos and Posts in 2017

Talking Logistics

As 2017 comes to an end, a quick thank you to all of our readers, followers, and sponsors for another great year of learning and conversation on Talking Logistics. The numbers speak for themselves: 43 episodes produced in 2017, totaling more than 1,200 minutes of conversations with thought leaders and newsmakers in the supply chain and logistics industry. Global Shipping Trends: What to Expect in 2017. Transportation in 2017: Important Trends and Challenges.

Video 86

2017 Food & Beverage Industry Study

Mazars Ledger

Mazars USA LLP is pleased to announce the results of the 2017 Food & Beverage Industry Study. The survey was… The post 2017 Food & Beverage Industry Study appeared first on Insights Center - Mazars - United States. Food & Beverage Manufacturing and Distribution Surveys Surveys 2017 Year 2017 2017 Food & Beverage Industry Study food and beverage Manufacturing & Distribution manufacturing and distribution mazars usa llp survey surveys

Study 40

Smart City? Smart Logistics!

Logistics Matter

Thursday September 28 mobility and energy innovations will be the main subjects at the Smart City 2017 event in the Dutch city of Eindhoven. The Netherlands are a hotbed of mobility innovations. We have to be. Just look at the size of our country, the number of people that live there, and the amount of freight moving through it. On […]. The post Smart City? Smart Logistics! appeared first on LOGISTICSMATTER. Blog City Logistics Innovation Last Mile Logistics Mobility

Events 192

2017 Water Industry Outlook

Mazars Ledger

Mazars USA LLP is pleased to announce the release of the 2017 Water Industry Outlook. We received an excellent… The post 2017 Water Industry Outlook appeared first on Insights Center - Mazars - United States. Energy & Utilities Manufacturing and Distribution Surveys Surveys 2017 Year 2017 energy and utilities Manufacturing & Distribution manufacturing and distribution mazars usa mazars usa llp Mazars Water Group survey surveys utilities Water Industry Outlook

The Top 6 Trends in Logistics Impacting Shippers in 2017


Although rate volatility is expected to stabilize in 2017, organizations must do more with fewer resources to survive. From Amazon to hyper-local retailers, 2017 will be a year of intense scrutiny and pressure on logistics providers. This graph shows how quickly the surge begin and rise in 2017. Consumer Demand Will Shape Logistics Services in 2017. Like 2016, logistics providers will be tested for weaknesses in 2017.

The Trends Shaping Supply Chain and Logistics: Takeaways from Descartes Evolution 2017

Talking Logistics

Which is why a drone took flight from the stage during Ryan’s keynote address at the Descartes Evolution 2017 Conference a couple of weeks ago and broadcast real-time video of the audience as it flew across the front of the hall. Descartes (@DescartesSG) March 28, 2017. million in FY 2017 (net income has grown from $12.0 What is the #1 technology topic Descartes CEO Ed Ryan gets asked about? Drones and its future in supply chain and logistics processes.

Digital Transformation: An Imperative for Industrial Manufacturing in 2017


Let’s take a look at four reasons why digital transformation is an imperative in 2017 for industrial manufacturers: 1. Twitter Facebook Google+ The post Digital Transformation: An Imperative for Industrial Manufacturing in 2017 appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis. Are industrial manufacturers seizing all the opportunities of a more digital world? Possibly not.

U.S. Water Industry Outlook 2017 Recap

Mazars Ledger

Water Industry Outlook 2017 Recap appeared first on Insights Center - Mazars - United States. Articles Articles 2017 Energy & Utilities M&D Watch September 2017 Manufacturing and Distribution Newsletters The Ledger 2017 July/August Year 2017 energy and utilities M&D M&D Watch MandD Watch Manufacturing & Distribution manufacturing and distribution newsletter newsletters survey utilities water industry Water Outlook

Robots: Pick Orders, Not Fights!

Logistics Matter

Have you seen Terminator? That movie in which robots become self aware and decide to attack the human race? Last week representatives of over 100 robotics and artificial intelligence companies wrote an open letter to the United Nations. They are trying to stop robots like that coming to a city near you. The problem is a serious one. As they […]. The post Robots: Pick Orders, Not Fights! appeared first on LOGISTICSMATTER. Blog Innovation Logistics Robotics Robots Warehousing

The “First Five” Industrial Manufacturing Trends of 2017


Where and how manufacturers make products for Americans will change in 2017. The solution to this problem lies in understanding the “First Five” core concepts and industrial manufacturing trends throughout 2017, and you need to think how they will impact the industry and your company in the coming year. The "First Five" Industrial Manufacturing Trends of 2017. However, age-old means of collaborating, such as emails and faxes, are insufficient to sustain the industry in 2017.

Warehouse Mobile Solutions: A Path to Operational Efficiency


In the recent 2017 Promat , show mobile technology took the spotlight once again. In the " 2017 MHI Annual Industry Report, Next-Generation Supply Chains: Digital, On-Demand and Always-On ", 44% of respondents expressed that “wearable and mobile technology have the potential to either disrupt the industry or create competitive advantage”. This isn’t surprising considering the opportunities that this technology brings to an industry that is always on the move.

2017 Supply Chain Issues: The Year’s Top Blog Posts

Kane is Able

Following are quick descriptions of the top-read blog posts for 2017. Drone deliveries? Driver-less trucks? While these “space-age” supply chain issues piqued our readers’ interest this past year, a review of KANE’s most popular blog posts revealed that people are still most interested in, well, people. Check them out. Supply Chain Challenges Logistics Labor Management Warehouse Operations

Blog 73

Thoughts on 2017 Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Kane is Able

There was a terrific piece in Transport Topics recently on National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (Sept. 10-16). The writer, Dan Bearth, pointed out that companies do an excellent job celebrating drivers – during this designated week. What’s needed, Dan states, is a year-long appreciation of the value drivers add. Truck Drivers

2017 Manufacturing Outlook Report: Despite Barriers, Manufacturers Expect Growth


KLR discovered that more than half of New England manufacturing executives expect continued revenue growth in 2017. Though the report reveals that Forty-seven percent of the surveyed companies expect operating costs to increase in the coming year, roughly 40 % of companies also said cutting operating costs was a top priority for 2017 and beyond. . A comparison of opportunities for revenue growth in 2016 vs. 2017 .

8 Freight Shipping Trends Shippers Must Know for 2017


8 Freight Shipping Trends Shippers Must Know for 2017. With the official deadline for implementing electronic logging devices less than one year away, more freight shipping providers will be upgrading technology and systems in 2017, reports Matt Sullivan. Reduced capacity and increased demand will also weigh heavily on the industry, but the biggest impact will be felt in fall 2017, following the ELD mandate. The freight industry of today is evolving rapidly.

Intro to APU Weight Exemption

The Logistics of Logistics

Auxiliary power units (APUs) are one of the best tools that you can supply your truck drivers with to combat wasting fuel. The APU makes it possible to power a truck’s heating, air conditioning and other comfort systems without the need to keep the engine idling during rest stops. They help drivers avoid wasting fuel, but they present a different problem because of their weight.

Waste 200

This Week in Logistics News (October 9-13, 2017)

Talking Logistics

I’m on borrowed time this morning, so let’s go straight to the supply chain and logistics news that caught my attention this week: DAT Freight Index Hits All-Time High in September. Bpost to Buy Radial for $820 Million (WSJ – sub. req’d). Richard Branson’s Virgin Group has invested in Hyperloop One (CNBC). Deutsche Post DHL to deploy self-driving delivery trucks by 2018 (TechCrunch). The U.S. Postal Service is Building a Self-Driving Mail Truck (Wired).

This Week in Logistics News (October 23-27, 2017)

Talking Logistics

Ryder Reports Third Quarter 2017 Results. My daughter and I are heading on a road trip this afternoon to visit a couple of universities. 13 hours of total driving time over two days. All to determine where I will send my future paychecks and life savings to. Sigh*. On the bright side, this will be the first time in a long time that my daughter and I will spend some one-on-one time together, so I look forward to the laughs and conversations ahead.

The Top 10 Supply Chain Blog Posts from 2017


We will feature over the next 4 business days each category's most viewed posts over the course of 2017. These will only contain posts written in 2017. There were approximately 220 blog posts in 2017, and over 360,000 page views on those posts alone. The Top 10 Supply Chain Blog Posts from 2017. Now without further ado, I give you the top 10 supply chain blog posts of the year by page view: [e-Book] The Most Impactful Supply Chain & Logistics Trends in 2017.

Blog 68

Embrace Lean Warehousing Practices in 2017

Talking Logistics

Even the most determined business optimist would be hard-pressed not to find a warehousing cost that isn’t creeping skyward. From the electricity powering the lights to the labor costs of each order picked, embracing “lean” principles is one of the few proven ways that a company can fight back from its bottom line. Upholding stagnant concepts such as “ this is the way we’ve always done it ” will leave your business growth in a similar stagnant rut.

BlueGrace 2017 National Conference | Recap

Blue Grace Logistics

Cocktails and appetizers were served while the festivities began and BlueGrace kicked off the 2017 National Conference. 2017 brought the complete redesign of our Riverview, FL headquarters and many of the Branch locations across the US did the same. He discussed the massive growth of the Truckload division at BlueGrace during 2017 and what the future holds for the division. The entire reception was a huge hit and was a great end to the first day of the 2017 conference.

Warehouse Operations: Optimizing the Put-Away Process


Although often ignored by many warehouse managers when optimizing warehouse operations, the put-away process is a critical step to increasing warehouse efficiency. The initial placement of goods has a direct impact on all subsequent warehouse processes, especially the picking process. If goods are not stored in the most appropriate location, there is an increase in traveling time and the time it takes to pick and pack goods.

This Week in Logistics News (March 20-24, 2017)

Talking Logistics

Cass Truckload Linehaul Index (February 2017). January 2017 North American Freight Numbers. billion in current dollars in January 2017, a 6.7 billion from January 2016 to January 2017. and Mexico by all modes in January 2017 was electrical machinery, of which $7.4 Our hearts and prayers go out to the people of London following this week’s terrorist attack. So sad, so senseless.

This Week in Logistics News (November 13-17, 2017)

Talking Logistics

Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 15, 2017. The post This Week in Logistics News (November 13-17, 2017) appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez. In case you’re wondering, I did get selected as a juror this week. I’m now 4 for 4 — four times called for jury duty, 4 times selected. The trial (a driving under the influence case) only lasted a day and we found the defendant guilty.

Trends in Warehouse Management 2017

Jayem Logistics

The post Trends in Warehouse Management 2017 appeared first on Jayem | Top logistics service provider in India. Technology adaptation changes supply chain structure from time to time. E-commerce Growth tends to High Expectations for Warehouse Management: As per Net retailers, E-commerce sales are required to grow to more than $400 billion in coming years. With Forrester Research estimating $414.0 billion in sales in 2018 at the same time E-marketer estimating $491.5 billion in 2018.

Readers’ Choice: Top 6 Digital Transformation Blog Posts of 2017


As 2017 comes to an end I took some time to pull together the top 6 most popular blog posts this year, as indicated by our readers. So take a few minutes and enjoy the best of 2017! #1. 2017 Digital Transformation Trend: Integration is King. 2017 Digital Transformation Trend: Smart Anything. Video: Caterpillar, Inc. is Digitally Transforming to Drive Business. Connecting with customers in today’s rapidly changing environment is more challenging than ever.

Blog 63

Supply Chain Inventory Optimization – Beyond the Analytics


It is easy to make analytics the cornerstone of warehouse and distribution center management. While analytics offer remarkable insights into supply chain inventory optimization, warehouse managers must still understand how the use of slotting optimization technology impacts other processes.

This Week in Logistics News (August 7-11, 2017)

Talking Logistics

This is the 80th post I’ve written this year, along with the 30 guest commentaries I’ve reviewed and edited and the 32 video episodes I’ve moderated. It’s time for a vacation. This is the one time of the year where I truly and completely disconnect: no smartphone, no laptop, no television (except to watch all the movies I’ve missed this past year.). So, unless a nuclear war breaks out or an asteroid strikes the Earth, I’ll be back on August 23.

Video 71

Mazars USA 2017 Consumer Products Forum

Mazars Ledger

SEMINARS | Consumer Products | Manufacturing & Distribution October 24, 2017 | New York, NY Learn more about this event. Description Please join Mazars… The post Mazars USA 2017 Consumer Products Forum appeared first on Insights Center - Mazars - United States.

Individual and Entity 2017 Tax Update Webcast

Mazars Ledger

All Industries December 5, 2017 | 11 AM EST Richard Bloom | Partner, Mazars USA LLP Tifphani White-King | Partner,… The post Individual and Entity 2017 Tax Update Webcast appeared first on Insights Center - Mazars - United States.